Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 25.08.2016

Type of paint
Place to moor 
Salsa option 
Stone fruit center
Sci-fi beings, for short 
See 3-Down 
WWII detention sites 
Shock partner
With 24-Across, founder of the Sierra Club 
Sandwich meat
West Coast state, informally 
Rocker Frank
Republicans, for short
Relentless fighters
Lyon language
Kick a notch
V8 vegetable 
Japanese pond carp
Hidden hazards
Toddlers' safety devices 
Grant's foe
Talc's is 1 
Take one's sweet time 
Chinese dynasty
Swiss Army knife's many 
Chaotic place
Still liable to explode 
Biblical cover-up?
Sonic the Hedgehog's company 
Some hunting dogs 
Worthy of holy veneration
Sock away 
What the rodent match-making club wants?
Sighter of pink elephants 
Up and at 'em
Various guys
Used the fitting room
Scam artists' doings 
Units of light flow
Type of grain
Salmon hue 
Trousers fold
Roller rink shape 
They prevent mattress sags
Riot squad weapon 
Release, as an odor 
Raptor's gripper 
The whole shootin' match
Places to moor 
Thanksgiving dinner request
Tear open, ironically
Silverman of comedy
Show of affection
Painter's calculation 
Seek an answer
Rescuer's shout
Racket-stringer's material, once
Piano specialist
Physiques, informally
Payments for some high-maintenance birds?
One of Satan's minions
One with a long, sad face
One for the books?
Network on the telly
Once more, country-style?
Not perfectly round
Negative battery terminals
Lotus position instructors
Littering thieves?
Online party reminder 
Lead-in for "Bravo"
Left one's seat
Kind of typing
John ___ Garner (FDR's first veep)
Infant's soft food
Haunted house noise
Functioning currently
Feline nickname
Cribbage needs
CPA's nest-egg suggestion
Catches on to
Not as loopy 
Comments that sting
Hard-hit baseball 
Censor's insertion
No longer in vogue 
Castle features
It replaced the franc 
Italian sonnet finale 
Cancel, as a liftoff
Ms. Brockovich 
Bird in the "Arabian Nights"
Bacteria in a produce recall 
Battery's partner in crime?
Like diehard fans 
Become waterlogged
Like a dirigible, vis-a-vis a blimp 
Like some headphones 
Like some headphones 
Kilauea output 
Arial, for one 
Out of use 
Holm who played Bilbo Baggins 
See 6-Down 
Goes a few rounds 
May race, familiarly 
Football great Tarkenton 
"Donna" or "vera" opening
Baby's first word, sometimes
"Men in Black" creature
Fight card site 
Buffalo nickel beast, really 
"The Simpsons" watering hole 
Clinton's attorney general 
Making no progress 
Collegian's specialty 
Like, with “to” 
Fan club favorite 
”Stay (I Missed You)” songwriter Lisa 
El Misti's land 
"... ___ the fields we go ..."
Teacher’s handout 
Dutch painter Jan 
Dominate, in sports lingo 
Does a landscaper's chore 
for (chooses)
Dinner on base 
Valuable expert around April 15th
Underground dance party
Proud cries 
Swedish explorer Hedin
To an extent, colloquially
Brahms’ instrument 
Tellico Dam builder (abbr.)
Clinton's attorney general 
Tannery sight
Steel construction piece
Springsteen's '___ the One'
Star Wars droid, familiarly
Spoonbill relative
Something pitched
Salon appliance or employee
Sniggler's haul
Serious disorder 
High on the Scoville scale 
Relieve, as thirst
Run like heck 
Puppy's asset
Year in Nero’s reign 
Prove useful to
Campus honchos 
Popular cold medicine
Regular hourly rate 
Plant balm
Beijing blight 
Big name in audio products 
Most teachers
Any one of the Arans 
Bring back, as memories 
Miner's pay dirt
Military command
Alehouse vessel 
Makeup of some ladders
Place for family game night 
Major windfall
Adriatic Sea resort 
"___ been had!" 
Link together
Place for family game night 
Attendance record spoiler 
"The Haj" author 
"Parchman Farm" singer 
Bandanna kin 
Came down 
"Must see" review 
Like most cupcakes 
"Halt!" at sea 
"Cut that out!" 
Lively Polish dance 
Org. that takes many forms 
With 63-Down, meditative discipline 
Mimosa family tree 
Padre’s brothers 
Bill for shots 
Scoop or poop 
"Ben-Hur," e.g 
Like some waistbands
Summer genre 
Atkinson of British comedy 
Is for you 
More than just apologize 
Mystery writer Gerritsen 
Tolkien's Beechbone, for one 
Use a scalpel on 
Winner of nine Emmys in 1977 
Lake Tahoe neighbor
Knot working?
Who's indispensable, so they say 
What Regan and Goneril would say anything to inherit? 
Gas used in flashtubes 
Father of Thor 
Uses TurboTax, perhaps 
”It could happen” 
It might involve multiplication
K thru 12 
GLUTEN-free fare 
To be, to Bonifacius 
Hot Lips Houlihan player
Timbuktu's nation 
Green spheroid
Take attendance, perhaps 
Schoolyard “I’ll show you!” 
Supposed bringer of bad luck 
Garden shop offering
Symbol of purity 
Lacking the knack 
Grace's final word
GLUTEN-free fare 
Mind reader? 
Frozen treat brand
Singer Nicks 
Don’t forget 
First son of Seth, in Genesis
Take care of 
Feature of a sexy skirt
Sandwich guy? 
