Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A07.08.2016

Tennis's Steffi
You are, in Spain
A comedian called Wanda
Grape nuts?
Part of TNT
Warning letters on some graphic videos
Below, as a goal
Sleek, informally
Tall and thin
Nation near Fiji
Sotto ___ (quietly)
Native Israeli
With more about those defending the accused, our reporter is
Champing at the bit
Locke, the so-called "Dean of the Harlem Renaissance"
Eye layers
Temple of Abu Simbel honoree
Saw through
Paces at races
After the break, people are leaving the city during winter because of crime. Plus ___"
Grilled sandwich
"With ___ bodkin?": Hamlet
Daughter on the animated "Bob's Burgers"
Lead-in to much
Egg-spensive jeweler?
Our camera crew entered a one-hour photo shop at ten.
Clear the tables
Go ___ great length
Put on a jury
Come ___ surprise
Start to fail?
Thurman of "Henry & June"
Spot for the booby prize
Anatolia, familiarly
Up top
Start for deal or lead
Joe of "My Cousin Vinny"
Mexican-born golfer Lorena
"Well, well, old chap"
Princess with a twin
Anaïs of "Henry & June"
Old Irish character
Smelting waste
Historic headline of 1898
Ones to keep up with
Morlocks' prey, in sci-fi
Bygone carrier
Tennis doubles?
2000-15 TV drama
Prefix with masochistic
Ringing words?
Pond sight
Coming up, a pistol dueler tells us his stance. Now
Devotee of Dionysus
"Schools are cracking down on their most tardy students. We'll have ___"
Fighting a liar, e.g.
Fig. for a librarian
Annan of the U.N.
Often-injured part of the knee, for short
Grab by the collar, say
Blue state
Novelist John Kennedy
Snack brand featured on "Mad Men"
Actor Bergen of "Jersey Boys"
Mixed martial arts org.
Obits, basically
Sci-fi or fantasy
Spots in la Seine
Epic poem section
Coffee's draw
Gilbert of "The Talk"
Poet laureate Henry James
A courtroom artist has been arrested for fraud
One giving a wake-up call?
Quiz show fodder
White-barked tree
About which it was asked "Why are you blue?," in a classic song
Snapchat co-founder Spiegel
Singer Morissette
Eighth-century pope with the sixth-longest reign
Pizza topping
Bruin Bobby
Group attacked by John the Baptist
Fix, as text
Not keep a secret
"Museum officials report a priceless vase has shattered. Stay tuned for the ___"
Special permits
Paul of "Ant-Man"
Duke grp
Still on the loose
Parts of décadas
Menacing look
Court player, in old lingo
Accident investigator, for short
"What's in your attic? And do penthouses have better resale value? Find out in today's ___"
Take advantage of
Old Italian bread
Follow, with "by"
Big brewer
Like some support payments
Wine bouquet
Moulins, Québec
Black-and-white alerts, briefly
Rescue org.
Give birth on a farm, in a way
"___ of the Dead" (2004 horror movie parody)
Fall birthstone

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