Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 10.10.2015

End of many Scottish place names,
Delicacy of Basque cuisine,
Crayola`s sunglow and laser lemon,
Coming off the market,
Closed-circuit sports setting,
Brief case handlers?,
Approach to a problem,
Old sideshow attraction,
Move like mud,
Olympic swimmer Janet,
Paperless messages,
Partied heartily,
Pull the trigger,
Mountain passes in India,
Put on freight,
Refuge in the desert,
State under oath,
Surrender formally, as land,
Type of Scottish terrier,
It could be restricted,
Hamilton commemoratives,
Involved with, as a hobby,
Hottest, as news,
Gets in a sting,
Garr with a "Tootsie" role,
Formicary inhabitant,
Fonda role of `97,
Cries of aversion,
Faith that arose in Persia,
Entrance for a collier,
Ending for "mock" or "cook",
"How was ___ know?",
Completely unfamiliar,
Black-and-white predator,
Arthurian days, e.g,
Arachnid of song,
"Angeles" or "Lobos" starter,
All broken up,
"The Secret of ___" (1982 film),
off ___ the Wizard,
"For goodness` sake!",
Onetime Bell Atlantic rival,
Word before and after ages,
Poetic preposition,
Prefix with hertz,
Word with caddy or ball,
Hardly an extrovert,
Flared dress shape,
Misses at many bullfights,
Lack of originality,
Jazz singer Anita,
Group of fathers,
Bichon Frise, e.g.,
Sound flustered,
Chrysler Building style,
Big name in printers,
Wyoming neighbor,
It`s hard to get rid of one,
1986 Jeff Goldblum film, with "The",
Seventh of 24,
Edward Jones Dome athlete,
Spanish pronoun,
First recurring "SNL" character,
Insurance policy datum,
Items in a slush pile: Abbr.,
Hit from behind,
Challenge for a future doctor,
Lose one`s temper,
Little rapscallions,
Sign, as an agreement,
Lands like raindrops,
Native whose land has an Atlantic and Caribbean co...,
Jazz quintet`s home?,
Islamic spiritual leader,
Spread on the table,
Sometime substitute for 45-Across,
Inundated with water,
Itinerary elements: Abbr.,
In ___ (working in harmony),
Rapper Moe Dee,
1932 Lake Placid gold medalist,
Herodias` dancing daughter,
Initiates detailed plans,
Explorer Sir Francis,
House adjustment,
Do-or-die poker bet,
Detective, slangily,
Cried from a shelter,
Defeat decisively,
1989 James Cameron film, with "The",
Danson of TV,
Chemistry class subject,
Do a farm vet`s job,
Cheese in balls,
Royal Botanic Gardens locale,
High-fashion shoemaker Jimmy,
Key ingredient in a Bloody Caesar,
Periodic synchronizations,
On one`s toes,
Lasting consideration,
Catch some rays,
Times in ads,
Bullets and cannonballs,
Boxy Toyota model,
Biblical book or prophet,
Ray in the water,
And others, for short,
Advertising firm`s customer,
All in the family,
Aid to skiers,
"The Way," to Lao-Tze,
"Wayne`s World" star Carvey,
"You gotta be kidding!",
"The Mambo King" Puente,
"Star Wars" weapon,
"It`s ___ cry from ...",
"Famous" cookie brand,
Creatures that can lick their own eyes,
Oxymoronic lead-in to "then",
Suffix with 4-Down,
Like some ears and rules,
Rose with many hits,
One more than bis, in prescriptions,
First name in talk shows,
Russell of comedy,
It tells of a trip to Ithaca,
Aggressively modern,
Warmly welcomed, say,
Alcott`s "Aunt Scrap-Bag",
"The Switch" co-star, 2010,
"Twilight" vampire ___ Hale,
Hale telescope`s home,
They`re just what you think,
Case, for example: Abbr.,
Alternative to Ho Hos,
Ones who might be upset,
No longer out?,
"Eugene Onegin" heroine,
Common knitting project,
Dockhands` grp,
Aquafina alternative,
Event near the end of a mission,
Wide shoe spec,
Black Friday event,
Cry from a hand-waver in a crowd,
Actress who starred in the "It`s Pat" sketches on ...,
New York natives,
Close-call cries,
Brand with a Pro-Health product line,
N.Y.C.`s F.D.R. Drive, e.g.,
"Non sibi ___ patriae" (Navy motto),
Many bottle washers,
Japan`s largest active volcano,
Very light player,
Distance light travels in 3.26 years,
Four winds are featured in it,
The Hadean was the earth`s first one,
1950s runner`s inits,
Takahata, Oscar-nominated director of 2013`s The T...,
Mediterranean restaurant staple,
Unpleasant surprise from a worker,
Rwandan minority,
Eliot`s "Vos Prec",
Finally come to,
Made good on a promise,
Alberta city named after a quadruped,
Home of a Penn State campus,
Jacket attachment,

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