Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 13.10.2016

Ring decision, briefly 
Wimbledon divisions 
Robot of Jewish folklore 
Philosopher Immanuel 
Bigfoot’s cousin 
Window washer’s tool 
Bank statement no. 
University founded by Booker T. Washington 
City in a Merle Haggard song 
Industrious insects 
Little ones 
Glasgow miss 
Perform a certain DIY auto chore 
Weed out 
Beauty’s unlikely love 
Comic strip cry 
First word of a threat 
Course taken after trig, often 
Single result, perhaps 
Call, as a game, briefly 
Two-run homer situation 
It features a convenient sink 
Turtles, sometimes 
Took charge 
Capitol Hill pol 
Talked into, with "on" 
How to get news 
Storied cauldron stirrer 
One job for a plumber 
Shoeless Joe Jackson portrayer in "Field of Dreams" 
Eastern or Mountain 
Set of data within an atmospheric analysis? 
Chip you can’t eat 
Sergeant Bilko, to friends 
Used to own 
Saturn models 
Couple no more 
Recording device 
Small restaurant 
Heavy drinker 
Chicago-to-Orlando dir. 
Rain forest region 
Quilting party 
Product with a Simpsons set 
Pet that needs a sitter? 
It buzzes around flowers 
Protection against Mr. Decay Germ, in old ads 
Kind of park 
One of the Coen brothers 
Old TV parts 
Become a broke bloke 
Prefix with "postale" 
Plains dwelling of old 
Cookbook command 
Prefix with friendly 
States frankly 
Pisa possessive 
"Aah!" accompaniment 
Pet that needs a sitter? 
Common deli order 
Org. with high-flying missions 
"… one giant ___ for mankind" 
Offered a view 
"Green" emotion 
Douglas ___ tree 
Occupants of a well-insulated nest? 
Musicians given to tippling? 
God-America link 
Math branch concerned with surfaces 
Upon which medals are pinned 
Marquis de __ 
Hidden, as fingerprints 
Many Alaska maps 
Sad in France? 
His stories inspired "Guys and Dolls" 
Make a promise 
M’s favorite agent 
Org. of many spies 
Louisiana genre featuring the accordion 
In most need of cleaning and repair 
Like "executrix," e.g. 
Desperate or calamitous 
Last Olds models 
It’s often a coating for steel 
Is next to 
Spotted, as a horse 
How perfume is sold … and this puzzle’s title 
It’s page after page of places 
Fraudulent operation 
Keats offering 
Grain-based treat 
"You ___?" (butler’s question) 
GPS info 
"Aye, aye!" 
Church altar platforms 
Gets rid of 
Central Texas city 
Future ENT’s exam 
Former PBS "Mystery!" host 
Doughnut order from a king? 
What untreated wood will do, over time 
Fit and muscular 
Event seeking donations 
Fifty percent up front? 
Emulate a seamstress 
Extractable natural resource 
Toward the setting sun 
Instruction from a dentist 
Surface layer 
Continued violently 
Makes a choice 
Commercial exchange fee 
Attribute to a cause 
Certain footrest 
Awkward goof 
Cabinet dept. formed under Carter 
BOAC competitor 
Biblical seductress 
Beyond slender 
Beltway VIPs 
Andy Panda creator 
Amtrak option 
Ames native 
"You’ve Got Mail" co-star 
"10538 Overture" gp. 
"__ non sufficit": the world is not enough 
Brazilian dances 
Yoga class offerer 
Women with kids, for short 
What Ritalin treats, in brief 
Unimportant sort 
Treaty grp. since 1948 
Top pilot 
Store for an athlete 
Spotify or Pandora alternative 
Set the stage at a gig 
Schnozz extension? 
Reel partner 
Quaker State port 
Patchy in color 
Part of NBC (Abbr.) 
Part of a hat trick 
Like gray days 
Oscar winner in "Mister Roberts" 
Oscar winner for "Room" 
Optical illusion artist 
One with wide-ranging knowledge 
Momentous time 
Mandel of "Deal or No Deal" 
Machu Picchu's land 
Lhasa ___ (dog breed) 
Less quiet 
Largest of the Windwards 
Kill, as pain 
Karaoke need, for short 
Irene of "I Remember Mama" 
Invoice anew 
In the vicinity 
Golden ___ (senior) 
Gives, as a grant 
Fluids with antibodies 
Dog to beware of 
Daytime drama, informally 
Clobber with eggs 
Circular current 
Circle bits 
Cancel abruptly 
Can't live without 
Bovine mouthful 
Bounce message recipient 
Borg of tennis 
Bit of strategy 
Beginning section of a form 
BART stop (Abbr.) 
