Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 04.09.2016

Gospel music derivative 
US government bond category 
Fail (Coronation Stone) 
Beach, Florida 
William Hurt’s ‘Body Heat’ role 
en scene (stage setting) 
When ads are grouped together 
What you want your engine to do 
What many passwords must be 
Was charitable 
War of 1898 
Unable to hold water 
Turns down, as lights 
Turn blue, as skies 
Towards the back of the boat 
Thing given upon entering the military 
Thing to push for in a hotel? 
Thing given upon entering the military 
Thing for which to ask forgiveness 
The season to be jolly 
The African Queen, famously 
Swiftly, to Shakespeare 
Stomach woe 
St. ___ Girl (beer brand) 
Some salon activities 
Solo in 18-Across 
Type of financial inst 
Seriously corpulent 
Send to Congress 
Tape recorder speed (abbr.) 
Lab burners of old 
Threepio’s friend 
Saltwater confection 
Sycophantic reply 
Ready for an operation 
Spot beneath a nail 
Quite angry 
Rodeo gear 
Prefix for "space" or "dynamic" 
Rallier’s cry 
Plotter's plot 
Picky worker? 
Peasant’s porridge 
One way to attend a party 
Passé bit of footwear 
Not us 
Palindromic scanning device 
Modeler's woods, sometimes 
One of Luke’s teachers 
Nymph rejected by Narcissus 
Meg of "You've Got Mail" 
Names for fugitives, likely 
Like Thomas Kinkade paintings 
Mentally twisted 
Leave a dispute unresolved 
Lack of refinement 
Lawn care equipment 
Like some retreats 
Extinct kin of the ostrich 
Jacques of a kids’ song, e.g 
Destroy a track record, in a way 
Habeas corpus, e.g 
Huck’s conveyance 
Haitian dictator 
In-flight announcements, for short 
In ___ (together) 
ID sought by phishers 
Howard who was Opie 
He measured in cubits 
Honored with a party 
Holiday refrain 
Hall’s musical partner 
Grand master's instrument? 
Garment worn by some Indian men 
Former world power 
Green energy variety 
Geometry topic 
Genteel gatherings 
Film festival site 
For the most part 
Gambling minuses 
Fogelberg of folk 
Educational units 
Early space chimp 
Drunken buffoon 
Defense alliance based in Brussels 
Adorable, as a puppy 
Deep gulf 
Dairy section purchases 
Devoid of emotion 
Describing London forecasts, often 
Craftsman competitor 
Cousin on ‘The Addams Family’ 
Coppertone tube abbr 
Color of embarrassment 
Colliery accesses 
Creature with a beard 
Chlorinated waters 
Centers of lavish attention 
Cause of a power trip 
Cast off from the body 
Bridge feat 
Book page 
Book full of maps 
Bollywood drape 
Atty. grp 
Aquatic relative of a ferret 
Certain tenants 
Apple attachment
Batting practice structure 
Baseball iron man Ripken 
Barbara who played Jeannie the genie 
Away from the plant 
ABA members’ titles 
‘Do you follow me?’ 
Word with “color” or “rhyme” 
Turkish title of old 
Treat with tea 
"___ you heard?" 
The opposition 
Tip respectfully 
"By ___ means!" 
Tasman who discovered Tasmania 
Tara of “Sharknado” 
Smooth, as a plank 
State strongly 
SUV names for a lake 
Ultimate cause 
Winter Olympics venue 
Sci-fi’s “final frontier” 
What roving pitmasters travel 
Ryan with seven no hitters 
Rub the wrong way 
What flan is served in 
Request, as alms 
What ''endless'' ends with 
Vivid type of crayon 
Rang out 
Very little 
One of 64-Across 
Not nuts 
Popourri quality 
Kitty builder 
Like some donuts 
Patronize Alamo 
Trenches in 42 Down 
Kaplan who played Kotter 
Ghostly pale 
One of Chekhnov’s Three Sisters 
Liked, hippie-style 
Throw a tantrum 
Symbol of purity 
Supreme Court attire 
Step down 
Jan of the Dutch Golden Age 
In need of a massage, maybe 
Do a slow burn 
Doo-wop song, today 
Homophone of 46-Down 
Speaking platform 
Cookies-and-cream cookie 
Bummed out 
Candidate’s declaration 
Ham radio punctuation 
General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera, 1950-72 
Ferrari’s parent until 2016 
Dent caused by a shopping cart, maybe 
Small jazz group 
New England sch. 
Skyline haze 
Khartoum’s river 
Making amends 
Mr. __ (victim in the game Clue) 
Shaved-ice treats 
Sell at any price 
Pop singer Demi 
Boy in a Johnny Cash tune 
Second-largest Scandinavian city 
Bottom of a Windows screen 
SEC school 
Bit of bath linen 
Beach scavenger 
Saudi Arabia neighbor 
Bellhop, e.g. 
