Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 03.09.2016

Woodworker’s tool 
What Mary had 
Use a surgical beam on 
Walmart warehouse club 
Tunnel or cavern effect 
Swimming pool vision 
Subway train operators 
Sidewalk-stand offering 
Send a tickler to 
School for princes 
Sasha’s older sister 
Russian orbiter until 2001 
Rover on the rails 
Rorschach test medium 
Pull the cork on 
Post-op stop, for short 
Places for studs or hoops 
Organization for grads 
Org. favoring open carry laws 
One sans fixed address 
One of boxing’s Spinks brothers 
Norman who created the Bunkers 
Like endangered species 
Item in a setting 
Item in a field event 
It may have a “to do” heading 
Intecticide container, maybe 
Hustler’s ploy 
Highway eyesore 
View from Edinburgh
Help in wrongdoing 
Have a yen for 
Use a chronometer
Tom Clancy subj
Gradually lessened 
Full of oneself 
Security guard request, for short
Swelling reducer
Fills to the gills 
Staff of Life, for short
Email folder label 
eBay’s original name 
Spoke Persian?
Either of Dumbo’s “wings” 
Ryan of 'When Harry Met Sally ...'
Eagle’s gripper 
D-Lux camera maker 
Repress, as a rumor
Determine get-out-of-jail cost 
Quad building
Place to sit and catch some rays
Money maven Suze
Lip application
Le Monde article
Conclude a prayer 
Crazy as a loon 
Kay Thompson character
It may be picked
City area, briefly 
Jeff Lynne's band
Chocolate-coated treat 
Chemicallu nonreactive 
It could be exchanged for two Buffalo nickels
Black-and-white predator 
Bit of broken glass 
Home of the NCAA's Mustangs
Holy city of Iran
Atkins diet no-no, briefly 
At one’s fingertips 
Glued one's eyes upon
Andean of old 
Give a hand
1980s-’90s NBC drama 
Cat (winter vehicle) 
“Parade” composer Erik 
“Gigi” playwright Anita 
“Game of Thrones,” e.g. 
Financial plan for the future, for short
Father of Paris
Compaq competitor
motion (begin) 
du Flambeau, Wisc 
What hens do 
Tropical birds with curved beaks 
Top Boy Scout 
Southwestern desert plant 
Small finch 
Impossible to put into words 
Screenplay outline 
Round coif 
Comedy Central parent
Rich spreads 
Citi Field event
Queen of the hill? 
Child of fortune?
One Mr. Rogers 
Bucky Beaver's brand
Noted Bible printer 
Music-score sign 
Average earnings
Mouthy exams 
Archie's TV wife
McQueen of "The Great Escape" 
Like the color purple 
Answers, as an invitation
Like Lucifer 
Angular head?
Like an offer one should avoid 
'The Velvet Fog'
'The sweetest gift of heaven' (Virgil)
Last words of Little Jack Horner 
Kindled anew 
Med. number that’s better when it’s higher
Kind of stamp 
Game divs
Maverick on TV
Bundle in a field
Hr. at the prime meridian 
Acting coach’s banes
Hairdresser's handful 
I’ll show you
Convertible carriage
Dry riverbed 
Food crumb 
Hood’s weapon
Gelato units
Drop, as a vowel sound 
Show biz nickname
Doorframe part 
Indigenous Tasmanians
Dentist's filling 
Betty Crocker brand of instant mashed
Cutlass, e.g., briefly 
Key to backing up?
Basic kids’ book
Cavalry group 
It has its kinks
Beyond one's imagination 
Couldn’t agree with you more
Jersey homes
Longtime Seattle Mariners’ majority owner
Muscles strengthened by muscle-ups
”Either/Or” author Kierkegaard
Suffering from ennui
Apia natives
1960s-’70s Orr teammate, to fans
Al Jazeera and Yomiuri Shimbun
Phishing target, briefly
Andean animal 
”Grown Ups” star
Absorbent after-bath powder 
About three grains of troy weight 
Wet blanket
Aboriginal food source 
Actress in “Spy” (2015)
"My man!" 
Wise chip flavor
Prince in “Frozen”
"Itty" follower 
Portrayer of Buddy’s father in “Elf”
"I'm Sorry" singer Brenda 
Felix __, CIA friend of Bond
Sports nail-biters
Turkestan tents
Like many horses
Game with a varying number of cards
”__ Crossroads”: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song
Final announcements
Holiday decor item
Satyr’s kin
Docs’ work areas
Martin (brandy brand) 
Wordless reprimand 
Group sharing a name with a cranberry cocktail
Subject of the 1998 Supreme Court case New Jersey v. New York
Windows file extension 
”Tristes apprets” from “Castor et Pollux,” e.g
Billy’s reply?
