Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 21.10.2016

What Wash. will be on in Dec 
Wasting no words 
World's #2 most-performed playwright 
Sort of circular object 
Uprighted oneself 
Spanish skating figure 
South Fla. airport 
Smidge of force 
Skyscraper joints 
Sitting pretty 
Sign of a boffo show 
Savings acronym 
Retro design style 
Reneges, with ''out'' 
Reality show, for short 
Prefix for nautical 
Powerball relative 
Plane passengers' bring-alongs 
Photography designation 
Pennsylvania peaks 
Parting phrase 
Oblique observation 
Nicholas II's eldest 
Nestling places 
Nectarine cousin 
Musical talent, so to speak 
Mined-over matter 
Mexican-born LPGA great 
Landmark near Messina 
Melba toast maker 
Mean cuisine 
Man __ (Seabiscuit's grandsire) 
asada (Mexican dish) 
Longtime Masters airer 
When computers are running 
Karl, in ''Patton'' 
In the entourage 
What Congress needs in order to get anything done? 
It can mean ''British'' 
In the matter of 
USB, for one 
Guaranteed to work 
Timmy's pet on old TV 
Horticultural cutting 
Hombre español 
Four-legged friend 
Tan milieu? 
One who got away 
Exams for some chem. majors 
Possible hindrance to romance 
Singles player, for short? 
End of an Indy Jones title 
Take home 
Diesel by-product 
Corporate icon 
Some shorebirds 
Big name in rap music 
Baking soda target 
''And it vanished!'' 
Asks too much 
Roof projection 
Appear or appearance 
Alchemist's obsession 
Pilot's announcement (abbr.) 
''Didn't mean to do that'' 
AL East team 
PC key 
Air France secondary hub 
Abdul-Jabbar's birth name 
Ones dealing in futures? 
1 Down-shaped treat 
One-celled creature 
'80s Chinese leader 
''Well, I can't object'' 
Object of adoration 
Noted New Orleans trumpeter 
New Mexico ski resort 
National competitor 
Lint source? 
Like many superheroes 
Landscaping supplies 
Indigo Girls, e.g 
Greeted at the door 
In a way 
Hydrox alternative 
Harpo's given name 
Giant Hall of Famer 
Getting more comfortable with a popular cash card? 
Get even with 
Former Speaker Gingrich 
Floppy disk slot 
Fit in 
Fantastic experience at a botanical garden? 
Dracula player 
Delivery boys? 
Chick chaser? 
Bygone demo material 
Blanc who voiced Bugs Bunny 
Big name in chips 
Babysitters, perhaps 
Away for quite awhile 
Abe of 'Barney Miller' 
1996 Costner/Russo film 
'The Nazarene' author Sholem 
'Runaway' singer Shannon 
'Put a lid on it!' 
'It's ___ confusing!' 
'It's likely that ...' 
'Good one!' 
Surname on rule books 
Teddy’s neighbor on Mount Rushmore 
Word after passion or power 
Woody’s singing son 
Walkman company 
Waiting room summons 
Urban pollution 
Umbrella-shaped savanna tree 
Turns on an axis 
Tool in many a trunk 
Took part in a triathlon 
Toddler’s “piggies”
Three Dog Night’s “Ioneliest number 
Store sign figs. 
SpongeBob SquarePants feature 
Southwestern brick 
Showly skillful sort 
Nuclear reactor area 
Odds displayer 
Sought a Senate seat 
Show petulance 
Rock band __ Speedwagon 
Radar gun meas 
Prom suit 
Port-au-Prince’s place 
Pigeon entree 
Naive folks 
Manufacturer of moving walkways 
Mammoth hunter’s weapon 
Hardly at ease 
Hero’s topper, in old TV 
Make a wild throw, say 
Made macaroons, say 
Lanai neighbor 
JPMorgan Chase purchase of 2008 
Ivy League city 
Instrument on an Irish euro quotes 
Hatchet-wielding prohibitionist 
Grumpy sort 
Go on a shopping spree 
Go gaga over 
Get fatter paychecks than 
Fantsay Island arrival 
Ewer’s mate 
Disneyland vehicle 
Destructive sprees 
Dachshund’s drooper 
Created, as cotton candy 
Course skipperd by a dieter 
Common “Baywatch” scene 
Chinese “way” 
Cardinal’s topper 
Astronomical rarity 
Angle symbol, in geometry 
Andy’s raggedy sister 
Allotted, with “out” 
Act the lecher 
Rolling in the Deep: singer 
Parsley is gharsley” writer Nash 
Zener cards test it 
Word with garden or gut 
Word processor menu 
Witness's place 
Winter driving hazard 
Wilson and Evans 
White Sox catcher Narvaez 
Welsh rarebit ingredient 
Vulcan, for one 
Thimblerig need 
Talking point 
Subjects of savings accounts? 
