Mordo - Crossword clueá|áCROSSWORDáPUZZLE ANSWERSáPART B 20.10.2016

Psychedelic initialsá
Irene admired by Sherlock Holmesá
Finds groovyá
"___ your style!"á
Salsa jar adjectiveá
Emiliaĺs conniving husbandá
Nose wrinklerá
"This is getting old!"á
Artificial ___ (stadium playing surface)á
Adds water toá
Grand Oleá
Pakistanĺs longest riverá
Firm symbolsá
"Ozymandias" for oneá
Shapes in a different wayá
Itĺs below phosphorus on the periodic tableá
Octagon at an intersectioná
Packing a punchá
Ore haulerá
Resembling a cactusá
Drill for exampleá
Nebraska neighborá
"Save Me" singer Manná
Flow stopperá
Premeal blessingá
"Highway to Hell" bandá
Boho-chic footweará
Storm pelletsá
Horseshoe securerá
Couldnĺt keep a secretá
Norton Sound cityá
Yankee legend Gehrigá
Yemenĺs peninsulaá
Of lesser importanceá
Lingers oná
Onetime Ice Cube collaboratorá
Home of the Rockiesá
Bun toppers perhapsá
"Close the window!" and an explanation of this puzzleĺs themeá
Party giveaways in slangá
Marilyn Monroe in 1953 e.g.á
"The Pregnant Widow" author Martiná
Grave message?á
Patio cooker with a tanká
Board game suspect represented by a yellow tokená
"New Look" designer Christianá
Groups on the billá
Water-softening compoundá
Valuable card in blackjacká
Took a chanceá
Tolstoy or Durocherá
Titled women, in Britainá
SOS part, supposedlyá
Some athletic eventsá
Solid yellow billiard ballá
Singer James or Jonesá
Showing no remorseá
Show to which "just the facts, maĺam" is misattributedá
Retriever, for shortá
Prepare, as a printing pressá
Poeĺs "gold-bug," e.g.á
Place off limitsá
Path less traveledá
One might eagerly wait with thisá
Move bit by bitá
Morsel in an aardvarkĺs mealá
Model Campbellá
Milquetoastĺs antithesisá
Military mealá
Mall tenantsá
Make wellá
Lip-smacking goodá
Like Jack Spratĺs dietá
Language that gave us "kayak"á
Instrument for Chopin etudesá
Innie or outieá
Duck-billed mammalsá
Drag to courtá
Crow with nine Grammysá
Yuletide greeneryá
Circus setupá
Bobbie Gentryĺs "___ to Billie Joe"á
Word on the state capital listá
Was noticedá
Boat motor typeá
Blighted urban areaá
Verne's beingá
Some tubes with ridgesá
Barbed, as a remarká
Trophy shapeá
Twice-monthly tideá
Area producing an agricultural surplusá
Anna Sewell horse taleá
2014 Peace Nobelist Yousafzaiá
"Tokyo," to "Kyoto"á
Proof of consentá
"People tell me . . ."á
Satellite stationsá
Show of political supportá
"Fear Street" author R.L.á
"___ Ĺer rip!"á
Significant stretchesá
Sheen, in product namesá
Prepares to send back, perhapsá
Real peachá
Rather colorlessá
Qatari, for oneá
Pronoun for the Bardá
Popular potted plantá
Metaphor for simplicityá
Plays withá
Oil Market Report publisherá
Official Olympics timekeepersá
Now ready to perform oná
Nothing more thaná
Did market worká
Name on the cover of ''Show Boat''á
Molasses measá
Longhorn rivalá
Lodging placesá
Lawn adjunctá
Lodging placeá
Labor Department orgá
Just beatá
Fairway flawsá
Expensive stringsá
Dwell unceasingly (on)á
Dry, as in ziná
Do some bastingá
Darkeners, at timesá
Custer adversariesá
Curlicue cousinsá
Criticism, so to speaká
Convert to an e-booká
Commercial reading systemá
Cleverly doneá
Cat food flavorá
Big name in pro tennisá
Audio geará
Asks in earnestá
Anticrime acronymá
Academic pdsá
A, as in Innsbrucká
75-pound birdsá
'Sorry, no warranty''á
Zebra's cousiná
Yann Martel book about a professional baker?á
Word on a Ouija boardá
What a haruspex finds omens iná
Uncrustables ingredientá
Tour guide, oftená
Title character in Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride'á
Tablet fillersá
Sylvia Plath book about a Southern lass's mayo?á
Spud spotá
Spinnaker's cousiná
Something to shoot for funá
Skirts for the modestá
Sinclair Lewis book about Down East driving?á
Shearling she
Salon stuffá
Saint who translated the Bible into Latiná
River near Balmoral Castleá
Right afterá
Rat race victimsá
Proposes as a priceá
Prone to mischiefá
Not quite smartá
Name in the 'Hail, Caesar!' creditsá
Mel's 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome' co-stará
Locks up, as a victoryá
Back muscle, familiarlyá
Doing it may get you a ticketá
Jazz great Tjaderá
Its Cimarron Co. borders four other statesá
It has many stopsá
In-flight entertainment, for someá
In a minute or twoá
Harper Lee's 'Go ___ Watchman'á
Hardy's 'Pure Woman Faithfully Presented'á
Hardly guzzleá
Gives a sedative, sayá
Filmography listingá
Family tree wordá
Dr. Seuss book about a Vatican piggyback ride?á
Digestion aidá
Dictator's aideá
Cop movie stapleá
Comment after a tripá
Center performanceá
Careless mistakeá
Cardinal's kiná
Brand with an Oil Drop Man mascotá
Be unwittingly annoyingá
Bar codeá
Be unwittingly annoyingá
Available if neededá
Are in store forá
Anomalous craftá
'Just a girl who claims that I am the one,' in a 1983 hitá
Home Depot competitorá
Never to be repeatedá
It's a long storyá
"The Persistence of Memory" artistá
Turn white, maybeá
Where some long runs take placeá
14-legged crustaceaná
Luke's Jedi mentorá
Venture (forth)á
One who has trouble passing the bar?á
Science class, informallyá
Prefix with cycleá
Jesse who lost the governor's race to Ronald Reagan in 1970á
Long in Hollywoodá
Spot of ___á
Tree with "helicopter seeds"á
1960s western starring Clint Eastwoodá
Strengthen, with "up"á
Offensive wordsá
Second cousin?á
"We're on!"á
Help for one with serious allergiesá
Henry Purcell's "Dido's Lament," e.g.á
___ Baiul, 1994 Winter Olympics figure skating gold medalistá
Got together for a party?á
San ___ (resort locale)á
Ferrara who directed "Bad Lieutenant," 1992á
Stevenson villainá
Official pronouncementá
Monopoly expenseá
Advanced high school class, informallyá
Cause of some cries from the cribá
That tropical entry could not have captured first place in the fruit competition, palindromicallyá
Praise that's not proseá
Sam of "Jurassic Park"á
___ Moss (women's clothing label)á
Many lab ratsá
"My concealment of that footwear was so unfortunate," palindromicallyá
"Topaz" novelist, 1967á
Silence fillersá
One for the money?á
Goes backá
Last word in the Gettysburg Addressá
The last of the Pillars of Islamá
Word with bar or blanketá
Superficially injureá
Go withá
Peter the Great, Mother Teresa and Bob Marley, palindromicallyá
Tending to wear awayá
Can't takeá
One turned on by a rock star?á
What all politics is said to beá
"Supposedly, some Australian birds can participate in the America's Cup," palindromicallyá
"Star Trek: T.N.G." crew memberá
Cardinal featureá
What a physiognomist studiesá
Music direction meaning "with the bow"á

