Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 04.11.2016

Winery concern 
Work set in Troy 
Wile E. Coyote purchase 
What some grills run on 
Wedding attendee 
Unenviable exchange 
Two-thirds of a call for help 
Tweak, as a bill 
Tricky position 
Timber projection 
Source of discomfort 
Theresa May, e.g 
Some varsity QBs 
Rolled-over thing 
Reality judge Goodman 
Previous First Lady 
Promising place 
Post to a box 
Plow puller, perhaps 
Play groups 
Place for a game table 
Petting zoo beast 
Overly fluent 
Out of this world 
One taking things the wrong way 
New Haven alum 
Neighbor of Mich 
NBA wingman (!) great 
Musical Hall of fame 
Musical group or work 
Major wheat st 
Like Pippi Longstocking 
Lewis and Clark’s ”barking squirrel” 
Less wobbly 
Lee’s recluse 
Latin ”you love” 
Knee MRI target 
Indefinite ordinal 
Justice who clerked for Thurgood 
Fractions of a joule 
It’s often a sacrifice 
Hidden agendas 
Hieroglyphics symbol 
Former World #1 golfer 
FDA-regulated amino acid 
Expense for a client 
Eminent authority 
Amp toters 
E. Germany, to natives 
Direct, to ”Variety” 
Didn’t blink 
Continental prefix 
Certain aerobat 
Café reading 
Are, to Giscard 
”Regular” guy 
”Macbeth” preposition 
”Didn’t mean it!” 
Associate of Freud 
Burnt remains 
Card game with a Hello Kitty version 
Has wings say 
Go on a shopping spree 
Golden State sch. 
Type of Greek column 
Boardroom bigwig briefly 
"The Rachel Maddow Show" network 
Cell phone game in which one may catch a Pikachu 
Exceptional grade 
North African capital 
Company with elves in its ads 
"Jane ___" 
Seem logical 
Sports analyst’s data 
School uniform footwear often 
School uniform footwear often 
JFK or LBJ partywise 
Significant time spans 
"Casablanca" role 
Bloom from a bulb 
"Mr. Roboto" band 
Go here and there 
Whiteboard accessories 
First name among 1990s White House occupants 
Item sold in rolls of 100 
Whittler’s material 
Three-player card game 
Icy coating 
Sigh at a spa 
Series opener? 
Muhammad Ali’s daughter 
Part of EMT training 
Petites ___ (French girlfriends) 
Leave a building 
Evil spell 
DJ’s supply 
What-eats-what system 
Money belt filler 
Watch brand with a one-letter logo 
Layered lunches for short 
Twice-baked bread 
Campus sports org. 
"Keep dreaming" 
Casino game that uses 80 numbers 
Plowing pair 
Machu Picchu’s country 
Moorehead of "Bewitched" 
Stick in a pack 
Self-centered sort 
Smooth-skinned fruit 
Soprano Fleming 
Find a buyer for 
Practices for a bout 
"Lights" singer Goulding 
Debate topic not originally on the agenda? 
Tach measure 
Haunted house noise 
T, at times 
Debate topic for beach fashionistas? 
Southpaw's setups 
Debate topic for rookies? 
Over-the-top thespians 
Team that retired Pete Rose’s #14 
Bear created by A.A. Milne 
Piston motion 
Referendum choice 
Like "Pretty Woman" and "Gone Girl" 
Sleep like 
"Anything ___?" 
Savanna stalkers 
Site of Humayun's tomb 
Debate topic that leads to grim arguments? 
Landon who ran against FDR 
TV princess who battled Julius Caesar 
Requiring a decision before proceeding 
Ramblin' Jack Elliott, for one 
Neoarchean, for one 
In fine fettle 
Ladies of Spain 
Lang. that gives us 'tungsten' 
Name on an old column 
None too bright 
Oscar nominee for 'Nebraska' 
Nodder's words 
No longer in bed 
McDonald with six Tonys 
Marbling component 
Lincoln, e.g 
Left ventricle connection 
In the present state 
Indication of a strong hand, perhaps 
Inventive sort 
Hinny's mother 
Greasy mineral 
Glass ceiling victim 
Futilely trying to control the uncontrollable 
Foreman's topper 
Flawed title character of 1815 
First word in a Hugo title 
Face reddener 
Exhibited salaciousness 
Dragon of Norse myth 
Dead Sea harvest 
County on the North Sea 
Counselor who eventually marries Commander Riker 
Class schedule letters 
Chairman's prop 
Carmela's portrayer 
Cancer, for one 
Canal settings, often 
Boomers' followers 
Best New Artist winner at the 2009 Grammys 
A number of courses 
1972 Michael Jackson album 
'Careful now!' 
Space to be bridged 
Lamb owner of rhyme 
Show grief 
Mechanic’s billing unit 
Brought to a halt 
Skillful deceit 
Wise saying 
Reveals, as fangs 
Subway alternative 
Sacred places 
Unhindered basket attempt 
Karel who coined the word "robot" 
One on a D.A.’s staff 
Timely benefit 
Jessica of "Dark Angel" 
Genesis eviction site 
Petty criticism 
Aired as it happens 
Pooh or Paddington 
Admits defeat 
Rolls up, as a flag 
Social worker’s file 
Vegging-out spots 
Vein extractions 
Monticello, to Jefferson 
Mushroom part 
It keeps a tuxedo tidy 
Olive green gems 
Suffix with simon or social 
Upper-story studio 
Unlikely to share 
Roaring Twenties, e.g. 
