Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 06.11.2016

Trade balance factor 
Sremmurd (Billboard chart-topping rap duo) 
Socially inept sort 
Year in Justinian I's reign 
Window-closing PC key 
Willy Wonka's wares 
Where apnea might be studied 
Way to go or rest 
Well-chewed Bazooka hunk 
Vacation destination 
Warnings of gas leaks 
Uttered angrily 
Ward with the 1979 No. 1 hit “Ring My Bell” 
Untied the knot 
Village Voice bestowal 
Uncle Remus creator Joel Chandler
Tenth VP to become POTUS 
They can be grand or petit 
Toward the stern 
Touched the tarmac 
Stewed meat dish 
Tijuana’s peninsula, briefly
Spreadsheet segments 
Spiner who played Data 
Some dangle over dashboards 
Some humanities degs 
RSVP segment 
Ski mecca featuring Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak 
Self-referential, in modern lingo 
Science magazine of the 1970s-’90s 
Quidditch team complement 
River through Kazakhstan 
Reduce to smithereens 
Poetic unit of rhythm 
On the way up 
It cleans gunk from auto bodies 
Quiche lorraine morsel 
Papa John’s orders 
Phonograph part 
Procrastinator's antithesis 
River of Caen 
Pools, in Liverpool 
Precede the headliner 
NFL highlight speed 
Messing with various parts? 
Petty of “Orange Is the New Black” 
Petting zoo animals 
Jambalaya crustacean 
PC support pro 
It's on a table in chemistry class 
Parsley or sage 
Introduction for Maria? 
Hardly profound 
Pager’s sound 
Haggis tidbits 
Golf instructor's demonstration 
Gill nicknames him 'Sharkbait' 
Hosp. scrub areas 
Former Apple laptop 
Novel postscript 
Norse god on an eight-legged horse 
Finds repugnant 
Muscle cars nicknamed “Goats” 
Feathered 'Game of Thrones' message carrier 
Mineral abundant in liver 
Far from diplomatic 
Middler of “The Rose 
Exhibit clairvoyance 
Mesozoic and Victorian 
Degree of excellence 
Make an entrance 
Deem unworthy of consideration 
Louvre Pyramid designer 
Curling surface 
Like a well-based turkey 
Jackass’ sound 
Culture or future follower 
Contraction appearing six times in the lyrics of 'My Way' 
Comestible substance 
Interlock, as gears 
Colloquial term for some 'Twilight' characters 
Inaugural ball, e.g. 
Collections for Elton John and Lady Gaga 
Chain in 'Where Eagles Dare' 
Hairpieces, slangily 
Built more like Ichabod Crane 
Bonnie who often belts the blues 
2009 Beyoncé hit 
'United by Individuality' Toyota model 
'The Young Lions' author Shaw 
'Pick up the pace!' 
'Literary Brat Pack' member Janowitz 
'But of course!' 
'Animal Farm' location 
Ginnie or Fannie follower 
Garlic-crushing tool 
Fully anesthetized 
Foe of Connors and Lendi 
Floor wedge, perhaps 
Fields of expertise 
Fey of “Baby Mama 
Emma the Avenger 
Dutch dairy export 
Drooling toon dog 
Distribute, with “out 
Deliveries from Clay or Webster 
Dairy product from Monterey 
Cybercafe amenity 
Currency in Cape Town 
Conrad’s “__ Jim” 
Clairvoyant’s gift, briefly 
Bacon or Lamb work 
1974 pop hit with Spanish lyrics 
boots (’60s footwear) 
Who __ to say? 
War and Peace,” e.g 
My Funny Valentine” lyricist Lorenz 
If all __ fails .. 
the side of caution (play safe) 
buco (veal dish) 
Workout sites 
Worked the soil again 
Within the law 
Whirlpool alternative 
West Coast grape region 
Transparent linen 
Test episode 
Tea type 
T-shirt’s lack 
Strength of character 
Storage tanks 
Start of Juliet’s balcony speech 
Springs for a meal 
Spots for earrings 
Spheroid hairdo 
Sonora snooze 
Son of Odin 
Six-pt. plays 
Short cybermessage 
Shies away from 
Security warning 
Rub out a flub 
Retro ”Cool! 