___ Baiul, 1994 Winter Olympics figure skating gold medalist
World Cup chant
Worker with hides
Word with bar or blanket
Window treatment
Where some long runs take place
What all politics is said to be
What a physiognomist studies
Venture (forth)
Turn white, maybe
Tree with 'helicopter seeds'
Time out?
The last of the Pillars of Islam
That tropical entry could not have captured first place in the fruit competition, palindromically
Tending to wear away
Superficially injure
Strengthen, with 'up'
Stevenson villain
Spot of ___
Some servers
Silence fillers
Second cousin?
Science class, informally
San ___ (resort locale)
Sam of 'Jurassic Park'
Rx overseer
Resulted in
Prefix with cycle
Praise that's not prose
Peter the Great, Mother Teresa and Bob Marley, palindromically
One who has trouble passing the bar?
One turned on by a rock star?
One for the money?
Official pronouncement
Offensive words
Never to be repeated
Music direction meaning 'with the bow'
Monopoly expense
Many lab rats
Luke's Jedi mentor
Long in Hollywood
Last word in the Gettysburg Address
Kia subcompact
Jesse who lost the governor's race to Ronald Reagan in 1970
It's a long story
Home Depot competitor
Henry Purcell's 'Dido's Lament,' e.g
Help for one with serious allergies
Got together for a party?
Goes back
Go with
Gets by
Ferrara who directed 'Bad Lieutenant,' 1992
Cause of some cries from the crib
Cardinal feature
Can't take
Advanced high school class, informally
1960s western starring Clint Eastwood
14-legged crustacean
'We're on!'
'Topaz' novelist, 1967
'The Persistence of Memory' artist
'Supposedly, some Australian birds can participate in the America's Cup,' palindromically
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' crew member
'My concealment of that footwear was so unfortunate,' palindromically

Űý ńŠŰňÚň˙ ýÓ˙° ¨ţň°ň˙ ý߲ý ńÓ˙° ňýň ßýßŃ ,ÓÝ °ÓÚ˙Ý šňţ° ˘ňÔ˛ Ó­Ó Ńňňšň ý­ň ň­ň°ÚŃň , ńÓ˙° ­ß­ń ˛ý ÚŃÚ Úň-Úň ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ ßšÚ­Ý Ű­˝ň ňß­ň ýŰÝ Ó˙° ßšÚ­Ý ¨ÚÚŕ ýÚň-Úň Ó˙° ˘­ÓÚ ýÚýŃÚÝ ň­ň˛° ńÓ˙° ¨Ú¨ ßň ńŰý
ŃÚňňš ˛ý Ó˙°
ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýß­ň˙ | ţ¨˘ŔÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | ˝°Ŕň­ÚÝ ţ÷šÚ¸ÚÝ | °¸˛ÚÝ | ßŃÚšň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ Ú˘ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸Ú ß­ň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ýÓÚÚ˘ň´ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ šÚ­Ý | šÚ˘ň¨ ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ňÚ°ŔňÓýÚÝ |
ţ¨š¸Ú ѢѢ´ | Ń˘Ú ÷ßÚ˛ń | ˛ňýÝ ńŃňÔţ­Úň˙ | ¸ň­Ŕ° ˝Ŕ°ÚÚ¸ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýÚýŃÚÝ | 250 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ˛ňýÝ ńţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ßÓßý˝ | ˙ţň­ň˙ ţ÷šÚ¸ň˙ | ˝ŔŔň˝ÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | Ŕ°ÚňňÚń | ¸Ŕ­Ŕ­ÚÝ | 200 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ŔÚ˘ň ţ¨š¸ÚÝ - 365 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ |