5.Relating to the Pope
17.Perform incorrectly
18.Not yet unwrapped
19.Not a heavyweight
20.Mine entrance
21.Member of the Jackson 5
22.Material in a gym
23.Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon'
24.Make sore by rubbing
25.Made a choice
26.LP or CD, e.g
27.Low-budget film, often
28.Like illegally parked cars, often
29.Less humid
30.Jason's ship
31.Instrument with some heft
32.Indiana's state flower
33.In a way
34.Hallucinogenic drug
35.Got dirty going home?
36.Glitterati member, briefly
37.Frau's partner
38.Fortune-teller, supposedly
39.Force out of office
40.For the time being
41.Fodder holder on a farm
42.First-rate, slangily
43.First name on 'Cheers'
44.Fairy-tale opener
45.Extremely long films
46.Enters REM sleep
47.English dude
48.Don'ts partners
49.Dilly-dalliers' activities
50.Delays leading to rescheduling
51.Cushiony forest growth
52.Crosswise, on deck
54.Come to mind
55.Codeine source
56.Caustic drain opener
57.Butter unit
60.Bloodhound's guide
61.Bean counter, for short
63.Batting position
64.Battery terminal
65.Banned bug killer
66.Banana oil, for one
67.Attendance counter
68.At a good clip, in poetry
69.Arm bone
70.Acted badly
72.5,280 feet
73.'___ be an honor'
74.'Much ___ About Nothing'
75.'Love is blind,' e.g
76.'Great white' bird
77.'Come in!'
78.'... and you know the rest'- See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers---Sep-6-2016#sthash.3i3CypGn.dpuf

2.Wrist-to-elbow bone
3.Wintour of fashion
4.Valentine's Day gift to an air rifle aficionado, informally?
5.U.K. lexicon
6.Traveler's choice
7.Top spot
8.The whole shebang
9.The Flintstones' pet
10.Spill the beans
11.Sonic the Hedgehog's company
12.Soldier's hairstyle
13.Soldier from Down Under
14.Sir or Madame
15.Shower with love, with 'on'
16.Shakespeare, the ___ of Avon
17.Religious rite
18.Prefix with corn or sex
19.Port of Ukraine
20.Places to graze
21.Petroleum org
22.Of bygone days
23.Not fooled by
24.Nixon denied being one
25.Molecule makeup
26.Miracle-___ (garden care brand)
27.MapQuest offerings (Abbr.)
28.Mail-order health food morsel?
29.Luncheonette list
30.Lo ___ (noodle dish)
31.Lendl of tennis
32.Knight's wear
33.Jockey's handful
34.Jewelry store chain
35.Italian wine city
37.International show
38.Indian nobles
39.In the know, in old slang
40.Hawaii, until 1959 (Abbr.)
41.Hard work
42.Hang around
43.Hand over, as property
44.Go it alone
45.Gives sparingly, with 'out'
46.Gettysburg event
47.Gaucho's rope
48.Funeral heap
49.Former Maine Senator Olympia
50.Fish's breathing organ
51.Earthen wall
52.Disney clownfish
53.Dick and Jane's dog
54.Description of a mutual aid group enrollee?
55.Crunchy sandwich, for short
56.Creme-filled cookies
57.Cookbook direction
58.Comics bark
59.Come crashing down
60.Charleston campus, with 'The'
61.Cafe au ___
62.Body shop fig
63.Below zero (Abbr.)
64.Beehive sound
65.Become firm
66.B&O part
67.Aussie bounders
68.Aspiring novelist's goal
69.As ___ (letter sign-off)
70.Apply lightly
71.'___ Ha'i'
72.'___ Como Va' (Santana song)
73.'The Mod Squad' role
74.'The Hobbit' hero Baggins
75.'Sharp Dressed Man' band's agents?
76.'Happy motoring!' gas brand
77.'Hamlet' or 'Tru'
78.'Alias' org- See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers---Sep-6-2016#sthash.KM9FXf6c.dpuf

2.Wander widely
4.Up-or-down walkway
5.Unlimited authority
6.Truth twister
7.Trousers support
8.Titled British woman
10.The Red Planet
11.Terse in speech
12.Teacher at a golf course
13.Succotash beans
14.Stovetop cooker
16.Spirited horse
17.Sound boosters
18.Smallest acceptable amount
19.Shopping center
20.She's honored in May
22.Sea journey
23.Saudi Arabia neighbor
24.Resting on
25.Puts frosting on
26.Plod along
27.Picks from a lineup
28.Percussion instrument
29.Peke or Chihuahua
30.Pays for
31.Passed with flying colors
32.Package of paper
33.Overly proper
35.Opera solo
36.No longer valid
37.New staffer
38.More competent
39.Mischief maker
40.Meditative exercise
41.McIntosh or Delicious
42.Martini garnish
43.Make suitable
44.Make over
45.Major happening
46.Lion constellation
47.Life story, for short
48.Lariat loop
49.Kingly address
50.Icy hazard for ships
51.Having debts
52.Harness for oxen
53.Han Solo portrayer Ford
54.Gumbo vegetable
55.Great Salt Lake state
56.Grade, for a test
58.Farm enclosures
60.Donkey's sound
61.Department stocking ties
62.Come up short
63.Clueless look
64.Chanted phrase
65.Car parker
66.Cable film channel
67.Break __ (split)
68.Blowhard's false claim
69.Bit part for a big star
70.Bird on an ''It's a Girl!'' sign
71.Beauty parlor
72.Baldwin of ''30 Rock''
74.Arm of an octopus
75.Appear to be
76.5 Down, for one
77.''__ luck!''
78.''Old MacDonald'' refrain- See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers---Sep-6-2016#sthash.S8TWHMV2.dpuf

