Mordo - Crossword clueá|áCROSSWORDáPUZZLE ANSWERSáPART A 27.11.2016

Maiden name precederá
Spanish she-beará
Bygone boomers, for shortá
Org. authorized by the 16th Amendmentá
Impress deeplyá
Remote land in the Pacificá
October optioná
Counterpart of "stand"á
Hulk Hogan trademarká
Old World lizardá
Move, as a plantá
Attention, for someá
Correo ___ (foreign mail stamp)á
Capital where Robert Louis Stevenson diedá
Heavy metal band with 1980s hitsá
Verb from which "suis" and "sommes" are conjugatedá
Simple truthá
Island whose volcanic eruption is rumored to have destroyed Atlantisá
After Rainier, highest peak in the Pacific Northwestá
Absolutely awesomeá
Carter/Brezhnev agreementá
Some needlework, informallyá
Time for una siestaá
Classic Icelandic literary worksá
Relatives on the father's sideá
What germs may turn intoá
Do pretty well gradewiseá
"The Highwayman" poetá
Cheri formerly of "S.N.L."á
Chain that sells chainsá
Computer hookupsá
Recall cause, maybeá
Takes a chanceá
Resell quicklyá
Pulls (out of)á
Keeps safeá
Last part of the country to report election resultsá
Prefix with byteá
Hollywood, with "the"á
"The doctor ___"á
Follower of an Alaskan teamá
Mrs. Gorbachevá
Finally put an end to?á
Results of icy breakupsá
The "F" in F = maá
Many a charity tournamentá
Cat that epitomizes finickinessá
Green of "The Italian Job"á
Accomplished everythingá
Stable arrivalá
"Jinx" breakers of 2016á
Chris Steak Houseá
In years pastá
Epps of "House"á
Day of the month + succeed = some recital piecesá
Regarding + undercoat = network with 303 stationsá
"My Cup Runneth Over" croonerá
Area to defendá
Lead-in to maniacá
Minimal diamond marginá
See + umbrella alternative = warming optioná
Was aheadá
Court affirmationá
Pasty + vacation expense, maybe = hospital specialtyá
Mariners' aidsá
Someone never seen in "Peanuts"á
Show, informally + African capital = Adonisá
Sushi go-withá
Big name in root beerá
Lisa, to Bartá
Bill producers + Western wear = info for eventsá
Letter at the end of three other lettersá
Moved at a crawlá
Remain + "Hmm ..." = R&B greatá
Nevada gold-mining towná
Del ___ (fast-food chain)á
Pandora releaseá
Birthday girl's weará
Adorn brilliantlyá
Delay + dodos = some compromisesá
Big Ten schá
Untuned, sayá
Urban woe + squirms = pool accessoryá
In Tahitian it means "good"á
Approached apaceá
New pop of 1924á
Less polite + wildly unconventional = epicenterá
Infant + straying = noted coachá
Possible destination for un inmigrante, with "el"á
Some Great Plains residentsá
Stars-and-stripes land, informallyá
"Back to the Future" antagonistá
They often have small tablesá
Styling product hidden in eight long puzzle answersá
River in Spainá
"Always by their side" org.á
Zin kiná
"At Witĺs End" author Bombecká
Macbeth, when the play beganá
Site of the Princess Margaret Stakesá
Mutual agreementá
Tiling job supplyá
Birthday card rack subsectioná
Look daggers (at)á
Director Allen who was dubbed the "Master of Disaster"á
Catcher on the rangeá
"But of course!"á
Big shoes to fill?á
From around hereá
Training routinesá
Short bond?á
"College GameDay" numberá
Fishing rod attachmentá
Golf course transportá
AA or AAAá
Fail to shareá
Commission generatorsá
Athleteĺs supplementá
Linney of "The Savages"á
Seemingly canĺt loseá
What a single-use 3-D printer can do?á
"What ___ could it be?"á
Minimum-range tideá
Middle Eastern theocratic republicá
Group of eightá
Period of timeá
Surprise in a skitá
Irish lullaby startá
Paper or plasticá
Illegal mil. statusá
Guacamole ingredientsá
Heads and tailsá
"So ___, so good"á
Hides from viewá
"Why ___ you tell me!"á
National Bike Monthá
Looked forá
Something to shoot forá
Colorful pet store purchaseá
Leave, with "off"á
Café orderá
Why the truant officer apologized?á
Champagne flute featureá
Sharpened, as a bladeá
Sound of the Northwestá
Minstrelĺs instrumentá
Internet connectivity annoyanceá
Addresses to large groupsá
Big wheelĺs wheelsá
"Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire ů"á
They may be crackedá
Puts oneĺs back against a wallá
Sonic Dash publisherá
Zero out, sayá
Early gaming nameá
"Un Ballo in Maschera" ariaá
Old record labelá
Instrument that doesnĺt need tuningá
Definitely not a six-packá
Swindle, in slangá
Craftsman outdoor toolsá
What a kinda hungry caveman might do?á
Cowboy, at timesá
French royalá
Brother of Michael Jacksoná
Mind-reading ability, brieflyá
Shaggy-haired bovineá
Work on a courseá
Waterman productá
Serving on a jury, e.g.á
Legendary prophetá
College in New Rochelle, N.Y.á
Like ___ of potatoesá
Bikerĺs headgear, maybeá
Declare definitivelyá
Lifetime chumá
Do as a hypnotist ordersá
Being of serviceá
Packed tightlyá
Queen of the hill?á
Godiva alternativeá
Evening, in Romeá
Sits on the lineá
Pigeonĺs abodeá
Transfer to a new city, brieflyá
Like courtroom testimonyá
Presidential nicknameá
Mideast president elected the same year as the younger Bushá
Fence materialá
Outdoor clothing entrepreneur Eddieá
Home of Heartland of America Parká
Charles Dutton sitcomá
Hot times abroadá
Alternatives to emailsá
"He loves me" piecesá
Like a break-in at a police stationá
Mannerless sortá
Groove for a carpenterá
Construction site sightá
"Stand By Me" singer ___ Kingá
Paddock parentá
Kremlin VIP, onceá
Kolkataĺs localeá
Tennille or Braxtoná
Prefix with "European" or "China"á
"American Graffiti" directorá
Cause to fluctuateá
Kind of bearerá
Mason of "The Goodbye Girl"á
How many raises are givená
Not just bargainá
Broadway directorĺs concerná
One way to get dinnerá
Sports statisticá
Yankee manager before Girardiá
Curbside check-in freebieá
Decorates mischievously, for shortá
"Leaving Las Vegas" co-stará
Masonry mixtureá
301, In Old Romeá
Room accessá
Confab for clericsá
Round farm buildingá
Comparison wordsá
Chip seasoningá
"Thatĺs a fact!"á
Smelling organá
Heavy-metal rock?á
Vehicle usage recordá
Madeline of "Paper Moon"á
Left hangingá
Collie collar danglersá
Musical with the song "Willkommen"á
It causes a "Maalox moment"á
Coil on a reelá
Altered by a tailorá
Cornellĺs ___ Taylor Hallá
"Out of many, ___"á
It carries a small chargeá
Ruffle feathers, so to speaká
Like some speeches, it seemsá
Fight against authorityá
Handled bagá
Category including spacing and marginsá
Serious trendá
Bravery in battleá
Started war?á
Port city in Ghanaá
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winnerá
Throw a feast forá
Cookie shaped like two of its lettersá
Action film propsá
TV awareness-raiserá
Decorative outdoor fixtureá
Bar menu headingá
Bus station compartmentá
Gridiron figureá
Heavy ref.á
Blade holderá
Let it all outá
Udon cousiná
Breakfast itemá
Mind matterá
Petty of "A League of Their Own"á
Albéniz piano worká
Weather the stormá
Poker proĺs concerná
Not at allá

The time of Nick?
Prefix with byte
Makes it?
In years past
Kind of chair
Epps of 'House'
Day of the month succeed = some recital pieces
Regarding undercoat = network with 303 stations
'My Cup Runneth Over' crooner
Area to defend
Santa ___
Lead-in to maniac
Minimal diamond margin
See umbrella alternative = warming option
Was ahead
Radial alternative
Court affirmation
Pasty vacation expense, maybe = hospital specialty
Mariners' aids
Feudal lord
___ Minor
Someone never seen in 'Peanuts'
Suck it up?
Social worker?
Show, informally African capital = Adonis
Sushi go-with
Big name in root beer
Lisa, to Bart
Bill producers Western wear = info for events
Letter at the end of three other letters
Moved at a crawl
___ season
Remain 'Hmm ů' = R&B great
Nevada gold-mining town
Spa, e.g.
Poetic Muse
Del ___ (fast-food chain)
Pandora release
Birthday girl's wear
Adorn brilliantly
Delay dodos = some compromises
Big Ten sch.
Untuned, say
Urban woe squirms = pool accessory
In Tahitian it means 'good'
Approached apace
New pop of 1924
Eye part
Less polite wildly unconventional = epicenter
Infant straying = noted coach
Possible destination for un inmigrante, with 'el'
Some Great Plains residents
Stars-and-stripes land, informally
'Back to the Future' antagonist
Jazzes (up)
Base men?
They often have small tables
Maiden name preceder
Spanish she-bear
Org. authorized by the 16th Amendment
Bygone boomers, for short
Impress deeply
Familiar with
Remote land in the Pacific
Milk container
Counterpart of 'stand'
October option
Hulk Hogan trademark
Old World lizard
Move, as a plant
Correo ___ (foreign mail stamp)
Heavy metal band with 1980s hits
Verb from which 'suis' and 'sommes' are conjugated
Capital where Robert Louis Stevenson died
Attention, for some
Nasty sort
Simple truth
Island whose volcanic eruption is rumored to have destroyed Atlantis
After Rainier, highest peak in the Pacific Northwest
Absolutely awesome
Carter/Brezhnev agreement
Some needlework, informally?
For two
Time for una siesta
Classic Icelandic literary works
Relatives on the father's side
Squeal on
What germs may turn into
Currently airing
Do pretty well gradewise
'The Highwayman' poet
Cheri formerly of 'S.N.L.'
Chain that sells chains
Computer hookups
Recall cause, maybe
Takes a chance
'___ not!'
Resell quickly
Pulls (out of)
Keeps safe
Last part of the country to report election results
Actress Hatcher
'The doctor ___'
Follower of an Alaskan team
Mrs. Gorbachev
Finally put an end to?
Results of icy breakups?
The 'F' in F = ma
Hollywood, with 'the'
Deeply offended
Many a charity tournament
Cat that epitomizes finickiness
Director Lee
Green of 'The Italian Job'
Accomplished everything
Negev native
Violinist Zimbalist
Stable arrival
'Hold on ___!'
'Jinx' breakers of 2016á- See more at:

Golf course transport
Commission generators
'What ___ could it be?'
Middle Eastern theocratic republic
Quite angry
What a single-use 3-D printer can do?
Group of eight
Guacamole ingredients
Hides from view
'So ___, so good'
'Why ___ you tell me!'
Minstrel's instrument
Addresses to large groups
Puts one's back against a wall
Why the truant officer apologized?
Sharpened, as a blade
Definitely not a six-pack
Brother of Michael Jackson
Plane divider
Mind-reading ability, briefly
Teem with
Cowboy, at times
What a kinda hungry caveman might do?
Old record label
'Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire ů'
Be concerned
Like ___ of potatoes
College in New Rochelle, N.Y.
Declare definitively
Queen of the hill?
Make imperfect
Evening, in Rome
Pigeon's abode
Like courtroom testimony
Actress Miles
Line on a graph
Fence material
Packed tightly
Being of service
Earth tone
Charles Dutton sitcom
Alternatives to emails
Like a break-in at a police station
Groove for a carpenter
High school class
Ocean eagles
Noon couple?
'Stand By Me' singer ___ King
Kremlin VIP, once
Do as a hypnotist orders
Kind of bearer
Bettor stats
Young adult
Prefix with 'European' or 'China'
Tennille or Braxton
Confab for clerics
Round farm building
Chip seasoning
Smelling organ
Heavy-metal rock?
Madeline of 'Paper Moon'
301, In Old Rome
It causes a 'Maalox moment'
Altered by a tailor
Make sense
Cornell's ___ Taylor Hall
Space org.
'Out of many, ___'
It carries a small charge
Fight against authority
Blow volcanically
Bravery in battle
Port city in Ghanaá- See more at:

Lack of continuity
River in Spain
'Always by their side' org.
Zin kin
'At Wit's End' author Bombeck
Macbeth, when the play began
Site of the Princess Margaret Stakes
Mutual agreement
Tiling job supply
Birthday card rack subsection
Look daggers (at)
Director Allen who was dubbed the 'Master of Disaster'
Catcher on the range
'But of course!'
Big shoes to fill?
From around here
Training routines
Short bond?
