Mordo - Crossword clueá|áCROSSWORDáPUZZLE ANSWERSáPART Aá27.08.2016

Stimpy's palá
Sommelier's suggestioná
Punk-rock subgenreá
Prime-time hourá
Office part-timerá
Marching band leaderá
Made into lumberá
Heart chart (Abbr.)á
Fancy French pancakesá
Efron of 'Neighbors'á
Davis of 'Thelma & Louise'á
Dalloway or Doubtfireá
Being, to Brutusá
Ambulance VIPá
Advertising awardá
Wedding reception eventsá
Warm air currentá
Truman's hometowná
They may be countedá
Target at a partyá
Symbol for resistanceá
Surgery remindersá
Stretch of historyá
Spiny-leafed plantá
Massenet operaá
Dog show categoryá
Christmas tree, oftená
Brian of rocká
Backbeat keeperá
1862 battle siteá
Yellowstone buglersá
What tabloid headlines may haveá
Talk radio guestá
Major ("Big Bear" constellation)
World's Fair, for one
Linden of "Barney Miller"á
Weather map areasá
White-plumed wading bird
Twiddling one's thumbsá
Violate a commandment
Treat shaped like a 14-Acrossá
Used the black credit card
Untidy situation
Type of columnist
London lavsá
One of football's Manningsá
Symbol before a key signatureá
Take to another level?
Shakespearean kingá
Start to give in
Sound of an active blender
Place between hillsá
Soon-to-be adult
Office fill-iná
Serving in an Italian restaurant
Nasal strip usersá
Muscle-to-bone connectorá
Olympics participant
New thing to turn over?
Modern evidence type, briefly
Make a contract official
Much more than occasionally
Like fine wine or cheeseá
Like nets around Stephen Curry?
Learns little by little
Like the Milky Way
Keep the turkey moist
Like Felix and Oscará
Jeter of baseball fame
Like a saved seatá
Left the flocká
Is evenhanded
Lagoon surrounderá
Irksome insect
Keys on a mapá
Goes from snow to slush
Hides the gray
Flowery writing
Decorated with gold
Cousin of a gazelle
County, in Louisiana
Check out groceries, perhaps
Certain homey dwelling
Help, of a sort, and a word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 25-Downá
Birds on Australian coinsá
Having no follow-upá
Catholic prayer
Gravity obeys oneá
British pop sensation
Dragged alongá
Class reunion mementoá
French landscapist Jean-Baptiste-Camilleá
Bouquet holder
Derisive laughá
Boggy matter
Component of natural gasá
Beginner or apprentice
Cupid's Greek counterpartá
Delivery room drsá
Basic impulse
Awaited words at a wedding
Change the look ofá
At the front of the line
Bouquet holderá
Andean civilization
Amtrak transportation
Authority in card gamesá
Attacks with a lanceá
A little resistance?
à-porter (ready-to-wear)
jim (car thief's tool)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya
Turned chicken
Susan of 'The Partridge Family'
About 4/5 of Algeriaá
Supreme Egyptian god
Abbr. before a founding dateá
Substituted (for)
"You ___ me one!"á
Sometimes it's extra-virgin
She recorded the album '21'
Security guards check them
Sack that's good for hitting?
Replies, quickly?
