Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 30.09.2016

Yankee Doodle’s ride 
Writer’s block ender 
Wrap in a blanket 
Work on cartoons 
Without a break 
Trouble terribly 
Tinseltown’s Turner 
Tidbit for a titmouse 
Throws in 
Television award since 1949 
Tebow known for “Tebowing” 
Sudden winds 
State whose mottp is “Industry” 
Soccer star Hamm 
Singing group with the 1962 hit “Beechwood 4-5789” with “the” 
Silica-based gems 
Rating on a gas pump 
Puts on the banks 
Prepare to fire again 
Practices in the ring 
Power pop band with the 1981 hit “867-5309/Jenny” 
Part of dance lesson 
On the briny 
Nuclear energy particle 
Neveland visitor 
Lossening, in a way 
Indiana politico Bayth 
Life of Riley 
Very old calculators
Villain in an old movie
Where "Frasier" was found
It may be toed or crossed 
Locker room group 
In all of history 
HDTV brand 
Legs, in old slang 
Like rock’s U2 
Unattractive fruit
Type of jacket
Key related to F maj. 
Type of heavy hammer
Three silly things
In the slightest 
Hi-hop group with the 1990 hit “911 is a joke” 
Surefooted mountain goat
Hid, like a card sharp 
Standard operating procedure
Shorten, as a photo
Protest activity, for some
Greek epic spanning 24 books 
Gasp for air 
Garment seen along the Ganges 
Present as evidence
Full-price prayers at movies 
Poker hand requirement
Parts of tennis matches
Card not used in pinochle 
Fatefull time for Caesar 
Old radio feature
Europe-Asia border river 
Not feeling even 50 percent
Newly elected politicians
Neighbor of Mexico
Doo-wop group __ Na Na 
Mythical debaucher
Crooner from Honolulu 
Makes tea, in a way
Cost of Bazooka bubble gum, once 
Convert from Swedish to Swahili, say 
Lymphoid tissues
Comical Costello 
Lingering sound effect
Catholic university in Chicago 
Kind of car
Catch by trickery 
Increase the workforce
Card not used in pinochle 
Gets more mature
Brought into the world 
Edible chicken part
Defender of Castle Grayskull
Couple no more
Chihuahua fare
Certain bun seed
Bring home after taxes 
Bodega wares 
Big name in polls 
Blemish on a chrome fender
Big band leader with the 1940 hit “Pennsylvania 6-5000” 
Be ill-humored
Appealed, as for mercy
Adhesive in a gun 
1982 Disney film partly set inside a computer 
"Will that be ___?"
“Waterloo” quartet 
“The Lion King” sound effect 
“Luncheon on the Grass” painter Edouard 
“Don’t move, Fido!” 
“Breathe Again” singer Braxton 
“All bets __ off!” 
“__ you read?” 
Words before “There’s more!”
Waves of grain hue
W on a light bulb
Unreliable sort
TV alien played by Robin Williams
Transposes digits, say
They may be called on account of rain
Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie __”
Spot for a mineral scrub
___ Thins (cookie variety) 
Word before number or blast 
Women of tomorrow 
With 44-Down, student driver? 
Venetian avenues 
Tricky move 
Tree marking 
Tom’s ‘Top Gun’ co-star 
The Cavaliers of the ACC 
Sword blocker 
Studio stand 
Start for something high 
Stands encouragement 
Sleep under the stars 
Shorts alternative 
Shoot the breeze 
Series of stops 
See 6-Down 
Second book of Naguib Mahfouz’s ‘Cairo Trilogy’ 
Remove the weak 
Person who may bomb, kill or slay 
Palindromic Idaho county 
Office Depot stack 
Red Halloween costume 
Southernmost Great Lake
Pick-sixes result in them 
Somebody’s Gotta Do It host Mike
Pavement for parkers 
Slumdog Millionaire country
Shake in one’s boots
Org. with a snaky logo 
One bicep curl, e.g 
School on the Thames
Sash usually finished with a decorative knot
Robert Cormier’s “The Chocolate __”
Note from a short person? 
Reaches, as a goal
Red dessert wine
Not home 
Rain like crazy
Quaint word of disapproval
Noisy boxful 
No longer here 
Montana city 
Put on the hot seat, in a way
Mendes of ‘Ghost Rider’ 
Paul’s partner in song
Makes more tolerable 
Paleo Diet nono’s
Oscarwinning director Kazan
Lose slack 
One who’s into rolling quarters?
Nestle brand sold in the western United States
Listen to 
One of a fairy­tale trio
Letters after a comma 
Kick around 
It might cause a draft 
Monument Valley land formation
Minnesota ballpar
Ibsen play mentioned in ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ 
Line of seats
Joan Didion piece
Holy struggle 
Letter between alpha and gamma
Gogol work that ends midsentence 
Jones who caught the final out of the “Miracle Mets” World Series
Gloss target 
Elbow room 
I __ thought of that!
Holder of tiny scissors
Habitat for clown fish
Dishonorable man 
Great distress
Flightless zoo bird
Firing range purchase
Connecticut’s ___ Whitney Museum 
Encyclopedia tidbit
Common water bottle size 
Chapel commitment 
Deplorable sort
Deep pockets, so to speak
Bridge concern 
Bit the dust 
Aristotle masterpiece 
Comparably recent
College transcript nos.
