Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A27.09.2016

Word with front or free
Whirled and hurled weapons
Where akitas are from
When doubled, a dance
Trip to the airport, perhaps
That slug wont get you on the subway!?
Susans costar in Thelma & Louise
Stress for many students
Some Staples supplies
Smashing success
Revealing message?
Property recipient, in law
Person audibly in distress
Oscar winner for Moonstruck
Noted conductor Kurt
Mandlikova of tennis fame
M*A*S*H role, familiarly
Local boundaries?
Last until the wee hours
It may be trimmed at a nursery
Ill have another
Hotel amenities, often
Hockey pucks and golf balls, say?
Groening who created The Simpsons
Getting some new jackrabbits?
Gets back into shape
Florida vacation spot, informally
Flapjack locales, familiarly
Film barbarian
Constitutional justification for sleeveless garments?
Caleb who wrote The Alienist
Cowboys locale, informally
Backwoods brawler
Ancient pillager
Anger, and then some
Adrian Monk or Hercule Poirot (abbr.)
Activity with flying and catching
Weed uprooter
Winter vehicle
What this is
Utter confusion
Utilize hip boots
Thing you can't make when bald
Some farm females
Some Boston pros, briefly
Smallest detectable sensation
Secure one's shoes
Seal hunter
Place for a literary catcher
Particular breath mint
Really great tidings
One who goes for the gold?
Old knockout gas
Not open or ajar
Move one's tail
Mechanical man or woman
Man famed by elevators
Male Madison Ave. employee
Make untidy, as hair
Long, narrow strips
Kitchen features
Italian bowling game
Irate (with "off")
Gorbachev's policy
Gambler's "lady"
Expanded essay
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Double-reed instruments
Display a public notice
Cut dramatically, as prices
Chinese currency
Carpentry leveler
Amble all over
Carpenter's machine
180 on the road
115-pound brawlers
"Us" or "them," in competitions
"New Guinea" starter
Xanax and Valium, slangily
Wray of King Kong
Word that may follow the last word in 17-, 37- and 61-Across
What one on a winning streak may have
TV host-turned-New Ager John
Tossed in a chip
Three-card __ (con game)
The Diamond State (Abbr.)
Tabloid monster
Stencil user, perhaps
Smartphone-holding gadget
Rug buyers concern
Rival of Skippy and Peter Pan
Richard who succeeded Gene Siskel
Removed from competition, informally
One of the winemaking Gallos
Oft-rebellious group
Oath response
Miners of the NCAA
Lindley of Threes Company
Is gaga over
Hard to grab onto
Hairy Himalayans
Gathering clouds, to some
Gather, logically
From a reliable source
Former Vice President Barkley
Doff ones derby
Dairy item made by bacterial fermentation
Creature-crammed craft
Cowpokes prod
Charles played by Foxx
Bollywoods home
Ben Stillers mother Anne
Barbecue restaurant appliance
Average guy
Asylum seeker, maybe
Assayers material
Armchair athletes channel
Alumna bio word
All bent out of shape
now (so far)
Mike (pitching machine)
doble (Spanish dance)
and Magog (biblical enemy force)
Stormy seabird
Back to you
All bets are off!
