Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 01.09.2016

Writer Primo
Tchaikovsky ballet
Sophocles play
They have grave responsibilities 
Tries anew 
Some charity
Singer McEntire
Parliament setting
Man-shaped mug
Some children at kid-friendly zoos 
Unit of six outs 
Virtual certainty 
They may be refried 
Zenith competitor of old 
Sun, moon or sphere 
Rescue-squad acronym 
Yarn quantity 
Trickster of Norse myth 
Home of Tuskegee U 
Some till bills 
Thief of a sort 
Tour (FedEx Cup org.) 
Printer's widths 
Made demands on
Low-cal snack
Stressful corporate routine 
States of friendliness 
Junior, e.g
Where a pole may be found 
Fishhook feature
Snobbish expression 
City on the Passaic
Not too hot 
No longer original 
Slope slider 
Word on a finger-pointing poster of old
all (email option sometimes causing office problems)
Pub order, often 
Carburetor valve
More friendly 
Gerard of "Buck Rogers" 
Make sense (with "up") 
Positive sign? 
Mindy portrayer of TV 
Treasury Dept. branch 
Mendes of Hollywood 
Original sin city 
Make sense (with "up") 
Texter's ''Then again . . .'' 
Order's counterpart 
Yoga cushion
Tarzan film sound effect
One little piggy 
Took first place, e.g
Summons, for instance 
One billion years (var.) 
Snoopy, in his World War I fantasies, e.g
Stitch's movie pal 
Smooch, in slang
Start of MGM's motto 
Not stop when one should 
Silent ___ (President Coolidge's nickname)
Signal often made in Morse code
Siberian city where Dostoyevsky was imprisoned
She married her brother Osiris
Social standing 
Samberg of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
Short-straw drawer 
Salt Lake City collegian
Roundup sound 
Redding who sang 'The Dock of the Bay'
Premier League soccer team, briefly
Pauses in speech
Random attempt 
It starts after 40 hours, for many 
Org. concerned with toxin levels
Org. concerned with strays
Non-donation declaration 
Harbor sound 
Ore-___ (brand found in freezers)
Hawaiian lights 
One sharing the lead
However, in short 
One behind the scenes at a gala, perhaps
Hold in high regard 
How the euphoric walk 
Picked up on 
Narrowly avoid a bogey
Hinders the progress of 
Mo. with 'Go for Broke Day'
Moviegoers' candy option
On the roof of 
Get what you bask for 
March honoree, informally
Good-will agreements 
No longer crisp 
Lapel attachment for an interview
Middle of the 6th century 
It's hot!
May, to Spider-Man 
Loafer's lack 
It's charged upon leaving some international airports
Lip-balm additive 
It might prop up a Titleist
Is a poor winner 
Grand ___ (wine classification)
Inn kin 
Go above and beyond
Inn things 
Informal claim 
Gives the once-over
Formerly with a national security org
Improve, as text 
Feature by Animal of 'The Muppets,' e.g
Home-remedy objective 
Early toolmaking time
Do a good turn?
Granular pasta 
Crack shot's asset
Committee head
Cable channel choice, in listings
Berliner's 'D'oh!'
Farmer's gathering 
Bay Area grad school
Café sign of a sort 
Designer Cassini 
Gotham City VIP 
First mate 
First Pixar film 
Dried coconut meat 
Bakery sweet 
First fruit picker 
First fruit locale 
Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' is often played on it
Dog-collar attachment 
At maximum power
DC auditing agency 
Cries weakly 
Cutting-edge device 
Gather little by little 
Complains, so to speak 
Assortment of tiny green toys
American Humane Association's version of an annual film award show
Feeling great pressure 
Bagpipe sound 
'Deadliest Catch' catch
Eggy Christmas libation 
Adhere closely 
Actor Oliver 
Dressing option 
'GWTW'' producer 
Did 22-Across 
Desperate, as circumstances 
Danish coins 
Crossword constructor's activity 
Cancel, as a rocket launch 
Correct the pitch of 
Coke's alcoholic partner 
Closing news segment 
Catchy tune 
Can't stand 
Bird with a curved neck 
Calligrapher's stroke 
'What do we have here?'
Bleed in the wash 
'Chicago' showgirl Hart
'By George, I think I've got it!'
Bart's animated granddad 
'Always On My Mind' crooner
Barnyard figure 
Averse to first moves 
Skull session nugget 
Things in settings 
Showy decor 
Whack, Biblically 
Toughen, as steel 
Tool with a bubble 
Toga party locales, for short 
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese orders
Whole note's lack
Tom Swift's Star Spear, e.g
Tears into 
The Huskies’ sch. 
Tintinnabulation, essentially
Stately dances of the Renaissance
Some summer workers
Tankard filler 
Signal to start playing
Shire of “The Godfather” 
Sequoia feature
Subtle airs 
Semicircle, say
Spiral-sliced entree 
Script makeup
Seasoning made from fermented soy 
Safin of tennis 
Rooki’s mentor, maybe 
Remaining unresolved 
Reason to sue 
School back in 54-Across
Perez or O’Donnell 
Quidditch, e.g. 
