Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 21.08.2016

Zapped with a stun gun 
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 10- and 24-Down 
Word before block or health 
Uppercut target 
Fertile triangle 
They may conceal shiners 
Took one’s turn 
Yesterday, in Roma
When repeated, a '65 Dixie Cups hit
Vacation excursions
Words of consolation
Vacation destination
True, to Thérèse
Understanding, of a sort
The __ Four (The Beatles) 
To be, in Toulouse
Sushi bar fish 
The Muses and baseball lineups
Stopped working
Put two and two together
Run wild on the range 
Slobs’ milieux 
Suffix with elephant or serpent 
Sticking point at the dinner table?
Sub captain’s command 
Sight from the Bridge of Sighs
Start of many a limerick 
Self-centered person
Salon or Slate
SEALs’ branch 
Salon pros 
Salmon also called “silvers” 
Potato sites?
Play in a mud puddle 
Palindromic constellation
Yes men 
Native of Attu
Some undergraduate degs 
Purplish-red shade 
Weasley of the "Harry Potter" books 
Minerals used in glassmaking
Public announcers of old 
Member of the toy group
Project detail, briefly 
Prefix with dynamics 
Port city where the Maine blew up 
Policy guru 
What the ruling Romanovs were 
Muscle cramp, e.g. 
Longship crewmen
Pledge drive rift 
Type of garden with rocks 
Paper-and-pencil puzzle 
Like a knight preparing to joust
Tutu wearer's dance 
Operatic superstar 
Legal attachment?
Journalist Peter or actor Will
Topmost spot 
Jalapeño feature
Oater “necktie” 
This boat 
It's often shared in theaters
Hoedown partner
His nickname was 'Schnozzola'
Georgia of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Significant time, historically 
Friendly enough to talk
Sign on a grade-school bathroom 
Fixture in many apartment buildings
Nantes’ river 
Feel indignant about
Rites of passage for some 13-year-olds 
Mushers’ vehicles 
Fantastic bargain
Radon and krypton 
Muddy up 
Explosive experiment, briefly
Mucky stuff 
Passionate with a constant temperature? 
Brooding sort?
Clown-sized shoe width
Checkpoint requests
NYC opera house (with "The") 
Movie ape, for short 
No longer playing (Abbr.) 
Move like a hummingbird 
Bridge blunderer
Barrie baddie
News windup 
Mary __ (cosmetics name) 
Big name on the farm
Make Pilsner 
More than charred (Var.) 
Lose one’s cool 
Morally blemished 
John, “The Teflon Don” 
Like Caribbean weather 
Is still in the running 
Article in rap titles
Korbut of gymnastics fame 
Achieves success
In times gone by 
'This is too amazing to comprehend!'
It's this or nothing 
In the works 
It can get you there 
'From the sublime to the ridiculous ___ a step' (Napoléon Bonaparte)
In a blaze 
Hawaiian instrument, briefly 
Conquistador’s victim 
Hungarian-born philanthropist George 
Harvester or tractor, e.g 
Home to billions 
Give a formal address 
Hobby farm bug 
Geisha's waist-cincher 
Help for a guesser 
Flintstone child 
Ferry destination, often 
Explores caves 
Fake identity 
Electron’s home 
Eye part that holds the iris 
Doves’ antitheses 
Eagle's nest 
Dwelling place 
Colossal, for an olive 
Devoted to reading 
Cold War barrier 
Destiny or fate, to Hindus 
Coals, on Frosty 
Cub Scout faction 
City near Lake Tahoe 
Creature that loses its tail 
Check falsifier 
Cranny cohort 
Chaney of horror movies 
Cavalry sidearm 
Catch __ (comprehend) 
Brainstorm aftermaths 
Casino’s big spender 
Bit of an uproar 
Cartoondom’s __ E. Coyote 
Bike and bridle, for two 
Beijing housemaid 
Before, to poets of old 
Armada component 
American felines 
Acute anxiety 
Activity of choir members 
Zero out, say
Yearwood of country
1982 Oscar-winning role for Meryl 
Writer Zora __ Hurston
"You've Really Got ___ On Me" 
Without a doubt
"Braveheart" garment 
Where fowl spies meet?
Well past its crime
Welcome center?
Was able to
Tomato variety
Ticket period
Caroler’s tune 
Blacken on a grill 
Bits in fried rice 
Being pulled along 
Antioxidant-rich berry 
1992 Joe Pesci title role 
1950s campaign nickname 
“The Marines’ Hymm” city 
Heads __, tails .. 
“Buy It Now” site 
Sorority recruitment period 
Think the world of
South American capital 
Top-40 tune 
System with speakers
Venerable luxury car, for short 
Suva’s nation
Via, for short 
Sung syllables
Word in many Alps names 
Strong lagers
With no representations 
Stealthy animal
Winless racehorse 
Sign of breakfast burning?
Start of a fitness motto
What the 10 longest answers (including this one) all lack 
Singer Cetera
What some détentes have deterred 
Shelley’s “Ozymandia,” e.g.
Shocks, in a way
Water sport of a sort 
Schindler with a list
Ward worker 
Sanyo headquarters city
Remote hiding places?
Red-centered serving
Rearrangement of suitcase contents?
Put away too much, briefly
Treat too well 
Pulitzer playwright Rice
Psych ending
Toys that may talk 
Pic Sans Nom, par exemple
Ponder, with “over”
The original leading man 
Part of an academic address
Tess Durbeyfield creator 
Parka with different sleeve lengths?
Palindromic time
Oscar winner Lee
Tenth-century starter 
One way to hang
One of a hand truck’s pair
One might not hold up in court
Police squad 
One in a buffet stack
Off-the-wall feedback?
OAS charter member
Sound of swine 
NYC tourist attraction
Numerical extreme
Son of 15 Across 
Nickel that’s worth big bucks?
Societal customs 
NCAA div. with Seminoles
Pavement caution 
Metal precioso
Sister of Charlie Brown 
Many a signature
Many 1969 Woodstock arrivals
Savings partner 
Mae West persona
Lose in a chase
Savings combinations 
Russia's __ Mountains 
Retail proceeds 
Ready to skate 
Rank below marquis 
Quite a while 
Put new bottoms on 
Property tort 
Procedural pain 
Presence of mind 
Predatory insects 
Letters on some SUVs
Jersey greeting?
It sessions begin and end with bells
It only offers partial coverage
Iroquoian family members
In the neighborhood
Ideal takeover
I, at times
Host with a TV “Garage”
Homework helpers
Hershey bar
Hardly work
Guanaco cousin
Goes like crazy
Fram Museum city
Fox football sportcaster long
Narrow channel 
Former JFK lander
One holding 46 Across 
Flower child?
Oven for ceramics 
Eponymous swindler
Environment-friendly carrier
Emphatic type: Abbr.
Elevated point
Not as scintillating 
Eco-friendly lighthouse?
Does a salon job
Defense secretary __ Carter
Crucial unifying element
Musical's usual conclusion 
Couture monthly
Cross-referencing words
Courtroom figure
Lobby for 
Motorless vehicles 
Completely convinced
Moonwalker Shepard 
Come off as
Moonwalker Cernan 
Cold War prez
Moonwalker Armstrong 
Closest pal, in text
Classic rock opera
Miser's shout 
Chef known by his first name
Loretta Lynn mentor 
Caruso and Domingo
Capital of Sicily
Burlesque stand-up act?
Like most people 
Kors competitor 
Keeper of REM records 
It's west of New Brunswick 
Break point situation?
Ishmael's boss 
Bone up quickly
Attacks with force
IQ test developer 
Before you know it
Be beholden to
Instructions starter 
Improvised in a band 
Ice-cream thickeners 
Assert with confidence
Has bought 
Allison of jazz
Aid for dealing with pea soup
Harry Potter film props 
Affluent, in Andalusia
Hanes alternatives 
Abs trainers?
“This isn’t good!”
Half-__ (latte order) 
1983 Mr. T comedy
Gulf War missile 
“Unboring” furniture chain
Green guarder, often 
“The Tempest” spirit
Glacier remnant 
“The Swedish Nightingale” Jenny
Gets mushy 
“The Mikado” executioner
Get going 
“The Great Dictator” Oscar nominee
“The Count of Monte Cristo” author
Fun and games 
“That’s true, but ..”
François' farewell 
“Purple Rain” musician
Four-time Australian Open champ 
“None of it is true!”
“Life Below Zero” channel, familiarly
“For honest men and bonie __”: Burns
Flavor of the month 
Film caper 
End of a Latin boast 
Electrified weapon 
Dubbed titles
Decathlon event 
Debt notes 
Cry of fright 
Crime-story story 
Corporate advancement 
Class clown 
Circular gasket 
Chocolate or cherry 
Chemical coolant 
Checkers choice 
Castle employee 
Car's torque transmitter 
Cape Cod hub 
Bottles-on-wall array of song 
Boisterous celebrants 
Board under a bed 
Asian wasteland 
Artistic approaches 
Artist Matisse 
Arias, for example 
Antiseptic acid 
Angry episode 
Amber, for one 
Actor Hawke 
60 Across owner 
'90s fad dance 
'20s fad dance 
''West Side Story'' weapon 
''Eureka,'' for California 
''At Last'' singer James 

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