Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 12.10.2016

Famous lullaby composer 
Assume responsibility for 
Assume responsibility for 
Car grille accessory 
"Buona ___" (Italian phrase) 
Least straightforward (var.) 
Writer Tom or Thomas 
Court attention-getter 
Thick, eggy drinks 
Reduce, as expenses 
Borodin’s "Prince ___" 
Activist Silkwood 
Go by rapidly, as time 
Ballerina’s hairdo, often 
"Conduct" penalized in football 
Sesame seed and honey confection 
"Not to mention …" 
Be on the way out 
Able to walk the line? 
Computer keyboard key 
It may be stolen in a park 
Film noir protagonist 
West African country 
Epsom Downs racer 
Permission-seeking phrase 
Wedding cake level 
Excel input 
Hanukkah celebrator 
Baby rockers 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" writer Carle 
Cowboy boot attachment 
Permission-seeking phrase 
Buffo’s place 
Days and Holiday 
Make known 
General Organa in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" 
Tumblers’ surfaces 
Dots on a subway map 
Corporation name-ending abbr. 
Estimates on weather maps 
"Long live" 
Carpenter’s spinning machine 
Red-and-white topper 
Epsom Downs racer 
Give a free pass to 
Gold coin of old 
"To __: perchance to dream": Hamlet 
Anima counterpart 
Chair part 
Nowhere near? 
Jeff of 39-Across 
Put away in a hold 
See 51-Across 
Clay of "American Idol" fame 
Sitcom with a 1974 wedding episode 
Costa del Sol feature 
Tearful words 
Uses indelicate language 
Respected tribe members 
Restraining order? 
Nuremberg no 
Hang around lazily 
Cooking meas. 
Disc-shaped robotic vacuum 
Sunlight unit 
Berry at health food stores 
Claudius’ successor 
Prince’s "__ Rain" 
Hawaiian instruments, briefly 
Area of many believers 
Ireland’s __ Islands 
Most aristocratic 
West African country 
Baton, say 
Merit badge holder 
Contribute as to a kitty 
Send a quick message to 
Kind of school 
Baffled while yachting? 
Family name in a 1936 classic 
Dramatic accusation 
Breathe hard 
Gull-like bird 
Button on some remotes 
Non-resident doctors 
Circus performer turned gardener? 
Artist Chagall 
Party leader 
Fancy spread 
With 27-Down sign on a damp bench 
Popular cookies 
Not gonna happen” 
French cathedral city 
College setting 
Emmy contender 
Plum variety 
A in many orgs 
Online game personification 
High or low card 
Reason to wear earplugs 
Beefeater products 
Circus emcee turned fry cook? 
Pro words 
Anaheim’s Honda Center e.g. 
Certain herb 
29-Down’s rock gp. 
Way to prison? 
Like fans after a tough win probably 
"Once ___ a time …" 
Tense period? 
Olympics volleyball great Kerri __ Jennings 
Prefix meaning "half" 
Certain major leaguer in ads? Billy Mays, notably 
Circus barker turned hurler known for brushbacks? 
Woody Woodpecker’s creator 
“__ Secretary”: CBS drama 
Step-counting brand 
The Thunder's state: Abbr 
The Thunder's league: Abbr 
Temple chests 
Strong pair 
Stress test letters 
South American grasslands 
Skeptic's comment 
Severely criticize 
Sculpting medium 
Question that's an anagram of another question 
Post office posting 
Part of a plot 
Onetime teammate of Robinson 
Onetime teammate of Bryant 
One way to embellish church music? 
Offer, as odds 
Occupied, as a desk 
Not up 
No-no for judges and journalists 
Nation consisting of a 6,852-island archipelago 
Movie terrier 
Love, to Leonardo 
Fighter in gray 
Line at a wedding 
Like some TV reportage 
Like otters 
Lakefront retreat 
Invite to one's apartment 
In reserve 
Furlong vis-a-vis mile 
Flat hills 
Early fifth-century year 
Dye source 
Dean's brother on 'Supernatural' 
Dappled horse 
Course for those who consider all the angles 
Couleur primaire 
Charge for taking shots with a prison smartphone? 
Boating magazine ad? 
Certain mortgage, briefly 
Bygone brand with a torch logo 
Bout stoppers, for short 
Apt. identifiers 
Alias letters 
Aid basis, often 
'What a surprise!' 
'___ you the clever one?' 
'The Periodic Table' author 
'Golden Boy' playwright 
Word with "-A-Rama" 
'Aladdin' villain 
With no need to part? 
Wild melee 
Wild fights 
What six outs constitute 
Visible blight 
Turkish currency 
There is no good in it 
Ship workers 
Parting words 
measure (ruler on a roll) 
Parents and some poker players 
On, as a candle 
foo yung 
Words of surrender 
Word of gratitude 
With 41 Across, auspicious 1492 date for Columbus 
Prefix for present 
Tune in 
Start of a play 
Skinny swimmers 
Show reluctance 
She co-sponsored Columbus 
See 39 Across 
Rooftop wind gauges 
Rice-shaped pasta 
Religious rift 
Prison head 
No longer new, as clothing 
Pale with fright 
Offend the nose 
Mediterranean nation 
Fully familiar with 
Like Santa's workers 
Had a home-cooked meal 
Motel furniture 
Indication of police action 
Horse's nibble 
Honey-based drink 
Nominated for a post 
High mountains 
Not qualified 
Happy and appreciative 
Heroic person, to some 
London length measure 
Grain bane 
Irish author Oscar 
Geller with the spoons 
In an angry way 
Flounder in water 
Herbal drink 
Feature of a disorderly fight 
He co-sponsored Columbus 
Exciting star 
Fail to see 
Hands over formally 
Get to 
Everyone has one 
From the US 
Elaborate Catholic ritual 
Food safety org 
Egyptian goddess 
Facing the pitcher 
Egg part 
Employee’s clip-on 
Do more origami work 
Eats nothing but 
Drink with marshmallows, maybe 
Decade makeup 
Drilling pro’s deg 
Common cosmetics ingredient 
Dove sound 
Certain shooting iron 
Caterpillar, initially 
Leggo of that! 
