crosswords puzzle answers 28/10/2016


Whiskered animals


Units at a horse race

They may have bullets

The Nikkei 225 is one of its indexes: Abbr

The Flying Dutchman, e.g

The first one was delivered in 1984


Subject of some PC Magazine reviews

Speech habits unique to an individual

Some lines of Milton

Slight interruption

Six-time Hugo Award winner Ben

Singer Twain

Simply not done

Show disdain for, in a way

Settled with

See 41-Down

Rise up

Rick's, for one

Queen dowager of Jordan


Princess cake and others

Powerful pitch

One with commercial interests, for short

One nearly cut Bond in half in 'Goldfinger'

One making introductions

One Direction member Payne

Nothing, in Nantes

Norman ___, first Asian-American to hold a cabinet post

NASA spacecraft designed for travel to Mars

N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer nicknamed 'The Kansas Comet'

More festive

Mixed forecasts?

Main thrust

London locale: Abbr

Limb-entangling weapon

Like the outer core of the earth

Like the national currency known as the tala

Leading newspaper that took its name from a stage comedy

Lays to rest

It's nothing, really

Invoice word

Hiker's climb

Frigid temps

Fright night?


Fictional character whose name is French for 'flight of death'

Everyday productivity enhancer, in modern lingo

Cries that might be made while hopping on one foot

Common ingredient in furniture polish


Chant often heard toward the end of an N.B.A. season

Certain logic gate

Blood lines

Beyond repair


Animal with horns

Ago, in an annual song

Actress Sherilyn who was an Emmy nominee for 'Twin Peaks'

Abbr. in an office address

1983 double-platinum album by Duran Duran

'___ Stop the Rain' (1970 hit)

'You can't make me!'

'No doubt!'

'Hold on there now!'

'Are you ___?!'

Word before double or driver

Winfrey's production company

Western set in Wyoming

Way off a highway

Water in another state

Wasn't hung up on

Union foe

Towel fabric

Terrorist group

Sydney who knew his zodiac signs



Search engine with a !

S.E. Hinton classic

Resounding success

Repeat exactly




Punching Pacquiao

Out of luck, in slang

One of Bristol's rivers

No longer bothered by

Nadya Suleman, in 2009 tabloid headlines

Miso soup addition

Marseille milk

Makes it close?


Leave no escape

KFC piece

Jupiter or Saturn

It might make a clicking sound

It has pollution solutions

Island visited on 'The Brady Bunch'


Huge amount

How some issues are contested

Hit keys

Hatcher of TV plots?

Hatch in the Senate since 1977

Hard to fool

Gossip's intro

Gordon Sumner, to music fans

Game division

Funny Martha

First Bond movie


Ensure the safety of

Dentist's order

Cornwall corn



Co-star of 1995's 'Nine Months'

Co-pay cos

Cleanup position


Big bore

Beaver for June, e.g

Animals known for superior eyesight

Album with 'Ticket to Ride'


A small number of Germans

*Shakespearean title character

*Its capital is Baku

*Bronx-born judge

*'Here's what I think'll happen...'

'What's this?!'

'The Elements of Style' co-author

'Pretty Woman' man

'Over the Rainbow' singer

'Me neither!'

'I ___ Rock'

'Famous' cookie magnate Wally

'CSI' setting

'Citizen ___' (1992 HBO film)

'Charlie ___ Murder Cruise' (1940 movie)

'A Writer's Life' memoirist

When doubled, a Society Island

Tossed with force

Tokyo of long ago

Tiny carpenter

Thing picked up at the beach

They include numerators and denominators

Take out, to an editor

Spanish capital

Sleep phenomenon

Singing club

Short choral composition

Shoes, sandals, sneakers, etc

Providing bearings

Plastic ___ Band

Place for an orchestra

Photographed or taped

Photo ___ (media events)

Pavarotti solo

One way to get out of debt

Notable period of history

Not us

Musical with its own glasses?

Much, slangily

More moth-eaten, e.g

Moray, e.g

Metal-shaping tool

March family creator

Make fun of

Lung opening?

Lobster eggs

Little salamander

Like much lingerie

Jon Bon Jovi, for one

It's used to take flight?

It's far from a flattop

It might produce a run

It includes angles and shapes

In a quandary

Humorous internet image

Hole-___ (golf coup)

Historic Alabama city

Has a hunch

Handed-down history

Half a matched set

Group of eight

Golden Horde member

Gangster's gun in old films

Full of dryer fluff

Former nuclear power agcy

Flared dress style

Ferret's cousin

Fence for defense

Evolution adherent

Drunk, in slang

Director Howard

D.C. veterans

Concentrate, in a way

Common savings vehicle

Common roller-coaster feature

Clairvoyant's favorite letters?

Challenge to a canoer

Campus VIP

Body shop convenience

Bit of Halloween attire

Bambi's mother, e.g

Baltimore's bird

Approaching, in romantic poetry

Animated Olive

'Yippee!' alternative

'What ___ the odds?'

'The ___ of Pooh'

'The Twilight Zone' telecasts, today

'Much ___ About Nothing'

'Do the Right Thing' pizzeria owner

'Beg pardon ...'

Words of promise

Word in California place names

Woodwind with a haunting sound

Winner at Gettysburg

Weather phenomenon named for the patron of sailors

Watch the tube all day, say

Veg-O-Matic seller, in infomercials

Uber rival

Track shapes, usually

Tone down

To's opposite

Tipplers' sea adventure

Thorn's place

Talks trash to

Stiff drinks

Sound of rebuke

Sometimes-candied tubers

Seafarer's assent

Racking up fines, like library books

Prefix with bus or science

Pop painter of soup cans

Pancakes served with sour cream

P.O. box item

Off-white shade

Of earlier vintage

Nuisance in a swarm

Not moving

Neighbor of Wyo

Mireille of 'The Catch'

Miracle-___ (garden care brand)

Loser to Obama in 2012


Long narrative poem

Like Vt. Senator Sanders

Key in anew

Just out of the oven

ISP that owns MapQuest

Insults online

Homer's bartender

Henry Clay, notably

Guys' loyal friendship

Gray of 'Silver Spoons'

Golfers' headgear

Gillette razor brand

Gets whipped by

General ___ chicken

Gas brand in Canada

Former Israeli leader Golda

Flue filth

Dutch Caribbean island

Drinks with scones

Dory propellers

Dentist's request after 'open'

Dancer Shearer

Cut and paste, e.g

Court dividers

Corp. money manager

Conclusive evidence of a crime

Close the deficit

Bridge site

Brainy bunch

Bobby of the Bruins

Black, to poets

Biological catalysts

Bela's 'Son of Frankenstein' role

Be competitive

Bad thing to be out of? (and a follower of the last parts of 17- and 62-Across and 11- and 28-Down)

APR part

Anytown, ___

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