Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 09.08.2016

Yale student
Wharton deg 
With it, in old slang 
Utilizing a liner
Writing on the wall
Webster's listing
Violin-string tuners 
Undid, in a way 
V-8 you cannot drink
Tennis racket part 
Taunt to a drag race loser 
Used to own
Super Bowl highlights, to many 
Stunning aquarium fish
Starting from 
Shell game, e.g 
Society column word
Small fractional unit
Search for plunder 
Roomy kind of sleeve 
Slithery and slimy
Showstopper for a diva
Sasquatch, for one 
Shah of Iran, once
Send money, in a way
Retired female professor 
Sealing material
Result of a sacrifice fly 
Samovar's cousin
Religious splinter group 
Salamander family member
Prone to bungling 
Ruffles one's feathers
Pontiac muscle car 
Piece of jai alai gear 
Respond to the alarm
Old West transport 
Purposefully overlook
Off one's rocker 
Play a piccolo
Not well-lit 
Perfect score, sometimes
Name on a check 
On ___ (without a guaranteed sale)
Melt ingredient, often 
Of a reproductive organ
Loos who wrote "Gigi" 
Nevertheless, archaically
Memo taker of old
Kind of rug
It may be hard to follow
Gives the heave-ho
It has a wide spine
In plain sight
Hatchlings' homes
Handled clumsily
Homer king before Bonds 
GPS lines (Abbr.) 
Gloomy atmospheres
List-ending abbr 
Like the Marx Brothers 
It's the truth 
Like much "SNL" fare 
Lab worker, perhaps 
Game show group
Like elevator music 
Fruits and vegetables, e.g
Freeze over, as a windshield
Follow a cookbook directive
How Rome wasn't built 
Film-script instruction
Cheesecake picture
FDR's middle name
Gazpacho server 
Creates naturally, as a gorge
Fix at the vet's office 
English exam ender, perhaps 
Certain ballroom dance
Election loser, e.g 
Carries a heavy load
Edison and Einstein, for two 
Displayed, as a badge 
Card game for three
Defeated by a whisker 
Bones below the tibia
Currency made legal by government decree 
Bert's Muppet pal
Convenience store sign (and a hint to this puzzle's theme) 
Bag with plenty of room

Bad thing to make a mistake with
Cole Porter's regretful Miss 
Closes in on 
"Jaws" resort
Caddy beverages 
A heck of a lot
Brit's "bye-bye" 
157.5 degrees from N
Blue in printer cartridges 
"___ you out of your mind?"
Batter's dry spell 
"Present" and "future" partner
Angler with pots 
"Mr. Roboto" rockers
Andy Roddick's org 
All-star game side, perhaps 
"___ Enchanted" (2004 comedy) 
"Portnoy's Complaint" author 
"Live ___" (Taco Bell slogan) 
Wee bit 
Word-guessing game 
Fáil: Irish coronation stone 
Where billions live 
Veggie that may cause tears 
Techie's client 
Used auto area 
Unwelcome stocking stuffer 
Toaster waffle choice 
To what length 
They're fussy about food 
Tarzan actor Ron 
Starting poker pot contribution 
Where a hero's journey might begin
Westernmost of the Aleutians
Starring role 
Weather alert in August, maybe
Ticket request, often
They may stem from protests gone awry
Slimming surgery, for short 
Skirt bottoms 
Tea-growing region of India, or the tea it produces
Texas Hold'em bet
Sheriff Taylor's TV son 
She raised Cain 
Start of an agenda
Start of a tryster's message
Prefix with meter 
Remark from a gloater, perhaps
Police dept. alert 
Pocahontas' husband John 
Pretty low joint
Most of a mortgage payment, usually 
Photographer Adams
Not together 
Pfizer competitor
On the briny 
Oscar winner for 'Moonstruck'
Only planet in our solar system with a single moon
Org. with Jaguars and Panthers 
Online location for intended purchases
Name on a Queens tennis stadium
North Sea feeder
Monogram ltr 
Manager of the Yankees for four World Series championships
Make a lot of noise
Mil. three-striper 
Med. island volcano
Lay's chips-in-a-can brand 
Late, great boxer 
L.A.-to-N.Y. dir 
Low-grade? (abbr.)
Lomond or Ness
Like a leprechaun
Kenan's Nickelodeon pal 
Johnny with the catchphrase "Come on down!" 
It may help with getting a part
Iranian currency
Hard to decipher, as some ancient inscriptions 
High-end Honda
Hermione portrayer in the Harry Potter films
Div. the Phillies play in 
Had heard about 
George Pataki's predecessor as governor
Gave the green light 
Fish basket 
Fed. workplace watchdog
Eyelid sore 
Earlier conviction, in copspeak
Disney World transport
Express gratitude to 
Criterion for some scholarships
Colorful Mattel card game 
Corp. big shot
Deep down 
Corned beef order
Corp. assistant 
Charged thing
Common soccer score 
Big role for Liz
Bad thing to get caught with on the day of an exam
Casual pants 
Auntie on Broadway
Acronym with Talks or Conference
'___ Lady' (1971 Tom Jones hit)
Boston skyscraper, with "the" 
'___ Majesty's Secret Service' (Bond film)
Book for finding local businesses 
'Cool' amount of bread
1969-'74 Israeli prime minister 
"__, my children, and you shall hear ... ": Longfellow 
"__ girl!": "Way to go!" 