Big name in mints
Enjoy, as rewards
Duffel bag filler, in a thriller 
Dry Italian wine
Handing down oral traditions? 
Defibrillator operator's cry
Misleading you, the solver? 
Country on the Irish Sea
Pres. Zuma's nation 
Salt salutation 
Stout start 
Ceremonial club
Starbucks logo character 
Ceramist's requisite
GLUTEN-free fare 
Spelling-out phrase 
Case of the blahs
Better at heeling, say 
Bullets, to poker players
Scotland's Awe, e.g 
Amtrak express 
Believe, as a story
Sales department worker 
1983 Woody Allen film 
Rodriguez of 'Modern Family' 
GLUTEN-free fare 
Apple's music player
River through Warwickshire 
Remington target 
One pulling in pushers 
Tiny bit 
King whose gift became a curse 
Port. setting 
Place for 'bombs bursting' 
Oversized Yemeni coin? 
On top 
18-wheeler, briefly
'Speed' star Reeves
'In ___' (Nirvana classic)
Not to mention 
'Animal House' group
Eco-car brand 
Tragic king
Nikolai's negation 
Homework assignment starter 
Shingle setting
the east, and Juliet 
''Leave that to me'' 
Sevilla setting
U.S. base in Cuba, for short 
One or more
Type of 35mm camera 
Northern capital
Not very exciting 
Manage boxers, say 
Warrior or Wizard 
Wee worker 
Make it really hard to unhook the trout? 
Jane Austen novel
TV debut of 1980 
Indistinct quality
Lorry bearers 
Where mud baths are taken 
First name in jazz
Whale-watching venue 
Letter after Delta 
Horned goddess
Jerry Rice's 208: Abbr 
Item of interest 
Everyone else
Cardinal color
Antiquated quality
In good shape 
Toss in 
Hovering falcon 
Streaming in the living room 
Street standing, for short 
Hat remover 
Romanian composer George 
Stalin's foreign minister 
Sound of sudden impact 
Small chicken 
Froot Loops toucan 
Service branch 
Scrutinize, with ''over'' 
Four-time Pro Bowl guard Chris 
Familial address 
Pressed sandwich 
Salad with bacon and egg 
Forgetting something?' 
Rich soil 
Empty talk 
Rhythmic writing 
Low grade 
Earthy hue 
Loud ringing 
One logged on 
Metaphorical bursting place 
News sources of yore 
Dramatic increases 
New England seafood 
DOT issuance 
Deal with a bare lawn 
Creator of Link Hogthrob and Dr. Teeth 
Leave in a hurry 
Convention center do 
Gullible type 
Lack of rhythm? 
Coffee choice 
Clearly worded 
In all honesty 
Character who sings 'Let It Go' 
Impression of imperfection 
Censer output 
Halftime encouragement 
Candy heart words 
Box spring supporter 
Best at his NFL position 
Had in mind 
Absence of rigidity 
Gritty stuff 
A, in hexadecimal 
Awkward feeling 
Global: Abbr 
'Hey, there's a line here!' 
Argentine cheer 
Food coloring 
Florist's cutting 
Earth-shaking cause, perhaps 
Damaged, in a way 
'Didn't I tell you?' 
Dungeons & Dragons monster 
'Cheap Thrills' singer 
Decimal system 
'A cunning hunter, a man of the field' 
Cascades peak 
Converter designation 
City founded by Pizarro 
Cleric, for short 
Bestowal for sitcoms 
Approach sloooowly 
Ancient Aegean region 
57 Down offense 
Alias introducer 
Activate, as an alarm 
A whole bunch 
for your weight 
at the mall 
at the gym 
at Rio, recently 
'70s tape player 
World Trade Center 
teinbrenner, principal owner of the Yankees 
Years in old Rome 
Where many drafts are produced 
What the gutsy display 
What the circled squares in this puzzle symbolize 
Way to Sugar Hill, in song 
Villainous resident of Crab Key island 
Village leader? 
Something pulled out before turning in 
Stores for future use 
Sticks one's nose in 
Some, in Somme 
Soccer coverage? 
Like one end of a battery 
Rural allergen 
Queens neighborhood next to Jamaica 
Slangy suffix with two or three 
Ones working at home? 
Move like the sun in the sky 
Rippled and lustrous 
Larger-than-life statues 
Remote control button 
Patrician estates 
In a state of entanglement 
OutKast and Mobb Deep 
Ottoman official 
One of the ABC islands 
Keats's '___ Dream' 
Juilliard degs 
Japanese city known as 'the nation's kitchen' 
In a comfortable position 
Illinois city where John Deere is headquartered 
Gymnastics position 
Goya or Del Monte product 
Brand with a trademark on the phrase 'Set it and forget it' 
French abbot thought to have originated the saying depicted symbolically in this puzzle 
Cause a commotion 
Brunch beverage 
Area to roam 
FiveThirtyEight datum 
Fig. in car ads 
Dish offering 
Dialogue, e.g 
Combat setting for an air cav, once 
Collude with 
Cold War missiles on mobile launchers 
Check the birth date of, say 
Cause a commotion 
Announcement after a deep breath 
Actress Williams of 'Game of Thrones' 
1990s war locale 
1990s fad 
'___ never work!' 
'Misery' director 
'Show up ... or else!' 
'For the benefit of all' org 
'Better Call Saul' airer 

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