Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 03.11.2016

Space, poetically 
Words on some November stickers 
Witherspoon of “Walk the Line” 
Toy’s utterance 
Three-pointer’s trajectory 
The “turf” of surf and turf 
Subject of an annual NORAD tracking program 
Start of a choosing rhyme 
Stable tenant 
Spineless sort 
Some vintage sports cars 
Shopping trip for many a frat party 
Sends a dupe to 
Scenes repeatedly kicking off a sitcom, e.g. 
Play some chords, perhaps 
Person living overseas, for short 
Owner of Tara 
Number of NBA titles Steph Curry has 
Novel makeup 
NHL legend Bobby 
Letter-shaped bridge supports 
New England catch 
Name on some Canadian gas pumps 
Multiply, in a way 
Menzel who was the voice of Elsa in “Frozen 
Mauna __ (Hawaiian peak) 
Machu Picchu architects 
Like some reproduction 
Letter-shaped bridge supports 
Layer on a farm? 
Lackluster report 
It might connect here and there 
India’s first prime minister 
IM option 
Hall’ musical partner 
Group that banned DDT 
Give the third degree 
Game with a free space 
Flurry of activity 
Financial aid consideration 
Father’s garb 
Father who founded many missions 
English county near London 
El -_ (Spanish hero) 
Company once helmed by Jerry Yang 
Claim of some psychics, for short 
Chalk talk nitty-gritty 
Capital of Bangladesh 
Came up .. And when parsed, what comes up five other times in this puzzle 
Broccoli __ (green vegetable) 
British pound, in slang 
Brand with the Jumpman logo 
Baseball player nicknamed “The Hebrew Hammer 
Auto body repair chain 
A Beatle 
Hill (San Francisco area) 
You couldn’t be more right 
The Barber of Seville,” e.g. 
“The __!” (cry of outrage) 
“I hadn’t thought of that” 
Where to go 'for the company,' per Mark Twain 
Violin tuners 
Verb in 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' 
Typographer's abbr 
Triage criterion 
Swimmer of myth 
State with emphasis 
Staple of a vegan diet 
Speak like Cicero 
Some sorority letters 
Not shut tight 
Self-titled debut album of 1982 
Sea or way follower 
Role in 'Our Town' 
Rink star Phil, to fans 
Really, really dig 
Rapper's headwear 
Prefix with -batics 
Pixel, e.g 
Person not to be trusted 
Part of a tweet 
Noted 'army' leader
Not a fan of 
Alternative to watching live, nowadays 
Titicaca sharer 
Run in 
Throw paper anywhere 
See 70 Across 
Intimidate, with ''out'' 
Disney CEO 
Ritalin target, for short array 
Milk curdler 
Many an ore 
__ low ebb 
__ Corning (fiberglass giant) 
With 26 Down, nest-egg varieties 
Put into play 
Two-time Triple Crown jockey 
Tulane rival 
Three of the Brady Bunch 
Off-roaders, for short 
Special timespan 
Shows a slight preference 
Sea salute 
Meaningless talk, in slang 
Lilting syllables 
Like a well-used mattress 
Leave a dispute unsettled 
Mikhail's successor 
It's all about the pupil 
Mexicans of yore 
Issue of concern to the AARP: Var 
It's essential to señores 
Less forgiving 
Legal injustice, so to speak 
Keep __ short leash 
Juice-box attachment 
Biblical miracle town 
It means ''outer'' 
Board, in a way 
Carousel locale 
Chevy that debuted in 2004 
English king deposed in the Glorious Revolution 
Inexpensive way to go 
Important Stratego piece 
Goes on foot 
Following faithfully 
Falls in line 
Icons of New York City 
Holders of much law-school notes 
Home of Creighton U 
Handed out 
Golfo contents 
Four-legged deer hunter 
Glad handlers? 
Half a laugh 
Group of brothers 
Gertrude of 1926 news 
Genus of zebras 
Email heading 
Drop ___ (moon) 
February 2016 caucuser 
Didn't do anything, say 
City whose name sounds like a surprised greeting 
Engineering datum 
Double-band designation 
Carter/Brezhnev pact 
Destroyer designation 
Dan in ''Forrest Gump'' 
Criminal group 
Climb aboard 
Bit of planning board planning 
City northwest of Baghdad 
Beach lotion letters 
Certain sweater 
Certain head of state 
Actor Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' 
Car-wash conclusion 
'Was that so hard?!' 
Bull in a china shop 
'Vissi ___' (Puccini aria) 
Books-to-be: Abbr 
'In the dark backward and ___ of time?': Shak 
Bar garnish holders 
Get yer hands off!' 
'Aren't ___ pair?' 
Assemble, as yarn 
Any of a Monopoly 17 
World view 
''__ the torpedoes . . .'' 
''The same,'' for short 
Woody's six-time co-star 
''South Park'' kid 
Trickster's targets 
''Julius Caesar'' date 
Tres plus cuatro 
''All's well with me'' 
Travel magazine advertisers 
