Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A07.09.2016

UCLA athlete
That ship
South-of-the-border affirmative
Seating section
Toucans solorful feature
Rainbow shape
Teslas Musk
Quipster or punster
Talked nonstop
Taxi devices
Summertime top
South-of-the-border affirmative
Store with an enticing aroma
Polo Grounds great
Point spread determiner
Mount the soapbox
Pentathletes sword
In need of liposuction, perhaps
Calculator symbol
Candy purchases
Mercedes alternatives
Mix of coffees
Mil. truant
Miamis locale, as it was once known
Martinez with three Cy Youngs
Mariners milieu
Liposuction target
Like a rabbits foot, supposedly
Like a fox, its said
Injure severely
Industrious bug
Indian currency
In the area
Decisive time
Hair hairstyle
In need of a massage
Word from a finger-pointing chooser
Cool cube
Went out, as a fire
Home to reeds and rushes
Used a thurible
In command of
Type of skirt that flares outward
Type of modern testing
Turkish generals
Things that get in the way
The time being
German submarine
Tennis match segment
Frat party garments
Some members of Indian royalty
Far from proficient
One way to move quickly
Faces courageously
Part of a TV feed
Declare as true
Eyelip woes
One of these days
Like proper venetian blinds
Legendary gymnast Korbut
Leave high and dry
La ___ (Milan opera house)
Critics kudos
Knocks on a door
John Deere product
Jewish sect member of old
It may be right above a knee
It can help with a housewarming
Any of the HOMES quintet
Anchorpersons work
H.S. math subject
Former electronics giant
Big Apple theater award
First thing read, typically
Beer buy
Down's partner
Cowboy's pride
Coup participant
The Absinthe Drinker artist Edouard
Competitive advantage
Lobbyist for docs
Common test answer
Camelot weapon
Bird that repeats (var.)
Big bang creator
Belle of the ball, briefly
Be a good doctor
Autocrats no more
Airplane passenger's concern
Aggravation at a lack of progress
Show Boat author Ferber
Addressed a waiter
Diamonds __ Forever
Carnival vessel
de la Cité (Notre Dame Cathedral site)
Seek admittance, maybe
Wrigley Fields lovable losers
Viking achievements (abbr.)
Acquire in the field
Train for the ring
A dam is one, essentially
The Counts eyepiece on Sesame Street
"___ we having fun yet?"
Supermarket paper, stereotypically
"To thine own ___ be true"
"The Dukes of Hazzard" spin-off
Some afternoon get-togethers
"Overhead" engine part
Small brownish songbird
"Farm" or "home" attachment
Shrek, e.g
Rosemary, e.g
Pope endeavor
Reduced quantity
Put on the line, perhaps
Player using an orange for the ball?
Part of a charitys URL
One ___ customer
Obama destination of 2016
Notorious financial schemer
Not as welcoming
Mount Olympus habitants
Mexicos Quintana ___
Zapped in the microwave
Tombstone figure
Three-layer treat
Technical sch
Merry Prankster Kesey
Target of some donation drives
Low-pitched instrument
Looking like rain
Some smelter input
Signs of sorrow, and an alternative title for this puzzle
La. or Ore., once
Body sensitive to climate change
Sessions of the NBA
Mail-in incentive
Scuba tank filler
Last team managed by Casey Stengel
Put on the canvas
Post of good behavior
Planetarium sight
Pitcher's place?
Key-based, in music
Pearl Harbor setting
Insignias and Cascadas on the road
Off-road wheels
Huge crowd
Noted 1968 groom, familiarly
Not in the neighborhood
Honeybee features
Double-reed woodwinds
Militant of myth
Lacking company
Hidden hoard
Help unadvisedly
Handy carryall
Fed. overseer of climate change policy
Eddie who voiced Donkey in Shrek
Jean-Pierre, par exemple
Going nowhere
Islands carving
Fun activity on a farm
Fountain freebies
Handles pressure poorly
Group in gray
Director Kazan
End of a common series
Ellipsis component
Farm fathers
Far from shy
Expresses opposition, in a way
Delivered some notes?
Dorothy's mother on 'The Golden Girls'
Crowd-sized brewer
Casino overseer
Chicago commuter options
Budding socialite, briefly
Recipe amts.