Sandwich staple 
Barbarian of movies 
Sam-I-Am's creator 
“Yeah, right!” 
Saab rival 
__ Victor (Victrola maker) 
Rounds of wrestling 
“Orinoco Flow” New Ager 
Rival of 17 Down 
“Downward dog” discipline 
Replenish one's stock 
“Days of Grace” author Arthur 
“Atlas Shrugged” author 
Renée's refusal 
Recite rapidly, with ''off'' 
Would rather 
Puzo novel 
Workbench grippers 
Williams title role 
Whitmans dooryard bloomers 
Put into practice 
White-coated critter 
Value of a Benjamin 
Price-to-earnings, e.g 
University lecturer 
TV pundit who wrote “Years of Minutes” 
TV screen type 
Pre-campaign promos 
Time lines, perhaps 
Potential for loss 
TV component? 
Possible legal-brief source 
Ticker tapes, for short? 
Thickness units 
The Isley Brothers’ “It’s __ Thing” 
Port Sudan's water 
Texter’s “Mercy me!” 
Some urban commuter lines 
Pope when the Bastille was stormed 
Tarzan’s foster family 
Supplement, with “to” 
Stinging remarks 
Swiss landscape feature 
Muse of history 
Minor wrangle 
Kept entertained 
Pompeii, today 
Sign of life 
Poker buy-in 
She kept Martina from winning a seventh straight Wimbledon in 1988 
Plays on words 
Seesaw sitter of song 
Organize, as an attack 
Scruffy couple 
Scottish isle 
Reuben basic 
Ravel classic 
Rapper Mos __ 
Not very good 
Puerto Rico hrs. 
Noriega of Panama 
Plains people 
Georgia, for one 
Pipe piece 
Places for reps 
Places for prices 
Military station 
Pitch too eagerly 
Mexican beer brand 
Messy ones 
Phishing targets: Abbr. 
Peter on piano 
Paso __: two-step dance 
Order (around) 
Little Havana fare 
Mouselike critter 
One with a flat to fix, maybe 
Legal profession 
Official order 
Not for the masses 
Nike and Demeter 
Juan's water 
National park near Bar Harbor 
How much 90 Down is sold 
Make the grade 
French painter of dancers 
Long accounts 
Gym array 
Like most people 
Japanese national sport 
Lightly wash 
It might say ''Kiss the chef'' 
Keebler spokesman 
Having lunch 
It flows from the Alps 
It’s paid at pumps 
Iconic star from Stockholm 
Is more efficient 
How soy sauce tastes 
Inveterate critic 
He was a ''House'' doctor 
Icky stuff 
Hockey rink area 
Hard smacks 
Hesselblad product 
Hayride perch 
Fitting job for Miles? 
George’s lyricist 
French vineyards 
Fitting job for Will? 
Fitting job for Sue? 
Gregor Mendel's day job 
Fitting job for Stu? 
Entom. and geol. 
Fitting job for Roger? 
Fitting job for Bette? 
Fitting job for Art? 
First name in desserts 
Fennel-like herb 
Fed. power agcy. 
Genetic double 
Ete month 
Eponumous chair maker 
Early 20th-century car 
Hardly eager anticipation 
Entom. and geol. 
English : John :: Slavic : __ 
Hard work 
Greyhound, e.g. 
Gothic catheral feature 
Get rid of 
Dopey comrade 
Body art, slangily 
Celebrate, as the new year 
Garden mixes 
2001 Audreuy Tautou title role 
Barnum “attraction” 
Does the job perfectly 
Earl's equivalent 
Darken, say 
Exams for future MDs 
Dallas Cowboys logo 
Composer Grieg 
Create a new look for 
Former Mississippi senator 
Atlanta-to-Miami dir. 
1970 self-titled pop album 
Common mass transit requirement 
Colorful pond fish 
Ending for percent 
Clam-digging area 
Check words 
Came after 
Electronics giant 
By way of 
Bit of trickery 
Birdhouse creation 
Atmosphere component 
Dot on a globe 
Anchor in a race 
Developer's measure 
Creative expression 
1970 self-titled pop album 
__ Park, Colorado 
Cook-off creation 
Commuter communities 
Club member's cost 
Clams or dough 
City on the Arkansas 
Certain seaboard setting 
Certain Ivy Leaguer 
Butcher's special orders 
Bok __ (Chinese cabbage) 
Best Picture Oscar nominee for 2014 
Become slush 
Beach buckets 
Basic arithmetic 
Bartender's mixer 
Arm, in Arles 
Animal parks 
All the rage 
Alcott sequel 
89 Down's tribute 
17th state 
''Casablanca'' man 
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” verb 
“You __ worry” 
Odyssey” threats 
“Sesame Street” network 
“Parlez-__ francais?” 
“Never __ moment!” 
“I must not think there are / Evils __ to darken all his goodness”: Shak. 
“Anne of Green Gables” town

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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