Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 15.09.2016

Without any significance
Vertical, while sailing
Untidy condition
Trailed no one
Too bizarre to understand
Threw rocks at
Thing worn at Aspen
Successfully market used goods
Reptile that will put the squeeze on you
Popular savings vehicle
Program interrupters
One of two on an automobile
Old lab burner
Not to be missed, as a TV show
Not suitable for use
Nitrous ___ (laughing gas)
Mr. Clay before he was Muhammad
More likely to deceive
Major U.S. network
Like glass windows
Late actor Ledger
It's the best policy, it's said
Household pet
Highly illogical situations
He preceded Jack as president
Grimacing look
Gave stars to 
Flower cluster
Fastball speed detector
Fabric with a wavelike design
Essential oil from roses
Do an impression of
Disney mermaid
YouTube video lead-ins, often 
Common Hawaiian dish
What one might need to appreciate this puzzle? 
Commandment violation
Cheese and bread go-with
Usually black vehicle 
Capitol Hill person
Unpleasant sorts 
Capital of Belarus
Truce talk 
Campus military org
Browning achievement?
Trim in Photoshop 
Broadway musical "___ Mia!"
Tin Woodman’s worry 
Bring about, as suspicion
They’re caught at the beach 
Ambulance sound
Teachers’ favorites 
Afternoon drink, for many
Talking stuffed bear of movies 
Accustom, as to hardship
Starting from 
"Lymph" follower
Speedy Gonzales cry 
Pop (2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee)
Snooze stopper 
Will Smith biopic
nitrate (blood vessel dilator)
With 57-Across, 'It's all so confusing to me!'
Skier’s way up 
Shows disdain for 
Where to find Blue Jays and Orioles, briefly
Scuba spot 
Wayne western of 1970
Vinyl purchases, for short
Vegas crime show
The sun, in Seville
Some religious artworks
Signs of success, on B'way
Sights for sore eyes, in the Sahara
Showing chutzpah
River to the English Channel
Reply of feigned innocence
Ideal find on eHarmony 
Pay stub info, briefly
One of Goldie's 'Laugh-In' costars
Low-cut shoe 
Make ends meet?
Patterned sock 
Schiller’s “__ to Joy 
Like runs on a diamond, usually
Like many a couple
Resort at the base of Mont Blanc 
Recue from a shelter 
Lightbulb, in comic strips
Racetrack town in Surrey 
Largest Catholic fraternal org
Place for a BLT 
It may take your breath away
Pin adjacent to a gutter 
Giant slugger Mel
Fitting for a furnace, perhaps
Doing some postal work
Online chats, for short 
Dir. from Milan to Munich
Nominated for office 
Mummy’s place 
Milo of “The Verdict 
Dear fellow, to a Brit
Baker and Beale (abbr.)
Classic detergent brand
Like a clay pot 
Layers of large green eggs 
Large bird of the Andes 
Auction bid, at times
Just __ (not much) 
It’s on the house 
'Waking ___ Devine' (1998 film)
Atlanta cable inits
Annual campus celebration
Home to the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop 
Annual, as Mediterranean winds
Hide-hair connector 
'70s film that garnered Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars
Gen-__ (boomers’ kids) 
Garfield’s droolung pal 
Font option (Abbr.) 
Enjoy, as benefits 
Draw out, as a response 
Dehydrated ruler of the Land of Sweets in “The Nutcracker”? 
Dehydrated fruit from northeast France? 
Dehydrated banjo player from Kentucky? 
Dance in a grass skirt 
Coward’s lack, figuratively 
Chopin’s “Butterfly” or “Revolutionary 
Chinese martial art 
Capital on a fjord 
California flag animal 
Bylaws, in brief 
Berry in dietary supplements 
Be a Nosy Parker 
Basis for soup 
Bar pickup 
Await a decision 
Arrive by plane 
Arraignment entry 
Alan of “M*A*S*H” 
Meadow drops
Course with leaves
Part of a Wall St. address
Banks with a statue at Wrigley Field
Links hazard
1998 Winter Olyympics city 
Wartime award
Last Week Tonight 
It’s on the record
“I didn’t know that!” 