Really go places
Openly hostileá
Tarzan typesá
They're on staffá
Park, New Jerseyá
mater (brain membrane)á
Outer coverá
Noted diarist with a palindromic name
Taylor of ôSay Anythingá
New Mexico art community
Low bonesá
Moe, Curly, or Larry
Winter hours in NYCá
Major British resort town west of Dover
White counterpartá
Catch at the shoreá
Whispering campaign makeupá
Where messages might pile upá
Like some hairsá
When Juliet says 'Parting is such sweet sorrow'á
Venerated symbolá
Old porticoá
Verdi princessá
Vase contentsá
Lily's 'All of Me' role
It indicates a maiden name
Trump guaranteed to winá
Likely to be offá
It helps prevent small bites
Tiny amt. of timeá
Part of DINKá
Horton's creator
Brought into beingá
The Palace of Auburn Hills, e.gá
Hook, line, and sinker types
Country music venueá
Tech debut of 1998á
Hard taskmaster
Education innovatorá
Still, to Shakespeareá
öIt was a very brief visitöá
Spall of 'The Big Short'á
1987 Masters champ Larryá
Solemn tollá
Tribe that met with Lewis and Clark in 1804á
With 4-Down, Fred Gipson book that won a 1957 Newbery Honorá
Server's edge, in tennisá
Region including Napaá
Seoul foodá
French wheelá
Sea-___ (Washington airport)á
Body langá
Satisfied sighá
Olympics event since 2000á
Iconic Ansel Adams photograph shot in Hernandez, New Mexicoá
Sang like Ellaá
Swamp thingá
öThe Decay of Lyingö authorá
Respond to a bad callá
Queen ___ laceá
Quake aftermathá
Railroad workerá
President before Sarkozyá
Gentleman of Portugal
Grape's neighbor
Part of a Simon & Garfunkel quartet?á
Parabolic pathá
Places in a pyramid, sayá
Preserves flavorá
Fish salted for bacalao
Pitcher Lohseá
Defense gp. founded in Bogotá
Part of A.Dá
Transplant, in a wayá
Park parkers, for shortá
Commit a banking boo-boo
Parental reiterationá
Classic record label for the Bee Gees and Cream
Teeth in Torinoá
Brownish hue
Trade stapleá
Painted sheetá
Beastly character
Youngest player to join the 600-HR clubá
P, to Platoá
Oxycodone, e.gá
Thin feathered flierá
Olympic skiing categoryá
Ending to avoid?á
Open a smidgená
Exercise regimená
It can tide you overá
Article in Paris Match
Act upon guidance
Not nudeá
Piccadilly Circus statueá
'Modern' word starter
Commemorative pillará
Absorbed, as a loss
Word from the Italian for ''small chapel''
Unpopular in the extreme
As it happensá
What many cookies are
What fog often pushes back
Jobs creationá
Uniform factors
Type of pharyngitis
Top with a crown
They might take the cake
Take a second?
Surname of ''Britain's first family of harmony''
Stereotypical farm plodder
My, to a monarchá
Steelers' ''Turnpike Rival''
More unpleasantá
Some low-battery warnings
Mo. without a major holidayá
Runs in preschool
Republic annexed by France in 1769
Is for more than one?á
Razzie nominee as King David
Masked dramaá
Magda and Zsa Zsa's sisterá
Made an appearanceá
Radically shorten, maybe
Like thrift shop buysá
Like Phoenix vis-a-vis Seattleá
Put something over on
Pronghorn weapon
Like early audiobooksá
Place de l'éducation
King and Queen, e.gá
Peace activist since the '60s
Junker featureá
Onetime Italian ruler of 5 Down
Its teams include the Sun, Mercury and Starsá
One could work under pressure
It precedes Blue Jays home gamesá
Not much of a knock
It has a three-octave rangeá
Mercurial person
Make comfortable, in a way
Home playersá
Hadrian's hailá
Get into the poolá
George Stephanopoulos's a.m. showá
Four-time role for Chris Hemsworthá
Forearm length, in biblical timesá
Flight partsá
Cuomo's successorá
Fast flyer of the pastá
Extols extravagantlyá
Exercise 7 (for forgetful solvers)á
Exercise 6 (for attentive folks)á
Exercise 5 (for accommodating folks)á
Exercise 4 (for exaggerative folks)á
Lobster appendages
Exercise 3 (for rash folks)á
Exercise 2 (for ineffectively busy folks)á
Irish princess of opera
Inspiration for Orpheus
Exercise 1 (for frantic folks)á
Idiosyncrasy of Cockney
Dirt bike's cousiná
Half of hexadeca-
Gossip-mill fodder
Ending like -oid
Daisy family flowersá
Element of some readouts
Efficiency expert's concern
Didn't give up
Crook in sports
Collage co-inventor
Client of a sort
City Hall honorees
