Crossword Puzzle Answers

.WWII detention sites
2.With 24-Across, founder of the Sierra Club
3.West Coast state, informally
4.V8 vegetable
5.Toddlers' safety devices
6.Talc's is 1
7.Take one's sweet time
8.Swiss Army knife's many
9.Sunscreen ingredient
10.Still liable to explode
11.Sonic the Hedgehog's company
12.Some linemen
13.Some hunting dogs
14.Sock away
15.Slice off
16.Sighter of pink elephants
17.See 3-Down
18.Sci-fi beings, for short
19.Scam artists' doings
20.Salsa option
21.Salmon hue
23.Roller rink shape
24.Riot squad weapon
25.Release, as an odor
26.Raptor's gripper
27.Places to moor
28.Place to moor
29.Painter's calculation
30.Online party reminder
31.Not as loopy
32.No longer in vogue
33.Muscular fitness
34.Ms. Brockovich
35.Like diehard fans
36.Like a dirigible, vis-a-vis a blimp
37.Leave speechless
38.Le Car maker
39.Kilauea output
40.Italian sonnet finale
41.It replaced the franc
42.It may say 'see me'
43.Inventor's germ
44.Holm who played Bilbo Baggins
45.Hard-hit baseball
46.Goes a few rounds
47.Go toe-to-toe
48.Go out with
49.Fudd of cartoons
50.Front-porch songs, maybe
51.Football great Tarkenton
52.Fight card site
53.Farm team
54.Fan club favorite
55.El Misti's land
56.Dutch painter Jan
57.Dominate, in sports lingo
58.Does a landscaper's chore
59.Dinner on base
60.Declare firmly
61.Collegian's specialty
62.Clinton's attorney general
63.Casino array
64.Capital of West Germany
65.Campus honchos
66.Buffalo nickel beast, really
67.Bring back, as memories
68.Blue toon
69.Alehouse vessel
70.Adriatic Sea resort
71.'___ been had!'
72.'The Simpsons' watering hole
73.'The Haj' author
74.'Parchman Farm' singer
75.'Must see' review
76.'Halt!' at sea
77.'Cut that out!'
78.'Ben-Hur,' e.g

.Winner of nine Emmys in 1977
2.Who's indispensable, so they say
3.What Regan and Goneril would say anything to inherit?
4.Uses TurboTax, perhaps
5.Use a scalpel on
6.Tolkien's Beechbone, for one
7.To be, to Bonifacius
8.Timbuktu's nation
9.Take attendance, perhaps
10.Symbol of purity
11.Stout start
12.Starbucks logo character
13.Spelling-out phrase
14.Sound, e.g
15.Scotland's Awe, e.g
16.Salt salutation
17.Sales department worker
18.Rodriguez of 'Modern Family'
19.River through Warwickshire
20.Remington target
21.Pres. Zuma's nation
22.Port. setting
23.Place for 'bombs bursting'
24.Oversized Yemeni coin?
25.On top
26.Oktoberfest souvenir
27.Not to mention
28.Nikolai's negation
29.Mystery writer Gerritsen
30.Misleading you, the solver?
32.Manage boxers, say
33.Make it really hard to unhook the trout?
34.Lorry bearers
35.Letter after Delta
36.Jerry Rice's 208: Abbr
37.Item of interest
38.Is for you
39.In good shape
40.Hovering falcon
41.Hat remover
42.Handing down oral traditions?
43.Give up
44.Froot Loops toucan
45.Four-time Pro Bowl guard Chris
46.Familial address
47.Empty talk
49.Earthy hue
50.Dramatic increases
51.DOT issuance
54.Deal with a bare lawn
55.Creator of Link Hogthrob and Dr. Teeth
56.Convention center do
57.Coffee choice
58.Club collection
59.Clearly worded
60.Character who sings 'Let It Go'
61.Censer output
62.Candy heart words
64.Box spring supporter
65.Between jobs
68.Battery components
69.According to
70.Absence of rigidity
71.A, in hexadecimal
72.'Hey, there's a line here!'
73.'Forgetting something?'
74.'Didn't I tell you?'
75.'Cheap Thrills' singer
76.'A cunning hunter, a man of the field'-

