Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A28.08.2016

The "V" of fashion's "DVF"
College-level H.S. courses
One of Asta's masters
Adele, voicewise
Like the response "Talk to the hand!"
Goes "Ow, ow, ow!"
Native of Alaska
Start of a few choice words?
Sch. whose honor code includes chastity
Cousin of a lemming
Words of concession
Liable to spoil?
Books written entirely in chat rooms?
Eternally, to poets
"What if ...," informally
Most "Doctor Who" characters, for short
Hit upside the head, in slang
TLC and Destiny's Child
Post-Christmas events
Robert of "Airplane!"
Something felt at Christmas
Woody playing a medieval baron?
Green spirit
Cry from comic book civilians
Tennis's King of Clay
Nisan observances
Cries of approval
Fastener with a ring-shaped head
Showed over
Top of the agenda
Frat boy types
That means
E-cigarette output
Push-up muscle, informally
Newspaper essay on why not to go outdoors?
Skit show, for short
"Full speed ahead!"
Like pageant contestants, typically
Stephen of "Interview With the Vampire"
"Old MacDonald Had a Farm" sounds
Fill with gas
Like Navy SEALs
Bit of expert advice
Lead-in to Pablo or Carlos
The Titanic, e.g.
Church response that's taken as a given?
Noted tea locale
Setting for the beginning of "The Book of Mormon"
More see-through
"Oh, you're funny-y-y-y ..."
Racer's brand
Blazing successes
Cathedral feature
Laugh-filled broadcast
One easily bowled over?
Name on many a college hall, informally
Soft drink favored by the Marines?
Out of gas, informally
Group that appeared in the movie Grease
Bits of truth
Stamp incorrectly, in a way
Bush labor secretary Chao
California missionary Junípero
Sunday delivery
Like blue moons
Rostand protagonist ___ de Bergerac
Listen to violinist Itzhak's music?
America's Cup, e.g.
Aduba of "Orange Is the New Black"
Domain of "Hamilton"
Hey, let's gather 100 people to enact laws and ratify treaties
Letters after CD
Mythical father of Harmonia, strangely enough
"Tao Te Ching" philosopher
Section of "Aida," e.g.
89-Across character played by Adam Sandler
City with 500 attractions?
Assent to a married mujer
Los Angeles Lakers' home until 1999
Insect that shorted out an early computer, spawning the term "computer bug"
Biological pouch
Honorary title in Wisconsin?
Bill of "Trainwreck"
Home remedy drink
Reason to scream "Why won't this damn thing locate airplanes!"?
What the "1" of "1/2" represents
Ring or sphere
Locks in place for a while?
Tourist's report
"Selma" director DuVernay
Home inspector's concern
Taiping Rebellion general
Crosswords in 1924-25, e.g.
Listens to Shakespeare?
Walk with pride
See-through clothing material

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