Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 17.10.2016

Withdraw, as from a nation 
West Point inits 
Use a hatchet on 
Urge forward 
Truck, in Trafalgar Square 
Tribe that produces kachina dolls 
Thor’s father 
Stuck, in art class 
Some calculator displays 
Singer-songwriter Leonard 
Showed a second time 
Sheep loser of rhyme 
Omar of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ 
Scientist Newton 
Russian’s refusal 
Reason for overtime 
Ranking member 
Power unit 
Potential embryos 
Poke with a finger 
Hit hard, in the Bible 
NYC subway initials 
Noted thesaurus compiler 
New driver, usually 
Neighbor of Libya and Chad 
Murphy of ‘To Hell and Back’ 
Mrs., in Madrid 
Maker of 57-Across 
IDs used on personal tax returns 
Heir’s inheritance 
Hayloft unit 
Gratuity included in the six longest Across answers 
Grassy area of northern Tanzania 
Former Indiana governor Bayh 
Former Beatle Sutcliffe 
Former Beatle Best 
Foot feature 
Flight features 
Fixed regular payments 
Fit for a king 
Fabricators of facts 
Exhaust’s opposite 
Duck that yields down 
Didn’t get up at the usual time 
Degree, for one 
Company in a 2001 accounting scandal 
Come up with a product? 
Classic shoot-’em-up arcade game 
Catchall category: Abbr 
Bring in, as a salary 
Animal’s home 
Act the snitch 
‘The Wild Duck’ playwright 
‘Science Guy’ Bill 
‘How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?’ singer 
‘Great idea!’ 
Weather Channel graphic 
Unclear, like old home videos 
Try to exhume, as treasure 
Took charge of 
Theatrical disasters 
Symbol of the passage of time 
Sunbather’s shade 
Steak tartare or sashimi, e.g. 
Starts, as a hobby 
Sought a judgement against 
Sinister glance 
Senator’s six years 
Seinfield’s gal pal Benes 
Rite response 
Reporter’s approach 
Preacher’s podium 
On the matter of 
Molded meat-stock dish 
Ketch pair 
Navel variety, familiarly 
Number in sequel titles 
PGA hole measures
Molded meat-stock dish 
Maze-running rodent 
Lip-curling looks
Limerick writers, e.g. 
Like the Texas star 
Letters in carpool lanes 
Ketch pair 
Jousters’ horses 
Hanes Her Way alternative 
Julianne of “Crazy, Stupid, Love” 
Hide-hair link 
Harness racing vehicles
Gazelle group 
Game show sound effect 
Far from wordy 
Fancily decorated 
Fallone monologue bit 
Fairy tale huffer-and-puffer 
Faberge cologne brand 
Exterminators’ victims 
Express in words 
E-file org. 
Eager to tackle the task 
Dinero unit 
Curly tailed dog 
Cornfield unit 
Cone-bearing tree 
Capsized ship of moviedom 
Biology classroom item 
Bill in a tip jar 
Behave like a brat 
Bartender’s query 
Bakers’ flavorings 
Anthony Hopkins role in “Thor” 
Alma mater of both presidents Bush 
Airport pickup spot 
Abounding (with) 
1998 BP merger partner 
1980 Shelley Duvall role 
Pinocchio” art bit 
America, the Beautiful” shiner 
Ain’t It Funny” singer, to fans 
“__ Kelly” (Mick Jagger movie) 
Wine-bottle stoppers 
Worry (about) 
Winding, as a road 
Wyatt of the Wild West 
Textile factory 
Take a bus or train 
Sudden rise in lawlessness 
Snip out, as coupons 
Regional distinctiveness 
Ready for a nap 
Rained hard 
Putting postage on 
Put on __ (be a snob) 
Pulls along 
Polka or tango 
Point opposite ENE 
Places down, as carpeting 
Office's belt-tightening 
Not at all spicy 
Music staff symbol 
Much of the time 
Men's business attire 
Meat inspectors' org 
Isolate, due to a blizzard 
Hot-spring resort 
Hospital sections 
High-spirited horse 
High-flying toy 
Has in mind 
Groups of grapes 
Gives orders on a film set 
Forgets to mention 
Filled with dandelions, as a lawn 
Cul-de-__ (dead end) 
Contented cat's sound 
Bottom of a boot 
Blender setting for baby food 
Blacken on a barbecue 
Ballerina's footwear 
Baby's rocking bed 
At that time 
1003, in Roman numerals 
''That's the truth!'' 
''That'll do it for me'' 
Athlete who “rides the pine 
Is broadcast 
Vampire hunter’s weapon 
Attic accumulation 
Lombardi Trophy org. 
