Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 25.09.2016

X on the NYSE
Trattoria treat
Super Bowl party snacks, perhaps
Start of something
Stable employee
Some radio bands
Some convertibles
Some bent pipes
Smart with smartphones
Singer with the Starliters
Shopping network
Salami and pastrami
Sainted pope of the 11th century
Roger or Samuel
Response to an oversharer
Remark from someone getting by
Reddish-brown minerals
Precarious place at the circus
Pranced playfully
Potential lemon
Parting gifts?
NFL knee injury letters
One not likely to be the first in line
One left holding the bag
On the ocean floor, say
Merchant of music
Marks in Spanish class
Many losers have one
Like some breezes
Lead, as a meeting
It’ll help circulation
It may be going
Has another fit
Good name for a chef
Getting things done well, briefly
Funnyman Foxx
Escalator feature
Enablers of WWW access
Destroy the interior of
Designates for delivery of
Dentist, to some
Christian apparel
Branch of physics related to equilibrium
All the way over
911 responders in protective gear
2001 British open winner David
“Holy mackerel!”
“Death, Be Not Proud” poet
Lanka (Ceylon)
You-here separator
fast (caught in a race)
Warmed the bench
Wartime motivators
Virtually guaranteed, as a victory
Treetop dwelling
Some cheap hooch
Skimpy beach attire
Sheets of cotton
Present occasions
Prefix with "state"
Poppa's significant other
Moe, famously
John Hancock, famously
H.S. biology topic
Go up and down, as an apple
Gazed steadily and impolitely
Game with matchsticks
Yankee manager before Girardi 
Took a chance on 
Fireplace stands
Zachary Taylor’s canine nickname? 
Fairy-tale bridge minders
Even the score
English exam finale, often
Worth one star, perhaps 
Detested rodents
Corrosive in cells
Wilderness Road pioneer 
Confuses and entertains
Cheese fanciers
Usually deleted mail 
Catcher's offering
Chasers, at times
Traffic ticket datum 
Camembert's kin
Took measures 
Cabin location, often
Botanical swelling
Blurred, as a signature
Bartender on TV's Pacific Princess
Baker's sweet
Tend to a holey 32-Down 
Arboretum item
Stuck, like a shish kebab 
19th letter of the Greek alphabet
10 of calendars, briefly
Starting jigsaw puzzle piece, usually 
"You don't mean me?"
"Dallas" role
Spherical bacterium, briefly 
Sonny and Cher were one 
Some sausages, for short 
Some eligible receivers 
Snorer’s disorder, maybe 
Ship’s spine 
Salary max 
Scandal sheet filler 
Roadside stopovers 
Respond to reveille 
Put on hold 
Polo and Marco Polo 
Nursery product bought in rolls 
North Pole inventory 
Jimi Hendrix’ do 
Jeff Davis’ men 
Heifer’s call 
Hatches of “Desperate Housewives 
Grilled Tex-Mex offering 
Green Gables girl 
God with a hammer 
Give a boost to 
Foo Fighters frontman Dave 
Fireplace ash, e.g. 
Final Four contest, briefly 
Enjoy a 39-Down 
Eagles guitarist Walsh 
E-__ (something to “vape” with) 
Draws in 
2001 Will Smith biopic 
Deep fissure 
Deck cleaner 
Conclude by reasoning 
Catchers’ needs 
Car radio buttons 
Canine Prokofiev composition? 
Canine Obie Award candidate? 
Cake mix direction 
Burr-Hamilton battle 
Basis for a hand puppet 
Barre bend 
18-Down, e.g 
Pet (novelty plant) 
Forest (WWI battle site) 
Canyon (Utah attraction) 
Bingle (Crosby) 
O Sole 
Sow chow 
With 53 Down, carnival performer 
souci (carefree) 
buco (veal dish) 
Wispy clouds 
Wintour of fashion 
Wearing boots, perhaps 
Walked (on) 
Vocal cords, so to speak 
Virtuous one 
Unfit for farming 
Uncle Remus title 
TV, newspapers, etc 
TV filter 
Treasure seeker's find 
Time on a marquee 
Tech support customers 
Tacks on 
Sudden twitch 
Successful on one's own 
Sort of seaweed 
Soft tennis shot 
Skin-cream additive 
Out of energy 
Single-beat symbol, often 
Sherlock's female adversary 
Seine city, in song 
S.O.S rival 
Prefix meaning ''outer'' 
Prefix like uni 
Pool-hall cube 
Political columnist Molly 
Play for time 
Passports, for instance 
Parts of some portfolios 
Paramount franchise 
One way to mark errors 
Once more from the top 
Offer one's view 
Off-the-wall sound 
Of punishment 
Of liters and kilos 
Novelist Follett 
NFL or NL team nickname 
Move gingerly 
More innovative 
Metaphor for time 
Many Louvre paintings 
Hang out 
High schoolers with many friends 
Inflatable party rental 
Make a run for it 
Make a faux pas 
Made it home 
Loud, as a crowd 
Leg muscles, for short 
Land on the Caspian 
Knew intuitively 
Having much land 
Halifax, Nova 
DiCaprio's love in ''Titanic'' 
Easter-egg event 
Fast-food beverage 
Gallop or canter 
Excitingly fashionable 
Europop and polkas 
Endangered Asian cat 
Embassy issuance 
Uses a keyboard 
Youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate __ Yousafzai 
Storied firefighter Red 
Yeshiva reference 
Divest (of) 
Work the crowd 
Stadium section 
With 96­Across, bad thing to be caught in 
Davis of ''Thelma & Louise'' 
Where to see runners
Wave parts 
Starbucks offering 
Boggy area 
Where many races are run 
D.C. subway 
Way out 
Cuisine with green curry 
Couple's reaffirmation 
Vocal syllable 
Saudi money 
Versace headquarters 
Country singer Tillis 
Unexpected, in a way 
Common London forecast 
Touches the clouds 
Common computer typeface 
Tips that are often dropped 
City of Tuscany 
Stud starter 
Chose, with ''for'' 
Campaign funding orgs 
Brings in 
Spaniel, for one 
Bread machine cycle 
Bouncy tune 
Snow house 
Serena Williams has been its year­end #1 player since 2013 
Blacken on a grill 
Rock singer Mann 
Bent over, as a page corner 
Remington of ’80s TV 
Beetlike vegetables 
Reaction to an insult, maybe 
Pulls a Charmin shenanigan, briefly 
PreCheck org. 
Prankster’s cry 
Bean's clothing competitor 
Place for skeletons? 
Ballpark instrument 
Place for emoji 
Pesky swarm 
Bagel-like roll 
Per unit 
At lunch, say 
Peace Nobelist Root 
Parlor order 
And others: Abbr 
Palindromic plus­size model 
Advantageous aspect 
Overtime causes 
Odor source 
Oscar winner Poitier 
Actress Ladd or Lane 
Online handle 
A Bolivian capital 
Not bright, as colors
3-D scans 
Newspapers, radio, etc. 
2016 presidential candidate 
Name on the range 
Morales of “Criminal Minds” 
''You might see me doing that'' 
Model S automaker 
Microsoft : Cortana :: Apple : __ 
''Skyfall'' studio 
''The Mikado,'' e.g 
''Mad Men'' channel 
''In my opinion . . .'' 
It starts at love 
''Gimme a refill'' 
Many are named for presidents 
Many a Jordanian 
Mama of pop 
Magic, on sports tickers 
Madness may involve one 
Lye, in the lab 
Like some justice 
Layered haircut 
It starts at love 
Istanbul coins 
Ice cream alternative, casually 
Hunting guide of a sort 
Home of Spaceship Earth 
Holey bread 
Hit the runway 
Fragrant necklaces 
Hanging out, say 
Flower from the Greek for “star” 
Call of the wild 
Flier with striped wings 
Group concerned with aging 
Family members? 
Gobbles up 
Gloria of pop 
Equine color patterns 
Fanta size 
Exercises on a path 
Ex­Cub Sandberg 
Elec., e.g. 
Don Juan’s love 
Dallas­to-Memphis dir. 
Crime scene barrier 
Crop in a lab, say 
Corporate identifier whose symbol is common to nine other puzzle answers 
Combat vet’s affliction 
Burdens for horses 
Comics read vertically 
Ashamed admission 
Column of numbers 
Coffee shop amenity 
Choker part 
Click sources 
China problem 
Cherry throwaway 
Cast lead­in 
Bread sometimes dipped in dal 
Bistro bigwig 
Bauhaus artist 
Barcelona­born surrealist 
Anxious med. condition 
Alternative to Samoas 
25­Across CEO Musk 
__ Army: Palmer’s fans 
“We’ll always have __”: Rick, to Ilsa, in “Casablanca” 
“Utopia” author 
“The Princess Bride” co­star 
“Take your time” 
“Social Studies” author Lebowitz 
“Oh, puh­leeze!” 
“King Kunta” rapper Kendrick __ 
“I Am __”: recent Jenner documentary 
“Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” channel 
“Fueling Good” gas brand 
“Four Quartets” poet 
“Do the __!” 
“A long time __ in a galaxy … “ 
Chigurh, villain in No Country for Old Men 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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