de plume

Zoo observation gadget

Yves' yes


Words behind Lincoln?

With 65-Across, malt shop accountant's calculation?

Versatile type in medicine, briefly


Used as security, in a way

Travel with a pack

Tony winner Judith

Time when all farms used plow-pulling oxen?

Thrusting blade

Theater section

Texter's 'Yikes!'

Temple with an upcurved roof

Still-life subjects


Starchy tuber

Stagecoach roller

Square quartet

Sortable information source

Soda jerk's course of study?

Soccer superstar

Small ending

Site of the U.S. continent's geographical midpoint

Singer Lauper

Shoe-wiping spot

Shell game, say

See 62-Across

Science major's cost

Satirize the screwball?

Sampling of songs

River to the Ohio

Quebec's __ Peninsula


Promise qualifier

Proceed tediously


Pound foot

Portuguese-speaking capital

Portrait of a libertine?

Popular connection point

Poor mark

Pastel shade

Passé reception aid

Order from a stool

Once around

Old Pisa dough

North African capital

No-trade policy

Newton trio



Mountain myth

Mom, dad, sibs, etc

Mini-albums, for short

Marathoner's concern

Man cave art


Like some seals

Like a soufflé

Language spoken by Jesus

Labor bill unit

Jason's ship

Japanese chip maker

Its pH is more than 7

It helps some singers see the choir leader


Indefinite period

Ill-gotten gains


Host before and after O'Brien

High-tech workers

Hickok's last hand, so it's said

Hefty Cinch__ bags

HDTV part, for short

Hair ringlet


Group with the albums 'Aqua' and 'Aria'


Golf course meas

Gets incensed

Geographical symbol of Middle America

Former U.N. leader Hammarskjöld

Fla. coastal city

Financing nos


Eur. republic since 1944

Eric Cartwright's nickname

Eponymous virologist

Enter again


Disapproving sounds

Dietary stds


Dessert option

Department with a scale

Decide not to

Cousin of com


Cold War spy gp


Civil things: Abbr

City near the Tappan Zee Bridge

Cholesterol letters

Central beginning

Cellphone feature

Celebrate an anniversary, with 'out'

Cath. church VIP

Calendar col

Building beam

Brown, often

Brit's beauty shop

Boston College athletes

Boat, or the tool that moves it

Billboard __ 100

Biblical prophet


Before, in verse

Beat the wheat

Beach building aid

Battle of vampire slayers?

Baseball Hall of Famer Wagner

Barely eats

Barak who succeeded Netanyahu

Bandleader Tito

Band of vipers' rhythm section?

Baked potato topping

B or C of the Spice Girls

Autumn bloom

Ararat lander

Angler's slang?

After-dinner request

A thousand's hundred

1954 Ford debut

'__ plaisir!'

'__ directed'


'Now just a darn minute!'

'No prob'

'Nightfall' story writer

''Dash away' yourself, Santa! We're tired!'? - See more at:



__ sauce (seafood topping)

__ Lingus

[Not my error]

Wrist gadget

Wonka's creator


Whom Rick calls ''kid''

Whirlpool sister brand

What clippers are called

Western alliance: Abbr

Went bad

Wander away

Wagner heroine

Vice __ (conversely)

USPS assignment

Use too much

Upscale auto



TV dog trainer Millan

Tropical fruits


Toy suitability stat

Thinks the world of

Thing in a comb




Suspect's out


Storage rentals

Stock up on

Stay out of sight

Starting squads

Start of the 10th century

Song-holding gadgets

Some like it hot


Slurpee alternative

Slangy suffix

Skew subtly

Singapore's locale

Security issue

Seafood serving

Screenplay assignments

Scolding sound

Says ''Hi'' to

Saudi neighbor

Reggae relative

Ranch measure

Qatar's capital

Pour, as port

Porch furniture material

Place of safety

Piano tuner's talent

Physicist's study

Permit to enter

Pathway for some pioneers

Pathway for some commuters

Party spread

Pack beasts

Pac-12 team


Novelist McEwan

Nothing, in Mexico

Not worth arguing about

Nobles' emblems

New Haven collegians

Nautical direction

Most spooky

Misspeak, say

Malicious or miserly

Make one's move

Loud outburst

Lose it


Lima, for instance

Leaving nothing behind

Last year's frosh

Kind of coaster


Jazz trumpeter Sandoval

Jazz singer Carmen

James of ''The Blacklist''



In most instances

HS srs.' exams

Hobbyist's wood

Himalayan nation

High-end desktop brand

Hieroglyphics animal

Hidden hazards

Helps with the dishes

Hard to come by

Grp. of CPR experts

Grazing area

Girl Scout group

Get exactly right

Get better

German article

Former Disney chief

Folk singer Guthrie

FBI employees

East Berlin was its cap

Dinghy implement

Danish port

Custard concoction

Cultural funding org

Cultivating tool

Cosmetics-counter purchase

Cordon bleu ingredient

Cookbook author Paula

Consoling phrase

Clawed crawler

Citi Field mascot

Chessboard piece

Cathedral seating

California winery name

Caesar's rebuke

Business partners, at times

Brit's vacation

Briny expanse

Brewery shipments

Bond's first film foe

Battlefield healer

Ballet move

Aware of

Astronaut Collins


Aquarium fish

Anti-censorship org

Actress Jessica

Actress Davis

1953 Biblical epic

''The Highwayman'' poet

''That's awful!''

''That's a scream!''

''No doubt about it!''

''National Lampoon's Vacation'' star

''Monster-in-Law'' star

''Dilbert'' drawer

''Cutthroat Kitchen'' competitor

''Bridge of Spies'' actor

''As Good as It Gets'' Oscar winner 

crosswords puzzle answers 11/09/2016

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