Mordo - Crossword clueá|áCROSSWORDáPUZZLE ANSWERSáPART Aá20.08.2016

Without a contractá
Unoriginal oneá
Luis, Brazilá
Sherlock's assignmentá
Popular theater nameá
Word before "sapiens"á
Pack cargoá
What life is, in a tuneá
In-house publicationá
Geese formationsá
Former matesá
Deli loavesá
Wear in bad weather?á
Dallas hoopster, brieflyá
Cookbook entryá
Waste of a vote?á
They're certainly not dreamersá
Academic distinctionsá
They run up in barsá
'The Voice' networká
'Get well soon'á
Teenager's time limitá
'for the Misbegotten'á
Surname among the "Good Times" cast
Woolly mammalá
Rustlers' chasersá
Home to 11-Down's parentsá
Small spasmsá
Striker's Benedict Arnoldá
Was inactiveá
Trim the topiaryá
President before Millardá
Practical joker's gadgetá
Small parasiteá
Second or third TV showingá
Polygon cornerá
Oxford featuresá
Put on the spot?á
Monticello, for oneá
Premise of many sitcomsá
Literary plantationá
Legal forgivenessá
Polar wee oneá
Joined a mailing listá
Pageant winner's headgeará
Hymn closersá
Movies, slangilyá
Org. for MDsá
Org. governing air trafficá
Fragrant flowerá
Daily routinesá
Dr. Seuss' environmental characterá
One place for hayá
Classic 1953 westerná
Narc follower?á
Alimony payersá
'Orinoco Flow' singerá
Miscellaneous collectioná
Middle of the monthá
Perrier alternativeá
Pound a Selectricá
Ida (Tater Tots maker)á
Lose the derby?á
Log-transport channelá
Team with a mule mascotá
J.K. Rowling is oneá
Scuba tankfulá
It may be iced when it's warm outsideá
Sgts.' superiorsá
Stares stupidlyá
He worked with couplesá
Greek counterpart of Marsá
Fail to match, as colorsá
English blokeá
Pop-up intrusionsá
Easy to get along withá
Nut mix morselá
Ones with beefsá
Cookie that can be disassembledá
Cattle call handoutá
One of Spain's Balearic Islandsá
'30s art typeá
Assist an arsonist, e.gá
Difficult puzzle, e.gá
Mideast's ___ Stripá
Coupling devices for farm animalsá
Matchstick-removing gameá
Devices to catch the unsuspectingá
Looked after Juniorá
Long, hard tripá
Jackie O's husband, in tabloidsá
Ivory or Coastá
Kaiser or czará
How ham may be servedá
Catch sight of from a distanceá
Helen of Troy's abductorá
Become aware ofá
Have a go atá
Guitar neck ridgeá
Goes after "it"á
Anxiety stimulusá
Go toe-to-toeá
GEICO mascotá
Fuse rating unitá
"While" leader of oldá
Feed, as a fireá
"Guarding ___" (MacLaine movie)á
Fails to keep upá
"Am I my brother's keeper?" speakerá
Eye lecherouslyá
Editor's "leave it"á
Dreadlocks sporter, for shortá
Dieter's entreeá
Demands silence fromá
2014 Winter Olympics siteá
Coffee break time, maybeá
Chipotle Mexican Grill offeringá
Chem class componentá
Sidecar ingredientá
Word after going or before hikeá
1980s-'90s talent showá
Still vyingá
"___ hardly wait!"á
Where Ulysses restsá
"This can't be!"á
"The Killing" star Mireilleá
"The Hunger Games" star from Australiaá
Slovenia neighbor, to the IOCá
"Les Miserables" actor from Australiaá
"Elizabeth" star from Australiaá
Singer of complex songsá
Singer Lambert with the album "Trespassing"á
"Brokeback Mountain" star from Australiaá
Shout after the last shotá
Short-lived '80s sports orgá
Quo warranto, e.gá
Pulls some strings?á
Publisher Ochsá
Popular toy, for shortá
Penn, for oneá
Michael's brother in "Prison Break"á
Part of Beverly Hills' Golden Triangleá
New Mexican?á
Oldies syllableá
blue (crimson alternative)
Word in three ''Yellow Submarine'' instrumental titles
With 58 Down, Yukon Quest participant
Whence comes ''Santa Claus''
Mine finderá
Warming-up results
Make fullá
What may accompany a facepalm
Timetable, latterly
Kind of magnetismá
Term in baseball, golf and tennis
Survivalist necessity
Happy __: old snack brand mascotá
The FAA approved it for cockpits in 2011
Grammy-winning Santana songá
Gable neighborá
Emulates a bad waiter?á
Driver's protestá
Emotion betrayerá
Something handled by TaskRabbit
Some spiral systems
Emergency opá
Something given to heroes
Smashin' fruit punch brand
Scottish form of a ''Great'' ruler's name
Saul's soldier in Samuel
Recondite revelator
Random squawking
Crisply and detached, to an orchá
City on the Firth of Clydeá
Production in creases
Came together againá
On __ (all things considered)
Bit of fishing attireá
Product made from ti leaves
Paleoclimatology subject
At the store, perhapsá
Mobile Justice app source
Angiography concerná
Long-term careerists
Meaning of the Greek root of ''zodiac''
"The Winds of War" actressá
"The Legend of Zelda" currencyá
Literature Nobelist 23 years after GBS
Literary ''greatest schemer of all time''
Leak-prone auto part
Kimchi quesadilla category
"The Lion King" composer Hansá
Judge Judy syndicator
It must often be entered headfirst
Indies, vis-à-vis blockbusters
"Mission: Impossible" theme composer Schifriná
"Love in the First Degree" all-female groupá
Former combat-boot insole material
Flaubert's floor
Exclamation of exasperation
Easter might follow it
Do some chilling
Cry of apprehension
Cry of apprehension
Comic interpreter for ''No Drama Obama''
Convertible in the first Daytona 500
City on El Camino Real
Certain bum's rush
Billy the Kid, in ''Young Guns''
AT&T Park ''splash hits''
Antonym of ''eu-''
Able to give it one's all again
Words with premium or discountá
Where or why, to Claudiusá
War loser, usuallyá
Volleyball spikesá
View from Sagarmatha National Parká
WWII troop carrier
Utensil at an extraterrestrial barbershop?á
Unruly event
Trick winner, oftená
TV show referenced in 'Bossypants'
Stud holder
Torquemada's burial siteá
Throaty interruption
There's a lot of interest in his worká
Suffix with smack
The incomparable Caruso?á
The fifth elementá
Tepees and townhousesá
Spring growth
Sure winá
Sphere of Earth
Reason to be barred by a bouncer, briefly
Stressed type: Abbrá
Rare indication?
Sign at the end of a rampá
Publication for groupies of the Beatles, e.g
One of the Olympic equestrian sportsá
Sics one's attorney oná
Pronounce indistinctly
Meet heatá
Pollen gatherer
Spots for stockersá
Perfect example for being robust
Share in a businessá
Medieval laborer
Seaman whose boat's in the repair shop?á
Material geared toward younger readers, briefly
Mannerly reply from Tom or Huck
Screening orgá
London insurance giant
Live and breathe
Like many Steven Seagal characters
Rubio's hometowná
Rondeau writerá
Rio slumá
Reverse, e.gá
Ocean Spray tidbitá
Source of the Niagaraá
Site of some strikesá
Selfie, e.gá
Indian tourist city
It's often performed in double and triple versions
Indian spiced tea
Holiday song closer
He portrayed Fischer in 'Pawn Sacrifice'
Fictional captain with a fixation
Father of Cordelia
Far from land, quite possibly
Emotional temperaments
Salsa bitá
Chop shop arrival
Body of water that once filled most of Yosemite Valley
Celeb's wheels
Can't stand
Burnt popcorn trait
'I found what you're searching for!'
Reiterating wordsá
Red Sox catcher Sandyá
Active leader?
Radius counterpartá
Academic period
Quote the ravená
Pol's concerná
'H.M.S. Pinafore,' for one
'Aladdin' prince
Parachute materialá
on-Thames (regatta site)
Land, 1954 Kirk Douglas sci-fi role
One of the Amati family of violin makersá
Williams, Potsie player on 'Happy Days'
Old business letter startá
Tower Gardens, National Historic Landmark in Florida
Octane, e.gá
Washington Sq. Park squad
Very large, informally
Now or beforeá
Tall tale producer?
Notre Dame end zone?á
Money or Fortune, for shortá
Supportive cries
Not virtualá
Subject of the biography 'Lightning in His Hand'
Nejd nativeá
Something to live for
Needing no fastenersá
Seeing right through
Mufflers, e.gá
Quick on the uptake
Moonshine containerá
Quality wool source
Plot lines
Paralyzes, in a way
Many a Univision viewerá
Ones put on retainer?