'College GameDay' number
Fail to share
Athlete's supplement
Linney of 'The Savages'
Seemingly can't lose
Ketch pair
Poseidon, e.g.
Minimum-range tide
Period of time
Surprise in a skit
Irish lullaby start
Paper or plastic
Illegal mil. status
Heads and tails
National Bike Month
Looked for
Something to shoot for
Colorful pet store purchase
Leave, with 'off'
Café order
Champagne flute feature
Sound of the Northwest
IPA component
Internet connectivity annoyance
Big wheel's wheels
Sports venue
They may be cracked
Sonic Dash publisher
Zero out, say
'Un Ballo in Maschera' aria
Instrument that doesn't need tuning
Swindle, in slang
Generous offer
Craftsman outdoor tools
French royal
Early gaming name
Work on a course
Waterman product
Elevated lines?
Serving on a jury, e.g.
Legendary prophet
Sun blocker
Biker's headgear, maybe
Lifetime chum
Shaggy-haired bovine
Godiva alternative
Sits on the line
Transfer to a new city, briefly
Presidential nickname
Mideast president elected the same year as the younger Bush
Outdoor clothing entrepreneur Eddie
Home of Heartland of America Park
Hot times abroad
'He loves me' pieces
Till stack
Mannerless sort
Construction site sight
Mental wherewithal
Paddock parent
Kolkata's locale
'American Graffiti' director
Cause to fluctuate
Mason of 'The Goodbye Girl'
How many raises are given
Not just bargain
Broadway director's concern
One way to get dinner
Sports statistic
Yankee manager before Girardi
Curbside check-in freebie
Decorates mischievously, for short
'Leaving Las Vegas' co-star
Masonry mixture
Room access
Comparison words
'That's a fact!'
Coil on a reel
Vehicle usage record
Left hanging
Collie collar danglers
Musical with the song 'Willkommen'
Ruffle feathers, so to speak
Like some speeches, it seems
Category including spacing and margins
Serious trend
Started war?
Handled bag
1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Throw a feast for
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Action film props
TV awareness-raiser
Decorative outdoor fixture
'Do __?'
Bar menu heading
Bus station compartment
Gridiron figure
Ancient manuscripts
Heavy ref.
Blade holder
Let it all out
Breakfast item
Mind matter
Petty of 'A League of Their Own'
Albéniz piano work
Latin 101 verb
Weather the storm
Poker pro's concern
Not at all
Udon cousiná

Űý ńŠŰňÚň˙ ýÓ˙° ¨ţň°ň˙ ý߲ý ńÓ˙° ňýň ßýßŃ ,ÓÝ °ÓÚ˙Ý šňţ° ˘ňÔ˛ Ó­Ó Ńňňšň ý­ň ň­ň°ÚŃň , ńÓ˙° ­ß­ń ˛ý ÚŃÚ Úň-Úň ß­ÚÚ˙ Ó˙°ÚÝ ßšÚ­Ý Ű­˝ň ňß­ň ýŰÝ Ó˙° ßšÚ­Ý ¨ÚÚŕ ýÚň-Úň Ó˙° ˘­ÓÚ ýÚýŃÚÝ ň­ň˛° ńÓ˙° ¨Ú¨ ßň ńŰý
ŃÚňňš ˛ý Ó˙°
ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýß­ň˙ | ţ¨˘ŔÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | ˝°Ŕň­ÚÝ ţ÷šÚ¸ÚÝ | °¸˛ÚÝ | ßŃÚšň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ Ú˘ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸Ú ß­ň˙ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ýÓÚÚ˘ň´ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ šÚ­Ý | šÚ˘ň¨ ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ţ¨š¸ÚÝ ňÚ°ŔňÓýÚÝ |
ţ¨š¸Ú ѢѢ´ | Ń˘Ú ÷ßÚ˛ń | ˛ňýÝ ńŃňÔţ­Úň˙ | ¸ň­Ŕ° ˝Ŕ°ÚÚ¸ | Ó˙°ÚÝ ýÚýŃÚÝ | 250 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ˛ňýÝ ńţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ßÓßý˝ | ˙ţň­ň˙ ţ÷šÚ¸ň˙ | ˝ŔŔň˝ÚÝ ý˘ÚÚ˝ßň¸ | Ŕ°ÚňňÚń | ¸Ŕ­Ŕ­ÚÝ | 200 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ | ŔÚ˘ň ţ¨š¸ÚÝ - 365 ţ¨š¸ÚÝ |