Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 02.11.2016

mouthed (insincere) 
vital (life force) 
Work, as dough 
With 32-Down, place for a Tex-Mex snack 
Winner of the 2016 Australian and U.S. Opens 
William Tell's canton 
Urged, with "on" 
Tiny stream 
They may be even, ironically 
Theatrical whisper 
Stubbed digit 
Straw, essentially 
Store freebies 
Sporty auto, informally 
Special Forces topper 
Sine ___ non (essential) 
Sign of a B'way hit 
Ship's petty officer 
Second in command, informally 
Remote user's spot 
Read, as a bar code 
Rat, to a rat terrier 
Political matriarch who lived to 104 
Player of the title role in "Annie Hall" 
Palindromic pop quartet 
Oscar nominee for her role in "Capote" 
Orthodontist's concern 
Order to a broker 
One of eight on a chessboard 
Novel's essence
Neatnik's antithesis 
Messed up big-time 
Like taekwondo 
Like composition paper 
Like Carter's presidency 
Like a busybody 
LEM part 
It's not free of charge 
Having a lot to lose? 
Handle the tiller 
Game with a dummy 
Foaming at the mouth 
Fly like an eagle 
First-grade basics 
Fingers, as a perp 
Feel remorse over 
Dr. Seuss' Sam 
Double star in Orion 
Dingy loft 
Decked out 
Dairy farm sound 
Currency in Russia 
Cuddly sci-fi critter 
Cries buckets 
Conveyed via conduit 
Common street name 
Chessboard pair 
Cheer at the Met 
Cartoon mirage, perhaps 
Car dealer's offering 
Burr and Hamilton, e.g 
Any of the Beatles, once 
"Bad" cholesterol, briefly 
Waikiki wiggle 
Soliloquy start 
Versatile truck, informally 
Those mujeres 
Take over, in a way 
Sycophant's response 
Supporters of Russian royalty 
Suffix with sock 
Southwestern structures 
Small boat 
Simón Bolívar's birthplace 
Sacks for Wacs 
Richard Pryor movie 
Resort near Snowbird 
Poker play 
Party thrower 
One who does a geometric construction all alone? 
Obits, essentially 
Old tapers? 
Old Fox series set in Calif 
Mysterious character 
Minute amount 
Desktop pictures 
Bovines who are resistant to being governed? 
Kilmer of 'Batman Forever' 
Mineral measurers 
Like the White Rabbit 
Like the life of a working single mom 
Hilo hello 
Group of grizzlies with personality problems? 
Lazy girl? 
Go a-courting? 
Flapjack franchise, for short 
Knight in shining armor 
Informative and free TV spots 
Fancy dressers 
Early course 
Criticize severely 
Corporation transportation? 
Yield to gravity 
AL West team, on scoreboards 
'___ that special?!' 
Unusually good 
With 55-Down, two cosmonauts outside Mir? 
With 55-Down, highlights of a trip to Atlantic City? 
With 55-Down, high-stepping dance for brides and grooms? 
With 55-Down, classic movie about a dreamy hike? 
Univ. award 
Turning blue, say 
Trafalgar Square honoree 
See 18-, 27-, 45- and 56-Across 
Thoroughly mixed up 
Test pro 
Taiwanese PC manufacturer 
Sweeping tales 
Strips of 
Source of inflation 
Society event 
Silicon Valley city 
Reo model of the 1930s 
Propose as a price 
Pron. kind 
Passiontide follower 
Outdated map letters 
OOO, at times 
One with a habit 
One targeted by a water cannon 
Old antiknock additive 
Memorable stretch 
Not at all reflective 
Nipper's letters 
Nigerian-born singer 
Mum's cousins 
Mourn melodramatically 
Member of Sauron's army 
Mass of people 
Kept the wolf from the door 
Homer hollers 
Get the latest dish? 
Freud feature 
Flamenco cries 
First name in New Haven 
Field crew 
Fill in for a traveler 
Enter a flat, say? 
Equal competitor 
Congressional output 
Bull, in Baja 
Characters in books 
Carnival treats 
Can't refuse to 
Called to see someone 
Buyer's bargaining strategy 
AAA map letters 
'Most miserable hour that ___ time saw' ('Romeo and Juliet') 
Bulrushes, e.g 
Spherical hairstyle 
Breakfast buffet choice 
Special interest grps 
Arabian valleys 
1975 hit for Elvis Presley 
Sneaker string 
Pillow material 
Peruse again 
Marathon, for one 
More loyal 
__-Mex cuisine 
Uphill climb 
Unlawful activity 
Uncle in red, white and blue 
Specifics pair 
Slugger's stat 
Sewed up, as in ''guaranteed'' 
Reddish yellow 
Scheduled mtg 
Run __ of (conflict with) 
Prosecutor's aide, for short 
Plain writing 
Per __ (daily) 
Party throwers 
Of cities 
Most up-to-date 
Mecca pilgrim 
Contents of cassettes 
Large parrot 
Main-idea pair 
Mac-and-cheese tidbit 
Leg bone 
Hiker's trail 
General drift 
Gaze intently 
Foot lever 
Find the sum of 
Fencer's sword 
Feeling of compassion 
Divert, as a train 
Dinnertime pair 
Cause of belly butterflies 
Canon's copier competitor 
Bend, as biceps 
Beef inspectors' org 
Beagle bark 
Apply carelessly 
Ancient foe of Athens
3 Down or 8 Down, briefly 
''__ of a gun!'' 
