Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART B14.08.2016

Yeats home
Woven fabric
With great skill
Unfavorable aspects
Trims, as branches
Toronto skyline landmark
They may be run off
The poultry thief
The restaurant thief
The liquor store thief __
The chocolate thief __
The casino thief
The condiment thief
The gym thief
The art thief
Wrathful Kirk foe
quam videri (North Carolina state motto)
Surg. Areas
Substitutes for bad words
Stereotypical long beard grower
Some selective socializers
Went site-seeing?
Start of a Seuss classic
Small-runway mil. Craft
Served, as soup
Secret supply
Screen array
Salad veggie
Tre + tre
Rolled down the runway
Rivulets seen after swirling, to a wine taster
Restaurant with a smile in its logo
Restaurant opener
Reduces to small pieces
Spiny anteaters
Reason for an admonition
Took ___ (snoozed)
Quitos land: Abbr.
Present for Garfield?
Players fixed contribution
Place of worship
Stand and deliver?
Strips for breakfast
Perform horribly
Pee-wee Herman accessory
Oscar nominee in four different decades
She, in Salerno
Originated (from)
Senate figure
Run across, with 'with'
Org. with complex forms
Online handicraft market
Rue the run, maybe
One looked up to
Priest from the East
Nail or tack
Pressure applier?
Millenials parent, briefly
Mt. Hoods state
Mother of Charlie Woods
Possessed, biblically
Poor accommodation
Polar problem
PC core
Passbook no
Orly neighbor
Okra unit
Mother of Ares
Most indisposed
Masked assassin
Like some athletes' wrists
Like much early TV
Last innings, typically
It's just a small point
It can knock you out
It can follow six or seven, but not five
Honoree, of a sort
He has the will to succeed
George Eliot's 'Felix ___, the Radical'
Geog. high points
1984 Winter Games site
Ex-boxer Spinks
Cornerstone abbr
Michigan native
Means of access
Lawmaking bodies
Kathryn of HBOs Oz
Jawaharial Nehru Stadium city
Horror film sounds
Heal, as broken bones
Hardys Pure Woman
Hand on deck
Great Plains language family
Got rid of
Goal for a H.S. dropout
Give sparingly
Gets routed
Genus subdivision
Gave it away
Game with tricks
Bond that's not 007
Forum troublemaker
Five Nations unit
First-year law students
Flavor enhancer initials
Cycle down at the laundry
Drillmaster's word
Erse speakers
Drops the ball
Erie summer hrs
Either way you look at it, it's here in France
Easy-gaited saddle horse
Dairy product with a red coat
Exam in which letters are read
Enter with rage
Default consequence
Eisners Disney successor
Cowhand handle
Debussys __ de Lune
Cut in tricky patterns
Chilling, maybe
Creatior of one who pondered Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore
Court period: Abbr.
Castaway's domain
Common base
Classic Pontiacs
Color from the French for chestnut
Baseball's Slaughter
Classic name in shoes
Antiquity, poetically
Casual pace
Angkor ___ (Cambodian landmark)
Carrier with only kosher meals
Browsers destination
A Swiss Army Knife has lots of them
Bring on the market
Bridge violation
Bit of clothing
'Sounds like a plan to me'
Bit ones nails, perhaps
'Science Guy' Bill
'Friday Night Lights' actress Teegarden
Big Apple fashion initials
Bank acct. starter
Young fellow
Auction site
Yellowish brown
Atlanta-based health agcy.
Wrapper brand
At a former time
Worthy of worship
Aroma detectors
With 60 Down, New Deal-era style
What may hold gold
Allowable extreme
A-line designer
The Ballad of John and __
Adding and subtracting
16th-century pope
Unfunny due to 64 Down
SNL parody Baba __
Told, as a yarn
Little Women co-star of Kirsten, Claire and Trini
Tech training ctr
I was evidently mistaken
Time Warner station
Holy cow!
Tilts a bit
The Terminator, for one
Tears to shreds
Tea from India
Word following Que twice, in song
Witch Trials city
Supermarket area
Stitch's movie pal
Water-loving mammal
Use a turntable
Poke fun at
Tracy of Boys Town
Electronic examination
Tough thing to live down, for short
Titanium dioxide, to titanium
Theyre burned on PCs
Take ones turn, in some board game
Strongly opposed
Stoker who created Dracula
Sometimes-bitter drink
Shower components
Sargasso Sea spawners
Rap lyrics, as a rule
Phil who sang Draft Dodger Rag
Petty of the Traveling Wilbury
One sans fixed address
Nuclear medicine image
Novelist Ferber
Not to be believed
Negotiations hangup
Mosquito-eating flier
Slip into
Model/entrepreneur Blac
Stating one's views
Military medal recipient
Maintain, as a ruling
Small ensemble
Maintain healthy soil, in a way
Star in Orion
Lorraine of The Sopranos
South African golf pro
Jack Dempsey, the __ Mauler
Something on a rod or rack
Some motorcade vehicles
Some food processors
Inform on the mob
Indias untouchables, e.g.
Hawaiis Ironman, for short
Poetic muse
Goalies place
Skilled shot
Gilded bloom, in an idiom
River through Bern
Fleet-footed avian
Fountain offerings
Skiers' transports
See 82 Across
Do a fun run
San __ Bay, CA
Royal of India
Sacred text
Currency in Cuba
Color commentators tidbit
Coin a memorable expression, say
Rio Grande feeder
Campaign button verb
Ridge over the eyes
Call from the flock
Pipe type
Bust a __ (laugh hard)
Render turbulent
Brunch order
Money talks, e.g.
Real estate ad abbr
Program file-name ending
Place for ''dinero''
A domesticated insect
Play in the shallows
Sweet as apple cider girl
Place for a book title
Eureka, to California
Per annum
Past the deadline
Part of ABM
Oscar film of 2012
One-piece suit
On, as a horse
Handle, as chores
Look through casually
On the rocks
Object of worship
Large chamber group
Not worth talking about
Land on the Caspian
Kuwaiti currency
Not up to par
Not as lenient
New arrivals' subj
Nestlé subsidiary
Minutemen's hats
Japanese soup
It's north of Montana
Iowa State city
Ill-fated energy company
HS student's exam
Having more info
Haul to the garage
Gather dust
Gull cousin
Fuller claim to fame
Field of expertise
Feline predator
Far from al dente
Erstwhile ruler of 113 Across
Ending for elf
Early MTV regular
Dr. show settings
Do some construction work
Determine by logic
Daffodils, e.g
Cruise ship medium
Crafter's knife brand
Cope with change
Completely, so to speak
Coffee server
Chicago exchange, for short
Charitable donation
Cause to become a cliché
Carne __ (Latin American entrée)
Campfire treat
Big Tokyo-based brewer
Cake-pan brand
Broke bread
Brewpub designation
Bitterly harsh
Bear: Sp
Bad check ltrs
Author of the upcoming ''Z Is for Zero''
Apply, as sunscreen
Annoying youngster
Amused look
Alternative to fl. oz
Airs now
Actress who became a princess
007 before Daniel Craig
''__ that a lot''
''Walker, Texas Ranger'' star
''The Princess Bride'' director
''Shark Tank'' mogul
''Milk'' actor
''Anchorman'' star
$$$ for the future

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