Car front 
No harm done” 
Didn’t feel so well 
Captain or general, e.g 
Capital of Peru 
Works with thread 
Brawl ingredients 
Burger topping option 
White gem 
Brain wave test: Abbr 
Aquarium growth 
Blurt out 
Take offense at 
Well-versed in 
Verified fact 
Bee attack 
Unconvincing, as excuses 
Type of tooth 
Be flexible 
The typical Saudi 
Barbell metal 
Steamed Mexican snack 
At any time 
South Korean capital 
Solidify, as blood 
Actor __ Damon 
Sentence in a script 
17 Across, for one 
Section of circles 
Repair, as a tear 
Quarterback’s unsuccessful play 
Prepare potatoes, perhaps 
Place in a schedule 
GWTW” estate 
Oxygen or neon 
Of natural satellites 
Milking container 
Mail-routing abbr 
Longtime distress signal 
Like Wordsworth’s words 
Like very much 
King Kong’s kin 
It’s next to FIVE on a nickel 
Indoor sports site 
In a cunning way 
Holes in needles 
Head coverings 
Green gem 
Flavor enhance initials 
Film’s name 
Distance across 
Directive like PDQ 
Cyberbidding site 
Creative thought 
Creative designs 
Coverage for many new appliances 
Coop dweller 
Carry a tune without words 
Convertible or coupe 
College team boss 
Close-up lens 
Checkers move 
Certain solar phenomenon 
Cashews and filberts 
Carbonated mixer 
Call a halt to 
Bridge and backgammon 
Being dragged 
Become liable for 
Backyard barbecue locale 
Barnyard perch 
Balloon filler, at times 
Aretha’s music 
All finished 
After-bath garment 
Aerosol, for instance 
White figure in Snapchat’s logo 
Where to find the ends of 17-, 23-, 50- and 62-Across 
When Caesar is warned to “Beware the Ides of March” 
Water holder 
Very recently painted 
Vardon Trophy org. 
Up in the air 
Transition point 
Total, as a bill 
Took control of 
Tina who is the youngest Mark Twain Prize winner 
This, to Picasso 
Takes over, like bedbugs 
Swatch options 
Spago restaurateur 
Song before some face-offs 
Sign that may cause U-turns 
Shop class tool 
Shock into submission 
Sch. With the mascot Joe Bruin 
Santa __ winds 
Remove the power 
Razor handle? 
Rack holder 
Public education leadership groups 
Price indicator 
Poet Ginsberg 
Opposite of bold 
Newsman Roger 
New York golf course that is frequent host a major Tournaments 
Mysterious letter 
McDonald’s founder Ray 
Lola’s nightclub 
Like almost all prime numbers 
Legistration affecting polling places 
Leave base illegally 
Inedible pineapple part 
Hang on a line 
Hal who produced Laurel and Hardy films 
Great energy 
Golfers rarely making pars 
Flubbed a play 
Figs. With two hyphens 
FedEx rival 
Even once 
Dueling sport 
Do some browsing 
Deafening sound 
Cooking oil source 
Closes in on 
Breaded seafood option on kids’ menus 
Bold lipstick choices 
Be on the fence 
Banned bug killer 
Artistic style of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart 
Army NCO 
Add a line to the wall chat 
__-Roman wrestling 
__ Field: home of Mr. Met 
__ by: barely manages 
see other side 
“This is horrible!” 
“The Merchant of Venice” heroine 
“How funny!” 
“A __ formality” 
Wild throw, e.g. 
Ship of 1492 
Where to see pictures on the big screen? : IMA 
What an Ironman has to battle 
Weaponry storehouse 
Vitamin brand with an instructive name 
Title “Dr.” in an H. G. Wells story 
Surgical asst 
Summer setting in Seattle: Abbr. 
Spot for un chapeau 
Satyr’s stare 
Spot for un chapeau 
Spoken test 
Southern side dish made with kernels off the cob 
Sometimes-caramelized food 
Something cut down during March Madness 
Push oneself to the max 
Pretentiously high-class 
Prepare, as a musical score 
Possible response to “Can you pick up the kids from school?” 
Possessive often containing a mistaken apostrophe 
Pay to play 
Part of Wonder Woman’s outfit 
Ones defrauding museums 
Nickname for Mom’s mom 
Model in 10 straight Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, familiarly 
Many a college applicant’s interviewer, for short 
Like Venus in “The Birth of Venus” 
Like Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 
Like a zoot-suiter 
Light-colored brew 
Last parts drawn in hangman 
Land created by C. S. Lewis 
Ladies’ night attendee 
Lack of supply 
Keebler saltine brand 
Journalist Wells 
Jellied delicacy 
It’s all good 
Item in a swag bag 
Insects on a 17-year cycle 
Go completely dotty? 
Gibson who was the first person of color to win a tennis Grand Slam event 
Get tats 
Flaps one’s gums 
Exec. money manager 
Exciting romantic prospect 
Condo building employees 
Color of the Dodge Charger on “The Dukes of Hazzard” 
Canada’s first province alphabetically 
Boxer Ali 
Bout of swellheadedness 
Bottom of bell bottoms 
Bit of Bollywood music 
Big name in precision cutting 
Asparagus spears, e.g. 
Actress Jessica 
A Marx brother 
A lot of land, maybe 
___ out walkin’ after midnight (Patsy Cline lyric) 
___ durn tootin’! 

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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