Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 05.11.2016

Way up a mountain 
Yankee who's fixing home games? 
Word after best or worst 
Washington and Lee (abbr.) 
Travel planner from AAA 
Soon, to Shakespeare 
Revealer of the inner self, briefly 
Renée Fleming selection 
Rain cats and dogs 
Quite sufficient 
Publication information 
Public opinion surveys 
Pro-Western ruler ousted in 1979 
Pop artist Lichtenstein 
Poe's middle name 
Pocketlike structure 
Person sharing the lead 
Pakistani provincial capital near the Indian border 
Overturn, as a law 
One's basic value system 
May-December marriage issue 
Many folks dig it 
Many Christmas trees 
Living quarters 
Like most Palestinians 
Legendary Wild West gunman 
Jack of 'Dragnet' 
It'll put you to sleep 
It may be offered by an escort 
In this very spot 
Funny fellow Foxx 
Frontal or temporal brain section 
Free (of) 
Flopsy or Hocus Pocus 
Fish that has reached 20 feet 
Exclamation from Santa 
Eurasian border river 
Epic from Homer 
Easily removable floor covering 
Did a laundry chore 
Confess everything? 
Dickensian prison 
Cooperstown stat 
Things are fine' 
Another time 
Athlete who said, 'Don't count the days. Make the days count.' 
Bank (on) 
Baseball Hall of Famer Durocher 
Big name in California wines 
College bookstore purchase 
Chai or chamomile 
Burning desire? 
Breakfast brand for noncooks 
Battle between spouses? 
Basic rule of good conduct 
Arrived in a hurry 
Ape's driver to a wildlife sanctuary? 
'For Whom the Bell Tolls' subject 
Rink fake 
Twill fabric 
Work in C++ 
Warning sign to trespassers, maybe 
Turns on a pivot 
Turner, the “Sweater Girl” 
Turned tail 
Tri-level cookie 
Treat with graham crackers 
Tiramitsu cake 
Sultan’s entourage 
Sulking mood 
State proposed by the Mormons 
Squandered, as a lead 
Sprinkler hookup 
Slip away from 
Sikorsky of aviation 
Sighter of pink elephants 
Scattered, as seed 
Salt lick visitor 
Rival of Hertz 
Removed from copy 
React to a tearjerker 
Pledge drive bags 
Plays like Coltrane 
Picks from a lineup 
Phrase on a dollar bill 
Penner of praise 
Penguin’s hangout 
Pay a visit 
One end of a No. 2 
More than suggest 
Miner’s bonanza 
Makers of Civics 
Less irregular 
Ingredient in soap manufacture 
IBM PC knockoff 
i.e., spelled out 
Hurrying along 
Geographical datum 
Game show group 
Fuel consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide 
Forty-niner’s find 
First name in scat 
Felt remorse over 
Electric meter measure 
Dutch town with a cheese market 
Duff, on “The Simpsons” 
Cordial glass part 
Capital where kroner are spent 
Cadillac CTS, e.g.
Cabbage Patch item 
Bill figure 
Bicycle wheel part 
Beat, but barely 
Baker’s fat 
Anita, the “Jezebel of Jazz” 
Adolph who owned The New York Times 
21-Across find 
Major (Siriys’ constellation) 
y Plata” (Montana motto) 
Work done in bars 
Typical cut on Morissette’s ”Feast on Scraps” 
Topped by 
Thing on some stalks 
Source of citrus 
Sonnet sections 
Small six-footers 
Sharon, in ”Total Recall” 
Rapper on Time’s 2016 ”most influential” list 
Quiet down 
Progress inhibitor 
Process, as some letters 
Political power structure 
Place to put trash 
Part of some plots 
Ones at the top of their game 
Oldest of the Chinese classics 
Offers less 
Nutrition Facts standard 
Not prone to sit still 
Musical with ”Another Pyramid” 
Mouthguards course offerer 
Most close one 
Minister who mentored Schuller 
Metaphor for density 
Medicinal latex source 
Martial arts weapon 
Maker of anvils, birdseed, rocket sleds, etc 
Longtime free-speech advocate 
Lines with liquids 
Like macaws’ plumage 
Keep in hiding 
Julius Caesar’s second 
Jazz great portrayed by Beyoncé 
It’s about an hour by car from Monaco 
Home of Alan Shepard Park 
Having no play 
Have more play 
Hardly enlightening 
Half-barrel, e.g 
Guys taking race-cations 
Grapelike so-called superfood 
Free of distraction 
Former name for northern nomads 
Flexible fliers? 
First name in an apt ”I paint modern” anagram 
Far from stylish 
Euphrates locale, in part 
Epsom salts amts 
Emulate eels 
Embattled Mideast capital 
Dubble Bubble sister product 
Don’t use 
Doesn’t make much of 
Cuts for chops 
Contents of a Hawthorne collection 
Coming out with 
Chicken’s ancient ancestor 
Boeing military copter 
Bit of wizardry 
Air-pressure measure 
Admission fees of a sort 
1 Infinite __ (Apple’s address) 
”Men should be what they __”: ”Othello” 
”Feel Better Fast” sloganeer 
”Dancing with the Stars” step since 2009 
”Corazón indomable” or ”Sueño de amor” 
Hookups at a gig 
Black jellybean flavorer 
Grand affairs 
Take a sudden turn 
Popular arts-and-crafts brand 
2013 "Cars" spinoff 
Not flabby 
Device used to detect radio waves 
Enterprise standard 
Intentionally hidden 
Only African capital named after a U.S. president 
"Why did I do that?!" 
Sighs of relief 
Not going by the book? 
Members of blended families 
Archenemy of Optimus Prime in "Transformers" movies 
Entry in a legislative appropriations bill 
Northumberland river 
U.S.P.S. option advertised with the slogan "If it fits, it ships" 
Threat from a rat 
Big flap in the fashion industry 
Compact containers 
"Hold it!" 
Premium cigar 
Lab wear 
Under the gun 
Has the gall 
Conservationist's field? 
Turned to anarchy 
Other than the Nationals, only current Major League Baseball team never to have played in a World Series 
Start a bank, say 
Gail ___, inventor of condensed milk 
Comment often preceding "Let's" 
Character in Uncle Remus tales 
Foamy drink 
TV character who said "Help always come when people fight for right" 
Nonprofit Broadway production grp 
Slow-burning firewood 
Young studs? 
Breaking of a mirror and others 
Just make (out) 
English county whose seat is Exeter 
Cicero's longtime servant and scribe 
Pollen repositories 
Caribbean island that Columbus visited in 1493 
Support in a confessional 
Martian feature 
Leave basically nothing to chance 
Small parlor piece 
By hand 
Undergoes downsizing 
Take stock? 
You might have a shot at it 
Work in a bed 
Wide throw, e.g 
Trigger, as strong emotions 
Trans activist Bono 
Top part 
Tom’s ex 
They smell 
They combine colons and parentheses 
There are 20 in a ream 
Theda of silent films 
The going rate? 
Tap dancer Glover 
Stream swimmers 
Still green, perhaps 
Some presidential appointees 
Runner’s woe 
Role played to provoke debate 
Stock offering? 
Selfless ‘David Copperfield’ character 
Sauternes sediment 
Sargasso Sea spawner 
Rebellious group 
Pull together 
Prov. follower 
Pond bed prowler 
Pluck, in a way 
Plant of a sort 
Payment before a deal is made 
Passionate fan 
Particles composed of a quark and an antiquark 
Park unit 
Oxford academics 
Ottoman governor 
Ontario-New York separator 
One of Donald’s stumpers 
Olds model 
Old Navy buys 
Not genuine: Abbr 
Nesting places for elf owls 
Neighbors of the Sammarinese 
Monsoon season events 
Master of macabre cartoons 
Marsupial of the comics 
Many an FDNY employee 
Many an early HDTV 
Made some calls 
Made like a volcano 
LPs and CDs: Abbr 
Like Stilton, compared with Swiss 
Like some old mirrors 
Lemon’s cousin 
Leaves no trace of 
King James’s team 
Jazz pianist Chick 
Its motto is ‘Lux et Veritas’ 
It’s on the house 
It’s in the drink 
It comes with a Magic Mouse 
Indisputable doctrine 
Help to make a state red or blue 
Indian title of respect 
Impassioned movement 
Honoree of a day in mayo 
Holstein handle 
Highest region on Earth 
High-maintenance sorts 
Here and there 
He addressed the Knesset in 1977 
GameCube successor 
Flock faction 
Firing location 
Enjoys a run 
Early heat 
Dwarf who joins the Fellowship of the Ring 
Dominican title 
Deck divisions
Country lad 
Divan cousins 
Designer Anna 
Data player 
Cpl.’s superior 
Conked out 
Cerebral sections 
Catholic boarding school student of children’s literature 
Brooks in Hollywood 
Book’s page numbers 
Boat whose name means ‘three boards’ 
Best way to view bears 
Best Picture winner whose soundtrack won a classical Grammy 
Arab Spring opposer 
Alert and energetic 
Adoptee of a sort 
Acting together 
About 3.26 light-years 
50+ group 
1984 title role for Jeff Bridges 
‘What a shame’ 
‘Hamilton’ won one in 2015 
‘Goosebumps’ writer 
‘Brand New Key’ singer 
Crime solver: Abbr. 