Tie securer 
Tart quaff 
Tape a ripped envelope? 
Swindles that involve the Dow? 
Super stoked 
Substantial reads 
Streamlined, in brand names 
Steve with three Contemporary Folk Grammys 
Slalom makeup 
Show how to run the second-largest country? 
Shooting star, perhaps 
Settings of some vaults 
Scores, e.g 
Rooster's equivalent of a snooze alarm? 
Robot in 2015's 'Ex Machina' 
Ritzy wraps 
Public outbursts 
Paramore's specialty 
Olympic swimmer Torres 
My, to a monarch 
Menu choice for the fallible 
Lisa's co-star in 'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion' 
Like some schoolhouses 
Kicking bird 
Jazzman's instrument 
It's repelled by a cathode 
It means little to a Parisian 
Is for many people 
Honoree of a Philae temple 
Had a shot 
Game played with a knife 
Gallery events 
Fax button 
Distance traveled by sailing at one knot for an hour 
Dial in a shower 
Decision makers at Monsters, Inc.? 
David Byrne, e.g 
Darling of Paris 
Cruel treatment 
Containing tin 
Cone counterpart 
Conductor who won more Grammys than any other person 
Cafeteria covers 
Abbr. on some schedules 
2012 Mark Wahlberg movie 
'Haven't heard anything' 
A Visit from the Goon Squad' author Jennifer 
Crossword "plot" 
Some beans 
Exodus commemoration 
Type of hard-to-miss sign 
Kid-TV’s bilingual explorer 
A chorus voice 
Speed up a low-flow ketchup bottle by … 
67.5 degrees, on a compass 
It’s taken from you in restaurants 
United voting group 
"What ___ can I say?" 
Drive-in movie unit 
Apply, as pressure 
Sprinkled orange peels and coffee grounds are great for … 
Dutch South African 
Some dash widths 
Where water was turned into wine 
Jamaican citrus fruit 
Sect that raises barns 
Use nail polish remover to … 
It can be added or subtracted 
Hang around in the shadows 
Letters for a mind reader 
Breakfast recess 
Place with a small beach, typically 
Not just "a" 
Baby’s first syllable, sometimes 
Decorative pitcher 
Like mucky swampland 
Bridge distance 
Ticket to great wealth, sometimes 
Inlaid furniture decoration 
Places for sporting events 
Good fellers? 
Mousse alternative 
"… ___ a lender be" 
Computer’s information unit 
Word of agreement in church 
Pair in a lake? 
Suffered in the heat 
Type of patio grill 
It may be posted at a gate 
Computer shortcut 
Birthday party feature 
Have a sudden inspiration? 
Hightailed it 
Aces, sometimes 
Moved like a coward 
One with wandering eyes 
Moonshine unit 
As originally located 
out a living (barely got by) 
Crudely cut, as a branch 
Body and spirit complement 
As originally located 
Not drooping or sagging 
"And now, without further ___ …" 
Where men and women go into labor? 
Workbench gadget 
Words before “Yeah, you!” 
Venetian valentine message 
Use an Enigma machine, say 
Self-help letters 
Two-font, as a Coast Guard rescue 
Trilateral trade agreement, briefly 
They often have guards 
Suffragist Lucretia 
Spigot issue 
Speed units 
Sixth-day Christmas gift 
Site with tech reviews 
Let out gradually 
RR station predictions 
Rochester’s bride 
Record-setting slugger in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame 
Reason to trot 
Rat Pack member 
Put a value on 
Popular staffer 
Poet’s contraction 
Period needed to fulfill a request .. and a hint to words hidden in three long puzzle answers 
Like a used hibachi 
Part of the soft palate 
Origami staple 
One of 34-Across’ 2,170 
One who likes to light up? 
Ocular organs of cephalopods, say 
Nocturnal carnivore 
Like much of New York 
Israeli weapons 
Lady of the knight 
Growing concerns? 
Chooses, with “in” 
Company with a longtime travel guide 
Govt. health org. 
Goal for some college-bound students 
Glasses, in ads 
General on a menu 
Corrida beast 
Concussions generally aren’t visible on them 
Anti-DWI gp. 
Campaign staffer 
Brubeck of jazz 
Bleu hue 
Beseech, as a deity 
Bad bottom line 
“What was __ was saying?” 
1959 Ben-Hur portrayer 
“Black Swan” Best Actress Oscar winner 

“__ making this up”

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
îùç÷éí | àúøéí ìáðåú | îùôèéí ìôééñáå÷ | ñøèåðéí îöçé÷éí | ø÷òéí | áãéçåú | îùç÷éí éôéí | îùç÷é áðåú | îùç÷éí ìàééôåï | îùç÷éí çéðí | çéôåù îùç÷éí | îùç÷éí åéøèåàìéí |
îùç÷é ãôãôï | ãôé öáéòä | òåìí äãåâîðéåú | ÷åðèø ñèøéé÷ | àúøéí ìéìãéí | 250 îùç÷éí | òåìí äîùç÷éí | áàáìñ | úîåðåú îöçé÷åú | ñèèåñéí ìôééñáå÷ | èøéååéä | ÷èðèðéí | 200 îùç÷éí | èéôå îùç÷éí - 365 îùç÷éí |