Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 06.08.2016

Canaria (Las Palmas locale) 
Within the law
Utter dislike 
VIP on Air Force One
Type of trapshooting
The Browns, on scoreboards
Use an ArtGum, say 
Stem the flow of
Toy behind many theme parks 
Tokyo-based conglomerate 
Shower bars?
Tippi of "The Birds" 
Terse note from the boss 
Overused phrase
Still-life jug 
NASCAR advertiser
Seethe with anger 
Starbucks refuse 
McDonald's emblem
Rimsky-Korsakov's "Le Coq ___" 
Man of the cloth?
Hawaiian 'thank you'
Rhett Butler's last word 
Fulton's power
Relax, as one's grip 
Pursuer of noble goals 
Extinct birds
Corporate marriages
Chinese martial art
Brunch entree
British verb ending
Paparazzo's target, for short
new record
Pursue relentlessly 
Whirlybird landing place
Process, as ore 
Watched closely
Pioneering DJ called "the King of Rock and Roll" 
Vestment for a priest
Two out of 100?
Top of many rating scales
Neil Young song about Kent State 
Tokyo, way back when
Tied the knot again
They measure up
Terrestrial amphibian
Survived somehow
Lovett of country music 
Slip the clutches of
Lipton iced tea brand 
Sink in the middle
Skim, as milk
Like the Sabin vaccine 
Letter-shaped support beam 
Like green apples 
Like a low-watt bulb 
Shelter for birds
Setting in "Les Miz"
Robin of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
Jed Clampett's discovery 
Indianapolis 500 time 
Right-angle pipe
In the dumps 
Pool problem
Place to sweat
Harbor workhorses 
Hammock activities 
Half of the Odd Couple 
Go ___ (lose it) 
From which the phoenix arose 
One way to keep up
Nose or heart, e.g
Follower of Babe in the lineup 
Old Russian ruler
Fine china brand 
Mend with a needle
Name-affixing tool
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto 
Easy victories 
Martial arts schools
Dilbert's work area 
Coward of the stage 
Corona garnish 
Classic Chevalier tune 
Brief moments, in brief 
Basketball center, informally 
Main blood vessel
Airline with a kosher menu 
Long ____ and far away ..
A whale swallowed him 
Lennon's mate
2016 Olympics host, for short 
Just plain bad
2014 movie directed by Ava DuVernay 
How to announce a boxing match
"Survivor" teams 
"Great" detective of kid-lit 
"Rock Around the Clock" singer called "the King of Rock and Roll" 
"Redneck" comedian Foxworthy 
Honored with a bash
"No lo contendere" et al 
Helium's atomic number
"Johnny B. Goode" singer called "the King of Rock and Roll" 
"Happy Motoring" sloganeer of early TV 
Govt. cosmetics watchdog
Farm storage unit
Fashioned into a sphere
"Blueberry Hill" singer called "the King of Rock and Roll" 
Easy out, often
Draw a conclusion
Cylindrical and tapering

Court call, if tripled
Conspirators' plan
Complied with commands
Clear, as a cloudy windshield
Chicken's lack?
Words said in passing? 
Cells for women only
Bookcase locale, perhaps
Afghani coin, once
"Holy" Ohio town
67 degrees, 30 minutes
Word of regret 
"Neither" go-with
"Let it ride," to a proofer
University founder Stanford 
Unaligned: Abbr 
"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand" go-with
Table salt, in chem class 
"Ad" or "women's" follower
Supergirl's Krypton name 
Start of a noncommittal RSVP 
Will who played Grandpa Walton
What freedom should do, in 'America'
Turner and Kennedy
Slid across the pond, maybe 
Tony's gal at the Copacabana, per Barry Manilow
The orthopedist's goal when he finished his residency?
The law has a long one, they say
Tetra- times two
Sitcom marine 
Supermodel author of 'The Beauty of Color'
Start of the orthopedist's existential soliloquy?
Sebaceous gland issue 
Spare rib provider
Sand bar 
Shakespeare's Athenian lord
Site of India's top tourist destination
San Francisco, to most Californians 
Shows embarrassment, in a way
Round Greek letter 
Regatta marker
Rice on a field 
Practice one's jabs
Raiding group, familiarly 
Over-the-top drama in the orthopedist's life?