Tokugawa shogunate capital 
Cellphone annoyance 
Hurdles for srs. 
Suriname native 
Now and again? 
"Enigma Variations" composer 
Tours relatives 
Completely dominated 
Situation Room gp. 
REO Speedwagon guitarist Dave 
Sale restriction 
Parts for a model 
Big bird watcher 
Quiche cousin 
Dog days in Haiti 
Denpasar’s island 
Big name at the Musée d’Orsay 
Red state verb 
"Around the World in 80 Plates" co-host Cat 
Classic access provider 
Used for a rendezvous 
Find really funny 
Historic sewer 
Software giveaways 
Refreshing espresso drink 
More ready, in a way 
"Time, Love and Tenderness" singer 
Work on a bone 
2012 British Open champion 
Grapevine planter? 
Part of un drame 
Enemy of un ratón 
Showtime title vigilante 
BBC World Service alternative 
Greetings from American Greetings 
Movie with the subtitle "Dawn of Justice" 
Most Hong Kong Airport travelers 
Flier with a large bill 
Snorting scene 
Institute in whose logo the first letter is a stylized question mark 
Wine commonly served chilled 
Early 20th-century first family 
Benihana founder Rocky __ 
"Break Free" singer Grande 
Pitfall! platform 
Money-saving characters 
Stately horse 
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington classic) 
Caddie’s bagful 
Desert plant 
Pseudonym of H.H. Munro 
Length x width, for a rectangle 
Momentous and then some 
A bad dancer might step on it 
Carry with great effort 
Feel sorry for 
Dele reversal 
Feminizing suffix 
Place to find many teahouses 
Big Apple, briefly 
Extremely happy 
"Tarzan" extra 
Yemen neighbor 
Not once, poetically 
Distiller Walker 
Cut and splice 
Greedy thing to wish for (with "the") 
"Giant" author Ferber 
Far from wealthy 
Out in front 
100-meter event 
No longer new 
Argentine grassland 
Same old, same old 
"A likely story!" 
"___ bitten, twice shy" 
Whack, as a baseball 
Whispered "yoo-hoo" 
Be a cake maker 
Does what one’s told 
"… called for his fiddlers ___" 
Make a basket 
"My mistake!" 
Physician’s charge 
Builder’s map 
"___ the ramparts …" 
Military truce 
Rock that needs refinement 
"Come again?" 
Prefix meaning "four" 
"What’s gotten ___ you?" 
When the Jewish Sabbath begins 
Sandler of films 
Fedoras and pork pies 
Contemptuous look 
Goes up against 
Bit of residue 
One billion years 
Coat inside a chimney 
Computer-running period 
Calculating one, at times 
Mall occupants 
Shout to a sailor 
Certain chess piece 
Boxing arbiters 
Bard’s river 
Job for Holmes 
Moist in the morn 
Menlo Park monogram 
Cold War initials 
"Sad to say …" 
Chris Matthews’ show 
Black Sea port 
"— want for Christmas …" 
Glasses, slangily 
La Scala shows 
Hit CBS series 
Garden intruder 
Sandlot game 
Gumbo need 
"Hail, Caesar!"

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