Storehouse, in Stuttgart 
Spiny flora 
Songsmith's creations 
Small change 
Scrapes (out) 
Rural enclosure 
Ride choice 
Phone flash component 
Peculiar, to Brits 
Paris pair 
Parade stoppers 
Org. providing travelers' checks 
One of Cooperstown's inaugural class 
Attacked jointly? 
Buoyantly cheerful 
Mud, after compaction 
Move up and down 
Left on the Lusitania 
Leaf side 
Keen on 
Kandinsky contemporary 
Jackal's genus 
Jack-in-the-box part 
Having a ring of truth 
Fly like an eagle 
Flexible fish 
Eva of 'CSI: Miami' 
Detergent ingredient 
Deck expert 
Broad valley 
Bahia de Cochinos setting 
Antiaging cream brand 
Act like a jackass 
A very long time 
1953 film set among Wyoming homesteaders 
Unscrupulous rogue 
Superior group 
Bugsy Siegel was one of its founders 
All things considered 
'The ___ House Rules' 
'Sittin' Up in My Room' singer 
scripta (statutes) 
Word before or after 'what' 
What's left on a farm? 
Twenty: Prefix 
Tin anniversary 
Take legal action, say 
Take home, perhaps? 
Sub standard? 
Sounds during a massage 
Something that might interrupt a flight, for short 
Showed caution, in a way 
Shirley of 'Goldfinger' 
Sheep-counting times 
Server's bread and butter 
Seas overseas 
Round openings in domes 
Prize for Pizarro 
Pre-buffet declaration 
Picked up on 
Perfume named for Baryshnikov 
Passage between Sicily and the toe of Italy 
Org. with many banned Super Bowl ads 
Org. opposed to weaving? 
Ones making the rules? 
Occasion for dragon dances 
More than more 
Model X maker 
Memphis- based record label 
Large beer mug 
Labor day highlight 
Just slightly 
It's of no concern to a usurer 
It comes with strings attached 
Go, for one 
Gulf War ally 
Gendered Spanish suffix 
Fictional title character who declares 'How puzzling all these changes are!' 
Doesn't need a thing 
Didn't mince words 
Definitive disclaimer 
Cross words 
Cousin of a zebra 
Clue follower: Abbr 
Blyth of 'Mildred Pierce 
Batman co-creator Bob 
Band from the East 
Abbr. after many a military name 
'Mila 18' novelist 
'Bird on ___' (Mel Gibson/Goldie Hawn comedy) 
'Before ___ you go ...' 
'1984' concern 
Washroom tub 
Goose, in Guadalajara 
Pine Tree State 
"Bless you!" trigger 
Orange Muppet 
Actress/singer Jennifer 
English cattle breed 
Convincing, as an argument 
Laundry cleaner 
Kilmer of "Top Gun" 
Perfectly timed 
Hot dog side dish 
More mud bath locales? 
Lackluster finish 
Learning method using memorization 
Alternatives to lagers 
Certain officer asea? 
Christiania, once 
"The Age of Anxiety" poet W.H. 
Central A/C outlet 
Nota ___ (Latin phrase) 
Continental monies 
Certain female kin, informally 
Dry red wines 
Bad aroma 
Type of pilot 
Carpenter’s plane 
Dutch ___ disease 
Case for an Alaskan trooper? 
Kitchen decentralizer? 
"I know the way!" 
Rowing team, e.g. 
Place to store heirlooms 
London gallery 
Arrange in alphabetical order 
Guarantees the failure of 
Time of "comfort and joy" 
They come together in a wink 
Strong inflow 
Angler’s basket 
Up there in years 
Latin American laborer 
Tanzania wildlife reserve 
Michigan State athlete 
Eyeballs, to a poet 
"… 15 miles on the ___ Canal" 
Trellis pattern 
Narc chaser? 
Not even once, poetically 
Biblical ending? 
Baseball legend Babe 
Suffixes with "arm" or "road" 
Certain brasses 
Plane or c-clamp, e.g. 
Highest point 
Work with a number 
Words often after a number 
VP after Hubert 
Venomous reptile 
They may span decades 
Social convention 
Shelley work 
Seek payback, maybe 
Scheider of "Jaws" 
Prom duds 
Pasture parent 
Pasta choice 
One percent, so to speak 
Neighborhood posting 
Mendel’s science 
Members of an exclusive league 
Locking blocks 
Like new bills 
Letterpress need 
Lead-in to a drink? 
Lack of focus 
Hull region 
Horror film reaction 
Grab for clumsily 
Do a juice cleanse, say 
Fund-raiser, perhaps 
Fairy-tale intro words 
Essay makeup 
Deceptive operation 
Deceptive distortion 
Deadwood’s state: Abbr. 
Country bordering three seas 
Cook books, say 
Andean transport 
"Well, whoop-de-do" 
"__ Hate Me": Spike Lee film 
__ Throne: "Game of Thrones" monarchy

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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