Ballplayer whos a no-show at the plate?
Ballplayer tromping on the flowers?
Ballplayer in the very, very little league?
Ayatollah Khameneis branch of Islam
Accept recognition (for)
Denim worker
Dont delete, editorially
1850s Superintendent of the US Military Academy at West Point
Daily occurrence at O'Hare
This is priority, memowise
Covert org. featured in 'The Good Shepherd'
Little heroine of The Old Curiosity Shop
Common survey question
Clicking instants?
Name in Cold War news
Cinnamon-coated pastry also called a palmier
Loses ones cool
Condors condo?
Check for shots
Warring factions
Cars engine-to-wheels connector
Wright who wondered, Whats another word for thesaurus?
Woofers partner
Wind down or wind up
Screen door material
Short agenda?
Sub accesss
Tax-free govt. bond
Syst. for the deaf
View from Molokais south shore
Taxing task
Card game invented in Germany
Surfers visit them
Bishop, for one
1990s Defense head Aspin
'Raging Bull' subject
'Hey you--over here!'
Russia-China border river
Reversions .. or what 17-, 26- and 43-Across all have
Ratted out the bad guys
Pre-1985 communications nickname
White heron
Post-shower display
Wearing sneakers or heels
New England capital
Needing wheels
Top of a mushroom
Stow, with ''away''
Needing a skull-and-crossbones label
Three-layer treat
Manufacturers coming-out event
Spanish cheer
Sorts of saltines
Kind of spot or loser
Printer's supply
Lawn spoilers
Lab rats home
Piglet's mother
L.A. NFLer
Office computers
Iwo Jima troop carriers: Abbr.
Negotiation goals
Islamic branch
Film boxer Rocky
Heist target
Military methods
Good-sized wedding band
Manages adversity
Go for the worm
Gem mount
Five-time A.L. home run champ, familiarly
Explorer Hernando de
Dept. store stock
Kept separate, as a VIP section
Intensely competitive
Cold weather groundswell that can cause pavement damage
Calif. neighbor
Bucks in the woods
Bail catcher
Boomer that no longer booms, briefly
Hurricane, for one
Blackjak component
Hospital volunteer
Beach bird
Government agents, for short
Go into hiding
APO mail addressees
Gift wrapper's roll
Ancient siege weapon
Fully understands
Valley: Reagan Library locale
One day only! event
Cross home plate
Formerly did
Elevator compartment
Fearful feeling
Cowpoke's chow
Cow's comment
Compass pt
Breaded seafood order
Attack with snowballs
34 Across in wrongdoing
29 Across tracker
right (modern conservative movement)
Cuban (music genre)
[Put yesterday's General Tso's in microwave; heat for 2 minutes]
[Place in crisping sleeve; microwave for 2 minutes]
Boil contents for 8-10 minutes; drain; add butter; stir in bright orange powder
Boil contents for 3 minutes; stir in seasoning packet
Way to stream 'Game of Thrones'
Uber competitors
Tom Cruise hanging onto an airplane during takeoff, for example
Singer of the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills'
Setting for 'Friday the 13th'
Safari's is a compass
River into which Joan of Arc's ashes were ordered to be thrown
Prefix with chic
Partners of dreams
Painting medium
One of the Estevezes
Ohio school that pioneered coeducation
Like good Scotch
Like a visit from the Bishop of Rome
Large or jumbo
John Quincy Adams, to John Adams
It's not returned on the court
Inside-the-Beltway sort
Indian appetizer
How often Daniel Day-Lewis has won Best Actor
Hip-hop's Kendrick ___
Govt. health agency
Genre for much Top 40 radio, for short
Gen. Beauregard's side: Abbr
Five years, for the U.N. secretary general
Explanation one might give for following the directions of 18-, 24-, 39- and 47-Across?
Commercial prefix with -gram or -matic
'Woe ___ him, and her too': Jane Austen
'We ___' (convenience store sign)
'Look before you leap,' e.g
'La Bohème' soprano
'It is better to ___ well than to arrive'
'He who hesitates is lost,' e.g
'Don't ___ with Texas

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