Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 23.08.2016

Word on some mail from Spain
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Wimbledon wind instrument?
Succulent wind instrument?
Sci-fi princess
Rocket stage
Rob of 'The West Wing'
Right hands
Rice University mascot
Resentful retort
Reactions to adorable babies
Rapper with an Oscar
Rabbinical wind instrument?
Puts in the envelope
Part of MOMA
Parade honoree
Opening on Broadway
One of the Everly Brothers
Not moving
Not exactly
Ninth successor to St. Peter
Manicurist's tool
Hurried 'Hurry up!'
Good name for a lawyer?
Fathers and sons
Engaged couple's wind instrument?
End of some academic addresses
Detective role for Lorre
Country's McEntire
Chapter I preceders
Carney costar
Carbon monoxide's lack
Capt.'s superiors
Canadian figure skating star Brian
Boarding place at Disneyland
Blame bearer
Writing tool 
What some trees exude 
Backwoods pro?
Feeds, as pigs 
Thing acquired by many beachgoers 
Author of 'The Swiss Family Robinson'
The two of Mars 
The four years of a U.S. president 
Painters' competitors 
NYSE rival 
Not this or those 
Not even a min 
fly (RBI getter) 
Wood-shaving device (var.) 
Wedders' declaration 
Think the world of 
Some animal shelters 
That's my boy, really 
Sounds from the awestruck 
Some Xs, in a simple game 
Sleek, for short 
Sailboat spar 
Sharing a family tree 
Shrinking polar covering 
Notable parts of history 
Reluctant, old-school 
Quaker's "you" 
Partner of odds 
One with no stable address 
Oscar hopeful 
Opposite of WSW 
Lunch time, for many 
Mudbath locale 
Much is done for his sake? 
Montreal team no more 
Mediums' states 
Man standing on a board 
Makes toothed edges in 
Make someone clench a fist 
Like many mountain summits 
Like mature cornstalks 
Letter getter 
Just a bit of color 
Emmylou or Franco 
Jimi Hendrix classic 
It's unhealthy to hold one 
It conceals one's actual plans 
Hot alcoholic drink 
Having star quality? 
At this point 
Has aspirations 
A studier of living organisms 
Gate lockers 
Extinct New Zealand bird 
Flightless Australian bird 
Five spots on a five-spot 
Certain light switch 
Fair piece of land 
Cosmetics overseeing agcy 
Con ___ (vigorously) 
Chase away, as bugs 
Canape spread 
Bread type 
Blind parts 
Be gone with the wind 
Amount eaten 
Alley ___ (basketball highlight) 
A famous Williams 
"___ up the good work!" 
"Fame" singer Cara 
"A Christmas Carol" comment 
Worth a 10, perhaps 
Where Adam and Eve fell 
Totally bewildered 
Titleist supporters 
Tippler, for short 
Timeshare payment 
The 24 in 36-24-36 
Sumter or McHenry 
Starbucks buy 
Starbuck 20-ounce size 
Stable fare 
Sprinkler connection 
Soup at sushi bars 
Some raw materials 
Shoulder muscles, for short 
Seek directions, say 
Scatter, as seeds 
Robbery-snouted beast 
Retort to “Taint!” 
Corporal or coloner 
Rained out, e.g. (Abbr.) 
