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hello my name is ahmed, and this is my site,i know it looks like a dating site but its not,first off to understand what this site is all about,I was born in ecuador in 1921,my father muhammed was a tailor, and my mom michael was a drug dealer, I used to take drugs from my moms stash and use alot of marijuana and cocaine with my friends,but being 8 wasn't all fun and games,the police broke into our house like 12 times each week, my father didn't know that my mother was a dealer and he blamed it all on me so he made me leave the house and never return,then i found my love i named her bukake pronounced (boo-ka-ke) we used to love eachother alot,she used to bite me alot and she was a funny dog, she had that one trick where she would roll and the ground and white stuff would start coming out of her mouth,aahhh the momeries,about a week of me and bukake having fun biting eachother i got very sick, luckily a youung doctor found me he game me a syringe and told me to inject it into my arm,i must have passed out and the doctor was very kind to take care of me because when i woke up i was in a bathtub with alot of ice and like a wierd cut in the side of my belly,sadly i dont think he took bukake and i still remember her to this day, now i live in LA im having to move houses alot because people have to return from their vacations sooner or later,so this was the short story of my life i hope you enjoyed it and please stick up for more adventures and fun activities in my blog 








in memory of bukake,you will never be forgotten.

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