Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 28.08.2016

Word after "goose" or "nest"
Totally botch
To whom Muslims pray
Three glassy things
Stunning boxing victory
Stood directly before
State, long ago
Spike cheering on the Knicks
Some wallet stuffers
Set of socks
Schroeder's play thing?
Reputation blemish
Puts in the oven
Put in the overhead bin
Police club used in India
Petri dish substance
Perform well beyond expectations
Nostradamus and others
One who keeps minutes
Nonserious jokesters
Moron's prefix?
Mixed bag of things
Medium board?
Meals fit for a king
Like roughly half a team's games
Job for a mechanic
It flows in Paris
In a fitting manner
Forelimb bone
Follows instructions to the letter
Flower in a pocketful?
Felt some pain
Far from fetching
Exploits of TV's Carrington family
Doo-wop syllable
Defend, as the law
Decided upon
Deceptive maneuvers
Cook in a cauldron
Cause of some shivers
Burrowing animals
Bald eagle's kin
Availed oneself of
Attack, as with snowballs
Arrange properly, as wheels
A Disney dwarf
47-Across's pizza shop owner
1/16 of a cup (abbr.)
"Meet Me ___ Louis"
"Dick Tracy" role
"Boy, am I glad that's over!"
Zoe who cowrote the script for 'Camille'
World capital near Lake Titicaca
Word in the subtitle of Alex Haley's 'Roots'
Vic whose first hit was 'I Have But One Heart'
Vessel that visited Colchis
They've never been union members
Stamp mill material
Vespers activity
Trait of Roger Rabbit's wife Jessica
Strands at a ski lodge, perhaps
Squid's squirt
Spot for a jumper cable's red clamp
Sling mud at
Showed reluctance
Seeks favor from
Section of a circumference
Roxie portrayer in 'Chicago'
Regularly, in rhymes
Reasoning capacity
Randy's rink partner
Purchase that may be padded
Not tricked by 
Pig in children's books
It might be recombinant 
Perform high-tech surgery on
”48 Hours” airer 
Partners of dreams or fears
Start of a gridiron play 
Out to get
__ oak: Mediterranean tree 
Needing nursing
”__ That Bass”: Gershwin song 
Musical character who is told in absentia, 'Our mothers all are junkies'
Are no more 
Letter that rhymes with its two successors
Kevin Kline comedy whose poster features the White House
ROTC school near D.C 
Joseph of frozen confection fame
Big name in Scotch 
Iago or Becky Sharp
Group in robes 
First name in silent horror
Forms a blanket, in a way
”60 Minutes” correspondent 
Pole, for one 
Pope Francis’ birthplace 
Tadpole, say 
Exploitation practitioners
Displayed irritation
Demand from a door pounder
Defiant response to an accusation
Not exactly high-strung 
It’s filled and folded 
Circle in a fabric pattern 
Convert to carbon
Contest for filmdom's Akeelah
H.S. benchmark 
Clips and clasps
Sugar bowl visitor 
Chaotic jumble
Nobelist who developed a model for 63-Down 
Change, as a hem
Brainy youngster
Traffic tangle 
Caravan creature
Brassy person's lack
Pro-and-con newspaper pair, perhaps
VirusScan developer 
Bowlful near some cash registers
Catch a few z’s 
Border collie's charges
Flip side? 
Birds that can jump seven feet straight up
Alternatives to Sonys
Palindromic file extension 
Admires tenderly
Arp’s school 
Basic matter 
Ad or post follower
Composer with a Helsinki academy named for him 
1957 Broadway musical debut
Greek vacation isle 
1945 demo at Alamogordo
Mario Paint console, initially 
'Ten-four' sayer
”Enough already!” 
Turkic Russian 
Short breaths 
'Sorry, too busy'
'Exceed Your Vision' printer company
'Cocoon' prop, for short
Remains in the cooler 
Jet with suits? 
Training locale 
Santa __ racetrack 
Workout stat 
Visiting the Getty Mus., say 
”__ Fire”: Denzel Washington movie 
Rice/Lloyd Webber musical 
Breath of fresh air … or, literally, what the last word of eight long Across answers can be 
It helps when picking up 
Bacon with six degrees? 
Acting opportunity 
Italian-born three-time Oscar winner 
Source of many breaking stories 
Short time 
Preceder of an alt. name 
”I’m gonna pass” 
Set one’s sights on 
Titicaca, por ejemplo 
Improvises with nonsense syllables 
Kettle cover 
Attention that can help healing, briefly 
Spiegel: German magazine 
Little more than 
Maker of Candy Buttons 
Place to see a facial mask 
Friend of Harry 
Disc golf starting point 
Amer. currency 
Astrological sector 
Pitching legend Ryan 
Cantaloupe cousin 
Incredulous response 
Runway retiree of ’03 
Pest control device 
One of a toon septet 
Gas additive, perhaps 
”Priest” in a Nash poem 
Many unscripted programs 
Retail focus 
Sharpening tool 
Artist’s choices 
”This is disgusting!” 