Pebbles bearer 
Oncle's spouse
PC-checking org., at times 
Mythological woodland figure
Mil. branch in the wild blue yonder
Part of WYSIWYG 
Many a backpacker
Monument Valley locale 
Major cause of the Postal Service's dwindling revenues
One traveling in Old West circles? 
Letters starting the Enterprise's name, in 'Star Trek'
Line diagram 
Leaves from Sri Lanka
Leather producer
Measure of passing time 
Largest continent's largest desert
Lowers the volume of, in a way 
It may keep a performer on her toes
Irresistible lure of myth
In need of Beano
In one session
Like a bad apple 
Hockey great Phil, to his friends

Last-minute number? 
Keeps away from 
It first passed 2014 in 2014, briefly 
Hallmark of a sitcom about orthopedists? 
Irritating blanket 
Guy with good morals? 
Gladiator's realm 
Giraffe relative 
Gift of a sort 
George who never made it out of the 'happy hour' debates for the 2016 Republican nomination 
Home position, for some 
Fruit from which the German word for 'lightbulbs' is derived 
Group of football players, perhaps 
Gp. using sub titles? 
Foundation item pre-Spanx 
Govt. property overseer 
Gets onstage 
Domestic of a sort 
"SNL" sketches, e.g 
Awards for "Rent" and "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" 
Bar tool 
Big lugs 
French bread 
Former leader? 
Film hero Roy who wielded a bat called "Wonderboy" 
Figure it out 
Fare on a stick 
De Gaulle's birthplace 
Cheesy expression?
Bringing it up can lead to a fit 
Briefs covering, in brief 
As a quid pro quo
'___ room!' (exclamation when one's seeing too much public petting)
Bar staff 
Atlantic seaboard
'Oh, ___!' (old-fashioned interjection)
Beget with a dam
Bullets and BBs
Certain college officials
Act too hastily 
"Thus with a kiss __": Romeo 
Chacun ___ goût
Took the World Series in four 
"Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" author 
'Iron Mike' of boxing fame
Young girl
Texas landmark
Take the title
Shooting gallery targets
Scientist Curie
Psychiatrist Alfred
Pageant topper
Writer Jaffe 
Musical of 1975
Writer Balzac 
Move sinuously
Wordless 'Yeah, right!' 
Kangaroo, e.g
Wile E. Coyote's base of operations? 
Bulls and Bears
Where 'The Yellow House' was painted 
Flat-bottomed boats
We, oui? 
Wall St. maneuver 
Uppity sort 
Travel restriction? 
Took the World Series in four 
Third baseman with 3,154 career hits 
They might tell you to take a walk 
Teddy's cousin 
Sunni or Shia 
Sulu shipmate 
Stuns, in a way 
Still hungry 
Stewart's 'Daily Show' successor 
Stanley, for one 
1980 Wilder/Pryor film
Skin soother 
Site of Washington touchdowns 
Short checkout lines? 
Shake off 
Salmon yield 
Russia location 
Runs in circles?
Royal roadster? 
Root of government 
Request from a parched Peruvian 
R&B singer ___ Marie 
Quentin wrote 'Kill Bill' for her 
Quake byproduct 
Preschool terrors 
Point the right way 
Pinch participant 
Pierre Perignon's title 
Patronizes after work, say 
Owner of a gold watch, perhaps 
Oscar Robertson's nickname 
Olympic sport dominated by the Germans 
Oscar-winning film based on a Tony-winning play 
Ordinal ending 
Oracles of Delphi? 
One with a supporting role 
Minor minder 
Nutritional fig 
Not absorbed 
Nasty brute 
Mystical emanation 
Mortgage adjustment, familiarly 
Military division 
Itzhak Perlman acquisition of 1986 
Make a long story short?
__ de théâtre 
What some cut steaks with 
Make a long story short? 