Library taboo 
TV spot seller, briefly 
Ways through woods 
Word before skating or dating 
Buzz Lightyear and buddies 
Like sinew 
Boy Scout rank 
World of Warcraft monster 
Continuous bombardment 
Packards and Studebakers, now 
Crunchy ingredient in ice cream 
___ & Bradstreet 
Leg-hiding skirt 
Instructional books 
Not just any 
Car chase sound 
Selects, with "for" 
All-night dance 
Goes bust 
Shake off, as a pursuer 
Senate veteran Harry 
Far from wordy 
Bring shame to 
Clever enough to repeat 
Big-eared brayer 
Bank watchdog org. 
Some are endangered 
Before it’s too late 
House sporting Greek letters, for short 
Bulls and bucks 
New product promotion, often 
Golden Rule preposition 
Flow like molasses 
Band for Miss America 
Minor mistake 
Words from the speechless 
Word of mock fanfare 
Word from the Greek for ‘feigned ignorance’ 
Tries to 54-Down 
Top part of a trunk, for short 
Things short people have? 
Talk like a pirate, say 
Take the top off 
Sports bar bite 
Spill over 
Spa treatment favored by rock fans? 
Source of the word ‘geyser’ 
Something no one can sing? 
Settings for some Monet artwork 
Serving of ahi 
Senator who wrote ‘Why Courage Matters’ and ‘Hard Call’ 
See 49-Down 
Said something in jest 
Professional boxer? 
Process, in a way, as peanuts 
Prestigious award or flattering compliment 
Pot remnant 
Pot part 
One who doesn’t need fancy wining and dining 
One stuck in the closet 
One of the Earp brothers 
Not follow suit 
Nautical nuisance 
N.C.A.A. hoops giant 
Make more powerful 
Magnetic flux unit 
Knight in shining armor 
Joyce Kilmer poem that starts ‘I think that I shall never see’ 
Informal summer wear 
Freisa d’___ (Italian wine) 
Fractions of fluid ozs 
Exercise at the Y, maybe 
Elite group of grads 
Doing the job 
Cutting edge producer 
Bright orange seafood delicacy 
Basic PC program 
Azalea with the 2014 #1 hit ‘Fancy’ 
Anagram of ‘pots’ 
‘What a knockout!’ 
‘It’s not only me who thinks this’ 
‘Deadly’ vodka cocktail 
Long-eared critter 
Doe beau 
Island bird named for its call 
Political columnist Molly 
Very long time 
Hand-held allergy treatment 
Variable distance measure 
Ones with clout 
Pastoral call 
What a kid is prone to make in winter? 
One working on a bridge: Abbr. 
Glasses with handles 
Bridge bid 
Alabama Slammer liquor 
Like IHOP syrup 
Big name in jazz 
It faces forward in a stop sign 
It’s here in Paris 
Mil. mail drops 
Word in morning weather forecasts 
Anchored for life, as barnacles 
Find a new table for 
"I guess the moment has finally arrived" 
Mike or Carol on "The Brady Bunch" 
Humanities maj. 
Inheritance factor 
Hydrocarbon gas 
Great Basin native 
Enjoying the new car … or what four puzzle answers are literally doing 
Way to go: Abbr. 
"__ Gotta Be Me" 
Israeli prime minister after Barak 
Maiden aunt mascot? 
Its home version debuted at Sears in 1975 
"The Good Wife" figs. 
As a group, emulate Popeye? 
Chem. and bio. 
Payment in Isfahan 
Hammer user’s cry 
Oppressive atmosphere 
Like a well-written mystery 
Renewal notice feature, briefly 
Goal of a holistic chiropractor? 
Denver-to-Wichita dir. 
N.T. book before Phil. 
Vito Corleone talking bobblehead? 
Like Gen. Powell 
Australian export 
Michelangelo’s "The Last Judgment," e.g. 
Dispatch, as a dragon 
Title car in a Ronny & the Daytonas hit 
Ste. Marie 
Start of something 
Catch a glimpse of 
They’re in every forest 
Extended unconsciousness 
What the farmer sees while batting? 
Some farm tools 
Popular snowman 
Feelings of discomfort 
Habeas corpus, e.g. 
"Just as I thought!" 
Early afternoon 
The farmer saw the baby goats … 
One spelling for a "dressy" Indian wrap 
Common cosmetics additive 
Virtuosos (var.) 
What the farmer sees during winter? 
It smells great 
Put more lubricant on 
The "A" in A.D. 
Lie adjacent to 
Canvas on a yacht 
Exercise for the flexible 
Crafts like Noah’s 
Tire abbr. 
"It’s now or never" time 
Gooseneck, e.g 
Causes of feelings of superiority 
50-50 test answer 
Warm, so to speak 
Face-to-face exam 
Santiago’s place 
Brit’s military air arm 
Admirals’ commands 
All the time 
Kind of swimsuit 
Most piquant 
"Bye, amigo" 
Below required standards 
On all ___ (crawling) 
Japanese alcoholic beverages 
Not shy with one’s opinion 
Greeting in one state 
Respectful form of address 
Absorbed, as a cost 
Class jottings 
"Stat" add-on 
Burst of wind 
Slender instrument 
Highly paid New Yorker 
Disney’s "___ and the Detectives" 
On the payroll 
tube (slang for TV) 
Noble partner? 
More likely to spill, as water in a bucket 
Checker that’s a double-decker 
"And step on it!"

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ãéååç òì àúø
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