"Why not try the recliner?" 
"The Scarlet Letter" letter 
"Rest those weary feet" 
"Out of Africa" author Dinesen 
"Lovely" meter maid in a Beatles song 
"Don't just stand there" 
"Couldn't tell ya" 
Taken __ (startled) 
Wise advisor 
VIP's auto 
Thailand's former name 
Suffix for novel 
Stand up 
Sparrow's home 
Sound part of a broadcast 
Smooth the creases from 
Scarlett's surname 
Run __ (go wild) 
Retro record player 
Protect in a crate 
Prefix meaning ''equal'' 
Person from Stockholm 
Performer of one-liners 
Part of the eye 
Our planet 
Opinion surveys 
Mexican gal pal 
Local shopping places 
Let sleeping DOGs lie 
Large book 
Is unable to 
Hurricanes and blizzards 
Houston baseball team 
Heavy blow 
Go __ for the ride 
Gingery cookie 
Flat-topped hill 
Explorer of kids' TV 
Envelope's routing abbr 
Electrician, at times 
DOG it 
Daredevil's feat 
Cruise-ship stop 
Corn throwaways 
Concerning, on memos 
Come forth 
Cat's comment 
Camera glass 
Boxing win 
Astronauts' org 
Add to, then stir 
A single time 
A little wet 
20-minute movies 
''__ no questions . . .'' 
''Me, neither'' 
___ Pieces (Hershey brand) 
Youngster’s sch 
Wonder wares 
What Mother Hubbard’s dog got 
Village People classic 
Trattoria aroma 
Theatrical backdrop 
Tea choice 
Supreme outfits? 
Stephen Colbert’s network 
Slugging stat 
Satchel Paige’s real name 
Reply to a knock 
Ready for anything 
Pyro’s crime 
San Francisco site that’s pretty darn crooked 
Places in a cast 
Restaurant chain headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee 
Really cheap 
Poker commentator Kaplan 
Plods through the mud 
Place for a shot 
Pass, as a bill 
Perfection, to a gymnast 
Participate in a pub crawl, say 
Nintendo dinosaur character 
Men that start in the corners 
Letter before lambda 
Leary of ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ 
Label that released ‘Crocodile Rock’ 
Javelin’s path 
Helvetica look-alike 
Hair remover, of a sort 
Gymnast Korbut 
Group of schemers 
Foams at the mouth 
First name in advice 
Filthy digs 
Farm fowl 
Epithet often applied to politicians 
Diable’s foe 
Design school deg 
Company’s creative dept 
Collection agency? 
Carrier out of Stockholm 
Cantonese cuisine 
Bungalows and brownstones 
Bride of July 1981 
Arctic shipping hazards 
Ant’s burden 
Ambient music pioneer Brian 
Address of respect 
1946 portrayer of Mr. Potter 
‘Well, ___-di-dah!’ 
‘The Name of the Rose’ author 
‘Rule Britannia’ composer 
‘American Gigolo’ star 
You can pack it 
Workplace protection agcy. 
Word after Big or top 
With 55-Across, town crier’s cry 
With 52-Across, Aaron Copland ballet 
With 42-Across, Frank Sinatra signature song 
With 40-Across, where Broadway is 
With 24-Across, 1962 P. G. Wodehouse book 
What generals keep up their sleevies? 
They turn litmus paper red 
Tennis legend Arthur 
With 9-Across, an auto ad slogan 
With 72-Across, noted maximum security prison 
With 71- and 72-Across, classic Louis Prima tune 
With 5-Across, quickly 
With 26-Across, 1982 Al Pacino film 
Two cents, so to speak 
Spanish treasure 
Skyping needs 
She’s got her OWN network 
Skipped, as a dance 
She had a hit with “Foolish” 
Scanty, in London 
Saturday Night Live sketch 
Samuel on the Supreme Court
Salon jobs, for short 
RoboCop, e.g. 
River near the Vatican 
Program listings, briefly 
Prefix with lateral 
Poke fun at 
Pipe fitting 
Pay me later marker 
Old Russian ruler 
Old German ruler 
Neighborhood south of SoHo 
My Heart Can’t Take ___ More (1963 Supremes song) 
Monk’s superior 
Ironically, the last song in “A Chorus Line” 
I haven’t a thing to ___! 
Hamlet or Ophelia 
GoldenEye spy 
Former New England Patriot Bruschi whose name is a bear to pronounce? 
Final Four grp. 
Exmaple for example, for example 
Equivalent of C natural 
Dish made of leftovers 
Daybreak, to Donne 
Damn right! 
Cross inscription 
County in Colorado or New Mexico 
Computers that are un-PC 
Colors, as Easter eggs 
Closes, as a fly 
Casino game that looks like a thou in reverse 
British prep school 
687 days, on Mars 
___ the side of caution 
___ ME (phrase written on dirty cars) 
___ Island (immigrants’ site) 
__ A Sketch 
___ as it is in heaven 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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