Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A10.09.2016

Uppity one
Unthinking state
Beachgoers catch them
Bids adieu
Itll turn your head
Address ending
A sundial hour
Forensic competition
"You ___ well" ("Why not?")
24-can unit
'50s TV "Kid"
One not likely to succeed
Doing battle
"Planet of the ___"
Olds compact
"All ___!" (court phrase)
Butter from the farm
School aide
Canadian singer Murray
Vocal support
Most, with the
Right part of a map?
Great expectation
Doesnt give up on
Catchy melody
Longtime CBS head
Army officers: Abbr
Friend of Mozart
Groundbreaking invention
What some pros often do
Hapless toon
This American Life host
Enjoy all the seasons
Put in stitches
Corporate bigwig
Voice from a loft
Bolted down
Green Goblin portrayer in Spider-Man
Object of Canaanite worship
Words on some reps' buttons
What you'd be embarrassed to be called on
What might be heard with a head shake
Unconfident confirmation
Tops with ice, perhaps
Three-legged five-footers
Thing to take a belt from
They're unlikely to have strong hands
They'll tie up your 60 Across
Tablet sold at Staples
State name, per a European constitution
Societies, for short
Shade similar to oxblood
Round for a course
Response to a riot
Productivity aid, per ''Psychology Today''
Pope during Elizabeth I's reign
Perform, in some SeaWorld shows
Oh-so, pretentiously
Not just look
Nominal damage
Name from Old Norse for a magical creature
Musician ''on chains'' in ''Monster Mash''
Mojave Desert roamers
How many like their muffins
Having a plot hole, perhaps
Had something
Genre influenced by Fats Domino
Gathering of moles
G.W., at first
Emulates Hercules in his constellation
Dow Jones Industrial, 1973-2003
Digital imaging giant
Descriptor for some algae
Confident confirmation
Compression indicator
Classic discontinued in 2014
City served by Galileo Airport
Certain agency's offering
Campus organization once sponsored by B'nai B'rith
Big Ten newcomers
Arab League member
Apollo twosome, originally
Antonym of ''dated''
3-D, as photos, in NASA-speak
''Watch this space''
''The Seine at Asnières'' is one
''The Economist'' basis of world purchasing-power comparison
''Sopa'' alternative
''Call no day happy __ it is done'': Solzhenitsyn
Woodworking projection
Wood, Glass or Silver
When a drive-in movie begins
Weekend getaway spots
Was condescending
Unendurable ordeal
Transfer music from device to desktop, say
Town on Long Islands South Shore
To be, in ancient Rome
Tillie of 1920s comics
Target with a pass
Suffix for Marx or Lenin
Subject of discussion
Storms on the highway, e.g
Statistical compilation
Stat for Jake Arrieta
Start of a Christmas carol
Spiritual haven
Sociopathic alter ego
Snow White description
Six-Day War weapon
Serengeti prowler
Scope out nefariously
Rusting hulks
Running total
Ripas former co-host
Rightly or wrongly
Republicans finger tattoo?
Relax to the point of complete inactivity
Problem for a heavy sleeper at summer camp?
Prayer possessive
Potpie piece
Plan for retirement
Pacific greeting
Original NYC subway line
Org. exposed by Snowden
One of the three Rs for an environmentalist
One of the fire signs
On the payroll
Obi-Wan portrayer Guinness
Not fully shut
New York archbishop before Dolan
Musical increase in vol
Movie whose song Falling Slowly won an Oscar
Moved cautiously
Most spartan
Mass. in D.C., e.g
Maltese or Pekingese
Love to death
Like some CrossFit elements
Like many Instagram posters?
Library section
Letter after epsilon
Leonardos birthplace
Kashmir language
It meant the world to Nero
Integral to
Indian title of respect
Honoree of a temple at Philae
Holder of reactor fuel
Half of hex-
Greasy spoon sign
Giving the best advice
Genetic code carrier
Gas grill component
Game for little sluggers
Frightened exclamation
Friend of Seinfeld and Kramer
Fourth-yr. group
For fear that
Folk music icon
First Amendment advocacy org
Feast for the eyes in a lingerie catalog?
Established authoritatively
Edited again, as a movie
Ed Helmss role in the Hangover movies
Dukes conf
Dressmakers purchase
Double description
Despicable fellow
Designer of Beijings Fragrant Hill Hotel
Definitely not fresh
Defenders area of the court
D.C. Major Leaguer
Curling surface
Crest package letters
Craigslist, at times?
Concluded, in Cannes
City on Scotlands Firth of Tay
Choose formally
Cheap hooch
Charlemagnes domain: Abbr
Central Plains tribe
Cause of a melee on stage?
Cantonese chicken
Brussels sprouts, essentially
Brick brand
Billionaire banker Andy
Big name in metals
Between stops
Behaving suspiciously
Audio store buys
Animated snail voiced by Ryan Reynolds
Air freshener scent
Addictive source of a sugar rush?
Activewear fabrics
A bit coarse, as humor
2016 running mate Pence
Your World With Neil Cavuto carrier
Please, allow me
I am a very foolish fond old man speaker
Enigma Variations composer
Civilization and Its Discontents author
Aw, nuts!
Common palindromic text
Crazy, in a 2010 Shakira hit
"If you want to sulk, go right ahead"
Faucet brand
Rapper with the 1995 hit "I Wish"
She famously said "I'm single because I was born that way"
Going out with a hot model?
Rarer than rare
Non-PC sort
Trouble getting started
"Look who's being catty!"
Piece of brunch-making equipment
In the offing
Gentle rising and falling, of a sort
Like Y's
Exercised control over
Small lollipops with collectible wrappers
What a goose may stand on
Frustrating exchange
Lacking courtesy
Late Jurassic, e.g.
Modern brain-scanning procedure, for short
Object of controversial hunts
Soil scientist's measure
Comment made with an eye roll
"Ha ha, what a dork!"
The Devil, e.g.
Regional IDs
Currency in 15-Across
Brand once pitched with the slogan "You're soaking in it"
Needing guidance
Kennedy who won a Medal of Freedom
Twisting the knife, say
Noah of "ER"
"No ___!" ("Sure thing!")
Insurance company symbol
Batting a thousand, say
It's around a foot
One rarely seen outside its shell?
Like distant stars
Grab (onto)
It's a natural
March Madness conclusion
Breakfast offering
Animal whose name is derived from the Latin for "ghosts"
Drone base
Very dark
Move very freely
Block at an airport, perhaps
Title for Romulus
He played Moe Greene in "The Godfather"
Two cents' worth
Capital where "hello" is pronounced "johm riab sua"
Section of a golf bag
Got smart

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