Put together hastily 
Prefix meaning “height” 
Post-OR stop 
North African ally of Rome 
Passing nitice, for short 
Part of a table setting 
School back in 42-Across
Mixed grill offerings 
Mete out 
Mislead, in a way 
Mete out 
Feathers adhesive, once 
In charge of 
How cowards live 
Hollywood cross street 
Corpus Christi native 
Group of quail 
School back in 24-Across
Figure out 
School back in 16-Across
Scala of 'The Price of Fear'
Went by 
Fashion designer Saab 
Tea of “Madam Secretary” 
Change the decor of 
Euro fraction 
Resistance-measuring device
Board game tokens 
They’re often found in dens 
End of a sentry’s question 
More than passed
Down with the flu 
Pretentiously stylish
Strike site
Does a banquet job 
Work at Museo del Prado 
Marshal Dillon's portrayer
Distillery supply 
Monitored areas: Abbr
Crude transport 
Vikings’ home: Abbr 
Unspoiled spots 
Contestant’s mail-in 
Took a snooze 
Completely bewildered 
Tom’s mate 
Toast-making sound 
Between two opposing forces, maybe 
Barn dance 
AriZona rival 
“Did you __?” 
Strasbourg step 
Statue of Liberty architect 
Stage segments 
Slushy treat 
Mariinsky Ballet's former name
Signature scent since 1968 
Literature Nobelist Canetti
Koi container
Shady garden denizen 
Jambalaya seasoning
Sailor’s pronoun 
Italy's features Leonardo's Vitruvian Man
Hungarian town known for its red wine
Rock-clinging mollusk 
Honest course
Resisting being taken? 
High-end car engine
Psychologist May 
He guested on Katy's #1 hit 'E.T.'
Poivre’s tablemate 
Guitarist Lofgren
Place for an anvil 
Grant Wood, for one
Gear for settings, e.g
Peeples of “Walker, Texas Ranger 
Earth's crust, e.g
One of 640 in a square mile 
Live-in helper 
LBJ, for one 
Derisive cries
Cuisine with fish sauce
Croatia joined it in 2009
Forest age indicators 
It’s often spoken with one hand at the edge of one’s mouth 
Mournful music 
Mahler’s last symphony 
Cassette part
British historian A.L
Live and breathe 
Being, to Sartre
As compensation
Land of ancient Asia Minor 
Art director's creation
Insect that may live for 17 years 
Aqua ___ (aftershave brand)
Inner, as a feeling 
Admitted into one's social network
Have too much, briefly 
Good name for a cook? 
2015 film that got a Best Picture nomination
God with a hammer 
Go through again 
1991 World Series champs
Get too much sun 
Fur fighters, initially 
'That's so cute!'
Electronics brand relaunched in 2015 
Date bk. listings 
D.C. : Metro :: S.F 
I’d hate to break up 
Counter alternatives 
Cries of discovery 
Music producer Brian 
Lone Survivor” actor Hirsch 
19-time All-Star Ripken 
Co-star of Burt in “The Killers” 
Company with a crocodile logo 
Champ-Elysees sights 
Bit of Hansel’s trail 
Banks on some magazine covers 
Academic term 
Duck soups 
Run off, in a way 
Score amts 
out (email list selection) 
Word that can precede sex 
Unleash, as havoc 
Tuscan city famous for horse races 
Tough stuff to walk through 
Topic to ask a fortuneteller about 
Tech expert, as it were 
Steamy place 
Snake's place, partly 
Roar producer 
Right on the map 
Reveal a secret, say 
Poet who wrote of Beatrice 
Play (with) 
Part of L.G.B.T.Q 
Part of a house 
Pac-12 athlete 
One 'in love' in a 1959 top 5 hit 
Old channel with country music videos 
Nuyorican music legend Tito 
Not just any 
Neighbors of Longhorns 
Narwhal features 
Middle name of the inventor of the electrographic vote recorder 
Mamet play inspired by the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings 
Lock fixer? 
Laborious process 
Having a variable identity, as suggested by four squares in this puzzle 
Holistic spiritual movement 
Hyundai model with a lot of horsepower? 
Inits. on a car sticker 
It's combined at the beginning 
Going on and on ... and on 
Forensic material 
Fatty tuna part, at a sushi restaurant 
Ending of many a firm's name 
Bonobos, e.g 
Dined watching Netflix, say 
Chinese money 
Cher or Dolly Parton, e.g 
Channel for college sports  Cause of some allergy flare-ups 
Best-selling author who was a neighbor of Twain in Hartford 
Beat (out) 
Bank robber Willie who co-wrote 'Where the Money Was' 
Actor Wilson 
AC/DC single with the lyric 'watch me explode' 
2012 comedy with a talking bear 
'The Hunger Games' universe, e.g 
'Oh gawd!'

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