Purpose of some government credits 
Brussels-based defense gp 
Bombards with bogus offers 
Heavy metal relative 
”You’re on!” 
City NW of Orlando 
Boots brand with Bouncing Soles 
Joint venture 
Fixture on many a cattle drive 
Yanks’ wartime allies 
Eurasian capital 
Winter malady 
Coastal flier 
Ugly Duckling, in time 
Shtick figures 
TV neatnik Felix 
Treater’s pickup 
Witch’s familiar, maybe 
Sherpa’s domain: Abbr 
Threw a fit 
Gardener’s purchase 
Swimmer with a serrated snout 
Lions’ homes 
Superior to 
Spa attire 
Pennant trio? 
Slug’s trail 
Acidity levels: Abbr 
Arabian Peninsula port 
Shock-delivering weapon 
Highway deterrent 
Send as payment 
Bathroom safety feature 
Semester ender, often 
Sell for 
Roger with seven Wimbledon wins 
Formed for a specific purpose 
Town gathering place 
Reply to “That so?” 
Pulls the trigger 
Bryan’s “Breaking Bad” role 
Play the ponies 
Paternity suit evidence 
Manhattan or Queens, briefly 
Part of a j 
Caps’ partners 
Ollie’s pal in comedy 
New York Times dance and theater critic, 1965-77 
Alberta resort town 
”Thunderstruck” band 
Merino females 
March 17 slogan word 
Mah-jongg piece 
Maggot or grub 
Like the Sabin vaccine 
Lena of “Havana” 
Kennel club category 
In the manner of 
Hypothetical missing link 
Highly capable 
Have the nerve 
Half an LP 
Hailed ride 
Had a hunch 
Genesis “Keeper of sheep” 
Float, as a scent 
Fend off 
Etna outflow 
Edible part of a fruit 
Each, slangily 
Doggy bag treat 
Cry to a lifeguard 
Cream of the crop 
Coat hanger material 
Caused to see red 
Brain or ear part 
Batted first 
Auctioneer’s cry 
Article in a black border, briefly 
Anti-fur org. 
Act the nomad 
Act the blowhard 
2014 AL MVP Mike 
1980s foe of Iraq 
__ melt (sandwich) 
“The Wonder Years” actress 
“The Rose of __” 
“Scenes From a Marriage” star 
“Peter Pan” dog 
“JFK” director 
“Diamond __” (Mae West play) 
“Cogito, __ sum” 
“__ she blows!” 
Yonder object 
Secret suffix 
Norfolk sch 
In the direction of 
What the answers to the starred clues all received from Harvard 
Untrustworthy one 
Took from the top 
Yosemite photographer 
Wild West group 
Western elevations 
Wandered about 
Vote seeker, for short 
Violinist who helped save Carnegie Hall 
Uncool one 
Twisty shapes 
Traveler's stop 
Title bestowed on Gielgud 
Televised plugs 
Talk too much 
Take down a peg 
Syria neighbor 
State since 1864 
Sprite in ''The Tempest'' 
South Pacific islander 
Rock singer Warren 
Rio beach 
Poker card 
Solemn ''Yes'' 
Snug retreat 
Smirnoff rival 
Sitar master* 
Sharp rebuke 
Real-estate measure 
Prohibition supporters 
Prefix like equi- 
Poet Sandburg* 
Photos, informally 
Person with the most Oscars* 
Onetime Joint Chiefs chairman 
One on foot, in signs 
Nonstandard negative 
Mark the hour, maybe 
No longer the rage 
Legendary Venetian voyager 
New Haven collegian 
New Deal agcy 
Navigational shortcut 
Hybrid feline 
Muscle that tightens 
More like mackerel 
Mixed martial artist Rousey 
Messing of ''Will & Grace'' 
Maximal height 
Made firewood 
MacArthur nickname 
H.G. Wells, re ''atomic bomb'' 
Like some chocolate 
Lends a hand to 
Fashion initials 
Lasso feature 
Job detail, briefly 
Informed about 
In the vicinity of 
Holds, as a 117 Across 
Havana coin 
Gave testimony 
Frightens off 
Five-star reviews 
First-aid device 
Either Apple cofounder 
Early afternoon 
Drill sergeant's order 
Drains of energy 
Don't toss 
Designer Perry 
Dan Quayle successor* 
Crack pilots 
Cobbler's inventory 
Civil War soldier 
City near Tahoe 
Cheer for a diva 
Celebratory nights 
Carmine and crimson 
Capri or Wight 
Cape Cod town 
Caballero's title 
Bit of wordplay 
Bishop of Rome 
Big rigs 
Art in a park 
Andorra neighbor 
Alice's cat 
Aide: Abbr 
Actress Celeste 
Actor Rob 
Act of binding 
A question of procedure 
90-degree shapes 
''Toy Story'' boy 
''The First Lady of Song''* 
''Six-pack'' muscles 
''My Way'' singer 
''Muppet Show'' host 
''I think,'' to texters 
''Humboldt's Gift'' author*

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