Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART B11.09.2016

Wrinkle maker
Willingly avoids meals
Where Marco Polo explored
Stereotypical artists hat
Ubiquitous lotion ingredient
South American monkey
Set the date, in a way
Sacrifice between the lines
Put an edge on
Providing details of current events
Pin ones hopes (on)
Prepare, as leftovers
Prepare to pull the trigger
Poker chip, sometimes
Part of two sts.
Part of an escalator
New Jersey city
Music-score sign
More than a gofer
Zoo observation gadget
Many Colorado tourists
Words behind Lincoln?
Mammals coat
With 65-Across, malt shop accountant's calculation?
Makes a soccer faux pas
Versatile type in medicine, briefly
Make like a snake
Used as security, in a way
Travel with a pack
Like some old buckets
Tony winner Judith
Kind of wave
Time when all farms used plow-pulling oxen?
Kind of thermometer
Temple with an upcurved roof
It may be near a slide
Still-life subjects
It can cause quite a bang
Sortable information source
Heep created by Dickens
Soda jerk's course of study?
Gulf off the coast of Yemen
Small ending
Site of the U.S. continent's geographical midpoint
Shoe-wiping spot
Science major's cost
Satirize the screwball?
Sampling of songs
Have nothing to do with
River to the Ohio
Quebec's __ Peninsula
Guided a gondola
Gold and frankincense complement
Proceed tediously
Portuguese-speaking capital
Get ready to drive
Foolhardy and hasty
Final words (var.)
Far from chic
Fall short
Englands national art gallery
Donors offering
Disorderly, fussy outbursts
Desperate, as straits
Constructs, as a building
Community standards
Common grain unit
Popular connection point
Passé reception aid
Portrait of a libertine?
Cochise, famously
Cardinals residence
Order from a stool
Break stone
Be theatrical
Attempt, in slang
Allowed by the courts
After-dinner roll?
What goes around, comes around, e.g.
Sesame Street resident
Gabriel lead-in
Billboard __ 100
Group with the albums Aqua and Aria
Fla. coastal city
Fla. coastal city
Golf course meas
Get incensed
Old Pisa dough
Geographical symbol of Middle America
North African capital
Former U.N. leader Hammarskjold
No-trade policy
Mom, dad, sibs, etc
Financing nos
Eur. republic since 1944
Eric Cartwrights nickname
Eponymous virologist
Enter again
Disapproving sounds
Mini-albums, for short
Marathoner's concern
Dietary stds.
Like some seals
Like a soufflé
Language spoken by Jesus
Its pH is more than 7
Dessert option
Japanese chip maker
Department with a scale
It helps some singers see the choir leader
Decide not to
Indefinite period
Cousin of com
Cold War spy gp
Civil things: Abbr
City near the Tappan Zee Bridge
Wrangler rival
Central beginning
Used a trowel and a float, perhaps
Celebrate an anniversary, with out
Team connection?
Cath. church VIP
Staccato's opposite
Brown, often
Shrek's pal, voiced by Eddie Murphy
Rolling stone's lack
Rival campaign phrase to 'All the Way with Adlai'
Boat, or the tool that moves in
Rachel Platten hit of 2015
Queen of Spain
Prefix meaning 'spiral'
Before, in verse
Negroni component
Beat the wheat
Little green fellows
List-ending letters
Like merengue or kompa
Intersecting points
Gave, as an endowment
Formal confirmation
Five with a sixth, sometimes
Familiar name for 'An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake, N.Y.'
Emmy winner for 'Three's Company'
Eisenhower's boyhood home
Ear-related prefix
Does a double take, say
Destined to fail
Butler from Scotland
Bird akin to a warbler
'The roof of the world'
'Dirty' DeNiro role
'Cleanup on aisle two' tool
Wind-direction device
Vote seeker, for short
Visa alternative, for short
Truckers toll unit
Tennis great who wrote Off the Court
Still undecided, plus one?
Soak in the tub
Shirt with a slogan
Semi component
Sandbox item
Road-surfacing stuff
Restaurant critic Greene
Records, as a race time
Plumped-up rooster
Pirates punishment unit
Battle of vampire slayers?
Off ones rocker
PC command under file
Baseball Hall of Famer Wagner
Barely eats
Metro ride cost
March 17 slogan word
Barak who succeeded Netanyahu
Make into mush
Now just a darn minute
Macbeths burial isle
1954 Ford debut
A thousands hundred
Like bar snacks
Band of vipers rhythm section?
In the cargo hold
Had the advantage
Grid great Dawson
Bandleader Tito
Gym rats six-pack
Gorged out, plus one?
G-men and T-men
Baked potato toppinh
Genologists measure
B or C of the Spice Girls
Garlands worn with aloha shirts
Autumn bloom
Ararat leader
Feel in ones bones
Anglers slang?
Fashion editor Wintour
Done in, as a dragon
After-dinner request
Danced to 1940s jazz, perhaps
A thousands hundred
Cryptographers studies
1954 Ford debut
Now just a darn minute
Couldnt help but
No prob
Christ with three Wimbledon wins
Nightfall story writer
Checkered Indy item
Caffeinated mixer
Dash away yourself, Santa! Were tired!?
Bit of dialogue
Berry-yielding palm
Beach acquisitions
Bake-off appliance
D. (drug pro's deg.)
Babras Funny Girl costar
sauce (seafood topping)
Assault from Moe
[Not my error]
As a lark, plus one?
Wrist gadget
Anti-narcotics org.
52-Down material, often
Wonka's creator
Whom Rick calls ''kid''
Whirlpool sister brand
100 ore, in Norway
What clippers are called
sci (college major, informally)
Western alliance: Abbr
Clemente (Nixon retreat)
Wander away
Vice __ (conversely)
Under glass entrée
Thats a joke, __! (Foghorn Leghorn line)
Use too much
Remington __ (1980s series)
TV dog trainer Millan
Hello singer
__ So Fine (Chiffons hit)
Toy suitability stat
Thinks the world of
Thing in a comb
Suspect's out
Stock up on
Stay out of sight
Start of the 10th century
Song-holding gadgets
Some like it hot
Qatar's capital
Pour, as port
Skew subtly
Singapore's locale
Screenplay assignments
Says ''Hi'' to
Qatar's capital
Pour, as port
Porch furniture material
Place of safety
Piano tuner's talent
Permit to enter
Pathway for some pioneers
Pathway for some commuters
Pack beasts
Nothing, in Mexico
Not worth arguing about
Nobles' emblems
New Haven collegians
Most spooky
Misspeak, say
Malicious or miserly
Lima, for instance
Make one's move
Loud outburst
Leaving nothing behind
Jazz trumpeter Sandoval
Last year's frosh
Kind of coaster
Jazz singer Carmen
James of ''The Blacklist''
In most instances
HS srs.' exams
Girl Scout group
Helps with the dishes
Get better
High-end desktop brand
Hard to come by
Grp. of CPR experts
Grazing area
Get exactly right
Former Disney chief
Folk singer Guthrie
East Berlin was its cap
Dinghy implement
Danish port
Cultural funding org
Cosmetics-counter purchase
Cordon bleu ingredient
Cookbook author Paula
Clawed crawler
Citi Field mascot
Chessboard piece
Cathedral seating
Brewery shipments
California winery name
Business partners, at times
Brit's vacation
Bond's first film foe
Ballet move
Aware of
Anti-censorship org
''The Highwayman'' poet
''That's awful!''
''That's a scream!''
''No doubt about it!''
''National Lampoon's Vacation'' star
''Monster-in-Law'' star
''Dilbert'' drawer
''Cutthroat Kitchen'' competitor
''Bridge of Spies'' actor
''As Good as It Gets'' Oscar winner

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