Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 08.09.2016

Yo-Yo Ma's instrument
Spiders' snares
Radar image
Over the moon
On in years
NBC show since 1975
Nabokov novel
Monopoly token
Like sashimi
Dhabi preceder
Crumbly earth
Crazy Horse, for one
Back-of-book list
Baby's beachwear
'Truman' actor Gary
'Let ' ('Frozen' song)
Winter quaff
Tyne of TV
T-shirt choice
Spy's crime
Show boredom
Shopping haven
Ques. follower
Prepared to drive
Orange feature
Mine, of a sort
Greets, in a way
Potato state (abbr.) 
Give the boot
d'oeuvre (appetizer) 
Word partnered with "neither" 
Flapper wrapper
Wavelike design 
Cut, as hay
Trendy place to go downhill 
This makes five in this puzzle 
'Hamilton' event
Some church officers 
Moines River
Ring bearer, often 
Works, collectively
Requirement for a useful balloon 
Weapon for the King of Diamonds
Prepare to crash 
Vacationing briefly
Perfume by burning 
Turquoise relative
Opens a map 
Turkish leader, either way
Movie theater purchase 
Timeless tales
More expressionless, as a stare 
Many have chapters 
Time stamp, often
Little leapin' lizard 
Secretive sort
Source of corruption
Knight to remember 
It's done in some tanneries 
Security badge
Images representing posters 
Hurricane heading, sometimes 
Pope John Paul II's homeland
Far from eager 
Place to fix the 'lock trouble' formed by the first words of 18-, 27-, and 40-Across
Exec, in slang 
Event with cowboys and lassos 
Of the peepers
Dog that's far from a purebred 
Norman or Louganis
Ding-___ (doorbell sounds) 
Nailed the test
Computer user's locale 
Mussorgsky's 'Pictures ___ Exhibition'
Claims on homes, e.g 
Complicated, eccentric person 
Many Carnegie Hall performances
Central New York town 
Came down to earth 
It's the whole point
Broadway star Verdon 
It often has dashes
Brenda who was drawn out 
Breeze component 
Infamous poison made from the castor bean
Brahman, for one 
Bop on the head 
Former Toyota model
Bermuda vegetable 
Eye annoyance
Favored son of Isaac
Agent for trips? 
Ad headline, often 
"Winnie-the-Pooh" baby 
Easily activated
"We didn't do it!" 
Current officeholders
Crown, as a sovereign
Cosmetician Lauder
Chesapeake Bay, e.g
Capitol Hill figure
Candy noted for its dispenser
Canal opened in 1869
Buttercup relatives
"Sesame Street" viewer 
"How was ___ know?" 
Warrior princess of TV 
Verdi slave girl 
Unnamed competitor, in ads 
Turns, as milk 
Anglers' accessories
Strong driving force 
Business card no
Bartlett relative
Small craft propeller 
Airline to Tel Aviv
Singles, doubles, etc 
Actress Sue ___ Langdon
Rubbed the wrong way 
'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' author
Relief from the sun 
'Only When I ___' (British comedy of 1968)
Poseidon's domain 
'No Scrubs' girl group
'It's Impossible' crooner Perry
NPR newsman Daniel 
Not fulfilled, as needs 
Musk of SpaceX 
Museum benefactor (Abbr.) 
Merchant ship officers 
Low man in the choir 
Legally go after 
Kunta ___ ("Roots" role) 
July 1944 battle site 
Jewish deli offerings 
Induce to join, as an argument 
Imbiber's offense, briefly 
Hosting a roast, in brief 
Hoops great Shaquille 
Grapefruit hunk 
Give as a source 
Get traded, say (and how to get the last parts of 16-, 23- and 49-Across) 
Get deservedly 
Fund, as a professorship 
Flamboyant manner 
Fields of expertise 
Dictionary notation for "enow" or "erst" 
Courtroom figure (Abbr.) 
Concerning, in legalese 
Chore list heading 
Carew in Cooperstown 
Blanc who voiced Bugs 
Berry in smoothies 
Begins with enthusiasm 
Before, to bards 
Attach, as a ribbon 
As yet unscheduled, on a sked 
Alumna bio word 
Align the crosshairs 
"Woof" equivalent 
"Life of Pi" director Lee 
"Fiddler" of Rome 
"Apollo 13" director Howard 
Made believable 
Marsh growth 
One who takes things the wrong way 
License plates 
Workout centers 
What Teslas don't take 
Volleyball brand 
Tough trek 
Teeny bit 
Synonym of ''mysterious'' heard within it 
Subtle auction bids 
Something closed at bedtime 
Soap-making chemical 
Slavic version of ''John'' 
Skipping seconds, maybe 
Site for Jewish singles 
Short dog, for short 
Section with slicers 
School supplies 
Reporter's accessory 
Promotes, as benefits 
PC scrolling key 
Parlor design 
No longer hungry 
Merchandise advisory 
Mag for high-level leaders 
Work at a museum
Viggo's romantic interest in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Vietnam flag feature
Variegated stone
Typical Aeropostale shopper
Tormented persistently
They're sometimes given away in churches
Summons to testify
Stick for breaking
Landlord, on rent checks 
State Department division
Spelunking spot
Some clues are written in it
French actress Green 
Gave off, as charisma 
Houseplant perch 
Scott of 'Ocean's Eleven'
Good source of protein 
Ryder Cup side
Give in to wanderlust 
Rate of movement
Pam of 'Jackie Brown'
Painter's estimate
Pads for pans
Fizzling-out sound 
Original tenant of 30 Rock
Five-sided plate 
One may be marked with a black diamond
Financial aid consideration 
Not a true friend
Faucet competitor of Kohler 
No longer fashionable
Exhibiting a smirk, perhaps 
Naive character of children's TV
Email alternative 
Museum posting
Montana State player
Major pains
Dmitri's denial 
Legal postponements
Diagonally-cut pasta 
Crow cousin 
Idea's start
Cornfield attraction 
Hook's counterpart
Hobart 'Howdy!'