1.___ World Trade Center
2.___ Steinbrenner, principal owner of the Yankees
3.___ Spring
4.___ far gone
5.Years in old Rome
6.Where many drafts are produced
7.What the gutsy display
8.What the circled squares in this puzzle symbolize
9.Way to Sugar Hill, in song
10.Villainous resident of Crab Key island
11.Village leader?
12.U.S. base in Cuba, for short
13.Turn up
14.Stores for future use
15.Sticks one's nose in
16.Something pulled out before turning in
17.Some, in Somme
18.Soccer coverage?
19.Slangy suffix with two or three
20.Rural allergen
21.Romanian composer George
22.Rippled and lustrous
24.Remote control button
25.Queens neighborhood next to Jamaica
26.Patrician estates
27.Park place?
28.OutKast and Mobb Deep
29.Ottoman official
30.Ones working at home?
31.One of the ABC islands
33.Move like the sun in the sky
34.Medicare beneficiaries: Abbr
35.Like one end of a battery
36.Larger-than-life statues
37.Keats's '___ Dream'
38.Juilliard degs
39.Japanese city known as 'the nation's kitchen'
40.In a state of entanglement
41.In a comfortable position
42.Illinois city where John Deere is headquartered
43.Gymnastics position
45.Goya or Del Monte product
47.French abbot thought to have originated the saying depicted symbolically in this puzzle
48.FiveThirtyEight datum
49.Fig. in car ads
50.Dish offering
51.Dialogue, e.g
53.Combat setting for an air cav, once
54.Collude with
55.Cold War missiles on mobile launchers
56.Choice word?
57.Choice word
58.Check the birth date of, say
60.Cause a commotion
61.Brunch beverage
62.Brand with a trademark on the phrase 'Set it and forget it'
63.Beach souvenir
64.Area to roam
65.Announcement after a deep breath
66.Actress Williams of 'Game of Thrones'
67.1990s war locale
68.1990s fad
69.'___ never work!'
70.'Show up ... or else!'
71.'Misery' director
72.'For the benefit of all' org
74.'Better Call Saul' airer-

.___ of thumb
2.Worthy of holy veneration
3.What the rodent match-making club wants?
4.Walks laboriously
5.Various guys
6.Used the fitting room
7.Up and at 'em
8.Units of light flow
9.Type of grain
10.Trousers fold
11.They prevent mattress sags
12.The whole shootin' match
13.Thanksgiving dinner request
14.Tear open, ironically
15.Silverman of comedy
16.Show of affection
17.Seek an answer
18.Rescuer's shout
19.Racket-stringer's material, once
20.Piano specialist
21.Physiques, informally
22.Payments for some high-maintenance birds?
23.One with a long, sad face
24.One of Satan's minions
25.One for the books?
26.Once more, country-style?
27.Not perfectly round
28.Network on the telly
29.Nerve cells
30.Negative battery terminals
31.Ms. Yoko
32.More saline
34.Metric weight
35.Lotus position instructors
36.Littering thieves?
37.Like delicious chow for a chow?
38.Left one's seat
39.Lead-in for 'Bravo'
40.Kind of typing
41.John ___ Garner (FDR's first veep)
42.Is willing to
43.Is deficient
44.Infant's soft food
45.High times?
46.Haunted house noise
47.Functioning currently
48.From the beginning
49.French vineyard
50.Food tidbit
51.Feline nickname
52.Empty, as a well
53.Cribbage needs
54.CPA's nest-egg suggestion
55.Core groups?
56.Continental cash
57.Comments that sting
58.Checked IDs
59.Censor's insertion
60.Catches on to
61.Castle features
62.Card carrier
63.Cancel, as a liftoff
64.Bird in the 'Arabian Nights'
65.Become waterlogged
66.Become decayed
67.Battery's partner in crime?
68.Baby's first word, sometimes
69.Autumn apple
71.'Mode' lead-in
72.'Men in Black' creature
73.'Donna' or 'vera' opening
74.'... ___ the fields we go ...'-

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