Many purchased gamesá
One-stop shopping spot
One not yet one, say
Make quakeá
One might be involved in a sting
Make a long-distance call, perhapsá
Old-fashioned auto feature
Obama's first Homeland Security secretary
Mountain lakes
Most TV Land programming
Marcos of the Philippines
Like Alzheimer's disease
Like a Navy seal
Leaving nothing out
John Wayne title role
It's an imposition
Imprinting tool
Hawkeye State city
Levi's Stadium proá
Girl's name in which the last three letters are equivalent to the first?
Frederick Forsyth thriller 'The ___ File'
Four-for-four Super Bowl-winning QB
Foreign term of address
Education's ___ Tech
Like Berg's musicá
Edmond ___, the Count of Monte Cristo
Dark brown quartz sometimes sold as a gemstone
In a practical mannerá
Is suspendedá
Currency in Freetown
Hoof soundá
LAX postingá
Harry's veepá
King Midas's pet reptile?á
Gradually diminishá
Kid in the funny papers?á
Colorful ornamental with a trunk
Julius, in Gaius Julius Caesar, and othersá
Jerry Lee Lewis song '___ Be Me'á
Battleship guess
Backing for a cartoonist
Good, for gondoliersá
Island group in the Bahamasá
In a practical mannerá
All the suspects in 'The Usual Suspects'
Advance look, commercially
Acupuncturist's supply
53rd 'state quarter' locale
Handler on TVá
'What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta,' e.g
Grimly ominous bit of gossip?á
'Two Years Before the Mast' author
'OMG, that's enough!'
'Not another bite for me!'
Fourth-yr. classá
Forgetful actor's requestá
Flu-monitoring gpá
Diving maneuversá
Change dramaticallyá
Fill for a Holstein's stein?á
Estimated time of deliveryá
Brainy bunchá
End of many addressesá
Depressing, in odesá
Cue ball coverá
Cruiser's homeá
Cruiser lettersá
Cries from the bleachersá
CPR expertá
Contaminate, in a wayá
Component of 103-Acrossá
Command to Roverá
Colored ringá
Class that may give you problemsá
Choose not to fold or raiseá
Chiquita competitorá
Casting proá
Cancun coverupá
Broken upá
Book before Nehemiahá
Bo's familyá
Bitterness among the troops?á
Big D B-ballerá
Big chronicleá
Best of the fragrant trees?á
Berth placeá
Be on the same pageá
Basement with a cement floor?á
Banana Boat lettersá
Average of cinq and neufá
Anthem openingá
Address used among Friendsá
'___ fair in...'á
'You're in my way!'á
'Tiny Bubbles' singerá
'The Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool'á
'Battlestar Galactica' commanderá

Űý ńŠŰňÚň˙ ýÓ˙° ¨ţň°ň˙ ý߲ý ńÓ˙° ňýň ßýßŃ ,ÓÝ °ÓÚ˙Ý šňţ° ˘ňÔ˛ Ó­Ó Ńňňšň ý­ň ň­ň°ÚŃň , ńÓ˙° ­ß­ń ˛ý ÚŃÚ Úň-Úň ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ ßšÚ­Ý Ű­˝ň ňß­ň ýŰÝ Ó˙° ßšÚ­Ý ¨ÚÚŕ ýÚň-Úň Ó˙° ˘­ÓÚ ýÚýŃÚÝ ň­ň˛° ńÓ˙° ¨Ú¨ ßň ńŰý
ŃÚňňš ˛ý Ó˙°
ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýß­ň˙ | ţ¨˘ŔÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | ˝°Ŕň­ÚÝ ţ÷šÚ¸ÚÝ | °¸˛ÚÝ | ßŃÚšň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ Ú˘ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸Ú ß­ň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ýÓÚÚ˘ň´ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ šÚ­Ý | šÚ˘ň¨ ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ňÚ°ŔňÓýÚÝ |
ţ¨š¸Ú ѢѢ´ | Ń˘Ú ÷ßÚ˛ń | ˛ňýÝ ńŃňÔţ­Úň˙ | ¸ň­Ŕ° ˝Ŕ°ÚÚ¸ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýÚýŃÚÝ | 250 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ˛ňýÝ ńţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ßÓßý˝ | ˙ţň­ň˙ ţ÷šÚ¸ň˙ | ˝ŔŔň˝ÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | Ŕ°ÚňňÚń | ¸Ŕ­Ŕ­ÚÝ | 200 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ŔÚ˘ň ţ¨š¸ÚÝ - 365 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ |