crosswors puzzle answers30/08/2016

Word on one of a matching pair
3.With 29-Down, hoppy brew
4.Western formations
5.Visa applicant
6.Tuck away
7.Try for a role
8.Tough trail for hikers
9.The munchies, e.g
10.Terra ___ (dry land)
11.Taylor who sang 'Beautiful'
12.Swing a scythe
13.Strong suit
14.Sporty Italian auto, for short
15.Sorry situation
16.Simmons of KISS
17.Sign of hunger
18.Showing no emotion
19.Seminal punk band, with 'The'
20.See 40-Across
21.Saw eye to eye
22.Rush week venue, for short
23.Rise late
24.Rickman of Harry Potter movies
25.Recipe phrase
26.Really ticked off
27.Public to-do
28.Proofreader's reversal
29.Polished in manner
30.Pioneer Boone, folksily
31.Penultimate fairy tale word
32.Panetta who headed the CIA
33.Opposed to, in dialect
34.One to hang with
35.One of the Little Women
36.NFL venues
37.Metro map points
38.Mascara mishap
39.Low woman in a choir
40.Lion's share
41.Like proverbial hen's teeth
42.Jean Arp's art genre
43.Is in hock
44.Intentional loss
45.Houseplant's home
46.Hoops great Shaq
47.Hobby kit with a colony
48.Herb in turkey stuffing
49.Have the final say
50.Hangs in the hammock
51.Grows more intense
52.Get in a stew
53.Gamblers' strategies
54.Filed items
55.ExxonMobil brand
56.Exploitative sort
57.Eats quickly
58.Dodge artfully
59.Crushing snake
60.Congressional gofers
61.Coin motto word
62.Classic doll
63.Cheated, slangily
64.Carolyn who created Nancy Drew
65.Bit of hope, so to speak
66.Big name in compilation CDs
67.Beverly Hills home, most likely
68.Bering or Barents
69.Beat, barely
70.Bamako's land
71.Aromatherapy spots
72.All wired up
73.A.D. part
74.400-meter path, perhaps
75.1959 No. 1 hit for Lloyd Price
76.'There's more . . .'
77.'Chunnel' country
78.'Butterflies ___ Free'
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2.__ and blood (kin)
3.Wooden strip
4.Very devout
5.Vanish into __ air
6.Unsociable one
7.Unable to bend
8.Tunnel sound
9.Trumpets and trombones
10.Tool storage structure
11.Tiny bottle
12.That man's
14.Takes advantage of
15.Summer Games athlete
16.State north of Calif
17.Standing upright
18.Spill a secret
19.Smudge on a shirt
20.Shot in the dark
21.Rosebush sticker
23.Retail shop
25.Rec-room appliances that may be ''smart''
26.Precious stone
27.Prayer closer
28.Planted, as seeds
29.Pirate captain portrayer Johnny
30.Piece of paper
32.Not difficult
33.Not as much
34.Move to and __
36.Make impure
37.Make a dash for
40.Judicial order
42.Housetop worker
43.High-IQ club
44.Guitar container
45.Gourmet cook
46.Golfer's pegs
47.Glossy finish
48.Get well
50.General tendency
51.Follow, as advice
52.Florist's container
53.Electric car company
54.Docking spots
55.Dartboard, for one
56.Dad's sister
57.Cut of meat
58.Crunchy sandwiches, for short
59.Cornfield bird
60.Cook in hot oil
61.Cleveland's Great Lake
62.City near Seattle
63.Church seats
64.Charmingly attractive
65.Charmingly attractive
66.Charmingly appealing
67.Charmingly appealing
68.Casserole fish
69.Capital of South Korea
70.Camera glass
71.Building site
73.Be nostalgic for
74.Astronauts' org
76.Alabama port
77.Academy Award
78.''It can't be!''
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2.Way to get a lift
4.VCR successor
5.Tyrrhenian port city southeast of Naples
6.They're beyond scrutiny
7.The loneliest number, to Caesar
9.Technique that might be used to correct myopia
10.Some traffic barriers
11.Snakelike swimmers
12.Set straight
13.Service feat
14.Sent a duplicate email to
15.Sends a 'Dear John' letter, perhaps
16.Sammy of corked bat infamy
17.Right on point, stylewise
18.Rapper/actor born Tracy Lauren Marrow
19.Pub drinks that are 'mixed' at the starts of the four longest puzzle answers
20.Prereq for upper level college math
21.Prepares to go surfing?
24.Pageant winner's headwear
25.Out of control
28.Nipper the Dog's co
29.Monetary unit of Slovenia
31.Lotus 1-2-3 successor
32.Like many a bridal gown
33.Like a snowy egret
34.Like a Jungian child?
35.Like a certain Parker?
37.Leer at
38.It's when Macbeth kills Duncan
39.It's what a cat might sit on or do with its milk
40.Internet address, briefly
41.Harmon who plays Jane Rizzoli on the tube
42.Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle newsletter
43.Grows wan
44.Ground cereal seed
45.Gene Simmons's band
46.Flower in a nursery rhyme pocketful
47.First year of the Christian era
48.Feature of the preferred path, usually
49.Feature of a Louise Brooks bob
51.Eyes, quaintly
52.Eugene O'Neill's titular hairy beast
53.Erstwhile Seattle hoopsters, to their fans
55.Electric slide, for example
56.Dot in the sea
59.Crunch's relative
60.Competition central to the myth of Atalanta
61.Commercial come-on
62.Campus bigwig
63.Button at the bowling alley
65.Barely scratch (out)
66.Baby Bells' parent
67.Autumnal hue
68.Artist's digs, perhaps
69.Ancient Roman's wrap
70.Alaska native
71.Accessory for Frosty the Snowman
72.Academic domain
73.'Yeezus' artist, to his fans
74.'The vilest ___ like poison weeds / Bloom well in prison air' (Oscar Wilde)
75.'The Man' of the St. Louis Cardinals
76.'I Ride an Old ___' (cowboy song)- See more at:

2.Writer Zola
3.With 65-Across, military specialist
4.With 29-Across, baseball's major leagues, in slang
5.Wear down
6.Vena __: major blood line
7.TV 'angel' Cheryl who replaced Farrah Fawcett
8.Turner of 'The Postman Always Rings Twice'
9.Trio minus one
10.Took to the sky
11.Tokyo, once
12.The 'kid' in 'Here's looking at you, kid'
13.Texter's sign off
14.Teller of macabre tales
15.Takes chances with a radar trap
16.Supremes singer Ross
17.Student's assignment
18.Stereotypical cracker requester
19.Stair part
20.Ship that's safe for an ocean voyage
21.See 62-Across ... and an acronym of the starts of 20-, 37- and 48-Across
22.See 47-Across
23.Sans clothing
24.San Antonio mission
25.Restore to health
27.RCA product
28.Raid victim
29.Pepsi, e.g
30.Paper Mate products
32.One who shuns all animal products
34.O'Hara plantation
35.Nebraska city near Boys Town
36.Model Heidi
37.Milky gem
38.Mayberry tyke
39.Madison Ave. figures
40.Long verse
41.Long skirt
42.Jai __
43.Investments for the future: Abbr
44.Indy 500 stat
45.Hitchhiker's hope
46.High fly to the shortstop
47.Grey Goose rival
49.Grab a bite
50.German automaker
53.Eiffel Tower city
54.Doesn't play fair
55.Disney deer
56.Dictation pro
57.Daytime TV mogul
58.Dapper fellows?
59.CPR pros
61.Chew the scenery
62.Candy sold in pairs
63.Bygone anesthetic
64.Brunch cocktail
65.Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, for one
66.Bowls over
67.Barrel roll or wingover
68.Award for 46-Down
69.Art class form
70.Apron tops
71.Accordion fold
72.44th president
73.'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' author Thomas
74.'I smell __!'
75.'Homeland' actress Claire
76.'For __ a jolly good fellow ... '
2.What hath the gardener wrought?
3.Vegas resort with a musical name
4.Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist
5.Tree used in bow-making
6.Train track parts
7.Toy with a tail
8.Tiny fraction of a min
9.Tin Man's need
10.Ticked (off)
11.This puzzle's circled letters, for the words that precede them
12.Tear apart
13.Sun and Sky org
15.Steak specification
16.Stars exist over them
17.Splinter group
18.Sounds from a happy kitty
19.Something a tank top lacks
20.Some drums
21.Soft food for babies
22.Ski lodge, often
23.Second-greatest period in something's history
24.Sch. group
25.Ruhr Valley city
26.Region affected by Brexit
27.Reason for school cancellation
28.Patriots' org
29.Part of a family inheritance
30.Palin was his running mate
31.Ones coming out
32.One over an eagle
33.Old Third Ave. trains in New York City
34.Old hand
35.Old blade
36.Notre Dame's Parseghian
37.Massachusetts' Cape ___
38.Makes a big stink
39.Like only one prime number
40.Lady of the Haus
41.Kind of supplement
43.How M.L.B. games are often broadcast
44.Had too much, briefly
45.Gym unit
46.Got around
47.Goolagong of tennis
48.Go along with
49.Forty ___ and a mule (post-Civil War allotment)
50.Flowering plants from Australia
51.Fit for service
52.FICA tax payer
54.Family multitasker
56.End of a movement
57.Electric keyboard heard on 'I Am the Walrus'
58.Dryer screen buildup
59.Director Kazan
60.Court order
61.Contact lens care brand
62.Considerable salary to pull down
63.Completely dominates
64.Come around again
65.Campfire treat
66.Buddy who played Jed Clampett in 1960s TV
67.Bring under control
68.Bollywood costume
69.Best-selling author who was a runner-up for Time's 2007 Person of the Year
70.Bell town in a Longfellow poem
71.Barbecue side dish
72.Ballpark fig
73.Antiquated office duplicate
74.Android purchases
75.Admiral who explored the Antarctic
76.'No way!'
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2.Wrapped up
3.WPA establisher
4.Wound up costing
5.What 1 is the reciprocal of
6.Western omelet ingredient
7.West End washroom
8.Weaver's device
9.Watchmaker's aid
10.Vitamin in lean meat
11.Verizon purchase of 2015
12.Unappealing food
13.Tourist destination of Tuscany
14.Tourist destination of Lombardy
15.Thyroid, e.g
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