crosswors puzzle answers03/09/2016


4.Wacky morning radio team

5.Volunteer's place: Abbr

6.Visitors' announcement

7.V feature

8.Utters unthinkingly

9.Up until, in poetry

10.They get picked up at clubs

11.Starting time?

12.Start to drift, say

13.Something to get a spot out of?

14.Some sorority women


16.Singer with the 1954 album 'Frontier Ballads'



19.Second-largest body in the asteroid belt

20.Secluded spot



23.Pollen ___

24.Political writer/blogger Klein

25.Oversize hip-hop tops

26.One on the Lee-ward side?

27.One of Us?

28.Old letters in the mail

29.Not working

30.Not one-sided, in a way

31.Neighbor of Victoria: Abbr

32.Nascar Hall-of-Famer Jarrett and others

33.Name-dropper's word


35.Mediterranean pizza topping

36.Means of inheritance

37.Man-to-man alternative

38.Like many roasted potatoes

39.Light shades

40.Lib. arts major

41.Latin word on Missouri's state seal

42.Lack life


44.Key to the city, e.g

45.Hopper full of dirt?


47.Hits with a big charge

48.Historic institution on the Jubilee River

49.Goddesses guarding the gates of Olympus

50.Give background information

51.Free from faults

52.Four-time All-Star third baseman of the 1960s-'70s

53.First name in court fiction

54.Engages in a bit of back-and-forth

55.Dump, e.g

56.Double-dipping, e.g

57.Directive that has some teeth to it?

58.Courtroom activity

59.Chess situation in which any move is a bad move

60.Charlie Bucket's creator

61.Buddy from the block

62.Bread and drink

63.Blow away

64.Alternative to Wi-Fi


66.'Dona ___ Pacem' (Latin hymn)- See more at:

2.___ Gatos

3.___ Domini

4.Working without ___

5.Wordless reprimand

6.Windows file extension

7.Waikiki welcome

8.Victor at Gettysburg

9.Vein yields


11.Unlikely to react

12.Treats with powder

13.Thus far

14.Thumbs-up response

15.The Charleses' dog

16.The Big Easy, familiarly

17.Terre dans la mer

18.Tasseled topper

19.Targets of Apple Pencils

20.Swift output

21.Spot for some diving

22.Spot for a stud

23.Spanish omelet's kin

24.Spa wrap

25.Spa offering

26.Some ER cases


28.Small-scale racer

29.Slave girl in 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'

30.Sister of Charles, Andrew and Edward

31.Singer from County Donegal

32.Share doubler

33.Set the price at

34.Service line?

35.Seine contents

36.Scott Turow memoir


38.Russian legislature


40.Returns to good condition

41.Result of a deal

42.Responsible for

43.Reacts to a haymaker


45.Quail cousin

46.Postpunk movement

47.Polite reply from a cowboy

48.Police line?


50.Pioneering computer

51.Pickup line?

52.Phoenician fertility god

53.Pauley Perrette's 'NCIS' role

54.Party line?

55.Part of Lawrence Welk's intro

56.Oscar winner as Elizabeth II

57.One-___ chance

58.Not suitable

59.Newspaper section

60.Myopic Mr


62.Mini maelstrom

63.Miami-___ County

64.Melodic piece


66.Marryin' Sam married him

67.Market aid

68.Maria Callas role

69.March Madness org

70.Love, to Lucan

71.Little, in Lille

72.Light carriages

73.Levi's jeans feature

74.Let down


76.Largest nation in Africa

77.Key words subject

78.Jon of 'Mad Men'

79.Jane who works at Thornfield Hall


81.Insufficiently considered


83.Heep of fiction

84.Hector's home

85.Hardly humble

86.Halloween projectile

87.Had on


89.Gray shade

90.Gate feature

91.Garland setting

92.Gaelic tongue

93.Future field

94.First quarter, e.g

95.First mate?

96.Finish line?

97.Ferret's kin

98.Fault line?

99.Exhibit anxiety


101.Ellipsis third

102.Eleanor, to Theodore

103.Editor's override

104.Early development spots

105.Draft source

106.Divination stones

107.Discussed again

108.Diner offering


110.Dasani competitor

111.Crystal-filled rock

112.Cowboys helmet feature

113.Confused utterances

114.Comes to

115.Cloud nine, so to speak

116.Chop up

117.Chicago high rollers?

118.Capt.'s superior

119.Butter bit

120.Buggy bunch

121.Bride's compilation

122.Bread line?


124.Bob of 'Full House'

125.Blue Light Special offerer

126.Bent out of shape

127.Austrian article


129.ATM button

130.Anthem rival

131.Aid for the stumped

132.Accounting period

133.44-Across cuisine

134.'Trinity' writer

135.'Thou Soft Flowing Avon' composer

136.'The Jungle Book' bear

137.'See you then!'

138.'Of all the nerve!'

139.'Half-Breed' singer

140.'Golden Boy' playwright


142.'Boola Boola' singer- See more at:'s-My-Line?#sthash.OUabigkl.dpuf

2.___ du Flambeau, Wisc

3.___ costs (by any means)

4.What hens do

5.Volcanic spew

6.Vinyl collectible

7.Tropical birds with curved beaks

8.Top Boy Scout

9.Supply with staff

10.Start of something

11.Southwestern desert plant

12.Soft palate attachment

13.Small finch

14.Screenplay outline

15.Round coif

16.Rich spreads

17.Queen of the hill?