Certain sauce source
Capital near the equator and the prime meridian
Calendar-watch reading
Buy by the bushel
Crucial inningá
Book with family trees on the endpapers, say
Conducive to moldá
Concerto closerá
Big name in wrappers
Complete jerksá
Atlantic Div. skaters
Company known for its candy wafersá
''The Last __'' (Puzo novel)
''If we __ temples, they will crumble to dust'': Webster
Colonel Sanders featureá
Citi Field athleteá
Chick's chirpá
Catwoman portrayerá
CAT scan cousiná
Business partners, at timesá
Brought in from the fieldsá
Brine-cured salmoná
Brian Williams's networká
Brand originally packaged in cologne bottlesá
Bottom-row PC keyá
Black of countryá
Bit of moistureá
Bit of aquarium scumá
Bible twiná
Basketball Hall of Famer Thomasá
Avoiding othersá
Atkins at the Opryá
AT&T logoá
April, May or Juneá
Anarchist in 1920s headlinesá
Amy Winehouse's 'You Know ___ Good'á
Allen Iverson, onceá
A cappella compositioná
987-65-4321, for oneá
3-Down betrayerá
1998 Winter Olympics hostá
1945 battle site, familiarlyá
'The weekend's almost here!'á
'The Puzzle Palace' orgá
'The Little Mermaid' villainá
'Soylent Green' stará
'Piece of cake!'á
'Mr. Robot' networká
'Lights out' lullabyá
'Great Caesar's ghost!'á
'Go! Go! Go!'á
'Don't Rain on My Parade' composerá
'Be that as it may...'á
Sea (Bay of Whales locale)á
Yasmina ___, two-time Tony-winning playwrightá
Wooley of 'Rawhide'á
Where to belt one down and belt one outá
Way down in Wayne Manorá
Treat since 1912á
Title princess of a comic operaá
Terrain makerá
Suffix with Québécá
Song lyric following 'But as long as you love me so'á
Something hammers hitá
Some PC keysá
Severe sorenessá
Set of seven countries, informallyá
Relative of -ish or -oryá
Put it toá
Postcard printing process, for shortá
Popular ice popá
Political pundit Perinoá
Owner of Flix, in briefá
Opportunity, e.gá
Opening for an E.P.A. worker?á
Ones hitting snaresá
One of about 1,000 in Luxá
On, in Orléansá
Often-replaced reference worksá
Not-so-firm affirmativeá
Musician with the 2016 album 'The Ship'á
Monogram for Christá
Mo. with All Saints' Dayá
Midway, e.gá
Maker of the Pocket Fisherman and Electric Food Dehydratorá
Means of forecastingá
Maker of the Pocket Fisherman and Electric Food Dehydratorá
Little buddyá
Like the Arctic Ocean vis-à-vis the Atlanticá
Like talk, it's saidá
Last name of a comic strip title teená
Landscape alternativeá
It may be spiked in winterá
Hibachi featureá
Helldiver, e.gá
Group that rejected its 2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductioná
Great pointá
Gives a glossá
Get together after school?á
Gerontologist's subjectá
Fabric finish?á
Essential elementá
Dixie cakesá
Demanding occupations?á
Deliverer of the U.N. General Assembly speech 'Atoms for Peace'á
Danny Ocean's wifeá
Biblical name meaning 'exalted father'á
Alternative to Nytolá
Alternative to Dasani or Deer Parká
11-Down buildupá
'Qué ___?' ('How are you?': Sp.)

Űý ńŠŰňÚň˙ ýÓ˙° ¨ţň°ň˙ ý߲ý ńÓ˙° ňýň ßýßŃ ,ÓÝ °ÓÚ˙Ý šňţ° ˘ňÔ˛ Ó­Ó Ńňňšň ý­ň ň­ň°ÚŃň , ńÓ˙° ­ß­ń ˛ý ÚŃÚ Úň-Úň ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ ßšÚ­Ý Ű­˝ň ňß­ň ýŰÝ Ó˙° ßšÚ­Ý ¨ÚÚŕ ýÚň-Úň Ó˙° ˘­ÓÚ ýÚýŃÚÝ ň­ň˛° ńÓ˙° ¨Ú¨ ßň ńŰý
ŃÚňňš ˛ý Ó˙°
ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýß­ň˙ | ţ¨˘ŔÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | ˝°Ŕň­ÚÝ ţ÷šÚ¸ÚÝ | °¸˛ÚÝ | ßŃÚšň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ Ú˘ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸Ú ß­ň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ýÓÚÚ˘ň´ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ šÚ­Ý | šÚ˘ň¨ ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ňÚ°ŔňÓýÚÝ |
ţ¨š¸Ú ѢѢ´ | Ń˘Ú ÷ßÚ˛ń | ˛ňýÝ ńŃňÔţ­Úň˙ | ¸ň­Ŕ° ˝Ŕ°ÚÚ¸ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýÚýŃÚÝ | 250 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ˛ňýÝ ńţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ßÓßý˝ | ˙ţň­ň˙ ţ÷šÚ¸ň˙ | ˝ŔŔň˝ÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | Ŕ°ÚňňÚń | ¸Ŕ­Ŕ­ÚÝ | 200 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ŔÚ˘ň ţ¨š¸ÚÝ - 365 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ |