Mordo - Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 07.11.2016

Woman's shirt 
Strip (region bordering Israel) 
Minor (Polaris's constellation) 
Work at with one's teeth 
Words in an analogy 
U2's lead singer 
The Buckeye State 
Some Watergate evidence 
Pub offerings 
Rode the waves 
Some bad decisions are made in it 
Singer Guthrie 
Sacred bird in ancient Egypt 
Ready for skinny-dipping 
Like white elephants 
Product sold in an egg-shaped container 
Lowest card in pinochle 
Mischievous sort 
Prefix with sex or brow 
Pop music's Abdul 
Opposition vote 
Note below D 
Mr. Spock's forte 
Move like molasses 
Montezuma, for one 
Matter of fact? 
Line on a weather map 
Like the smell of fresh dough 
Like some online videos 
Large, open apartment 
In the vicinity of 
In the center of 
Holmes's chronicler 
Heart's neighbor 
Heads of monasteries 
Groan cause, perhaps 
Golden Gloves boxer, for example 
Go by taxi, informally
Fasten to a pier, say 
Elbow spot susceptible to tingling pain 
Devoted to equestrian activities 
Builder's alternative to a hammer 
Brooklyn cagers 
Bolt's partner 
Body of water that contains the Great Barrier Reef 
Airport porters 
Activity that may involve avoiding windmill blades 
ABC morning show, for short 
1960s cartoon featuring Dick Dastardly and Muttley 
The Quiet Man' star 
'Light My Fire' band 
Pancake-making aid 
Pay dirt 
Meter reading 
Suckling’s spot 
Stable chow 
Fodder storage site 
Glee clubber’s big moment 
What landlubbers lack 
Unauthorized type of strike 
Video recorders, briefly 
Adorable one 
Word game piece 
Give a whipping to 
Workplace protection org. 
Weight lifter’s counts 
UAE part 
McCann of country music 
Insertion mark 
Vendor with a pushcart 
Orbit segments 
Junkyard dog, most likely 
Action before a deal 
Travelocity booking 
Drop, as weight 
Conclusion-starting word 
Seventh-inning ritual 
"Rumble in the Jungle" boxer 
Zadora of "Hairspray" 
Put the pedal to the metal 
ATV part 
Hairy twin in Genesis 
Dangerous thing to do while driving 
Photo ___ (campaign events) 
Gerwig of "Arthur" 
Back muscle, for short 
Visit like E.T. 
Nest egg letters 
Like 1-800 calls 
Excalibur, e.g. 
Gradual decline 
Gaudy scarf 
Go out with 
Little League rules item 
Ring true 
Airplane wing part 
Preserves, as meat 
Tried to beat a tag 
Generate enthusiasm 
More than sometimes 
Word before file or saw 
"Great Expectations" hero 
Partner of abet 
Colorless odorless gas 
Show curiosity 
Deity representation 
Mason and Leyden 
Lamb or Bacon piece 
Casual gait 
Subject of a Keats ode 
Oriole’s place 
Resolve a misunderstanding 
Almost any doo-wop song e.g. 
Palette selection 
In need of mopping up 
Tiny amount 
Scrambled alternative 
___ Roy (cocktail) 
No longer fooled by 
What a caddy might hold 
Pivoting head razor brand 
Company’s department that innovates and an abbr. that describes this puzzle’s theme 
Burst of laughter 
Space heading? 
Court prosecutors briefly 
Classic video game villains for short 
Ready as for surgery 
Place ___ Concorde 
"Inferno" poet 
Flower with a yellow center 
Applied deeply as sunscreen 
Actress MacDowell 
Dating word? 
River of southeastern France 
Extremely energetic one 
Place for a mud bath? 
Conforming completely 
Kids’ jumping game 
Distant radio wave source 
1940s White House pet 
"___ Good Men" (Cruise/Nicholson film) 
Last Oldsmobile model made 
Early Alaskan kayaker 
Oil baron maybe 
Brand for some Olympic racers 
Less leafy 
Literary paeans 
Yell after a charge 
Flat connector 
Brewery containers 
Second to ___ 
Sand wedge e.g. 
Nisan feast 
1992 presidential also-ran 
con carne 
Ship's docking spot 
Savings institutions 
Get through merit 
"___ out!" (ump’s cry) 
Where land meets sea 
Timely windfall 
___ cava (blood vessel) 
What makes a kite fly 
Discontinued Dodge 
Very slender 
Amorous-minded fop? 
The Dalai 
Julia’s role in "Ocean’s Eleven" 
Saroyan title character 
Takes a bus or train 
Make a fervent request 
Suffix for dinner or silver 
List price particular? 
St. Patrick's Day month 
Move to real estate agents 
From quite some distance 
Speck of land in the ocean 
"Man what a rough day!" 
Money-back argument? 
Sign of the future 
It might be junk 
Shout of accomplishment 
Intuitive letters 
1987 Daryl Hannah title role 
Distinctive historical periods 
School outings 
Dad’s alternative 
Sardine cans 
Sample of soup 
Sahara, for one 
Remove the soap from 
Racket game played on grass 
Prefix for chute or medic 
Place for a mustache 
Pants-pressing appliance 
Opera solo 
Onionlike veggie 
On an angle 
Oil-carrying ship 
Minor knee injury 
Make changes to 
Look forward to 
Like the tops of cupcakes 
Hairs on lions' necks 
Get some shuteye 
Garfield's pooch pal 
Forest patroller 
Fast-food cooker 
Door-hanging attachment 
Commercial on the tube 
Clock-radio switch 
Christmas carol 
Be worthy of 
Be scared of 
Back of the neck 
Apple and Boston cream 
''Now it's clear'' 
''It's __ a while'' 
Word repeated in "It takes ___ to know ___" 
Half of a fireplace tool 
Put on TV again 
Mean, mean, mean 
Many a Monty Python skit 
Artist Warhol 
Marketing target 
Many a police officer on "The Wire" 
Privileged few 
Put points on the board 
Coming-out phrase 
monster (desert lizard) 
"Downton Abbey" countess 
Santa ___ (California racetrack) 
Poi source 
Some, in Spain 
Don't touch that ___! 
