crosswors puzzle answers28/08/2016

2.___ Aduba of 'Orange Is the New Black'
3.Words of concession
4.Woody playing a medieval baron?
5.What the '1' of '1/2' represents
6.Walk with pride
7.Tourist's report
8.Top of the agenda
9.Took in
10.TLC and Destiny's Child
11.The Titanic, e.g
12.The 'V' of fashion's 'DVF'
13.Tennis's King of Clay
14.Takes in
15.Taiping Rebellion general
17.Super ___
18.Super ___
19.Sunday delivery
20.Sticky spots?
21.Stephen of 'Interview With the Vampire'
22.Start of a few choice words?
23.Stamp incorrectly, in a way
25.Spot checkers?
26.Southern chain
27.Something felt at Christmas
28.Soft drink favored by the Marines?
30.Skit show, for short
32.Singer LaBelle
33.Showed over
34.Setting for the beginning of 'The Book of Mormon'
35.See-through clothing material
36.Section of 'Aida,' e.g
37.Sch. whose honor code includes chastity
38.Rostand protagonist ___ de Bergerac
39.Robert of 'Airplane!'
40.Ring or sphere
41.Reason to scream 'Why won't this damn thing locate airplanes!'?
42.Racer's brand
43.Puts under
44.Push-up muscle, informally
45.Post-Christmas events
46.Passing remarks?
47.Out of gas, informally
48.Oscars grp
49.One of Asta's masters
50.One easily bowled over?
51.On edge
52.Noted tea locale
53.Norm: Abbr
54.Nisan observances
55.Newspaper essay on why not to go outdoors?
56.Native of Alaska
57.Name on many a college hall, informally
58.Mythical father of Harmonia, strangely enough
59.Most 'Doctor Who' characters, for short
60.More see-through
64.Los Angeles Lakers' home until 1999
65.Locks in place for a while?
67.Listens to Shakespeare?
68.Listen to violinist Itzhak's music?
69.Like the response 'Talk to the hand!'
70.Like pageant contestants, typically
71.Like Navy SEALs
72.Like blue moons
73.Liable to spoil?
74.Letters after CD
75.Lead-in to Pablo or Carlos
76.Laugh-filled broadcast
78.Insect that shorted out an early computer, spawning the term 'computer bug'
79.Indian wear
80.Honorary title in Wisconsin?
81.Home remedy drink
82.Home inspector's concern
83.Hit upside the head, in slang
85.Gucci competitor
86.Group that appeared in the movie 'Grease'
87.Green spirit
88.Gray, say
89.Goes 'Ow, ow, ow!'
91.Get by
93.Frat boy types
94.Fired (up)
95.Fill with gas
96.Fastener with a ring-shaped head
97.Eternally, to poets
98.Embroiled (in)
99.E-cigarette output
100.Domain of 'Hamilton'
102.Cry from comic book civilians
103.Crosswords in 1924-25, e.g
104.Cries of approval
105.Cousin of a lemming
106.College-level H.S. courses
107.City with 500 attractions?
108.Church response that's taken as a given?
109.Cathedral feature
110.California missionary Junípero ___
111.Bush labor secretary Chao
112.Books written entirely in chat rooms?
113.Blazing successes
114.Bits of truth
115.Bit of expert advice
116.Biological pouch
117.Bill of 'Trainwreck'
118.Big dipper
119.Bay ___
121.Assent to a married mujer
122.America's Cup, e.g
123.Aladdin, e.g
124.Adele, voicewise
125.89-Across character played by Adam Sandler
126.'___, verily'
127.'What if ...,' informally
128.'That means ...'
129.'Tao Te Ching' philosopher
130.'Selma' director DuVernay
131.'Ready to relieve 'em of a ___ or two' ('Les Misérables' lyric)
132.'Ratatouille' rat
133.'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' sounds
134.'Oh, you're funny-y-y-y ...'
136.'Hey, let's gather 100 people to enact laws and ratify treaties'?
137.'Got it'
138.'Full speed ahead!'
139.'Dios ___!'
140.'Ciao'- See more at:

1.___ Park, New Jersey
2.___ mater (brain membrane)
3.Winter hours in NYC
4.White counterpart
5.Whispering campaign makeup
6.Where messages might pile up
7.When Juliet says 'Parting is such sweet sorrow'
8.Verdi princess
9.Vase contents
10.Underworld group
11.Underground band?
13.Trump guaranteed to win
14.Tiny amt. of time
15.They're on staff
16.The Palace of Auburn Hills, e.g
17.Tech debut of 1998
18.Tarzan types
20.Still, to Shakespeare
22.Spall of 'The Big Short'
23.Solemn toll
26.Server's edge, in tennis
27.Seoul food
28.Sea-___ (Washington airport)
29.Satisfied sigh
30.Sang like Ella
32.Rude awakening
33.Respond to a bad call
34.Queen ___ lace
35.Quake aftermath
36.Pro votes
37.President before Sarkozy
38.Places in a pyramid, say
40.Pitcher Lohse
41.Peyton's brother
42.Part of A.D
43.Park parkers, for short
44.Parental reiteration
45.Parabolic path
46.Painted sheet
47.P, to Plato
48.Oxycodone, e.g
49.Open a smidgen
50.Olympic skiing category
51.Not nude
52.My, to a monarch
53.More unpleasant
55.Mo. without a major holiday
56.Meaning of 'vey' in 'oy vey!'
57.Masked drama
58.Magda and Zsa Zsa's sister
59.Made an appearance
60.Lyft alternative
61.Like thrift shop buys
62.Like Phoenix vis-a-vis Seattle
63.Like early audiobooks
64.King and Queen, e.g
65.Junker feature
66.Its teams include the Sun, Mercury and Stars
67.It precedes Blue Jays home games
68.It has a three-octave range
69.Is for more than one?
71.Home players
72.Hadrian's hail
73.Get into the pool
74.George Stephanopoulos's a.m. show
75.Four-time role for Chris Hemsworth
76.Forearm length, in biblical times
77.Flight parts
78.Fast flyer of the past
79.Extols extravagantly
80.Exercise 7 (for forgetful solvers)
81.Exercise 6 (for attentive folks)
82.Exercise 5 (for accommodating folks)
83.Exercise 4 (for exaggerative folks)
84.Exercise 3 (for rash folks)
85.Exercise 2 (for ineffectively busy folks)
86.Exercise 1 (for frantic folks)
87.Dirt bike's cousin
88.Daisy family flowers
89.Cuomo's successor
90.Crucial inning
91.Corp. VIPs
93.Conducive to mold
94.Concerto closer
95.Complete jerks
96.Company known for its candy wafers
97.Colonel Sanders feature
98.Citi Field athlete
99.Chick's chirp
100.Catwoman portrayer
101.CAT scan cousin
102.Business partners, at times
103.Brought in from the fields
104.Brine-cured salmon
105.Brian Williams's network
106.Brand originally packaged in cologne bottles
107.Bottom-row PC key
109.Black of country
110.Bit of moisture
111.Bit of aquarium scum
112.Bible twin
114.Basketball Hall of Famer Thomas
115.Avoiding others
116.Atkins at the Opry
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