3.X-rated stuff
4.Wright who wondered, 'What's another word for 'thesaurus'?'
5.Woofer's partner
6.Wind down or wind up
7.Warring factions
8.View from Molokai's south shore
10.They're off-limits
11.Taxing task
12.Tax-free govt. bond
13.Syst. for the deaf
14.Surfers visit them
15.Sub access
16.Some govt. lawyers
17.Short agenda?
18.Screen door material
19.Russia-China border river
20.Reversions ... or what 17-, 26- and 43-Across all have?
21.Recipe amts
22.Ratted out the bad guys
23.Radiation units
24.Prefix with logical
25.Pre-1985 communications nickname
26.Post-shower display
29.New England capital
30.Needing wheels
31.Needing a skull-and-crossbones label
32.Name in Cold War news
33.Midday snooze
34.Manufacturer's coming-out event
35.Mail-in incentive
36.Loses one's cool
37.Lawn spoilers
39.Lab rat's home
40.L.A. NFLer
41.Kind of spot or loser
42.Iwo Jima troop carriers: Abbr
43.Islamic branch
44.Heist target
45.Good-sized wedding band
46.Good feller?
47.Go for the worm
48.Gets an 'I'm sorry' from Alex Trebek, say
49.Gem mount
50.Five-time A.L. home run champ, familiarly
51.Film boxer Rocky
52.Explorer Hernando de __
54.Dry as a desert
55.Dept. store stock
56.Cong. meeting
57.Condor's condo?
59.Cold weather groundswell that can cause pavement damage
60.Car's engine-to-wheels connector
61.Capital of Belgium
62.Calif. neighbor
63.Bucks in the woods
64.Boomer that no longer booms, briefly
65.Blackjack component
66.Black, to a bard
67.Beach bird
69.Ball catcher
70.Architectural curve
71.APO mail addressees
72.Ancient siege weapon
73.Actor Baldwin
75.'One day only!' event
76.'Knock it off!'- See more at:

2.___-Cuban (music genre)
3.[Put yesterday's General Tso's in microwave; heat for 2 minutes]
4.[Place in crisping sleeve; microwave for 2 minutes]
5.[Boil contents for 8-10 minutes; drain; add butter; stir in bright orange powder]
6.[Boil contents for 3 minutes; stir in seasoning packet]
7.With: Fr
8.Way to stream 'Game of Thrones'
9.Uber competitors
11.Turn out
12.Tom Cruise hanging onto an airplane during takeoff, for example
14.Some ferry cargo
15.Slate slate, for short
16.Singer of the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills'
17.Setting for 'Friday the 13th'
20.Santa ___ winds
21.Safari's is a compass
22.River into which Joan of Arc's ashes were ordered to be thrown
25.Purge (of)
26.Prefix with chic
28.Pine product
29.Piercing spot
30.Partners of dreams
31.Painting medium
32.Open ___ night
33.One of the Estevezes
34.Ohio school that pioneered coeducation
36.Not taped
37.Muse of poetry
39.Like good Scotch
40.Like a visit from the Bishop of Rome
41.Large or jumbo
42.Krazy ___
43.John Quincy Adams, to John Adams
44.It's not returned on the court
45.iPhone assistant
46.Insurance giant
47.Inside-the-Beltway sort
48.Indian appetizer
50.How often Daniel Day-Lewis has won Best Actor
51.Hog fat
52.Hip-hop's Kendrick ___
53.Govt. health agency
54.Genre for much Top 40 radio, for short
55.Gen. Beauregard's side: Abbr
56.Fly catcher
57.Five years, for the U.N. secretary general
58.Explanation one might give for following the directions of 18-, 24-, 39- and 47-Across?
59.Epitome of simplicity
60.Create a digital image of
61.Commercial prefix with -gram or -matic
62.Circle lines
63.Charged particle
64.Cell, e.g
65.Baby's cry
66.As well
67.A ton
68.'Woe ___ him, and her too': Jane Austen
69.'We ___' (convenience store sign)
70.'Not now'
71.'No contest,' for one
72.'Look before you leap,' e.g
73.'La Bohème' soprano
74.'Just kidding!'
75.'It is better to ___ well than to arrive'
76.'He who hesitates is lost,' e.g
77.'Don't ___ with Texas'
78.'Battlestar Galactica' commander- See more at:

