Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 01.10.2016

Without speaking 
They raise dough 
Westerns veteran Wallach 
Voted down 
TV horse played by Bamboo Harvester 
Takes to the altar 
Stunned sensation 
Some have panhandles 
Sign of impending doom, perhaps 
Sidekick, in Santiago 
Shares quarters 
Set as a price 
Response to a compliment, at times 
Polish, as a performance 
Persian poet Khayyam 
People who relocated from the Netherlands to North Dakota’s most populous city? 
Oscar night autos 
Org. with air marshals 
Operating system developed at Bell labs 
Object looped on a cowboy’s saddle 
Multigenerational agricultural family? 
Materials in pockets and seams 
Make like a nomad 
Lean but vigorous 
Latin phrase meaning “eternal electrical unit”? 
Jared of “Dallas Buyers Club” 
Jack’s portrayer on “30 Rock” 
Its square is also its cube 
Itemization abbreviation 
Insults savagely with “into” 
Indigenous animals 
Immunity symbol on “survivor” 
Has a hero 
Hardly any 
Hairstyle for Disco Stu 
Gucci rivals 
Greek who performed surgery on gladiators 
Grants leave to 
Gets wind of 
Get out of sight 
Exploitative lending 
Eldest of the Durbeyfield daughters 
Elbow gently 
Double play’s twosome 
Derides, slangily 
Cockleshells gardener of rhyme 
City area, for short 
Cause for a plumber’s call 
Car’s current provider 
Cambridge tutors 
Blunt-tipped weapon 
Blew away 
Black or beaux follower 
Attendant at an entrance 
Air balls don’t touch them 
Adjective on some milk cartons 
1953 Pulitzer winner William 
“Which came first?” debate option 
“The Soup __” (cranky “Seinfield” restaurateur) 
“The deed is done!” 
“Ignore what was just mentioned” 
“Every dog has its day,” et al. 
Win in a walk 
What liposuction removes
Use a teleprompter 
Teased mercilessly 
Super Chunk peanut butter brand 
Summoned the butler 
Shish kebab holders 
Shelter for sheep 
Selfish one’s cry 
Rural swimming spot 
Roomy dress style 
Ripken Jr. was one 
Puerto or Costa follower 
Pro shop buy 
Pocket, as a billiard ball 
Peruvian freshman’s topper? 
Honshu sort 
Oscar Madison type 
One learning the ropes 
One feigning illness, say 
Ocean State sch 
Matt Lauer’s show 
Linked, as oxen 
Jong who wrote “Fear of Flying” 
Ill-planned military mission? 
Humphrey’s “Casablanca” role 
Hostess __ Balls 
Fast-food supplies 
The USA, in Monterrey 
What Charlie Brown calls his teacher 
Young donkeys 
Wouldn't leave alone 
High on the Mohs scale 
Hides the gray, perhaps 
Where to buy plugs and bulbs 
Having all one’s marbles 
Where this is 
Violent villain in an 1886 novella 
Have the flu, say 
Starter for travel or tourism 
Resort area 
Had down cold 
Harried sitcom writer of the recent past 
Grits, essentially 
Readable at last 
Goat-man of myth 
Product of warm fermentation 
Get out of Dodge 
Fuse units 
Percolator part 
Patron of Rome 
Give the ok 
One now safe 
Get shellacked 
Of interest to some reunion planners 
Non-Scratch Scrubber brand 
Geneva’s river 
More than ready for what's next 
Gallery contents 
Man mentioned but not seen in ''Hamilton'' 
Forest of __ (WWI battle site) 
First-year court jester? 
Industrial spy 
FaithHill’s “Take Me __ Am” 
Fairy tale meanie 
Eggs served with sushi 
Harmonious group 
Eat __ (be humiliated) 
Handed over, in a way 
Dynamic Duo garb 
Do as directed 
Grille protector 
Distributed, with “out” 
Great beginning 
Did a takeoff on 
Dances at Jewish weddings 
Golf Hall of Famer since 2011 
Crush grapes, e.g. 
Genghis Khan descendant, quite possibly 
Cousins of Sasquatch 
Forest Service icon 
Corn-dog center 
Figure in some fountains 
City Hall bigwig 
Camembert covering 
Broadcast workers’ union 
Enemy of the Empire 
Brave deeds 
Emblem of Texas and Arizona 
Beast helped by Androcles 
Bard’s “Before long” 
Do some manicuring 
Avian predator of stinging insects 
Dangerous canine 
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g. 
Aussie marsupials 
Assigned a PG-13, e.g. 
Curry favored by NBC for 25 years 
100 percent Hawn? 
__ Spring (recent wave of protests) 
Common current 
“Rocky __” (movie with Mr. T) 
“Quit stalling!” 
City near Memphis 
Characteristic of 
“I’ve got it!” 
Bundles of energy 
Blue + red 
Big bumbler 
Beyond regretful 
Augmented, informally 
Alternative to seeing 
Alternative to humming 
About a 40th of an acre 
A buck, or many 
''Harper's Bazaar'' sister mag 
Zookeeper's ammo, informally 
Wi-Fi alternative 
Where die Sonne rises 
Wheel piece 
Was offensive, in a way 
Virna of 'How to Murder Your Wife' 
Venerated art 
Vacation abode 
USO show audience 
Toots and the Maytals specialty 
They're swung in the Olympics 
They make sacrifices 
Theater award made with the Bessemer process? 