18.Place for experiments

19.One Mr. Rogers

20.Noted Bible printer

21.Music-score sign

22.Mouthy exams


24.McQueen of 'The Great Escape'


26.Luxury auto, for short

27.Long, long time

28.Like the color purple

29.Like Lucifer

30.Like an offer one should avoid

31.Liability?%82's opposite

32.Lennon's bride

33.Last words of Little Jack Horner

34.Lake near Niagara Falls

35.Kindled anew

36.Kind of stamp

37.Impossible to put into words

38.Hr. at the prime meridian

39.Hairdresser's handful




43.Food crumb

44.Fit for farming


46.Fierce anger

47.Dry riverbed

48.Drop, as a vowel sound

49.Doorframe part

50.Dentist's filling

51.Cutlass, e.g., briefly

52.Crosswise, on deck


54.Computer keyboard key

55.Certain Arab

56.Cavalry group

57.Blacken on a grill

58.Beyond one's imagination

59.Bestows a title upon

60.Beauty pageant wear


62.Barely make (with 'out')

63.Balkan capital




67.Andean animal


69.African river

70.Absorbent after-bath powder

71.About three grains of troy weight

72.Aboriginal food source

73.'My man!'

74.'Itty' follower

75.'I'm Sorry' singer Brenda

76.'I ___ return'

77.'Dig in!'

78.'... blessing ___ curse?'- See more at:

2.Word on Fiat's brand list

3.Word from the French for ''sorting''

4.Whom Simul-Search is made for

5.What's seen at the end of some trailers

6.What some might do under a desk

7.What Brits call push-ups and knee bends


9.Tool in the Code of Hammurabi

10.Too smart, perhaps

11.Through September 3, 2016

12.They're much more flexible than kings

13.Tends to chaps, perhaps

14.Strongman's challenge

15.Steep or sting

16.Staple of Japanese architecture

17.Something done with round numbers?

18.Some sopranos named for Elvis

19.Shape of some seashells

20.Seeks with sincerity

21.Second, for short

22.Sandwich fully fillable by Smucker's products

23.Receive properly

24.Reagan cadet comedy

25.Product placed in ''Transformers: Age of Extinction''

26.Preserves, perhaps

27.Passing remark

28.Parti di La Traviata

29.Oscar Night event

30.Opposite of ''clam,'' in a way

31.One who shall not be named

32.One repurposing yogurt containers

33.One of 2,000+ for 30 Across

34.Oil source

35.Not really there

36.More or less, after a hyphen

37.Metaphorical ropes

38.Memorable master of Mickey



41.Many with the Marriott School on their résumés

42.Maintenance Department paper trail

43.Made noise with nickels

44.Jeweler's ferric oxide powders

45.It's northeast of Haarlem

46.It's at 1 World Way, 90045


48.Harper's hermit

49.Gulf Cooperation Council member

50.Gem's brilliance



53.Eero Saarinen designed its Flight Center

54.Domain cited by Ripley as a three-word misnomer: Abbr

55.Demographer's concern

56.Data miner

57.Danny's ex in ''Ocean's Eleven''

58.Crush, for one


60.Comics Pig and Whistle regular

61.Clubhouse fixture

62.By the word of

63.Big Ten athlete

64.Betty in 2000 and Bridget in 2001

65.Bell, by birth

66.Be boisterous

67.All set to go

68.Affliction of pointless post purveyors

69.''Deck the Halls'' descriptor

70.''A tone of some world far from __'': Shelley

71.''A Book of Nonsense'' author

72.#1 active player in career hits- See more at:

2.View from Edinburgh

3.Use a chronometer

4.Up to, in ads


6.Tom Clancy subj


8.Swelling reducer


10.Statue's coat

11.Staff of Life, for short

12.Spoke Persian?

13.Snack in a stack

14.Singer Sumac

15.Seward Peninsula city

16.Security guard request, for short

17.Ryan of 'When Harry Met Sally ...'

18.Repress, as a rumor

19.Quad building

20.Put up with

21.Poppy product

22.Place to sit and catch some rays

23.Pilot's announcement, briefly

24.Phone ___

25.Oklahoma city

26.NYC sports venue


28.Nelly, e.g

29.More aggressive

30.Money maven Suze

31.Makeup, e.g

32.Lip application

33.Like a buttinsky

34.Le Monde article

35.Kay Thompson character

36.Jousting weapons

37.Jeff Lynne's band


39.It may be picked

40.It could be exchanged for two Buffalo nickels

41.Home of the NCAA's Mustangs

42.Holy city of Iran

43.Have title to

44.Glued one's eyes upon

45.Give a hand

46.Gift recipient

47.Financial plan for the future, for short

48.Father of Paris


50.Escort's offering




54.Criticize harshly

55.Cowboy Tony

56.Compaq competitor

57.Comedy Central parent


59.Clearasil target

60.Citi Field event

61.Child of fortune?

62.Change maker

63.Bucky Beaver's brand

64.Barley brew


66.Average earnings

67.Archie's TV wife

68.Answers, as an invitation

69.Angular head?

70.And others, for short

71.Ain't right?

72.Absorbed, as a loss

73.'Who, me?'

74.'The Velvet Fog'

75.'The sweetest gift of heaven' (Virgil)

76.'Dear' one

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