Auto extra 
Attack the matador 
American League team member 
American League team 
Alan of "Argo" 
Air ball, say 
AEC successor 
2001 title role for Chris Kattan 
15th-century "Impaler" 
"House" figs 
"Exodus" Oscar nominee 
"Dynasty" role for Joan Collins 
Get under the skin of 
Site of Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids 
Helmsley of hotel fame 
When King Lear disowns Cordelia 
Far along in life 
Lamb morsel 
Mauna ___ (1950 erupter) 
Won’t stop sounding off 
Connie’s portrayer in "The Godfather" 
Pained cries 
Attack from cover 
Wine cellar installations 
Long-tubed iris relative 
Exhibit imperfection 
Canada gasoline brand 
Country singer McCann with a 1997 platinum album 
Be untruthful with 
Third-born of the March sisters 
Initials for Windsor Castle residents 
Melting polar region 
Book following Jonah 
Only son of Mary Queen of Scots 
Create a cipher 
"___ luck pal!" 
Extremely busy 
"Milk" source for vegans 
Bagful from a garden center 
Sitcom that spun off "The Parkers" 
Up to the challenge 
Orchestra’s tuning instrument 
Takes a card from the stack 
Hit to show biz insiders 
Renowned first name in silent horror 
"Let It Ride" band to fans 
Political caricaturist Thomas 
Isn’t yet square with 
In need of liniment 
Setting in "The Hunger Games" 
Small round and shiny 
Like fireflies intermittently 
Concerning stars 
Archaeologist’s workplace 
Video chat option 
He married two Hittites to the chagrin of his parents in Genesis 
Singers in Gustav Holst’s "The Planets" e.g. 
Lippy language 
Team whose logo has a suspension bridge 
"Pocket rockets" in poker slang 
Be harmonious 
Calvin Coolidge’s alma mater 
Adjective for Mr. Clean or Mr. Magoo 
Bat’s navigation process or when read as two words feature within the answers to 20- 28- and 45-Across 
Well above a whisper 
Perform ineptly 
Central Kansas city 
"___ matter of fact …" 
Coating on some Lindt truffles 
Sleep lab detection 
Prescribed quantities 
"Battle of the bulge" foe? 
Channel that became Heartland in 2013 
Like some tablecloths 
___ City (memorable film destination) 
First extra inning 
“Love Story” novelist 
Small test subject 
Something never seen at night 
It may be slated 
Halloween costume 
Keeps on low say 
Vacation vehicle 
Crane construction? 
Abbr. by a golf tee 
Sorrowful state 
Old-fashioned fashion accessories 
Corvette feature 
Sp. ladies 
Bereft of 
Poet who wrote “You may shoot me with your words / You may cut me with your eyes” 
Aid in genealogy 
Emily Dickinson self-descriptively 
Prefix with business 
One of the seven deadly sins 
Lively piano tune 
Two-time Wimbledon winner Edberg 
Some performances at the Apollo 
Antipoverty agcy. created under L.B.J. 
Basic linguistic unit 
On the up and up 
Places for oysters and clams 
N.B.A. team since 2008 
Comic legend 
Ones shaking to the music? 
What a spray may provide 
About 25 years for N.F.L. players 
Ocasek of the Cars 
Not in use 
Roll the dice so to speak 
Public recognition 
“___ la Douce” (1963 film) 
Lay out differently in a way 
One who keeps the beat? 
Magical creatures in Jewish folklore 
Early 20th-century abdicator 
Ft. Benning training facility 
Part of N.Y.C. once derisively called Hell’s Hundred Acres 
French locale of fierce W.W. I fighting 
Nos. at the beach 
Blew one’s horn 
“Caddyshack” director 
Ready to retire 
Cleaner brand 
D.C. pro 
Creative works utilizing the landscape 
Crushed as a test 
Arabic name part 
Hefty item 
Baked chocolaty treat 
From Kigali e.g. 
Much police paperwork 
Plying with port 
Words with roll or rampage
Without modification 
West Virginia excavation 
Wasikowska of 'Crimson Peak' 
Warbler's output 
Unshakable opponents of King George III? 
Typeface designer Giambattista 
Trident-shaped letters 
Trajan's Column location 
Throw in 
Telemarketing equipment 
Story lines 
Start of Hillary's 1953 feat? 
Spotted dick ingredient 
Speedy runner 
Simple stuff 
Silent sort 
Rue, e.g 
Reed of music 
Prez before Jack 
Pound pest 
Joint hit 
Derivative course 
Mediterranean property of Spain that's part of a conspiracy? 
Player's pace 
Pitcher's spot 
Pay stub listing 
Madison Bumgarner, e.g 
Lusty feeling, with 'the' 
In bad shape 
In agreement 
His second inauguration was the first to be televised 
Fan sound 
Call for 
Crone's cousin 
Company dining hall 
Cold quarter 
Chinchilla's home 
Bucket of bolts 
Brand pitched by Halle Berry and Emma Stone 
Bearer of a 'This is the Hindenburg' sticker? 
Alpha Canis Majoris 
AC-to-DC converter 
1968 Cliff Robertson movie 
1967 hit for the Spencer Davis Group 
1959 album '___ With Elvis' 
'Three Days of the Condor' org 
‘Sesame Street’ Muppet in a tutu

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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