__ er there!
avail (useless)
Wood-cutting tools
With browned bread
Stitches together
Sedan or coupe
Revealing, as a remark
Rainbow shape
Play's beginning
Place for mascara
Open-top laundry holder
Indy 500 entrant
Has some success
Grade-school playtime
Eeyore's bear friend
Desert caravan stop
Deep-red gem
Call attention to
Bestow good upon
At the pinnacle of
''Chicken noodle'' course
Item in a cafeteria stack
Mouth, in slang
Someone who'll give you a hand
High-end market, or a punny hint to the starred answers
Wile E. Coyote buys his from Acme
Verse writer
Under the weather
The U.S. joined it in 1917
Stereo precursor
Sang in a barbershop quartet
Relay needs
Ready for skinny-dipping
High-end market, or a punny hint to the starred answers
Prospecting find
Poetic praise
Pig's digs
Pencil core
Mississippi's biggest tributary
Minimum amount
Kind of frenzy
Evil Queen's disguise in 'Snow White'
Indian city formerly known as Madras
Important date for Brutus
Hourly pay
Horse race finish
Hike up
Famed lab assistant
Gun, as an engine
Garment for Brutus
Folk's Baez
Fitbit tally
Fireplace remnant
Financially viable
Fast-running bird
Drainpipe bend
They may be topped with schmears
Elusive giant of legend
Crude gp
Craft built from gopher wood
Convention center event
Common cat rescue spot
Clear Eyes competitor
Chaotic situation
They may be topped with schmears
Brand with earbuds
Bowstring sounds
Black Tuesday event
Avoid honesty
Reuben ingredient
Start of a recuperative word ladder ending at 73-Across
Socially unacceptable
Seeking victory
Service symbolized by a blue-and-white eagle
Attention-getting whisper
App for 'Game of Thrones' watchers
'You are so right!'
Reporters coups
Trumpeter Al
The Mexica people ruled over them
Wires for thrill-seekers
Writer Fleming and others
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner
Hybrid pastries created by Dominique Ansel
Girl Scout cookies also called Caramel deLites
Cereal whose green pieces were added in 1998
The whole enchilada
Brand with an 'Uh-Oh!' jingle
The Fed, for example
Taiwan-based computer maker
Subway station sighting
Rocks or diamonds
Relating to 51-Down
Pres. Jefferson
Place to get outta, in a saying
Part 5 of the word ladder
Part 3 of the word ladder
Palindromic band name
Part 4 of the word ladder
Part 2 of the word ladder
Orbital high points
Not book-smart
No. on a periodic table
Morsel for an aardvark
Madame Tussaud material
Judge Goodman of Dancing With the Stars
If you drop this youll trip
Hyundai model
How to avoid becoming 1-Across, so they say
Houston ballplayer
Heading for Marco Polo
God, in Roma
German autos
General ___ (name on a Chinese menu)
Fr. honorees
Former telecom giant
Football coach Jim
Fly over sub-Saharan Africa?
End of the word ladder
Cookies with a Double Stuf variety
Church bell sound
Capital of Senegal
Brand of bubbly, familiarly
Blue Jays, on scoreboards
Attach, as a patch
Are not! retort
Answerable with a head nod or shake
Andrea ___ (ill-fated ship)
Aid for getting 73-Across, so they say
A busy mom might keep a child in this
60 minuti
1000 or 2000, but not 0
Wide shoe width
White-tailed coastal bird
Valentine card hugs
Tropical fish with large peepers
Source of media revenue
Took part in a marathon
Theyre often passed on the road
Three on a sundial
Starting course
Sport, for ports: Abbr.
Reporters quintet of questions
Peau de __: satin-weave cloth
Rapper whose professional name sounds like a candy
Provide with funding
Prefix with friendly
Post-Cold War hierarchy and what is literally contained in the circled squares
Political refugee
Outoftheoffice assignment
Orange choices
Opinion columns
NYSE locale
Nonprofit URL ending
Nine-digit ID
Nancy Drew creator Carolyn
Muscat residents
LP measures
Mortar carriers
Marlins MLB div
Leave __ : reward the waiter
Lav, in Bath
Judaism : kosher :: Islam : __
Holiday threshold
High bond rating
Head to bed
H.S. 12thgraders
Geological epoch in which mammals arose
First female Shuttle pilot __ Collins
Explorer Ericson
Evergreen thats a homophone of a vowel
Dispensable candy
Copter predecessors
City southwest of Warsaw
Churchgoers If its meant to be
Chris of The Good Wife
Cake mix need
Cable box display
Brussels land: Abbr.
Blood pressure elevator
Blame taker
Baseball inst. in Cooperstown
Ask for Whiskas, perhaps
Another name for the gladiolus
Acid test outcome, possibly
Well, __ !: What an outrage!
Dont worry about me
__ it my way

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