Spring (2010s movement) 
Warrior monk of sci-fi 
Wagering sites, for short 
Viking Ship Museum city 
Upper limit, for short 
Underground pest 
Typical user of a transistor radio 
Traded verbal barbs 
Swords or cups, in tarot 
Start of a possible answer to the riddle 
Start of a Mad Hatter riddle that went unanswered 
Smoke an e-cigarette 
Small European finch 
Sign before Taurus 
Sellers had three in 'Dr. Strangelove' 
Prefix with classical 
Polo Grounds great Mel 
Onetime rival of TWA 
Often-rummy holiday drinks 
Not so risky 
Norway's patron saint 
Much of North Africa 
Much coffeehouse music 
Martial arts award 
Marcel Duchamp's art style 
Lower in status 
Like Inverted Jenny postage stamps 
Landfill emanation 
Knit item at a social 
Kind of yoga 
Kelly Clarkson was the first one, informally 
Just dandy 
It's a start 
Golf or tennis coup 
Give Xanax, say 
Fuel-yielding rock 
Flower that symbolizes purity 
Flat-bottomed boats of old 
First novel in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle 
Feature of the Budweiser logo 
Facebook, on an iPhone or Galaxy 
End of the riddle 
End of the answer 
Dust-creating tools 
Does a slow burn 
Diez minus siete 
Del Rey with the album 'Ultraviolence' 
Comic Con, for one 
Caramel bite from Hershey 
Bridgegate problem 
Blacken on a grill 
Be nuts about 
Bad way to run 
Anglers' aids 
All-time best-selling Frank Sinatra album 
After the N.F.L., the most-watched sports org. on U.S. television 
African land whose capital is N'Djamena 
1956 crisis site 
'We have the meats' chain 
'Two Women' director 
The Divine Comedy,' e.g 
'I guess you didn't get the ___' 
'Hipster doofus' on 'Seinfeld' 
'Go me!' 
Baseball’s Pee Wee 
Tennis star Rafael 
Construction site sight 
Like the desert 
Carpentry work 
"Messiah" composer 
Assented, in a way 
Lady of riding fame 
Andy Hardy’s portrayer 
Take ___ to (like) 
Euripides drama 
Fraction of a joule 
Draw forth 
Like appealingly shocking details 
"Big" clock in London 
Electronic silent butlers? 
Wan Kenobi 
Bygone prime-time soap 
Lifeguards and penny pinchers 
Deterrent to team players 
Autumn apple drink 
One of Santa’s helpers 
Stubborn beast of burden 
Arab pooh-bah 
Place to plant a wet one 
Caesar’s worst day 
Notifying devices, once 
Ski maneuvers 
More maneuverable at sea 
"Psycho" building 
Attorney’s customer 
Particular period of history 
Alphabetized by one of the "Friends" 
Sign of a winner? 
Beethoven’s "Fidelio," for one 
New Guinea 
Smashed little bits? 
out a win (barely get the victory) 
In a crowd of 
By way of, briefly 
Claylike building block 
"God Save the Queen," e.g. 
Be in harmony 
Tell it like it isn’t 
Deliberately vague 
Spare change? 
Tabloid topics 
Emulate a bull 
Formally surrender 
One with will power? 
Measure of dignity? 
Lemon skin 
Wrestling matches paired by birth dates? 
Coin-___ (vending machines) 
Bering Sea diving bird 
"___ Island" (Jodie Foster flick) 
Snookum’s kin 
Baseball’s Jeter 
Fees after one pays to get into a club? 
"… ___ he drove out of sight" 
Currently retailing 
Methods, as of transportation 
Bodybuilder’s pride 
Lao-Tze’s philosophy 
Busy IRS mo. 
Star vehicles? 
Years, to Livy 
Weekly septet 
Without serious thought 
When the NFL’s regular season begins 
Vineyard cask 
Vatican personnel 
Thanksgiving decoration 
Toss from office 
Sleepover need 
Skips, as TiVoed ads 
Sign of deceit, and a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters 
Show disdain for 
Ship, to its crew 
Seattle’s __ Place Market 
Like Andean pyramids 
Peter Parker’s alarm system 
Nutty green sauce 
Pasta preference 
Modern Persians 
Kaiser roll topping 
Less-played song, usually 
Lanai music maker 
Hide from a hunter? 
Henry VIII’s third wife 
Has a conniption 
Garson of Hollywood 
Govt. property overseer 
Forms a big stack 
Firefighter’s tool 
Disney doe 
Dessert drink made from frozen grapes 
County seat of Country Clare 
Corn Belt sight 
Compound in many disposable coffee cups 
Club owner? 
Civil War nickname 
Capp and Capone 
Charges for use of, as an apartment 
Canadian whisky 
BlackBerries, e.g. 
Big name in big projections 
Bed blossoms 
Barely makes, with “out” 
At any point 
“Do it , __ will!” 
Antelopes, to lions 
70s-’90s African state 
“Yet cease your __, you angry stars of heaven!”: “Pericles” 
“Noah kept bees in the ark hive,” e.g. 
“Looney Tunes” stinker, familiarly 
Only Just Begun: Carpenters hit 
Wise off to

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