the story of a great man 


  hello my name is Jork Semenson and i want to tell you my story , i was born in Kirginistan state LA. my father was a farmer and my mom has not have a job she just love to walk on street in the middle of the night and riding with random nice guys in their car. my parents was sick and every day they had to inject medicens to their veins and they they just fell to sleep.

when i was 10 years old my perents made me a birthday surprise, my dad has put on my head a bag and then i feld like somthing hit hard my had but i though its the part of the present. i woke up in the forest and didnt saw my dad and all the people who he invited so i thoght they forget me here and i started to walk somehere and i didnt know where, i walked 2 weeks with  only food was my feces and drinking my own piss. i crossed some wierd electric fenc. i came to russia . the russians gave me  home in sibir when i had a lot of friends . my friends said that i look nice and very young and on the fisrt day they gave me good feelings in my ass but little hurts i didnt know what is this they said its good becouse they was my friends 

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