Blue Bloods extra
Biblical wife with no in­laws
Alternative to FedEx 
Alternative media digest since 1984
Alice Walker novel that won the Pulitzer Prize 
Beds National Monument
Agreement in Senegal 
as Folk (2000-’05 Showtime drama)
Accuse of negligence, perhaps 
Wine choice, for short
A good time 
What a Z might be
Town near Santa Fe
What ''Hamlet'' ends with
2004 Lu Jiamin novel about a student from 1960s Beijing 
The Missouri R. bisects it
‘Same for me’ 
Start of some counts
‘Ran’ name 
Some Caterpillars
‘Now I get it!’ 
Satellite service
‘I knew it!’ 
‘Big’ was a big one 
Pet perch, perhaps
Weigh station sight
Person from Astana
Pac-12 rival of USC
Where Forrest Gump played college football 
Name on the ''Delta of Venus'' byline
What it always starts with? 
Music teacher's deg., often
Monastic society
Mumbai-based resort chain
Vigoda of “The Godfather” 
Monarque de Belgique
Quattuor doubled 
The Chalk Garden playwright, 1955 
Mexican political icon
Test pattern? 
Many a golf shirt
James portrayed by Beyoncé
Swedish-based maker of infant carriers 
Hole for lacing
Spam’s place 
Heavy barge burden
Source of break-dancing beats 
FIFA Women's World Cup champ
Fuzzy __ (schnapps cocktail)
Some mouse cells 
Shire of “The Godfather” 
Seedy place to drink 
Elizabethan dramatist
River of forgetfulness 
Did pre-heist preparation
Reply that’s a bit of a humblebrag 
Deliver for auction
Damon's home in a 2015 film
Damon's home in a 2011 film
Puts back in the original state 
Cone-shaped quarters
Plants sometimes used to make flour 
Certain scorecard stats
Calgary clock setting: Abbr
Place to go when you’re not going to the races, for short? 
Butter pecan quantity
OMG!, old-style 
Beethoven's Symphony #2 __ major
Not you specifically 
New Agey sounds 
Baldwin's dad on ''30 Rock''
N.B.A. M.V.P. who has hosted “Saturday Night Live” 
Austrian interjection
Make a decent person out of? 
Air France merger partner
Major blood protein 
Advocacy org. since 1980
Like some garages 
2008 inauguration singer
Letter of the law? 
1980 loozer to ''Kramer vs. Kramer''
Less tanned 
1965 loozer to ''My Fair Lady''
Lazy bum 
I’m down with that 
1942 loozer to ''How Green Was My Valley''
Kind of walk 
1940 loozer to ''Gone With the Wind''
Golf handicap of zero 
'80s South African leader
Gives a walk-through, say S 
''__ the rose without the thorn'': Herrick
Get outta here! 
''Sweeney Todd'' establishment
Funky Cold Medina rapper 
Figures in ribald Greek plays 
Fig. on a quarterly report 
Facial option at a spa 
Everything included 
Everyone’s private driver sloganeer 
Cry before taking the plunge 
Creature that Dalí walked on a leash in public 
Creamy chilled soup 
Contestants in a war of words? 
Component of the combo drug Sinemet 
College where Rutherford B. Hayes was valedictorian 
Collaborative computer coding event 
Certain flight pattern 
Broadway score? 
BJ’s competitor, informally 
Arcane matters 
Actress Daniels or Neuwirth 
1983 hit song that mentions Santa Monica Boulevard 
1970s TV spinoff 
___ d’Isere (French ski resort) 
Jun. gown wearers 
Chevy named for a star
Prime minister before Rabin 
Contest lure
Car sticker letters 
Songs for singles
Law office workers
“Whoever you are find whatever you’re into” website 
Iowa campus humane online gp.
Four-fifths of a pop band?
Bottom lines 
Goddess of discord 
Discounted perhaps
Off-rd. rides
Omission in logic 
Cape Ann’s county 
Lombardy Castle city
He played Kevin in “The Devil’s Advocate”
A.L. Central team
Macy’s department 
Reno-__ Intl. Airport 
Playgroup demand 
Three quarters
Park Lincoln of “Knots Landing” 
Currency exchange fee
Esse __ videri: North Carolina motto
Ltr. holder 
“The Phantom of the Opera” role
Burns art? 
Camp Pendleton letters
Like law school trials 
Form 1040 calc. 
Ski Valley site of Kachina Peak
Big biceps at the gym 
Didn’t act
Acting sister of Lynn 
Mr. Wrong?
“Homeland” org. 
Like some conditionally ordered stock
Text-scanning technology briefly
Average beverage?
Cuttlefish pigment 
2003 LPGA Rookie of the Year 
Powerful lamp contents
Dunkirk dream 
Call the game
Garden product word
Playgroup warning
Observation in a tower
Crosswords are often solved in them
Prominent feature of toondom’s Droopy Dog 
Maddux who won four consecutive Cy Young Awards 

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