2.Word with note or print
3.Without artwork, as walls
5.Wide open
7.Water, in Oaxaca
8.Uses Redbox, say
9.Units counted by dieters (abbr.)
10.TWA rival
11.Tag line?
12.Spreadsheet div
13.Spot for clearance items
14.Spot for a Bluetooth headset
15.Sports compact from Toyota
16.Somewhat wet
22.Prime minister after and before Churchill
23.Poppy narcotic
24.Player on three World Cup champion teams
25.Not at all nice
26.Manner of walking
27.Maker of Lindor chocolates
28.Like some chardonnay
29.Like a stained shirt pocket, maybe
31.Julie's 'Doctor Zhivago' costar
32.John who sang 'Daniel'
33.Jazz singer Fitzgerald
35.It may have a good point
36.Hit lightly
37.Herb in a Simon & Garfunkel song
38.Hawaiian Tropic letters
39.Had on
40.Grab hold of
41.Gift set for Father's Day, perhaps
42.Garlicky sauce
43.Gael or Breton
44.Flaky mineral
45.Fire engine warning
46.Eyelid irritation
47.Exchanges between pen pals?
48.Envelope-routing abbreviation
49.Employee badges, briefly
50.Droop in the middle
51.Director Reitman
52.Dinero unit
53.Designer Saint Laurent
54.Cozy spots?
55.College transcript no
56.Coach K's team
57.Cattle drive rope
58.Camp sight
59.Break for a toddler (and for Mommy)
60.Beyond help
61.Beer brand with a ribbon logo
63.Bake sale orgs
64.Avoid summer school
65.Answers, on 'Jeopardy!'
66.Agatha Christie output
67.Actress Lena of 'Havana'
68.A, in communications
69.'You rescued me!'
70.'Walk ___' (1964 Dionne Warwick hit)
71.'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' singer Paul
72.'Habanera' from 'Carmen,' e.g
73.'Deadliest Catch' boatful
74.'Already caught that movie'
3.With 18-Across, phrase of resignation
4.What a phoenix rises from, with 'the'
5.Weeding tool
6.Washington/Montana separator
7.Was heartsick
8.VW or BMW
9.Type of black tea
10.Toyota Prius, e.g
11.Totally uncool
12.Tool for climbing the Alps
13.Tom who wrote 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'
14.Tobacco holder
15.The sixth letter of 'garbage,' but not the first
16.The 'F' of T/F
17.Thanksgiving dessert
18.Squeal in pain
19.Somewhat tardy
20.Some E.R. cases
22.Send over the moon
23.See 17-Across
24.Second-longest river in Iberia
25.Scare off
26.Santa ___ racetrack
27.Room with a tub, informally
28.Regarding this matter
29.Qualifying match, informally
30.Punch bowl dipper
31.Practices boxing
32.Post-blizzard vehicle
33.Phrase of resignation
34.Phrase of resignation
35.Phrase of resignation
36.Phrase of resignation
37.Paperless party summons
38.Only U.N. member whose name comes alphabetically between P and R
39.Offshoot of punk
41.Minuscule, informally
42.Maguire who played Spider-Man
43.Literal phrase of resignation
44.Lightens, as one's load
45.Land divided by the 38th parallel
46.It's not the truth
47.Hides in the forest?
48.Have down ___ science
49.Haunted house inhabitants
50.Go in circles
51.Go hungry
52.Gait between a walk and a canter
53.Frolicking mammals
54.Former celebrity
55.Former attorney general Janet
56.Flightless South American bird
57.Envious critic, in modern lingo
58.Early afternoon hour
59.Early 2000s White House inits
60.Developmental rink org
61.Constantly worry
62.Comedy routine
63.Collectible art print, in brief
64.CBS logo
65.Cardio workout regimen
66.Brand at the Daytona 500
67.Big name in Chicago politics
68.Beautiful water hue
69.Attacked on all sides
70.Adjoining hotel accommodations
71.Achieved results
72.'What's the big ___?'
73.'Well, lah-di-___!'
74.'Sure thing'
75.'Still ...'
76.'Bravo!'- See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers---Sep-6-2016#sthash.aGiF9pHB.dpuf

2.Word with legend or sprawl
3.Woodworker's tool
4.With 65-Across, cause of a computer program crash
5.Twin of Artemis
6.Texan singer Joe
9.Stratford's river
10.Slaughter whose #9 was retired by the Cardinals
11.Shrinking sea of Asia
12.See 9-Across
13.Scented soap brand
14.Rodent-control brand
15.Response to the sounds at the ends of the starred answers
16.Remote location?
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