The “L” of L.A. 
Stadium cheer 
Go-with-you-anywhere computers 
U.S.N. officer: Abbr. 
Infographic with wedges 
Whiskey type 
Free speech advocacy grp. 
“___ Boots Are Made for Walkin'” (1966 Nancy Sinatra hit) 
Does wrong 
Common daisy 
Toy block brand 
Brunch time say 
Wet weatherwise 
Bill also called a benjamin 
Winter ailments 
Plan that has no chance of working … or the answer to each starred clue? 
Aren’t I the fortunate one! 
Window frame 
Punch hard 
Fruit-filled pastries 
Exchange as an old piece of equipment for a new one 
Glazer of “Broad City” 
Offset as costs 
Finishes with fewer votes 
“Me Myself & ___” (Jim Carrey film) 
Putter (along) 
Austin’s home: Abbr. 
Hearts of PCs for short 
Reason for jumper cables 
Design style of the 1920s and ’30s 
It’s signaled by a white flag on the racetrack 
Philosopher who tutored Nero 
Check-cashing requirements for short 
Abbr. at the bottom of a letter 
Germany’s von Bismarck 
James of “The Godfather” 
Mrs. whose cow supposedly began the Great Chicago Fire 
Mean mean mean 
Hairstyle with straight-cut bangs 
Shootout site involving the Earp brothers 
Politically left-leaning 
chi (martial art) 
Dedicated poems 
Puts out in baseball 
In the manner of 
Serving between appetizer and dessert 
33 1/3 for an LP 
Nevada’s so-called “Biggest Little City in the World” 
Merry-go-round or roller coaster 
Something “walked” on a pirate ship 
“Madam I’m ___” (palindromic introduction to Eve) 
“I Am ___” (Jenner’s reality show on E!) 
Ten to one for one 
More crafty 
"Trick" joint 
Lewis of track fame 
It can cover your boo-boo 
Excessive or irrational devotion to something 
Freshly interesting 
Announce online 
Thing to play 
After-expenses total 
Things cast from far away 
Police officer 
Cleanse oneself 
Give too much work to 
Clever tactic 
Australian outback runner 
Render capable 
"A rose by any ___ name …" 
Delivery vehicle 
Costa ___ Sol 
Composer Johann Sebastian 
Eucalyptus-eating creature 
Certain Hindu royal 
"God’s Little ___" 
Bowling division 
Edible heart 
Opposite of "fer" 
Touring France, say 
Utter disorder 
Fallon predecessor 
List-ending abbr. 
Mild chili designation 
Taunting laugh 
Ballot variety 
Andrew — Webber 
Start of a multi-step project 
Big tent at an expo 
Not real 
Thurman of "Kill Bill" 
Writing implement 
Whodunit reason 
Place to loll 
Unfortunate event 
Triple __: liqueur 
Transition slowly 
All Martians 
Therapeutic ointment 
Easy type of run 
Stun with a gun 
Suffix with Siam 
Radio band-switching switch 
Storm relief org. 
Sporty sunroof 
Secretive "Check this out!" 
Same-as-above marks 
Rock’s Jethro __ 
Elevator man 
Part of a tennis match 
Apple leftover 
Word with "moment" or "sec" 
It follows naturally 
Goes on the offensive 
Padre’s hermano 
Packed up for shipping 
Capture all of one’s attention 
On a scale of one to __ 
Noir film temptress 
Eggs in a science lab 
No longer encumbered by 
Apply gently, as hair gel 
Kareem’s former name 
Ironic change in destiny … and, literally, what happens in this puzzle’s circles 
Meaty dish that would make Mary sad? 
States of merriment 
Life story, briefly 
Brain or ear area 
Jack of old Westerns 
Prepare in advance
Hrs. that begin when we "spring forward" 
Homer Simpson’s wife 
It brings joy when gushing 
Does a dress-making chore 
Football-like sport played with a disc 
Fender damage 
Female pronoun 
Dermal decorator 
Extends, as a building 
Execs, or outfits hanging in their closets 
Engineer Nikola 
"Fine by me, I guess" 
Develop in the womb 
Daughters’ brothers 
Dating from 
Dangerous current 
Cupid’s mo. 
Amateur night at a comedy club, e.g. 
Crossed (out) 
Come into view 
Breyers competitor 
Asian mushroom with an odd spelling 
As far as the eye __ 
Approx. figure 
Animated Internet file suffix 
"The Wind in the Willows" croaker 
"The Bridge on the River __" 
"Mockingbird" singer Foxx 
"I was with my girlfriend all night," say 
"Doctor Zhivago" actor Omar 
"__F!": pre-weekend cry 
’50s prez 

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