2.Fourth down option
43.Food sticker
44.Flaring skirt style
45.Farmer, on occasion
46.Face-to-face exam
47.Fable conclusion
48.Early afternoon
49.Dole out
50.Dog show partner?
52.Deep sleep stage
53.Cool, old-school
54.Cookbook abbr
55.Control ___ (obsessive type)
56.CD follower
57.Catch a glimpse of
58.Cakewalk, in sports
59.Busy IRS mo
60.Brought into play
61.Bringing up the rear
62.Blue Bonnet, for one
63.Blood component
64.Biblical plague member
65.Belgrade citizen
66.Become accustomed
67.Beauty pageant wear
68.Bake sale sweets
69.Badly wound
70.Animated ___ E. Coyote
71.Allowed by law
72.1990 World Series champs
73.'The War of the Worlds' planet
74.'I ___ to recall ...'
75.'Boola Boola' warbler
76.'Aladdin' prince- See more at:

2.Yuletide travelers
3.Winter Haven theme park
4.Wikipedia bio datum
5.What the Fonz called his landlord
8.Union that merged with SAG
10.Toy on a track
11.Tony musical for 1980
12.Time delay
13.The US Comptroller General heads it
14.Suffix in zoology
15.Subordinate, for short
16.Starting unit
17.Spanish 101 verb
18.Some: Fr
19.Shoveled into
20.Shade close to beige
21.Scrubbers from vines
22.Russian Air Force staple
24.Polished off
25.Part of Google Apps
26.OPEC member
27.One of Bugs' foes
28.Olay alternative
29.Much, before a hyphen
30.Middle of the 12th century
31.Maracaibo, por ejemplo
33.Let out __ (sound stunned)
34.Lawrence Durrell novel
35.It's big on election analysis
36.It may follow yoo
37.Isotope of thorium
38.Horseshoe-shaped wear
39.Happens, to Hernando
40.Good laugh
41.Frat letter
42.Former Federer competitor
43.Forgot about
44.Floodplain constructions
45.Fawn's father
46.Experts on books
47.End of a server's question
48.Elbow grease
49.Dough processors
50.Discover by shrewdness
51.Delete before publishing
52.Consider, as differing opinions
53.Condiment formula
54.City near Kobe
55.Chem-lab procedure
56.Certain collection agcy
57.Called for
58.Bruce's daughter in ''Armageddon''
60.Bioethics e-journal publisher
61.Bad mark
63.Assumed name
64.Artist from Aragon
65.Armchair accessory
66.4 Down rival
67.'90s conveniences
68.''__ for Elephant''
69.''Woman'' coiner, per Genesis
70.''That smarts!''
71.''On the Road'' narrator
72.''Nimitz'' designation
73.''Don't bother arguing''
2.___ Dolly ('Winter's Bone' heroine)
5.Valve with a disc at the end of a vertically set stem
6.TiVo remote button
7.Tight hold
8.They may ring after parties
9.Thanksgiving table decorations
10.Sufficiently good
11.Strips, as a ship
12.Stop: Abbr
13.Some sports cars
14.So-called 'Shakespeare of the Prophets'
15.Six-time U.S. Open champ
16.She, in Venice
17.Seemingly everywhere
18.Searches for oneself
19.Sculptor who described art as 'a fruit that grows in man'
20.Sauce often made with lemon juice
21.Round of four
22.Robot arm movers
23.Rewarded for waiting
24.Reviewers of scientific papers
26.Really huge number
28.One to one, say
29.Not go to
30.New York restaurateur with a Tony Award
31.Navratilova, to 45-Across, e.g
32.Mustard and others
33.Lose, as a carrier might with a call
34.Longtime TV figure known for his garage
35.Liver by the Loire?
36.Like the Atlantic Ocean, slightly, from year to year
37.Junior posthumously inducted into the Football Hall of Fame
39.It has big screens for small films
40.It fell in 2016 for the first time since 1919
41.In a foreboding manner
42.Host of the web series 'Emoji Science'
43.Hideous foe of Popeye
44.Gun point?
45.Goddess who saved Odysseus
46.Get one's fill?
47.Fur-lined cloak
49.Doesn't show oneself, say
50.Dirty look
53.Contraction in Hamlet's soliloquy
54.Climber's aid
55.Cause of rebellion, maybe
56.Bridge pair, briefly?
57.Blacken a bit
58.Beehive Blender brand
59.Baseball commissioner during the steroid era
60.Barely drink
61.Bane of cereal grain
64.Apple operating system that's also a geographical name
65.Ammonia and others
66.Adolescent program, slangily
67.A.L. or N.L. East: Abbr
68.A in physics class?
69.1972 blaxploitation film with a soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield
70.'Well, la-di-frickin'-da!'
71.'That was exhausting!'
72.'A Dog of Flanders' author- See more at:

2.Vegan character on 'The Simpsons'
3.Vail apparel
4.User of gadgets, maybe
5.Unfortunate place to land a Frisbee
6.TV show with three spinoffs
7.Trader Vic's drink
8.Thumbs-down vote
9.Third bed in a double room
10.Team once owned by Ray Kroc
11.Suffer patiently
12.Stole from a drag show
13.Station worker
14.Sought an office
15.Sonnet enders
17.Short-tailed weasel
18.Semisolid stuff
19.Seafood served with a long-stemmed fork
20.Sandwich with sauerkraut
21.Sagal of 'Sons of Anarchy'
23.Razor-billed bird
24.Put away forever
25.Press down
26.Overblown publicity
27.On-site tract?
28.Name that ends eight lines of 'The Raven'
29.Morris who makes documentaries
30.Mill output
31.Mammal that bugles
32.Makes fun of
33.Make up
34.Literary tribute
35.Listener's agreement
36.Like mirrors you can write on
37.Last Stuart queen
38.Land 'where the Shadows lie' in Middle-earth
39.Knight headpiece
41.Japanese bowlful
42.Jackie's predecessor as First Lady
44.Hats from Ecuador
45.Glazier's replacement
46.Glances at the table?
47.Fair sight
48.Equal a bet
49.Early car horn
50.Drip solution
51.Dream that'll never come true
53.Dog show no-hoper
54.Dog food brand whose name means 'supreme'
55.Doesn't stop
56.Des Moines neighbor
58.Company that first marketed morphine
59.Common Wile E. Coyote weapon
60.Comes to
61.Collector of military intel
62.Collar wearer
63.Colbert's employer
64.Bridal destination
65.Boat with three hulls
66.Baker who sings
67.Aromatherapy facility
68.Anniversary celebrated by a diamond jubilee
69.Amusing stories
70.Amazed exclamation
71.All the time
72.'Trainwreck' director
73.'The Audacity of Hope' author
74.'In ___ Time' (Hemingway short story collection)
75.'If ___ reflects life, it does so with special mirrors': Brecht
76.'Goodbye, Mr. Chips' star- See more at:

2.Wood source
3.Win an election
4.Volcano in Italy
5.Victorian, in history books
6.Vice president who resigned
7.Traveling gunslinger of old TV
8.Tow trucks, e.g
9.Tool that makes waves
10.They are left to chance
11.Soon, in romantic poetry
12.Smeltery refuse
13.Remove wooden pins from
14.Puts in stitches
15.Puerto finisher
16.Point of view
17.Play parts
18.Place for a bell ringer
19.Pigs and such
20.Part of a voting machine
21.Oklahoma U. athlete
22.Mosque VIP
23.Mattress supporter
24.Mame, for one
25.Makes silly mistakes
26.Major, as a highway
27.Little kid
28.Large stringed instrument
29.Kind of sax
30.Kind of cash or officer
31.Kind of aerobics
32.Keeps having birthday parties
34.High schooler
35.Heal completely
36.Group of three
37.Grating, voice-wise
38.Grassy plant
39.Go around and around
40.Gal's partner
41.Gads about
42.Fourth down option
43.Food sticker
44.Flaring skirt style
45.Farmer, on occasion
46.Face-to-face exam
47.Fable conclusion
48.Early afternoon
49.Dole out
50.Dog show partner?
52.Deep sleep stage
53.Cool, old-school
54.Cookbook abbr
55.Control ___ (obsessive type)
56.CD follower
57.Catch a glimpse of
58.Cakewalk, in sports
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