112.Bible twin


114.Basketball Hall of Famer Thomas

115.Avoiding others

116.Atkins at the Opry

117.AT&T logo

118.April, May or June

119.Anarchist in 1920s headlines

120.Amy Winehouse's 'You Know ___ Good'

121.Alley ___

122.Allen Iverson, once

123.A cappella composition

124.987-65-4321, for one

125.3-Down betrayer

126.1998 Winter Olympics host

127.1945 battle site, familiarly


129.'What chutzpah!'

130.'The weekend's almost here!'

131.'The Puzzle Palace' org

132.'The Little Mermaid' villain

133.'Soylent Green' star

134.'Piece of cake!'

135.'Mr. Robot' network

136.'Lights out' lullaby

137.'Great Caesar's ghost!'

138.'Go! Go! Go!'

139.'Don't Rain on My Parade' composer

140.'Be that as it may'- See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-JournalAug-27-2016Exercise-Regimen#sthash.x4QUfutm.dpuf

1.Word after 'goose' or 'nest'

2.Wet bar

3.Tub spread

4.Totally botch

5.To whom Muslims pray

6.Three glassy things

7.Three glassy things

8.Three glassy things



11.Stunning boxing victory

12.Stood directly before

13.State, long ago

14.Spike cheering on the Knicks

15.Some wallet stuffers

16.Socket insert

17.Silvery fish

18.Short cut?

19.Set of socks

20.Schroeder's play thing?

21.Reputation blemish

22.Puts in the oven

23.Put in the overhead bin

24.Police club used in India

25.Petri dish substance

26.Perform well beyond expectations

27.Ore analysis

28.One who keeps minutes

29.Not as great?

30.Nostradamus and others

31.Nonserious jokesters

32.New York's ___ Island

33.Mournful poem

34.Moron's prefix?

35.Moray, e.g

36.Mongolia's ___ Bator

37.Mocking remark

38.Mixed bag of things

39.Medium board?

40.Meals fit for a king

41.Luau souvenir

42.Like roughly half a team's games

43.Job for a mechanic

44.It flows in Paris

45.In a fitting manner

46.Hue changer

47.Forelimb bone

48.Follows instructions to the letter

49.Flower in a pocketful?

50.Felt some pain

51.Far from fetching

52.Exploits of TV's Carrington family



55.Eclipse type

56.Doo-wop syllable

57.Defend, as the law

58.Decided upon

59.Deceptive maneuvers

60.Cotton bundle

61.Cook in a cauldron

62.Cause of some shivers

63.Burrowing animals

64.Bring forth

65.Bald eagle's kin

66.Availed oneself of

67.Attack, as with snowballs

68.Arrange properly, as wheels

69.A Disney dwarf

crosswors puzzle answers28/08/2016

3.Words of concession
4.Woody playing a medieval baron?
5.What the '1' of '1/2' represents
6.Walk with pride
7.Tourist's report
8.Top of the agenda
9.Took in
10.TLC and Destiny's Child
11.The Titanic, e.g
12.The 'V' of fashion's 'DVF'
13.Tennis's King of Clay
14.Takes in
15.Taiping Rebellion general
17.Super ___
18.Super ___
19.Sunday delivery
20.Sticky spots?
21.Stephen of 'Interview With the Vampire'
22.Start of a few choice words?
23.Stamp incorrectly, in a way
25.Spot checkers?
26.Southern chain
27.Something felt at Christmas
28.Soft drink favored by the Marines?
30.Skit show, for short
32.Singer LaBelle
33.Showed over
34.Setting for the beginning of 'The Book of Mormon'
35.See-through clothing material
36.Section of 'Aida,' e.g
37.Sch. whose honor code includes chastity
38.Rostand protagonist ___ de Bergerac
39.Robert of 'Airplane!'
40.Ring or sphere
41.Reason to scream 'Why won't this damn thing locate airplanes!'?
42.Racer's brand
43.Puts under
44.Push-up muscle, informally
45.Post-Christmas events
46.Passing remarks?
47.Out of gas, informally
48.Oscars grp
49.One of Asta's masters
50.One easily bowled over?
51.On edge
52.Noted tea locale
53.Norm: Abbr
54.Nisan observances
55.Newspaper essay on why not to go outdoors?
56.Native of Alaska
57.Name on many a college hall, informally
58.Mythical father of Harmonia, strangely enough
59.Most 'Doctor Who' characters, for short
60.More see-through
64.Los Angeles Lakers' home until 1999
65.Locks in place for a while?
67.Listens to Shakespeare?
68.Listen to violinist Itzhak's music?
69.Like the response 'Talk to the hand!'
70.Like pageant contestants, typically
71.Like Navy SEALs
72.Like blue moons
73.Liable to spoil?
74.Letters after CD
75.Lead-in to Pablo or Carlos
76.Laugh-filled broadcast
78.Insect that shorted out an early computer, spawning the term 'computer bug'
79.Indian wear
80.Honorary title in Wisconsin?
81.Home remedy drink
82.Home inspector's concern
83.Hit upside the head, in slang
85.Gucci competitor
86.Group that appeared in the movie 'Grease'
87.Green spirit
88.Gray, say
89.Goes 'Ow, ow, ow!'
91.Get by
93.Frat boy types
94.Fired (up)
95.Fill with gas
96.Fastener with a ring-shaped head
97.Eternally, to poets
98.Embroiled (in)
99.E-cigarette output
100.Domain of 'Hamilton'
102.Cry from comic book civilians
103.Crosswords in 1924-25, e.g
104.Cries of approval
105.Cousin of a lemming
106.College-level H.S. courses
107.City with 500 attractions?
108.Church response that's taken as a given?
109.Cathedral feature
110.California missionary Junípero ___
111.Bush labor secretary Chao
112.Books written entirely in chat rooms?
113.Blazing successes
114.Bits of truth
115.Bit of expert advice
116.Biological pouch
117.Bill of 'Trainwreck'
118.Big dipper
119.Bay ___
121.Assent to a married mujer
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