2.Yellow stick
3.Visual razzle-dazzle
4.Union chapter
5.Track division
6.Tombstone figure
7.Three-layer treat
8.Teen outbreak
9.Technical sch
10.Target of some donation drives
11.Sweep's target
12.Squirming, say
13.Some smelter input
14.Soft touch
15.Signs of sorrow, and an alternative title for this puzzle
16.Set right
17.Sessions of the NBA
18.Scuba tank filler
19.Reach by jet
20.Put on the canvas
21.Pound sounds
22.Pound sound
23.Post of good behavior
24.Playful bites
25.Planetarium sight
26.Pitcher's place?
27.Pearl Harbor setting
28.Off-road wheels
29.Noted 1968 groom, familiarly
30.Not in the neighborhood
31.Not flat
32.Militant of myth
33.Lyon king
34.Lowest prime
35.Lacking company
36.Kin of Kong
37.Jean-Pierre, par exemple
38.Jacket material
39.Islands carving
40.Is behind
42.In the past
43.In the ground, in a way
44.Honey bunch
45.Holiday time
46.Handles pressure poorly
47.Group in gray
48.Farm fathers
49.Far from shy
50.Expresses opposition, in a way
52.Dorothy's mother on 'The Golden Girls'
53.Dominate, in slang
54.Director Kazan
55.Diaz's 'Sex Tape' co-star
56.Desert delights
57.Denim worker
58.Daily occurrence at O'Hare
59.Cow in commercials
60.Covert org. featured in 'The Good Shepherd'
61.Cops' collars
62.Common survey question
63.Cold call?
64.Clicking instants?
65.Cinnamon-coated pastry also called a palmier
66.Chiding sound
67.Check for shots
68.Card game invented in Germany
69.Breeze shower
71.Bishop, for one
73.1990s Defense head Aspin
74.'What chutzpah!'
75.'Raging Bull' subject
76.'Incidentally,' in a text
77.'Hey you--over here!'
78.'Dies ___' (Latin hymn)- See more at:

3.Went out, as a fire
4.Used a thurible
5.Type of skirt that flares outward
6.Type of modern testing
7.Type of base
8.Turkish generals
9.Tide type
10.Things that get in the way
11.The time being
12.Tennis match segment
13.States with conviction
14.Stand on its head
15.Some members of Indian royalty
16.Small scrap
18.Quick haircut
19.Pronged weapons
20.Part of a TV feed
21.One way to move quickly
22.One of these days
23.Like proper venetian blinds
24.Legendary gymnast Korbut
25.Leave high and dry
27.La ___ (Milan opera house)
28.Knocks on a door
29.Kingly sphere
30.Jungle vine
31.John Deere product
32.Jewish sect member of old
33.Jacob's twin
34.Jack's nemesis
35.It may be right above a knee
36.It can help with a housewarming
37.Impressive degree
38.H.S. math subject
39.Gulf War missile
40.Former electronics giant
41.First thing read, typically
42.Eyeglasses, informally
43.Down's partner
44.Cowboy's pride
45.Coup participant
47.Competitive advantage
48.Common test answer
49.Church part
50.Chart anew
51.Camelot weapon
52.By way of, briefly
53.Bird that repeats (var.)
54.Big mess
55.Big bang creator
56.Belle of the ball, briefly
58.Be a good doctor
59.Bacon bit
60.Autocrats no more
61.Au ___
62.Artistic stand
63.Alpha's opposite
64.Airplane passenger's concern
65.Aggravation at a lack of progress
66.Agenda unit
67.Affirmative action?
68.Addressed a waiter
69.Acquire in the field
70.A dam is one, essentially
71..0000001 joule
72.'___ we having fun yet?'
73.'Tomorrow' musical
74.'To thine own ___ be true'
75.'The Dukes of Hazzard' spin-off
76.'Overhead' engine part
77.'Farm' or 'home' attachment
78.'Awright!'- See more at:

2.Wearing sneakers or heels
3.Wasted no time
4.Top of a mushroom
5.Three-layer treat
6.Thanksgiving veggie
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