Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 15.10.2016

Wolf Blitzer’s letters 
Vibe or cosmo 
Utterly illogical 
Unsteady, old-style 
Thompson of “Family” 
Thai towers 
Swank or Duff 
Sugar and Rose Bowls 
Square at the end of the fourth row in Battleship 
Lung filler 
Some of Tarzan’s friends 
Word after grace 
Wheel holder 
UFO crew 
Shaq’s former org. 
Totally blown away 
Says yes 
Three-card __ (scammer’s game) 
Spaceship Earth theme park 
Russian summer home 
Slam into 
Purebred’s opposite 
Portugal’s second-largest city 
Pop art pioneer 
Response to “You all right?” 
Risk a perjury rap 
Rude gaze 
Ring like church bells 
Skywalker’s mentor 
Point opposite WNW 
Shellfish in some paella 
Playful prank 
Shelley or Keats 
Latin dance syllable 
One caught in a draft 
Sacred bird of Egypt 
Once common dailies 
On a slant 
NFL rushing units 
Regional life, collectively 
Musical wingding 
Presenting a challenge 
Porridge-serving bear 
Mine vehicle 
Parolee, e.g. 
Met regular, e.g. 
Pack down, as tobacco 
Pack again, as groceries 
Marvin of Motown 
Many are numbered in NYC 
One “I” of ISIS 
Madison Avenue awards 
New World pyramid builders 
Name on a rap sheet 
Mr. __ (Marquand sleuth) 
Lionel item 
Mellows, as wine 
Libertarian candidate Johnson 
Kuwait, for one 
Language spoken in Sarajevo 
Like seals and manatees 
Keyboard combination 
Like a squid’s discharge 
Jawbone of __ (Samson’s weapon) 
How tuna may be packed 
It can be caused by excessive sun 
Healthy Naturals pet food brand 
“__ a Sin” (Pet Shop Boys hit of ’87) 
Cheers” actor Roger 
DWFs may place them 
Dissenting belief 
Cost-of-living fig. 
Course for some US immigrants 
Cold and hard 
Help in a bad way 
Casual assent 
Have no doubt 
Beginning piano exercise 
Handle hardship 
Army no-show, briefly 
Grandfather clock swinger 
Animated coffee commercial? 
From Tibet, for example 
Airborne prescription-delivery system? 
Act as chairperson 
__-3 fatty acids 
Fox’s foot 
“Veni, vidi, vici” speaker 
Farm grazer 
“Arabian Nights” parody 
Enclosures to an ed. 
“Rope-a-dope” boxer 
Derby-sporting Addams cousin 
“Pronto!” in the OR 
“Damn Yankees” temptress) 
Circus safeguard 
“__ you asked ..” 
Chicago loopers, familiarly 
Carson’s predecessor on “The Tonight Show” 
Capp and Capone 
What a larva may become 
Word on some Oscars 
Brit’s farewells 
What many a team adopts 
Bic buy 
Visibly worried 
Bandleader Shaw, et al 
Vb. category 
Animal that doesn’t sound old? 
Unoriginal, as bronze replicas 
Animal in a pop song? 
Term now sensitive for some Finns 
Undone items 
Undoing of many Bard protagonists 
American __ (US territory) 
Undo a body modification, perhaps 
All the rage 
Un tercio de los nueve 
Actress Peters of film and stage 
Starting order 
Trend scout
Acronym for linked computers 
Took many courses 
The Iceman 
Star Wars” princess 
Space on a container ship 
Some Sunday School drawings 
Some 2011 Ferraris 
Six-time award for DDE 
Shock-avoidance request 
Rowling's Three Broomsticks 
Requirement for some fellowships 
Reason for diminished returns 
Region touting ''bottled poetry'' 
Refractory response 
Put something on 
Razzie role for Silverstone 
Quad developers 
Puts a strain on 
Propel nonstop 
Possible cause for a time-out 
Pompous pronouncement 
Owner of The Body Shop 
Omega-3 fatty acid source 
OED initialism since 2011 
Not following 
Nicaraguan nana 
Name on the cover of ''Breathing Lessons'' 
Mythical lyre player 
Moving communication: Abbr 
Far beyond patched 
Exhibit polypnea 
Exhibit polypnea 
Contemporary R&B diva 
Charged thoughtfully 
Metaphorical obsession 
Leader between Jacques and François 
Its 50 is getting a redesign in 2017 
It's between Minneapolis and Kansas City on I-35 
Gains elbow room, perhaps 
Echolocation user 
Designee, informally 
Certain Colonial-era protectors 
Cato and Tacitus 
Calendar starter 
Brief yardstick 
Beyond good and evil 
Balky one 
Baker's butter substitute 
Awesome prospect 
Aftermarket buy 
1 or pi, for instance 
''__ it pretty to think so?'' (''The Sun Also Rises'' ender) 
''You may __ like'' (etailer prompt) 
''Not a surprise'' 
School subj 
Series in which Gary Sinise played Mac Taylor 
You might get down from them 
Yelp posting 
White House reporter Helen Thomas’s longtime employer 
Was out in front 
Vessel with a spigot 
Took the junk out, perhaps 
They might produce scoops 
They may be decorated 
Take to one’s heels 
Sussex sip 
Something hard to come by on Fifth Avenue on St. Patrick’s Day? 
Some TVs 
Some royal affairs? 
Solemn stands 
Slam participants 
Seattle-to-San Diego dir 
Rid of snow, perhaps 
Result of a successful pitch 
Rescinding of a contract put out on an informant? 
Rare answers from toadies 
Ranch alternative 
Ramshackle roadster 
Quarterback Boomer 
Present from birth 
Porterhouse’s kin 
Philosophy principles 
Person in need of a lift 
Paperless publications 
Owner of las Islas Canarias 
Ovid’s ‘___ Amatoria
Onetime auto-financing co 
Ode title starter 
Objects of anxiety 
Not fer 
Northern end of the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge 
Noddies, e.g 
Muffles, as sounds 
Mkt. measured by the Nikkei index 
Military control, informally 
Metric prefix meaning ‘trillionth 
Medium for most NPR stations 
Mayo and marmalade 
Mason’s need 
Mark for an 88 
Lurker’s plan 
Long in the movies 
Lingo that you don’t need to pay for? 
Like warthogs and wildebeests 
Like the girl from Ipanema 
Like some combat and views 
Image on a Canadian dollar coin 
Like a No Passing Zone sign’s shape 
Less trusting 
Lease term, often 
Kid trading his Lego set for more valuable toys? 
KFC extra 
Key for canceling 
It might have four legs 
Indication of things to come 
Ignominious flop 
He’s toast 
Has a palliative effect on 
H.S. elite 
Guinea fowl’s cousin 
Gift from Mom and Pop 
Gift for a lucky graduate 
Game show announcer Johnny 
Flanged beam 
First choice for conducting your wedding? 
Fabrizi of 1945’s ‘Rome, Open City’ 
Emulates Icarus 
Eastern events 
Diana of ‘I Married a Woman’ 
Desiccating agents 
Craftsmen’s association 
County named for the first president of the Republic of Texas 
Constitution opener 
Clean out a bed 
Chip enhancer 
Chinese spice with a flavor like licorice 
Cell messenger 
Catch participant, perhaps 
Broadway debut of April 1968 
Brigitte’s buddies 
Blood count? 
Bix Beiderbecke’s instrument 
Belly laugh sound 
Barista’s creations 
Back muscle, briefly 
Arty New Mexico community 
Artist who advocated the ‘assassination of painting’ 
Aromatherapy locale 
Antigone is spelled with two 
Annoyance for online gamers 
Analyst’s interest 
Airfare add-on 
‘___ Wrong’ (2014 #4 song by Nico & Vinz) 
‘You’re on!’ 
‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ character 
‘The Graduate’ girl 
‘Look!’ in Las Palmas 
Words of explanation 
What calisthenics improve 
Utopia writer, 1516 
Unclear, as thinking 
Triple-platinum Lady Gaga hit of 2011 
Three albums bound together, e.g. 
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, per Vladimir Horowitz 
The Brady Bunch bunch 
Source of anago sushi 
Swallowing worry in an old wives’ tale 
Steve Buscemi’s role in “Reservoir Dogs” 
Something that might be built around a police station 
Something sweet potatoes provide 
Small glass disk used as an ornament in a stained-glass window 
Shot glass? 
Seedy place 
Roughly half of all binary code 
Raid target 
Put off guard 
Potential libel defendant 
People ruled by an elective monarchy 
Part of a physical 
One up front? 
On a pension: Abbr. 
Not free 
Melted munchie 
Longtime fitness guru Jack 
Long-running Joel McHale show on E! 
Latin trio leader 
Kind of bean 
Keep close relations? 
Jazz pianist Allison 
High-pitched cry 
Hero-worship, say 
Hen tracks 
Golf units: Abbr. 
Goes without a leash 
Go head-to-head with? 
Friendly staff or “For a limited time only” 
Common dorm room decorations 
Font of knowledge 
Follower of a team 
Easily outscores 
Doctor’s patient, e.g. 
Directive in tennis after odd-numbered games 
Create a tunnel beneath 
Completely block 
Came aboard, in a way 
Call from the lobby, perhaps 
Brightly colored marine fish 
Bengali who won the 1913 Literature Nobel 
Bechamel sauce with Gruyere added 
A child can have a blast with it 
___ thou love me?: Juliet 
___ al Khaymah (one of U.A.E.’s seven emirates) 
four (small cake) 
Oscar-winning Maggie Smith film role 
"Goldberg Variations" composer, briefly 
"Blazing Saddles" actor 
Candidates’ face-off 
Aerobic workout, briefly 
Put a curse on 
Airport screening org. 
Chills and fev er
McEnroe’s rival 
Shuttle letters 
Dreadlocked one, often 
Bowling scoring unit 
"See you later, amigo" 
Like cheap red meat 
Trash bag accessory 
Your aunt’s little girl 
Small woods 
Some patterned fabrics 
Ship area, to a bo’s’n 
Murmured affectionately 
Posh health resort 
Catch ___ (begin to get) 
Short choral composition 
Type of tape 
Shortening used in recipes? 
Three-toed animal with a snout 
Make reparations, e.g. 
Charitable organizations, often 
Musk-secreting cats 
Cal Ripken’s record was about one 
Abolitionists wanted to end it 
Communist leader, once 
Biochemistry abbr. 
Some ceramic pottery 
"That feels good!" 
Loose fiber for caulking 
Ambulance letters 
Chases away, as a pest 
South Pacific island group 
Type of whiskey 
Cash dispenser 
In-flight info 
Place to drink up 
Cool, old-school 
"What’s gotten ___ you?" 
Not yet final, at law 
"After the Bath" painter Edgar 
Behave badly 
Almanac tidbit 
Is no longer 
Give an impression 
Where great ideas come from 
Dangerous whale 
Indication of spoiled food 
Celery unit 
It helps to get the job done 
Newspaper opinion piece 
Some are blind 
Blow off steam 
Guacamole source, often 
Showed sudden joy 
Quite a few 
Long introduction of yore? 
This puzzle’s theme 
Metal factory 
Atlanta hoopster 
Vito Corleone’s eldest 
"Santa" trailer, geographically 
Bring legal action 
Ziering of “Sharknado” 
Worker in a cage 
Work on, as a road 
Word on a business card 
With 12-Down, 1994 Peace Prize sharer 
Where Mark twain married Olivia Langdon 
Vertical, more or less 
Thumb twiddler 
Throw out an idea 
Stinging builder of mud nests 
Stallone, in “Capone” 
Spot for a scrape 
Soap vegetables 
Some sleepers 
Soapmaking compounds 
Slangy agreement 
She plays Hermione in “Harru Potter” films 
S&L offering 
Replacement for unlisted items 
Peace Nobelist of 1983 
Pass after all else failed? 
Parishioner’s place 
Paratrooper’s start 
Ottoman officials 
One-person boats 
Old tankard material 
Napa County city that’s home to Beringer Vineyards 
Name on some euros 
Mine shaft tool 
Medium for da Vinci 
Magazine renamed Rosie in 2001 
Loser’s mistake? 
Like tournament favorites 
Like beef coin, vis-a-vis chuck 
Jonathan’s cousins 
Fared poorly in the wash 
Early August arrival 
Day of resolve 
Craig role 
Commuting metaphor 
Charity tourneys 
Cab Calloway catchphrase 
Brief subject 
Big name in diamonds 
Bands of cerebral nerve fibers 
Ambiguous part 
2-Down and others 
The Shape of Things to Come” author 

Bewitched” role

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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