Mordo - Crossword clue|CROSSWORDPUZZLE ANSWERSPART A 30.10.2016

Rehab attendees
Hit musical with the song "N.Y.C."
Actress Balaban
Sounds after a magic trick
Exam with logic games, briefly
One plus one?
The fingers of a hand, e.g.
Part of a wheel
Cold-weather conveyance
Some contraceptive devices
Loudly acclaim
Setting for a sunset on the Seine
She Wolf of the SS" (1975 cult film)
Make a "T" gesture in basketball
Best Supporting Actress nominee for "Birdman"
Part of P.S.U.: Abbr.
Football gear
Comes together
"I'll take care of that"
Small change
Symbol of wisdom
Kind of theater
Settles snugly
1998 Faith Hill hit that describes "perpetual bliss"
Annual California music festival
"Don't quit ___ now!"
Cold-weather conveyance
Tailor's need
Angel who visited Joseph Smith
1968 Peter O'Toole drama, with "The"
When sung five times, a 1974 Rolling Stones hit
Woodrow Wilson was the only U.S. prez to have one
Something spotted on a runway
Teacher's head count
Start of many congregation names
Actress Polo
Home to Hernando
Target audience of Out magazine
Colt 45 brewer
Familiar folks
Like nonprescription meds
Band with the 1991 #1 hit "Unbelievable"
Fantasy creatures
Some acids
Dirección geográfica
Minnesota athlete
Who said "Revolutions are the locomotives of history"
Chest bones
Plant malady caused by overwatering
Showy orange bloom
J.F.K. tower grp.
Not go home by curfew
Prefix with -stat
One side of the climate change debate
Get bored (of)
Acronym for an outdoor fantasy game
Things found at the starts of the answers to the six starred clues
Eagerly seized
Make sense of
Boston (luxury hotel)
Enzo Ferrari called it "the most beautiful car ever made"
B flat equivalent
Lie on the beach
Prince and others
Endure, in an expression
Godzilla foe
U.S. base site in the Pacific
Result of Québec's vote to leave Canada
Event code-named Operation Neptune
Miss ___ (late TV psychic)
Tinder and others
Shelf supports
'Stro, e.g.
School in Berkshire
Prefix with -pathy
Tech help station
Soon enough
X-ray, e.g.
Bo'sun for Captain Hook
Athletic footwear once promoted by Pelé
Convert chips to money
Woman of whom it's begged "Please don't take my man," in a 1973 hit
Best-selling PC game before The Sims
U.S.C.G. rank
Pulitzer-winning Edward
2000s group with three eponymous Disney Channel films, with "the"
Able to practice, say
Reading comics, doing crosswords, etc.
With reason
Banned pollutants
Faction in "Twilight" fandom
"Fine, see if I care!"
The princess in "The Princess Diaries"
Possible paths
Like sardines
Odysseus, by birth
Whitman sampler?
What sweet gestures may mean
Recruiting org
Numerical prefix
Corsica et d'autres
One talking on the phone, nowadays?
Bed on board
Toadies chorus
Words of agreement on Sundays
Elevator unit
Multitude or throng
Take cover
Hawaiian island
Oklahoma athlete
Comment from Homer Simpson
"When We Were Kings" hero
Actress Lupino
Butchers tool
Pulling even with
A B vitamin
Some British transports
Prepare to fire
Certain Jamaican fruit
Forcefully urgent
Emulate a tide
"Summer of 69" singer Adams
Like an equivocal sword?
Tormenting incessantly
Annapolis grads rank, briefly
Finish a Big Gulp
"Buffalo" Bill
Bowling green?
Anything on a list
Rocks in a bar
Expulsion from office
"If all ___ fails "
Tough chances for outfielders
Baseball legend Ryan
Butchers stock in trade
Priestly garb
Type of battery
He had a salty wife
Barbecuers cover-up
South American capital city
Bit of deception
"Nixon In China," for one
Monthly bill, for many
Accounting minuses
Impressive degree, briefly
Some things to climb
Cutting comments
Little piggy
Knee steadier
Hotdog topper, sometimes
Early NASA program
Binge-watching site
60s-70s teammate of Esposito
Andean stew veggie
In vitro cells
Butter from a farm
Blvd. cousin
More pleasant
Carwash challenge
Outfit at the track
Part of Hispaniola
Art form with singing
Symbols of wisdom
One usually has six sides
Casual jacket fabric
Pompous gait
Eponymous comet tracker
Animator Bill and others
Wall Street headlines
One with an instruction manual
Odometer control
Overrun with crabgrass
Stopped waffling
Fiber source
One-horse carriage
Real estate sale
River through Orsk
Futuristic 2009 James Cameron film
Where werewolves seek stardom?
Draculas favorite fruit?
Mosaic artist
Bay, say
Common teen phase
The Sierra Nevadas Mount __
Most lucid
this world
Budget competitor
Help with money, perhaps
Monsters cookie-selling group?
More spicy
Donald, to Dewey
Evening reception
Monsters daily newspaper reading?
Curtain fabric
Mole, maybe
Unit in a gym
Monsters favorite cereal?
Speck of dust
Perched on
U.N. workers gp.
Relatives of hems
Similar to
Spanish ayes
UFO-tracking org.
Anniversary celebration
Wall Street debacle
Daycare banes
Front man?
Move obliquely
Transpose, say
Whale group
State of rest
Meant to lose
"Heaven Can Wait" character
Muffin man
Taught to submit
Draculas least favorite lunch?
Adjust, as a faulty stitch
Quicken Loans, for one
Iconic WWII island, familiarly
Pan in the air
Seed covering
One of five inhabited U.S. entities
Spanish noble
One on a drive
Messed up
Minnelli movie musical
More sick
Ventricular contraction
Works at a gallery
Tool with a blade
D.C. bigwigs
"Just to See You Smile" country singer
"__ la la!"
Pacific relative of the Canada goose
Witches living together?
Ghosts car safety devices?
Above-ground, as a ski lift
Southern cuisine staple
Golf scorecard number

Bill entry

Work parodied by Duchamp
With obstructive buildup
What six bells can signify
Type of wind shield
Theorist on the ''Sgt. Pepper'' cover
Swimming stroke descriptor
Start of multiple Colette titles
Spaghetti western accessory
Something stuffed for lunch
Some unions
Singer voicing Gazelle in ''Zootopia''
Showed excitement, maybe
Score keeper
Sacred soloist
Party to extremes
Part of a listing to the right
Oceanic force
Not forthcoming
Name on J'Adore boxes
Name meaning ''hairy'' in Hebrew
Mideast's ''radiant city''
Mesmeric manipulator
Menu section
Member of the tuba family
Marks as complete, maybe
Manipulative interviews
Liqueur/wine concoction
Interpret as
Homie address
High Mass starter
Herbal beverage
Guard initiation
Great pride
Goal of some seeders
Givers of Friday sermons
Formerly popular peripheral
First prophet, to the Bahá'í
Finishing touches
End __
End of some tour-de-force solos
Disney brown bouncer
Dirty blanket
Diamond traders
Coups in bowls
Capoluogo della Sicilia
Calcium-rich side
Buster in numerous films
Bizarre accumulation
Band aids
Auctioned for education, say
Anyone living near North Pole
An inspiration for PDQ Bach
Amin's '70s headquarters
2015's fastest-growing music format
''The Economist'' coinage of 2012
''My voice is not a bellows unto __'': Keats
''Merry Wives . . .'' complaint

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