Signaled on stage 
Prozac or Zoloft 
Words from Wordsworth 
Pro-__ (some tourneys) 
What Brinker’s boy plugged with a finger 
Port of Algeria 
Polygraph flunker, most likely 
Played for a sap 
Pay for a hand 
Water from France 
Italian source of bubbly 
Waist-measuring unit 
Otters’ prey 
Vietnamese holidays 
Organ settings 
Unfavorable reputation 
One who may buy your clothes 
Suffix with Japan or Brooklyn 
Of little use 
Subj. with writing exercises 
Neutralize, as a bomb 
Start of the rest of your life, so it’s said 
Looie’s underling 
Speck of bread 
LL.B holder 
Larry of the Three Stooges 
La Scala headliner 
Score-producing MLB stats 
Jacques of “Mon Oncle” 
Sci-fi aircraft 
Impossible score in American football 
Sagan of “Cosmos 
High-five sound 
Run __ of the law 
Governor Cuomo 
Jack Sprat’s diet restriction 
Room-size computer introduced in 1946 
GM’s German subsidiary 
River through Spain 
Gasteyer of “Suburgatory” 
Richard who married Liz Taylor .. Twice 
Frequently, in verse 
Resident’s winter expense 
Food fight sound 
Haunted house sound 
Fey of “Mean Girls” 
Ernie of the PGA 
Prepare for the gala 
Easter ends it 
Place to relax 
Defensive lineman’s tactic 
Perform on stage 
Dartboard wood 
Oslo attraction honoring Heyerdahl’s expedition 
Old Norse explorer 
Dagwood’s nap spot 
One-named singer 
Dab hands 
New Hampshire city 
Coat of arms inscription 
Greek cross 
Missouri’s largest metropolis 
Coarse, as language 
Minor setback 
Caricatures, e.g. 
Mil. Flying branch 
Knocked down 
Bus terminal postings, informally 
Brit’s “bye!” 
Bird that sings in flight 
Is able to 
Airline with only kosher meals 
In __: as found 
A facelift removes it 
High-IQ group 
A breaking ball 
1-Down’s delivery 
__-pitch softball 
__ voce (quietly) 
Half of Mork’s sign-off 
Greek war god 
“In other words ..” 
Fix errors in, as software 
“Goodnight” girl of song 
Entertained with a tune 
First leg of racing’s Triple Crown 
Fills with feathers, as a pillow 
Cooking-with-garlic enticement 
Biblical “your” 
Ball of smoke 
Apartment agreement 
Antlered grazer 
Aegean, for one 
Actress Novak 
1990 comedy about a detective posing as a teacher 
1980s Chrysler line 
1958 Chevalier musical 
“Sure, sure” 
Say that’s true ..” 
“__ seen worse” 
“Roots” hero from Gambia 
Payment to a 10-year-old 
Verdi opera
Had leftovers, perhaps 
Top players
Spiky haircuts
Stimulating drink
Smack a baseball
Quarterback Troy
Prepares to kiss
Japanese veggie
Hearty brew
Get wind of
Flamingo's hue
Successors of LPs 
Edith Piaf, for one
Zeroed (in on) 
Carry a gun
Where rivers end 
De Mille of dance
Your and my 
Baseball stats
Thick string 
Baby carriage
Swirling water 
Teachers’ union: Abbr 
Tech whiz 
Actress Sarandon
'The Wild Bunch' director Sam
Top card
Iron alloy 
Seek damages from 
They're removed from libraries
Nothing more than 
Ready for customers 
Read __ the lines 
Sweater yarn
Payment to a guest speaker 
Storybook elephant
Presidential office shape 
Scrooge cries
Installed, as mosaic flooring 
Prefix meaning ”against” 
Rapper Rhymes
Hooded winter jacket 
Point of a fork 
Payment to a university 
Payment to a salesperson 
Plug parts
Meeting slate
Pantry staples
Pastor’s speech 
Bowling area 
Parts of qts 
Imposed, as a fine
Immoral act
Nose, informally 
Grow fond of
Marry on the run 
Early calculator
Cookout spot
Bus units
Brit's baby carriage
Young one
Hawaiian welcome 
Having a twisty path 
Waikiki wear
City south of Tampa 
Turn at the chessboard
Turn indicator
Enjoy the taste of 
Tiara adornments
Emcee’s amplifier 
Three-time NFL MVP Brett
Common practice 
They're sometimes hard to break
Close tightly 
The States, to those south of the border
Cleansing bars 
Soup alternative
Start of a Caesar boast
Chablis or Chianti 
Site of Ger. and It
Shakespearean spirit
Breakfast strip 
Projections that fit into mortises
Rudolph of 'Bridesmaids'
Roll with the punches
Boxing match locales 
River of Russia
Rise to its highest level
Bird-feeder fillers 
Powerful Chevy
Begin to melt 
Be deceitful 
Perp pursuers
Pool table surface
Monogram of a January honoree
Airport building 
Adjusts, as a piano 
Absent from 
National paper since 1982
”Little Orphan __” 
”I’ve __ up to here!” 
”Aw, how cute!” 
Lyricist Gershwin
Like Confederate uniforms
Jodie's role in 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Hoppy amphibians
Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument 
Windows : Microsoft :: ___ : Apple 
Verbally attack 
Toon that flies with his ears 
Thomas who wrote “Death in Venice” 
Thailand, before 1939 
Greiner of 'Shark Tank'
Strong suit? 
Starchy substance found in some plant roots 
Greater part
Destroy, as a hotel room
Springing back in disgust 
Clearing in the woods
Sound of an air kiss 
Glutton of the grape
Some airport postings, for short 
Software issues 
Flapjack flipper
Soda brand introduced in 1924 
Financial company that acquired Equitable in the 1990s
Silicon Valley specialty 
Doorbell-ringing company
Sheik’s peer 
Seven Dwarfs’ workplace 
Schools of thought 
Saldana of “Star Trek Beyond” 
Commodore PC brand
Rural carriage 
Prefix with issue 
Plea that accepts conviction without admitting guilt 
Captain of the Pequod
California roll and the like
Athletic prodigy
Party mix cereal 
Part of L.G.B.T. 
Alva or Quincy, or what the answers to the starred clues have
Garden pond fish 
Hair stiffeners 
Bill in a till
One might start “I heard …” 
One hell of a river? 
Network director Sidney 
Big Apple nightclub of song
Musical set in Oz, with “The” 
Mastermind game pieces 
Many flower children, these days 
Like Monopoly deeds that are flipped upside down 
Ice cream feature represented four times in this puzzle 
'I'm With ___' (Clinton slogan)
Hallelujah! singers 
Ally of Morpheus and Trinity, in a film trilogy
Diner sandwiches
Ted Cruz, by heritage
Gift in a relationship that’s getting serious, maybe 
Garden watering aid 
1960s-'70s period
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) 
Drug kingpin on “The Wire” 
French “you” 
French “to be” 
Formation with steep cliffs 
'The More You Know' TV spot, for short
Et ___ (and others) 
'The Merry Widow' composer
'Old Time Rock and Roll' singer
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author Jean
Creature leaving a slime trail 
Counselor employer 
'Let me think...'
'Here's what I think,' in texts
Classic TV show with a celebrity panel 
Chutney fruit 
Cat call 
Bond player after Brosnan 
Best guesses: Abbr. 
About, on a memo 
Aaron Burr, ___ (“Hamilton” song with a rhyming title) 
4, for 19 divided by 5 
11-year old, e.g. 
___ Dingbats (font) 
Long-term inmates 
and kicking 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
îùç÷éí | àúøéí ìáðåú | îùôèéí ìôééñáå÷ | ñøèåðéí îöçé÷éí | ø÷òéí | áãéçåú | îùç÷éí éôéí | îùç÷é áðåú | îùç÷éí ìàééôåï | îùç÷éí çéðí | çéôåù îùç÷éí | îùç÷éí åéøèåàìéí |
îùç÷é ãôãôï | ãôé öáéòä | òåìí äãåâîðéåú | ÷åðèø ñèøéé÷ | àúøéí ìéìãéí | 250 îùç÷éí | òåìí äîùç÷éí | áàáìñ | úîåðåú îöçé÷åú | ñèèåñéí ìôééñáå÷ | èøéååéä | ÷èðèðéí | 200 îùç÷éí | èéôå îùç÷éí - 365 îùç÷éí |