Computers that travel well
Brokeback Mountain” director Lee 
Many an Indian fan
Take for a sucker
Kitchen amt
Kwik-E-Mart clerk
Observation with a sigh
Abundance in the cheerleading squad
Warning sign in the Rockies
Honda Fit competitor
Feverish bouts
29-state country
Work that may be imposed with a prison sentence
Fur-loving de Vil
Bitter green in mixed greens
Many a beach rental
Part of an autumn stash
Quetzalcoatl worshipers
Lacks choices
Outlook messages
Refuse to, with “at”
Like a neglected garden
Torah cabinets
Some skinny jeans
Heated contest, in more ways than one
Humorist Barry
Algerian seaport
Airline known for tight security
Storied monsters
Bugs’ voice
Big name in golf clubs
Roll dipped in wasabi
Sauce made with pine nuts
Mama bear, in Baja
Speaker’s stand or what each set of circled squares graphically represents
Afghan capital
Words after save or take
First name in scat
Sloth and envy
Short fiction
She played Jackie on “Nurse Jackie”
Eleventh hour
Screen image or screen idol
Truly impress
Typical office expense 
Vermont resort 
Word before panel or power 
Volatile stuff, for short 
Title bestowed on John and Jagger 
The munchies, for instance 
TBS talk show 
Symbol of defiance 
Subtle quality 
Time for a grease monkey 
Singer/actress Lotte 
Tense talk, often 
Reigns at a music hall 
Scenery chewer 
Takeover attempt 
Polonium discoverer FRIGATE
Singer Carly __ Jepsen 
Wand representer, in myth 
Visa offering 
Veto in the French legislature 
Trio who released the 1994 album “Under the Pink” 
Trap #3 
Trap #2 
SAT venue 
Trap #1 to solving this puzzle 
Mila of ''Black Swan'' 
MLB execs 
SAT section 
Sassiness, for short 
River to the Caspian 
Predator of seals 
Taste of Mexico 
Player of Obi-Wan 
Rifts in the family, say 
Paths to hangars 
Trains for an N.H.L. game, say 
Pakistani tongue 
Mrs. Jupiter 
Tab material 
Stops to get a massage 
Milne baby 
Steered, today 
Shop houses 
Roster in 63-Across 
Lake source of the Mississippi 
Roved unpredictably 
ID confirmer of a sort 
Guildenstern, in ''Hamlet'' 
Resist in the White House 
GSUSA unit 
Pan sound 
Regal volume 
First-discovered asteroid 
Flower in some fragrances 
Reform transportation secretary 
Procured for many big 2000s comedies 
Fruity compounds in beer 
Pipes purchase of 2001 
Flatten, as flannels 
Nailed, for short 
Nights that high schoolers obsess over 
Nepal V.I.P. 
Financial market average 
Logs through water 
Insets may be filled with them 
Fancy jug 
Medical points, e.g. 
F as in ''f-stop'' 
Manila alternative, in a guessing game 
Exit hastily 
Mane seen around the farm 
Do not exist 
Loco sort 
Diamond, long ago 
Clever commenter 
Lima expense 
Black & Decker rival 
Isabel of mathematics fame 
Curry favor with 
Ink of elite type 
Hose purchase 
Hips that can move quickly 
Heads seen on Halloween 
Clarifying phrase 
Hassles in a bowling alley 
Harm in Democratic politics 
British sculptor 
Harem show on HBO 
Brita alternative 
Hadji group, briefly 
Gilded smoothly 
Big name in wrap 
Gaiter locales, for short 
Freight of ancient Greece 
Bee product 
Folgers concern 
Eager (to) 
Bank deposit of a sort 
Drainage, e.g. 
Balky beast 
Dairy unit 
Aruba's group 
Curie’s partner, once 
Add fuel to 
Croat who won an Academy Award in 1999 
23rd Psalm affirmation
Courses that get you down? 
Clan from the ocean 
Causal negative 
Anoint in the western Pacific 
Abhors material for making toys 
Xanadu's owner 
Where Petruchio meets Katherina 
Went unused 
Was inventive 
Ticket imposition 
Staffer at a Skye hotel? 
Square of Miracles city 
Spiny-leaved plants 
Supreme authority? 
Smiley on PBS 
School subj 
Radio broadcasters 
Salsa choice 
Ripe quality 
Polo piece 
Parish leader 
Organ bank section? 
One may be related to you 
Nut case 
Mirage machines 
Neatnik's horror 
Made for the hills 
Name shouted by Joey Starrett in a 1953 western 
Mound item 
Like lords 
Lamb pseudonym 
Klutz's lack 
Kirkuk currency 
Key near G 
It's good for gondoliers 
Iron production 
Inspiration destination 
Geom. solid 
ID tags on turbans? 
Gray matter?: Abbr 
Gran Canaria, por ejemplo 
Gofer's assignment 
Go under 
From Bangkok or Beijing 
Flutes, e.g 
Flirty person 
Filthy film 
Didn't ignore 
Deck quartet 
Criticize savagely 
Course pro? 
Corp.'s fiscal guru 
Colombian port 
Carolina singers 
Big name at the 1976 Montreal Olympics 
Belt at the bar 
Attempt to equal 
Advice from a relationship counselor, perhaps 
Adamant refusal 
Abductee's holder 
'Faster Than Lightning ' autobiographer 
'Coming Home' star 
Port-au-Prince's nation 
Oscar winner Norma 
Marked, as a survey box 
Make fun of 
Looked high and low 
Like some shirt collars 
Like some bonuses 
Friend of Dopey 
Bissett of 'Melrose Place' 

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