Cookie in dirt cake 
Hawk's catches
Conclusion of ''Cats'' 
Half of a state name
Camper's bag 
Green celebration
''Bus Stop'' dramatist 
From the flock
Arrive by Dreamliner 
Felix Salten's Bambi, for one
Chad neighbor 
End of a seasonal song
Editorial possessive
Do some church burning
Denebola's constellation
Cabernet Sauvignon, e.g 
Course clubs
British essayist 
Concluding section
Bond's movie debut 
Character who pledged to 'do my spriting gently'
Black Sea region 
50-Across offering 
Automaker supplier 
1991 Madonna song
'Writes first time, every time' brand
Alias lead-in 
on the beach 
in the city 
at band practice 
at a football game 
''Pretty nifty!'' 
''No goals yet,'' in soccer 
''Fine'' or ''lost'' things 
TV cop with a Tootsie Pop 
TV comic Kovacs 
Translate, in a way 
'Rocks' falling four times in this puzzle
Transitory passion 
'Puppy Love' writer
'Ascension Oratorio' composer
The 1% in 1% milk 
Soup bean 
Slight manifestation, as of hope 
Six-time Emmy winner 
Sea predator 
“Well, shoot” 
Coop occupant 
Colbert, for one 
Roman landmark graphically portrayed by this puzzle’s circles 
Really dug 
Rapper __ Shakur 
Produced with effort, with “out” 
Open, in a way 
One who might be a CPA 
One rooting for the Niners, briefly 
One may be tipped 
Museum contents 
Mindful of one’s own needs 
MacFarlene of “Family Guy” 
Like a crowbar 
Landscaper’s contraption 
Juicing discards 
Island near Sicily 
Holmes accessory 
Heavenly figure 
Fluffed-up dos 
First name in jazz 
Figure of veneration 
Enjoy an e-cig 
Elegant molding 
Devices with security cameras 
Cone makers 
Common refreshment 
Collecting Soc. Sec. 
Claim in a tissue ad 
Chinese: Pref 
Chef’s creation 
Chaucer narrative told by Huberd, with “The” 
Campers’ gathering place 
Brand in a B-52 cocktail 
Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s forte 
Big fight 
Baseball’s “Georgia Peach” 
As __: grouped together 
“Will do!” 
“I’m outta here” 
“If she did play false, the fault was __”: Shak. 
diavolo (sauce) 
Wrest open 
Words sometimes followed by 'It's nothing' 
Where waves come in? 
When leaves 56-Across 
What orange is said to be 
What old knees may do 
What babies do in their first two years 
There's an app for that 
Some music of the Wailers 
Set of ankle bones 
Reduced weight? 
Really good time 
Product from soot 
It might have a street name: Abbr 
People holding on to secrets 
Person whose work shines 
Part of a battle cry 
One rushing to work, for short? 
Nintendo dinosaur 
Montana Indians 
Many a metrosexual 
Man's name that's Latin for 'honey' 
Like perfect games vis-à-vis no-hitters 
Gustave with a tower named after him 
Like Cookie Monster and Grover 
Like an atrium 
Lead-in to long 
J. follower 
Italian Fascist 
Ingredient in some chili and burritos 
Info for a dating site 
High, as a guess 
Haute couture inits 
Given to eavesdropping 
Frittata equipment 
Former Haitian president 
First place 
Football player's application 
Flooring calculation 
Elf's foe 
E. preceder 
Driveway covering 
Cry made repeatedly while slapping the forehead 
Cry from a Veronese lover 
Crispy lunch 
Comments from ones who are all thumbs? 
Carefully avoids, with 'around' 
California and Baja California 
C in shop class? 
Bygone days 
Bygone Broadway critic Walter 
Big brother's victim, once 
Biblical region from which the name of a language is derived 
Actor Willem 
1998 Brad Pitt film 
1966 #1 Rolling Stones hit 
1990 #1 hit for Alannah Myles 
1960s-'70s radical 
'___ la Vida,' #1 Coldplay album 
'Nacho Libre' star, 2006 
'In Flanders Fields' poet John 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
îùç÷éí | àúøéí ìáðåú | îùôèéí ìôééñáå÷ | ñøèåðéí îöçé÷éí | ø÷òéí | áãéçåú | îùç÷éí éôéí | îùç÷é áðåú | îùç÷éí ìàééôåï | îùç÷éí çéðí | çéôåù îùç÷éí | îùç÷éí åéøèåàìéí |
îùç÷é ãôãôï | ãôé öáéòä | òåìí äãåâîðéåú | ÷åðèø ñèøéé÷ | àúøéí ìéìãéí | 250 îùç÷éí | òåìí äîùç÷éí | áàáìñ | úîåðåú îöçé÷åú | ñèèåñéí ìôééñáå÷ | èøéååéä | ÷èðèðéí | 200 îùç÷éí | èéôå îùç÷éí - 365 îùç÷éí |