Candy item with plain and peanut varieties 
Marlboros, e.g., for short 
Repeats word for word 
Kedrova, Oscar-winning actress for "Zorba the Greek" 
Monkey house : monkeys :: ___ : birds 
Symbol like "prayer hands" or "heart eyes" 
Green gemstone 
Next-to-last element alphabetically 
Carrier to Seoul, for short 
What might make an adult jump in a pile of leaves 
Actress Polo of "Meet the Parents" 
West African country whose name is usually rendered in French 
Stuffed to the gills 
Not yielding, as a mattress 
Painting exhibition 
Something thrown by a cowboy 
What Ramadan is an annual feature of 
Sign before Virgo 
Genetic code carrier 
Lose an opportunity 
Player most likely to shoot a three-pointer 
Milky gemstone 
Home office item that's surprisingly expensive to replace 
Tokyo-based electronics giant 
Greek vowels 
Defensive spray 
Rocker Bon Jovi 
Who asked "Am I my brother's keeper?" 
Relative of a cello 
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish 
Fashion magazine founded in France 
Facing the pitcher 
Decks in the ring 
Lays down the lawn 
"Coffee Cantata" composer 
End of a sea voyage 
Tin Man’s need 
Normandy battle site 
Percussionist’s sound 
Road Runner’s foe 
Prestigious prizes 
Narc’s measure 
Smith or Jones 
Jack Horner’s prize 
Wanted-poster info 
Three, in Rome 
"Honest Abe" or "Old Hickory" 
Elec. power letters 
Blunt-tipped sword 
"___ Almighty" (Jim Carrey film) 
Notable deed 
Eyelid malady 
Exciting part of a seat? 
Lemon quality 
Word with "tube" or "city" 
Some kitchen attachments 
Foolish sentimentality 
"We Do Our Part" org. 
Take offense to 
In spite of the fact, to bards 
Certain Civil War fighter 
Longtime maid, e.g. 
Basilica end 
Verdugo of old Hollywood 
FDR’s Scottie 
Hawaiian hellos 
"___ all in your mind" 
Set ___ world record 
"American" schedule components 
Certain Civil War fighter 
More than a heavy drinker 
Takes home from the pound 
"If a tree falls in the forest and ___ …" 
Separable cookie 
Assist a robber, e.g. 
A stereotypical pirate may have one 
X-ray doses 
"Press ___ key" 
Beginning or early stages 
Small lovers’ skirmish 
Puniest pup 
Wading marsh bird 
Sacagawea, historically 
Plural of 13-Down 
___ de force 
Award bestowers, essentially 
Ski mecca 
Generous serving 
Does a doggie trick 
Worship from ___ 
Fill up fully 
Lestat creator Rice 
___ Island (old immigration checkpoint) 
A house of worship 
Type of duck 
Legendary diva Horne 
Pop quiz, e.g. 
"Render ___ Caesar …" 
Aahs’ partners 
Harley, in slang 
Whiny individual 
Relative of "Darn!" 
"Entourage" role for Jeremy 
Attractive one, in old slang 
March movement 
Traffic cop’s gun 
Vietnamese New Year 
Made fun of 
Make fun of 
50-Across home 
Taxi meter figure 
Jacob or Esau 
Westernmost Aleutian island 
Acker of “Person of Interest” 
Stuck in a hold 
Gathered from the field 
Top corp. officer 
PCs originally 
Toyota RAV4 e.g. 
Urban distance unit 
Galactic distances: Abbr. 
Comedy’s Cable Guy 
Former Apple laptop 
Kit__: candy bar 
Gnatlike insect 
Walk through puddles 
Paperwork accumulation 
Litter box user 
MLB’s Indians on scoreboards 
Experiences with one’s eyes 
Crafts website 
“The X-Files” agent Scully 
Like the Mojave 
Company employees as a group 
Available for the job 
“Swing and a __ strike one” 
Grounded Aussie bird 
Former Russian space station 
“Fine” eating experience 
Bit of brainwork 
Lbs. and oz. e.g. 
Scott who sued for his freedom 
Amount owed 
Place for road trip luggage 
Not a close game a headline for which may include the end of 17- 30- 46- or 63-Across 
Future atty.’s exam 
Ohio border lake 
One of two Senate “enforcers” 
Quarterback’s “Snap the ball at the second ‘hut'” 
Coffeehouse flavor 
Ground beef dish 
One hovering around the flowers 
Rich coffee lightener 
Bobby of hockey 
Taunting remark 
Colombian metropolis 
Prune as a branch 
A few hours for doing whatever 
Detriment to air quality 
U.K. flying squad 
Tide table term 
Worker’s allowance for illness 
Slowpoke in a shell 
Wash lightly 
High school infatuation 
Note from the boss 
Strolls through the shallows 
Make a speech 
Words while anteing 
Calf-length skirt 
Encircled by

ëì äæëåéåú ìàúø ùîåøåú ìáòì äàúø åìå áìáã ,àí øàéúí çåîø ôåâò àðà ãååçå ìðå åðåøéãå , äàúø ðáðä òì éãé éå-éå áðééú àúøéí áçéðí ëðñå åáðå ìëí àúø áçéðí ùééê ìéå-éå àúø ôðàé ìéìãéí åðåòø äàúø ùéù áå äëì
ãéååç òì àúø
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