Victor at Gettysburg 
Unlikely to react 
Treats with powder 
The Charleses' dog 
Terre dans la mer 
Spot for some diving 
Spot for a stud 
Spanish omelet's kin 
Spa wrap 
Small-scale racer 
Sister of Charles, Andrew and Edward 
Share doubler 
Service line? 
Seine contents 
Returns to good condition 
Quail cousin 
Postpunk movement 
Polite reply from a cowboy 
Police line? 
Phoenician fertility god 
Pauley Perrette's 'NCIS' role 
Party line? 
Oscar winner as Elizabeth II 
One-___ chance 
Not suitable 
Mini maelstrom 
Miami-___ County 
Melodic piece 
Marryin' Sam married him 
Market aid 
Maria Callas role 
Love, to Lucan 
Light carriages 
Levi's jeans feature 
Let down 
Key words subject 
Jon of 'Mad Men' 
Jane who works at Thornfield Hall 
Insufficiently considered 
Hector's home 
Hardly humble 
Gate feature 
Garland setting 
Future field 
First quarter, e.g 
Finish line? 
Ferret's kin 
Eleanor, to Theodore 
Editor's override 
Early development spots 
Draft source 
Divination stones 
Dasani competitor 
Crystal-filled rock 
Cowboys helmet feature 
Confused utterances 
Comes to 
Cloud nine, so to speak 
Capt.'s superior 
Buggy bunch 
Bride's compilation 
Bread line? 
Blue Light Special offerer 
Anthem rival 
Aid for the stumped 
Accounting period 
'Thou Soft Flowing Avon' composer 
'The Jungle Book' bear 
'Of all the nerve!' 
'Half-Breed' singer 
Wacky morning radio team 
Volunteer's place: Abbr 
Visitors' announcement 
Utters unthinkingly 
Up until, in poetry 
They get picked up at clubs 
Starting time? 
Start to drift, say 
Something to get a spot out of? 
Some sorority women 
Singer with the 1954 album 'Frontier Ballads' 
Second-largest body in the asteroid belt 
Political writer/blogger Klein 
Oversize hip-hop tops 
One on the Lee-ward side? 
Means of inheritance 
Old letters in the mail 
Not one-sided, in a way 
Nascar Hall-of-Famer Jarrett and others 
Name-dropper's word 
Mediterranean pizza topping 
Man-to-man alternative 
Like many roasted potatoes 
Latin word on Missouri's state seal 
Key to the city, e.g 
Hopper full of dirt? 
Hits with a big charge 
Historic institution on the Jubilee River 
Goddesses guarding the gates of Olympus 
Give background information 
Free from faults 
Four-time All-Star third baseman of the 1960s-'70s 
First name in court fiction 
Engages in a bit of back-and-forth 
Directive that has some teeth to it? 
Courtroom activity 
Chess situation in which any move is a bad move 
Buddy from the block 
Bread and drink 
'Dona ___ Pacem' (Latin hymn) 
Word on Fiat's brand list 
Word from the French for ''sorting'' 
Whom Simul-Search is made for 
What's seen at the end of some trailers 
What some might do under a desk 
What Brits call push-ups and knee bends 
Tool in the Code of Hammurabi 
Too smart, perhaps 
They're much more flexible than kings 
Tends to chaps, perhaps 
Strongman's challenge 
Staple of Japanese architecture 
Something done with round numbers? 
Some sopranos named for Elvis 
Shape of some seashells 
Seeks with sincerity 
Second, for short 
Sandwich fully fillable by Smucker's products 
Receive properly 
Reagan cadet comedy 
Product placed in ''Transformers: Age of Extinction'' 
Preserves, perhaps 
Parti di La Traviata 
Opposite of ''clam,'' in a way 
One who shall not be named 
One repurposing yogurt containers 
Oil source 
Not really there 
More or less, after a hyphen 
Metaphorical ropes 
Memorable master of Mickey 
Many with the Marriott School on their résumés 
Maintenance Department paper trail 
Made noise with nickels 
Jeweler's ferric oxide powders 
It's northeast of Haarlem 
It's at 1 World Way, 90045 
Harper's hermit 
Gulf Cooperation Council member 
Gem's brilliance 
Domain cited by Ripley as a three-word misnomer: Abbr 
Data miner 
Danny's ex in ''Ocean's Eleven'' 
Crush, for one 
Comics Pig and Whistle regular 
Clubhouse fixture 
By the word of 
Big Ten athlete 
Betty in 2000 and Bridget in 2001 
Bell, by birth 
Be boisterous 
All set to go 
Affliction of pointless post purveyors 
''Deck the Halls'' descriptor 
''A tone of some world far from __'': Shelley 
''A Book of Nonsense'' author 
active player in career hits

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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