Team relocated in 2005 
Tea ceremony costumes 
Swift followers, e.g 
Summation symbol, in math 
Stiff, sheer fabric 
Step on stage 
Starts steaming 
Spouses of some countesses 
Spirit who grants you no wishes? 
Source of criminal charges? 
Sounds of understanding 
See 65-Across 
Secret get-togethers 
Salt scrub offerers 
Rust-stained mineral outcropping 
Reducing sentences, e.g 
Rave VIPs 
Proust protagonist 
Pound units 
Pot-laced treat? 
Plugged in 
Place for Ping-Pong 
Piccolo of football fame 
Pepper abbr 
Pasta preparation aid 
Pageant contestant identifiers, often 
Ornamental blooms 
Organ examined in a pre-med class? 
One on the fast track 
One of its first films was 'To Fly!' 
On the ground instead of the saddle, say 
Old man 
Nikkei Index unit 
Nation once ruled by a 70-Across 
Nasty remark 
Name on Cork coins 
Mount Suribachi setting 
Monopolist's share 
Moneyed muck-a-muck 
Millipede maker 
Mike to Sulley, in 'Monsters, Inc.'? 
List of choices 
Lender's offering 
Knocks down 
House shower 
Historian's focus 
Helvetica look-alike 
He shared the Peace Prize with Menachem 
He put two and two together 
Having stomata 
Gyro wrapper 
Greet from across the room 
Greek goddess of chance 
Gouda cousin 
Go from reasonable to exorbitant 
Forking diagram 
Foreign leader? 
Florida governor Rick 
Flapped one's gums 
Enterprise offering 
DVD sent to an Academy voter 
Dog at Buckingham Palace? 
Decalogue deliverer 
Cubic decimeter 
Crown colony until 1948 
Conglomerate whose name means 'rising sun' 
Compliant words to the captain 
Cold meat dishes 
Coastal raptors 
Classic 1957 sci-fi film 
Chorus of dissent 
Card game for two 
Chopper component 
Changing spot 
Causes of distress 
Where a mud engineer works 
Western wear 
Very long span 
Tar liquid 
Taking seriously 
Take to term 
Symbol of happiness 
Subway Series squad 
Subject of the 2013 film “The Fifth Estate” 
Start of a lawyer’s conclusion 
Spelunker’s activity 
Puts away under pressure? 
Place for an anchor 
Participates in quid pro quo 
One of a pair of cuddlers 
Noted challenges for movers 
Spelling pro? 
Some workers along Chesapeake Bay 
Showy and sudden 
Series of bloopers 
Roman soldier who became a Christian martyr 
Relating to the abdomen 
One getting hammered 
Off-road racer 
March interrupter, maybe 
Motive that makes sense 
Major export of Western Australia 
Like sand dunes 
Like live-blogged sports updates 
Kind of diagram 
Just those of Juan’s things? 
It’s on track to serve people 
Iraklion is its capital 
In trouble for base violations? 
Huffington of The Huffington Post 
Howard Hughes, for one 
Hoarder’s squalor 
Headliners at le Palais Garnier, e.g. 
Handel bars 
G.I. portions 
First Chinese dynasty 
Edward Gorey’s “The Gashlycrumb ___” 
Digits in flats, maybe 
Desired response to a 3-Down 
Decker or Dickerson of the N.F.L. 
Deceitful sorts 
Chris of CBS’s “The Good Wife” 
Call to someone on deck 
Brand once advertised with the line “They never get on your nerves” 
Billy the Kid, e.g. 
Basic count 
Bartender’s stock 
Awful rating 
Addition sign 
About 92% of britannium 
1982 international chart-topper by Trio with a repetitive title 
{ }, in mathematics 
Used as a counter 
Historic span: Abbr 
Trifling criticisms 
Accumulated accounts 
Payroll service co 
Set of seven 
Hong Kong e.g. 
Item for a sewer 
Ask for more 
Cutty __: Scotch 
Finder’s words 
“No more for me” 
Rumba relative 
Beauty pageant band 
“Well why not?” 
The __: two-time WWE Tag Team Champions 
Google Wallet rival 
Like some Chinese TV stations 
Closing subject 
Number worn by Tony La Russa as a tribute to Sparky Anderson 
Overly formal 
Latin catchall 
Util. bill 
ESPN highlights 
Partner of Marcus 
Samos neighbor named for the son of Daedalus 
Music industry woe 
WWII Allied invasion vessels 
Dominican-born designer 
Online shopping button 
Used a drive-thru maybe 
Acted badly 
“Off the Court” author 
Sri Lankan exports 
Your in Tours 
Trick users in a way 
Singer with a domed nest 
Works in Madrid? 
Grumpy pal 
Kim of “Army Wives” 
Fencing maneuvers 
Coach in six Super Bowls 
Flier to Helsinki 
Lose at the table with “out” 
Dynamic start 
Pulls hard 
Tongue attachment? 
Marks meaning the same thing 
Joint room? 
Shot target 
“Gimme five” 
Dunkin’ Donuts buy 
Workers’ rights org. 
Tumblr competitor 

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