What Brits call ''trolleys'' 
What a moon of Pluto is named for 
Warsaw-to-Krakow dir 
Lofty address 
Like Charles Addams cartoons 
Lack of seriousness 
Kia subcompacts 
Japan's prime minister 
Times in want ads 
They run around bases 
It's kept in circulation 
They follow quarters 
It's 1 on the Mohs scale 
Subject of the kids' book ''Twelve Rounds to Glory'' 
Standout, slangily 
It may match the towels 
Ireland, literarily 
Some bucks 
I.M. Pei's alma mater 
Site of a Page One resignation, April 2016 
Ready to react 
IHOP offering 
Selling most briskly 
Shogun's luxury furnishing 
Ship-to-shore call, maybe 
Hurt like the dickens 
Scene of disarray 
Horse operas 
Sandbox set 
Russian word for ''land grant'' 
Horoscope topic 
Puts spin on 
Honest integrity 
Prize-winning quartet, most likely 
People once common on Chesapeake Bay 
French landscape painter 
Eruption trigger 
Mark follower 
Hilton rival 
Montana's 273, in brief 
Original working title of ''Citizen Kane'' 
Old Testament tribe founder 
Not at all square 
Goal of some negotiations 
Go over again 
Melania Trump's birthplace 
Giggle bit 
Fried to a crisp? 
Makes more readable, as data 
Lots of things for dinner? 
Lines on the moonwalker list 
French gravy 
Keeps securely 
Frat mates 
Job offer that many don't refuse 
Former Knicks coach Jackson 
It may generate zest 
Hootenanny trio 
First baseman with a confusing name 
Historic law-enforcement family 
Half of the ''Sunrise, Sunset'' duo 
Go on a run 
Gender-in-advertising topic 
Elisabeth of 'Leaving Las Vegas' 
Flat-bottomed vessel 
Far from sanguine 
Easily hoodwinked lookers? 
End up short, say 
Éclair dough 
Drinking buddy for Falstaff 
Cutters: Abbr 
Dove alternative 
Cayenne is important to it 
Bold alternative 
Bath setting: Abbr 
Crafty commerce site 
Band with uniforms 
Attendant for Juliet 
About to turn dark 
Commandments verb 
''Start again, please'' 
''SpongeBob SquarePants'' exclamation 
Clinic VIPs 
Circuit board layer 
Chicken curry accompaniment 
Cheyenne allies 
Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' 
Change to one's profile 
Card game invented by Merle Robbins in 1971 
Brewer Frederick 
Brand in the National Toy Hall of Fame 
Blandly ordinary 
Behave like an ass 
Spontaneous public gathering 
Y lookalike 
Yank, in Yucatan 
Anna's sister in 'Frozen' 
Word with soup or salad 
All washed up 
The Japanese captured it in 1941 
Terminal requests 
Alaskan ceremony participant? 
Telegraph extension? 
Sushi bar brew 
Sticker in a nursery 
Aid the chef, in a way 
2002 Winter Games location 
Sound of power 
'The Robots of Dawn' writer 
Someone always good for a few pints? 
Soaring expense? 
Ski boots and such 
Shoulder-to-hip belt 
Shaggy Scottish dog 
Red, White & ___ (2005 rock album) 
Procrastinator’s favorite word 
Scandalous Manet painting of 1863 
Saturnalia events 
Relatives of stilettos 
Red English cattle 
Part of many a diary 
Paris attraction? 
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' heroine 
One who’s green after seeing red 
New brunette, say 
'Mother Ireland' writer O'Brien 
My anger got the best of me 
Morse “Toto,” totally 
'Live at the Acropolis' musician 
Member of a holiday team 
Media giant since 1982 
Manipulative use of the Force 
Like Cirque du Soleil performers 
Like bodybuilders’ bodies 
Like a young Jay Gatsby 
Knocked for a loop 
Jay Gatsby’s beloved 
Is for a group? 
Gives credit 
Get some help with transportation 
Genre of some of Yoko Ono’s art 
For whom the Collegiate School was renamed in 1718 
Figure in the high 60s 
Feeling toward a supervillain 
Dwarf warrior in “The Lord of the Rings” 
Cry of surprise 
Coup d’___ 
Co. with the slogan “We move the world” 
1,000 or 1,000,000 
Certain weanling 
Canonflex or Leicaflex, for short 
Boehner’s successor as House minority leader 
Balance sheet data 
Back in the day 
Auto-reply message? 
As follows 
Activity for when there’s nothing going on? 
21-Down runs them 
2012-16 host of the Grammys

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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