Rattler, for one 
Rants and raves 
Racing circuit 
Properly pitched 
Prefix for pod 
Managed care grp 
NBA great Shaquille 
No more than 
Hawk’s claw 
Journey segment 
Pre-college, for short 
Pod in some soups 
Points on a rake 
Passage between buildings 
Pass, as time 
Pass out cards 
Part of Congress 
Pair of performers 
Now and then 
Not as prevalent 
Much-honored soprano 
Moccasin or loafer 
Make no changes 
Lab container 
Keep talking and talking 
First remarks 
Has the best of everything 
John who sings ”Rocket Man” 
Hosp. employee 
Graphical file format 
Goethe play 
Go here and there 
GI show grp 
France of literature 
Flying by oneself 
Fish features 
Fish dish 
Farm-team fitting 
Every single one 
Equinox mo 
Eases up on 
Diving bird 
DayQuil competitor 
Day-care enrollees 
Cut off, as branches 
Cub Scouts, e.g 
Blissful settings 
Corrosive compound 
Coins, for short 
Cocoon dweller 
Cloth remnant 
Chaucer concoction 
Carpet cleaner, for short 
Burgundy, e.g 
Browns quickly 
Brit. lexicon 
Bishop’s hat 
Biodiversity sci 
Bid ”Bon voyage” to 
Beatnik’s ”Got it” 
Any of the Joads 
Allow access to 
Aerial stunts 
Absorb, as gravy 
If you ask me,” to texters 
”Don’t think so” 

__ En-lai
__ de mer
__ code
Wine choice
Where to see stars
What pillows may do, in a kids' room?
What oaks may provide
What a ponytail partly covers
Weather map depiction
Vague answer, say
U.N. workers' agcy
Tries earnestly (for)
Tree that typically has paddle-shaped leaves
Toy trains for tycoons?
Totally lost
Tool used in a box
They're often taken orally
The snakes in Indiana Jones' 'Why do they have to be snakes?'
The bad guys
Test for purity, as gold
Tailor's concern
Sun Tzu subject
Suddenly caught on
Sorrowful song
Smoke remains
Small cells
Senate garment
Sask. neighbor
Ryder Cup team
Run ashore
Ring jinglers
Reuters competitor
Resonator for a jug band bass
QB stats
Put down
Put back in
Pursue relentlessly
Promising market indicators?
Project Blue Book subj
Profession for the principled?
Presidential souvenir
Pop/country singer Lee and others
Pitchfork part
Piling on, say
Piece of fiction
Periods of distress?
Perform again
Peoria-to-Gary dir
Pakistani language
Pair for date night
Outperform crew members in the ship play?
Organs sometimes vented?
Org. for physicians
ORD posting
Only NATO member with no standing army
Old anesthetics
OED info
Nursery resident
Numbers to shoot for
Not at all in order
Not a soul
No more than
Nissan Stadium player
Next in line
Move up the corporate ladder
Morning phenomenon
More than just cooks
Mineo of 'Exodus'
Medicinal plants
Manchester United rival
Love god
Like a storied wolf
Leave a note for, maybe
Lean-eater Jack
Knowledgeable, in Nantes
Juice for PCs
Jockey competitor
It's not always easy to get into
It may be coiled on a saddle horn
It may be checked at the station
In the past
Ike's WWII command
Holiday song closer
Hand-played drum
Guides for drivers
Grand Canal traveler
Gets coverage for
Get together on a ranch
Friend of Yossarian in 'Catch-22'
First word in the Beach Boys' 'Kokomo'
Film add-on
Features of many '50s-'60s cars
Fabric flaw
Exit quietly, in a Dylan Thomas poem
Easter Island's country
Driving need
Drive off
Dr. Seuss, e.g.?
Diamond surfaces
Crown coatings
Compared to
Come together
Close at hand
Challenge for Homer
Cellular messenger
Car nut
Can't abide
Boxing's 'Manassa Mauler'
Blew the whistle
Bill collector
Big name in Bible distribution
Biblical captain
Baltic republic
Aquarium fish
African menaces
Advanced deg
'The Walking Dead' veterinarian
'The Tell-Tale Heart' author
'The Piano' extras
'The Librarians' channel
'Man on the Moon' group
'Forrest Gump' lieutenant
'Fear of Flying' author Jong
'... 'tis not to me __ speaks': Romeo - See more at:

With 96-Across, bit of Chinese cuisine
With 60-Across, player of Tony Soprano's son
Where many connections are made
What an overstuffed suitcase might do
War hero
Walk while dizzy
Uses WhatsApp, say
Up against it
Unknown quantity
Trendy jeans feature
They might need guards
Terms of service
Surgical tube
Sure things
Soup dumpling
Some wedding figures
Some Campbell's offerings
Small semicircular grooves on a column
Slogan for wine geeks?
Set free
Selfish sort
See 78-Across
See 41-Down
Rough choice?
River to the Ligurian Sea
Republican, on an election map
Real sport
Reaction of dismay
Radioactive form of hydrogen
Put groceries away
Punk rocker Vicious
Pressure, so to speak
Port. is part of it
Point of greatest despair
Place to get stuck
Pennsylvania city
Pennsylvania city
Opposite of outflux
Ones who have it coming to them?
Of the highest quality
Nipple rings
Newcastle Brown and others
New employee requirement, maybe
Nearly throws a perfect game against, informally
Mystery ingredient in SweeTarts?
Middle-earth inhabitant
Memo abbr
Maze solution
Many, after 'a'
Mack of early slapstick
Lyft offering
London lavs
Like some tales or details
Left in a hurry
Laid out for printing
Kind of replication
Kind of clef
John Kennedy ___, author of 'A Confederacy of Dunces'
It's just for openers
It makes tracks
It blows things up, in brief
Insect that folds its wings
Informal words of thanks
Huge quantities
Home of Walmart
High dudgeon
Herman who wrote 'This Is My God'
Harper's Weekly cartoonist Thomas
Harley, in slang
Hard to pin down
Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan
Groove-making needles
Gravy thickener
Giant image over Gotham
Giant among Giants
Get on one's high horse?
Genesis of an idea
Game with mallets played on a hard-surfaced court
Fraternity and sorority leaders, usually: Abbr
Formal wingdings
Foreign: Prefix
Follow closely
Field of vision
February 14th figure
Extract used in brewing
Engine sound
Drops to the ground?
Do more repairs on
Discipline for paper tigers?
Deadly nerve gas
Criticize, in British slang
Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and that's probably it?
Composer Bartók
Communication devices for commuters, once
Common New England street name
Comfort food causing oral discomfort?
Comes later
Classical pianist Levit
Cab stopper?
Blow up
Bit of jewelry
Best Picture between 'Rocky' and 'The Deer Hunter'
Begin to tongue-lash
Athlete's wear, informally
Artist who awards a biennial Grant for Peace
Always putting up my entry fees?
Adjust, as a currency
A foot on the ground in Phoenix?
1960s TV show whose star weighed 650 pounds
'___, captain!'
'___ it go'
'You can't make me'
'Venus in Fur' playwright David
'Today' rival, for short
'The Princess Bride' theme
'Silence is the ___ that nourishes wisdom': Bacon
'S O S,' e.g
'Not interested'
'Noble' thing
'Mad About You' co-star
'Double' or 'triple' feat
'Do your taxidermy on the patio instead!'?
'Da Coach' 

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ãéååç òì àúø
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